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    • TABLE OF CONTENTS 1: Database Reference Sites 1.1: Window Settings 1.2: AoWoW 1.3: Twinhead 1.4: Class Level Milestones 2: Character Creation 2.1: Race 2.2: Class 3: Auction House 3.1: Alt 3.2: Weapons 3.3: Greens 3.4: Quest Items 4: Efficiency 4.1: Grouping 4.2: Professions 4.3: Dungeons 4.4: Stats 4.5: XP/Hour 4.6: Money Management 5: Addons   1: Database Reference Sites
      1.1: Window Settings
      The very first thing you should do is make sure your graphic settings are set to either Windowed mode or Fullscreen Window to allow you to quickly Alt+Tab between the game and any sites you are using as reference at the time. It doesn't matter how experienced you are, you will always need to reference the location or spawn time of a mob, item drop chances, or leveling spec, etc. Also, be sure to delete the 'WDB' folder in your WoW directory any time you change realms. This folder is a cache of information (typically items) which may display incorrectly if you're hopping between different content patch realms. 1.2: AoWoW
      AoWoW is the site you will be using for the majority of your 1.12.1 referencing. Treat is as your vanilla wowhead. It literally even has comments time-locked from the actual older versions of wowhead. Do be aware that these comments can leak into expansion information and may not always be 100% accurate. The pinpoints on the map are excellent for showing you the respawn timers of various mobs and world objects. 1.3: Twinhead
      Twinhead is the database site specifically for TwinStar realms such as Kronos. The reason I bring it up is because their item drop rate information is typically more accurate than that of AoWoW. Shimmering Flats Scorpid Venom, anyone? Do be aware that it is a .cz hosted site so loading times may be compromised. 1.4: Class Level Milestones
      Whether you're following a guide (even if they tell you to) or going your own route, you really want to spare yourself unnecessary trips to a far away capital city. You may also want to stop dead in your tracks with what you're doing and intentionally go out of your way to get a major skill for your class such as a new primary nuke rank as a caster, Vanish as a rogue, or Whirlwind as a Warrior. The best way to determine this is to bookmark the list of class skills by level on AoWoW and check for yourself when you want to go back. Druid Skills Hunter Skills Mage Skills Paladin Skills Priest Skills Rogue Skills Shaman Skills Warlock Skills Warrior Skills   2: Character Creation
      2.1: Race
      I'm not going to go over what race is best for PvP or PvE for any given class as there are plenty of other places to find that information. Also, it really doesn't matter. This isn't a dealbreaker decision like EverQuest. What I do want to mention, however, is that if you are preparing for a fresh start server then you'll want to take into account popular races and general race distribution of the population starting out. This is a very long way of saying that you are going to have a much easier time leveling as a Tauren in Mulgore than as an Undead in Tirisfal Glades. 2.2: Class
      Not all classes are created equally, especially during the leveling process. Please remember this before you make a Warrior because "they are godly as fury in naxx gear" because the most likely outcome is you will never reach that point. So many Warriors quit around level 20-30 because they don't even have the patience to reach level 40 for their instant attack. With that said, choose the class you enjoy playing or for the intended role you want to fulfill at endgame. Don't roll a Priest with the expectation to be Shadow at 60 or a Druid to do anything that's not healing because you're gonna have a bad time.   3: Auction House
      3.1: Alt
      Almost literally the first thing you want to do once your main character has seen a mailbox is to log out and create an auction house alt then immediately run it to the nearest capital city. Thunder Bluff for Horde and Stormwind for Alliance are, in my opinion, the two most efficient cities for running between the auction house and a mailbox. Orgrimmar and Ironforge are fine but try to avoid Darnassus and Undercity. The reason for this is, as stated above, that it saves you trips to your capital city which is almost always out of the way. Remember, mail sent between characters on the same account is delivered instantly. It basically turns every mailbox in the game world into an auction house. 3.2: Weapons
      Weapons are the most impactful gear slot on your character and you will want to keep it up to level at all costs. Don't be scared to spend 3g on a level 17 blue weapon because it is an incredibly worthwhile investment. The thing you should actually be ignoring are all the green pieces for the rest of your slots. There's very little difference between +2 STR and +5 STR (as long as you actually have that slot filled so grab a green helm or green shoulders as soon as possible). Some classes don't have to enforce this rule as vigorously (Mages), some will prefer to (Priest wands and Hunter bows), while others are dependent on it (Warriors and Rogues). 3.3: Greens
      I'm going to go back on my word a little bit because I just told you not to buy green items for your other slots, but you should definitely try to be selling them especially if they are prioritized stat items like STR/STA, AGI/STA, or INT/STA. Refer to the addon section to grab something like Auctioneer that will let you automatically set prices for you based on vendor prices. It's instant, will net you more gold than vendoring everything, and will help the rest of your faction. Everybody wins (except the vendors). Weapons generally have a higher vendor (and deposit) price so take a small amount of caution instead of putting everything up blindly. A staff with AGI on it probably isn't going to sell and the deposit is going to be a nasty loss. Cloth items are the real gold mine because they vendor for next to nothing and casters are definitely going to love them. 3.4: Quest Items
      Something you'll surely want to be buying and selling are quest items without the 'Quest Item' tag on them (lul Blizzard). These are incredibly rampant for low level Alliance quests and you can sell them for higher than vendor price or buy them yourself to save time (and yes, time is much more valuable than your silver while leveling). Some such familiar examples might include Deadly Blunderbuss, Lesser Invisibility Potion, Patterned Bronze Bracers, Bronze Tube, etc.   4: Efficiency
      4.1: Grouping
      If you're on a 'Kill X whatever' quest or preparing to do an escort you should be spamming group invites on every player you run across. If it says they're in a group, do a /say or /tell and ask to join them for the quest you are both likely doing. You should always group for shared quest credit. ALWAYS. NO MATTER WHAT. Ignore the people who say it kills your XP because of split group XP. Getting a quest done faster is akin to buying a turbo boost in a microtransaction game and will allow you to level significantly faster. However, don't bother grouping for item drop quests. 4.2: Professions
      The only profession you should pretend even exists in the game while leveling is First Aid. Definitely keep this maxed out. If you're a healing class then you can ignore it if you want to. Other than that, professions are just a gigantic money pit and waste of time until endgame. You won't have the money to buy the weapons, skills, or mount you NEED. Plus you'll lose a lot of time working on them with the 3 second creation cast time of Vanilla. Gathering professions such as Herbalism and Mining are remotely acceptable since you can do it as you go and you don't have to train anything other than the skill breakpoints. Skinning is a fickle one that I would still suggest skipping because the 3 second cast time will absolutely destroy your questing or grinding time if you're around a ton of beasts. 4.3: Dungeons
      If fast leveling is your goal then don't run a single dungeon until you're level 60. They're so horribly inefficient and the quests are scattered so far apart that even if you don't wipe (which you probably will, they're kind of hard) and manage to finish the quests you still have to waste a gargantuan amount of time turning them in. This may seem contrary to what I mentioned prior about blue weapons and how important they are and that shiny quest reward might be super tempting but the time running them is going to cost you at least 1 level worth of time; maybe 2. So, would you rather be level 58 with your Thrash Blade or level 60 with a green weapon running UBRS to get something even better? 4.4: Stats
      Yes, there is a stat priority for leveling and it is drastically different than what you might expect. If you've ever played Diablo 3 (sorry) then the TL;DR version is just gear however you would gear in that game. That means movement speed and damage. Movement speed is prime defining factor and you should magnetize yourself right towards it without hesitation (typically through talents). You spend so much time running around in Vanilla that I can't even begin to fathom how to explain the impact of reducing that time. After that, it's going to be weapon skill and hit chance. Finally, spell damage as a caster or STR as a melee class. STA and INT actually don't really do anything outside of elite fights or tough encounters. I don't have a leveling spec in this guide for the different classes because this section simply tells you what you should be looking for. Pursuit of Justice (Paladin), Precision (Paladin/Rogue), Elemental Precision (Mage), Pathfinding (Hunter), etc. Great! Get those and nothing else really matters outside of what those class guides specifically mention. Plus you'll notice every talent I listed is going to be found in a [good] leveling spec guide. 4.5: XP/Hour
      People often ask if grinding or question is faster for leveling. The answer is that it depends on your level. Generally, very early game questing is better while midgame grinding can be equal to or better than questing. However, questing at endgame is always going to be substantially faster. The level ranges are 25-45ish is viable for grinding otherwise questing is quicker. One thing that needs to be said about grinding is that you should only do it at very efficient spots. Those spots can be defined by mobs with low health like casters, high mob density such as inside caves, and mobs without detrimental abilities like -hit chance or mana leech. You can google search for some specific locations but they aren't always ideal so just think about it for yourself with the above terms as described. With that said, don't be afraid to grind one or two levels at any given spot just to catch up with the zones you'll be going to. The last thing you want to do is be fighting orange mobs and seeing unacceptable quests because you're too low. 4.6: Money Management
      Combine what was covered in the AoWoW and Auction House sections to be able to afford blue weapons, to buy the skills you need, and afford your mount by level 41 at the latest. This section is here to focus on the skill buying mostly. Never buy all your skills while leveling (on a fresh server). Hand pick the ones you absolutely need to rank up. Some skills that are good still don't need to be skilled like Power Word: Fortitude for Priests and higher Sinister Strike ranks for Rogues. You're simply not getting much out of them and they end up costing boatloads of gold at level 40+. You MUST purchase your mount after level 40 by any means necessary. It literally reads: "Increases your leveling speed by 60%."   5: Addons
      You really want to spend 5 minutes finding, installing, and setting up quality of life addons for the remainder of your classic WoW experience. They save so much time it's ridiculous. One was already talked about in the Auction House section that prevents you from having to figure out if you're going to lose or gain money by selling an item versus vendoring it. There are plenty more like those. Automatic dismounting, instant quest text/accepting, instant quest turnins, auto repairs, etc. Get them! Auctioneer AutoRepair Cartographer CT_MailMod EQL3 EzDismount Informant TurnIn The version of these addons that I use personally can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2Jcr-n7OMTPUnEzVnhRM25KdE0
      And ultimately Joana's leveling guide (converted and updated a whole bunch and stuff): https://github.com/rsheep/VanillaGuide/archive/master.zip
    • Ah damn. And I was in poll position for reddit love (which is on par for reddit hate)
    • But that's where it gets a bit backwards, for me at least. Even if the person would be, let's say fan of some other server, here to stir some drama, behaving in a tribal manner and spewing obscenities is not the most efficient way to counter it. If it's a troll, that's where he knows he's gotten under your skin, mission accomplished. If it's a genuine person come to discuss matters he/she finds interesting/worrisome, you've potentially managed to alienate that person. In effect it's a lose-lose situation to lose temper.  And I still accept no fault for someone to get raging about a discussion. It's the fault of the person getting upset at words on a forum. Nor do I want an apology from anyone, especially for something the person himself hasn't done. Surely this isn't a hivemind, but a collection of individuals who should take responsibility for their own actions. Had I know introductions really are that big of a deal here, I might have done on myself. To be frank, I've never done one before, so I just didn't even think about it. And I really mean, it, I don't want an apology. I'm not hurt or threatened by words on the screen. However, I did skip playing on Nostrils after spending some time reading the forums. It felt like I was in danger of getting eye cancer. Everyone seemed to be so hostile and arrogant, because obviously everyone else is inferior to the glory that is myself. And they should know it. Nostrils got away with it due to sheer numbers, active server is still an active server. For a server starting up it might not be so good.  Food for thought, would you rather have people join here (also) because of the community or despite the community. 
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