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    • few of my friends are obsessed with The Expanse.  Gonna try it out later tonight I think
    • I personally like "old-school" Sci-Fi such as Star Trek TNG, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica... and even Firefly due to its unique charm.
    • I've read the first four Expanse books, and I was really hopeful about the TV show. Sadly, I was extremely underwhelmed with the first two seasons, and I've decided to just stick with the books for now. Glad some people seem to enjoy it, though. I would have loved for it to fill the Battlestar Galactica-shaped void in my life. I wrote about the new Star Wars movies, since you asked. But it just turned into a rant, and I decided to delete it. Safe to say I'm not pleased. 
    • So, I thought some off-topic discussion wouldn't hurt in bringing back some activity to the forums, so here goes.   Any SciFi fans around? What are you watching/reading right now you think we shouldn't miss out on? What are your thoughts on the new Star Wars movies? Those would just be some examples, so feel free to talk about any and all things SciFi.   Me personally, I'm really loving The Expanse right now. Third season just started, and oh my, the first episode alone was damn amazing, and I can't wait for the next episode to release. I haven't read the books, so I'm going in completely blind, and I love it! It just ramps up everything from one season to the next and keeps pumping out those sweet "Holy Shit!" moments, it's awesome.
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