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    • I just dropped in to say hello

      Keep on developing developers, even if its released at 2020 i'll still be waiting for it
    • This is true. I've been truly horrid to all of them - mostly because they deserve it - and they still let me post here. I'm sure they politely roll their collective eyeballs.  
    • First point, we never set a release date.  Ever.  At any point.  So the idea of three release dates is frankly comical.
      Second point, the only moderation I do on these boards is to delete spam.  You're free to post whatever you want (provided it conforms to basic standards of polite discourse), at least until I get bored enough of what you write to consider it spam. All that said, if you really don't believe the project will ever finish, you're free to leave and never come back.
    • It's funny how rough estimates and rough goals loosely mentioned by Darkrasp are somehow being translated to "official scheduled launch dates" for some people.
      At this point you're just grasping at straws, our laid back rules enables all ranges of criticism and discussion about any server and mostly anything. The majority recent positive posts are by people who still sticks around and carry personal hopes for us to get to the stage we're working to reach, the vast majority of people have moved on, and there's no reason for them to stick around until we decide to put ourselves back on the map again.

      Crestfall is still an on-going development process, I can say we have a lot to show, but also a lot to work on.
    • This was written January 14th, 2018.  14 days after the (third??) Scheduled release date.  Almost 5 months have passed and nothing noteworthy enough has been accomplished to share.  Wake up people.  I'm not trolling, I am simply putting this in perspective for y'all.    Dont worry, this will get deleted.  The admins here will not stand for even rational posts that go against the grain.  Only positive posts allowed here now.  I feel bad for you all. Good luck.
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