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    • Can we get Naxx update for SNES?
    • It's the cycle of politics. When I was littleish, everyone laughed at USA's conservatives and christian moralfags. Because that was nonsense. Then the pendulum swung more to the middle. Since it was going, it resulted in total discreditation of the religious influence,  but also added more, new nonsense. This time from regressive left. Of course, they're getting more radical, so it's time to counterswing that again. And since it so happens they kinda forgot about ordinary non-rich people, the right jumped on the opportunity to get their precious souls votes.

      Make no mistake though, lots of the universities in USA and in western Europe, as well as the companies are still firmly in the grip of whatever extreme crazy ideology that stands by equality of outcome. And the other, more -ism things.

      One of the higher-ranking ex-KGB defectors said that if you succesfully indoctrinate someone, it's gonna take basically a new generation to go back. Funnily enough, the news report that the current human spawn teenagers are more conservative than millenials. I like that. Millenials resulted in hipsters. I hate those with irrational force.

      It's also kinda fun watching the right-leaning parties go like "What, we're a peaople party now? They like us?!" and then doing some totally ridiculous stuff like the manifesto in Britain. Yea, that went sooo well for them :D.
    • I'm pretty sure that it's right-wing that is on the rise if you look at recent election results around the world. They are indeed responsible for all sorts of nonsense.