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    • Woah, a sort-of update. Sweet   Well put @Wykeunchained  
    • All good thing come to those who wait, patience is a virtue      I must admit I had my suspicions that things had slowly melted on this project but I am very pleased to see that the staff here are still plugging away in those lonely small hours of the night.  Fair play, and respect to you all for taking a realistic and honest approach to emulation.  Anyone can pump out a fresh realm with a few fix's and add a cash shop for "development costs" but I respect the fact that @Darkrasp has always been honest with the people following the project.   I am a follower, I am actually enthused by the attitude of the team. By doing this for their own passion and not out of greed or fame, they show integrity.  If Blizzard launches classic realms first it may actually benefit the project, as nothing kills a realm faster than a community with unrealistic expectations.  If crestfall launches I will be happy, if it doesnt I will not be unhappy, what matters is that the people working on it are enjoying what they are doing and that its not consuming their whole lives.     I actually dont care if I never log into crestfall, but I will be happy for the staff if they get to that point are satisfied with their work.  
    • I'm sure that when it will be finished will be a great server. Since i don't see a proper section to write this, i'll wirte here this message. If u need any help for the beta team i'm up to join it and test the game during my freetime (i can do it for 2-3 hrs a day). Btw my best wishes for the entire project and members.  @Darkrasp
    • Yeah, it's still happening. Take a look here:   
    • Is what happening?  Crestfall?  Yeah.  Slowly but surely. With the whole classic thing, the sense of urgency is more or less gone.  Asura, myself, and the rest of the beta team are still picking away at the project and we still intend to launch when it's finished, but we aren't setting any deadlines for ourselves, and we aren't putting in hours and hours every day anymore.  It's well and truly a hobby project that will be ready when it's ready.  If you're looking for something to play right now, then I would not advise waiting around for us. I'll be straight.  A ton of work has gone into Mangos over the last few years due to the notoriety of Nost and the following phenomena.  The level 60 gameplay has gotten to a point where it is pretty well done, certainly playable and close enough to what retail used to be to give a fun and rewarding gameplay experience.  Most of the events and content are scripted to a reasonably high standard.  Mechanically it's pretty sound, and increased computing power can compensate for at least some of the inherent instability and sloppy code that kind of defines Mangos. Yeah, it's a bit of a backhanded way to say it, but what I'm getting at is that Mangos has gotten to a point where it is actually pretty good for endgame content.  If all you care about is level 60, you can pretty safely just go there now. We are taking the time to dig back and correct everything.  Mangos uses kinds of flawed formulae that work fine at level 60 but not during the levelling process.  As an example, the formulas for intellect to spell crit used literally everywhere else are wrong.  The only servers that properly calculate spell crit from intellect at levels below 60 are retail and Crestfall.  Same with health gain, stat gain, mana gain, attack power from strength and/or agility, etc. etc.  Similarly we are working on multiple-client compatibility so that we can run the same emulator for Vanilla, TBC, and Wrath.. a task that is far beyond the scope of what any Mangos realm is going to do.  That's all before you even mention real, actual clustering.  Of course, most people only care about level 60, and they can just run separate realms for each expansion and skip all that trouble, and so on, and so on, but that's not the way we want to do it.  We are intentionally doing it the hard way because... well, because we can.  It's a challenge, and that's what makes it fun for us.  We have built an entirely new engine for lua, an entirely new system for scripting via the database, entirely new creature AI, overhauled miles and miles of old trash code and dragged it into current code standards.  We don't have to try to out-compute the inefficiencies of the code because it is incredibly lean and clean.  It's.  Just.  Not.  Finished.  Yet.  and a task like this takes a lot of time for a small team to achieve. We're not daunted by it, we've just gotten realistic about the fact that while this is rewarding to work on, it's not our whole lives, and it isn't ever going to be.  It's not the top priority thing for either of us, so rather than give up everything and quit, or give up everything else and ruin our lives to ensure a quick release, we're just striking the middle path and balancing working on CF with having actual fun lives involving more than visual studio. So yeah, CF is still a thing, and it's still being worked on.  That said, if you prefer to play elsewhere rather than wait for us, it's not going to hurt my feelings any.  We put as much time into the project as we feel like, and no amount of outside pressure is going to change that.
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