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  2. I'd prefer that tbh. WoW didn't launch with hundreds of addons that play the game for you afaik and there shouldn't be any available for Classic on launch either imo. I understand that a lot of work has gone into addons over the years and I appreciate all the effort but I'd prefer if AH scanning addons, quest/raid helpers, decursive etc weren't available (even if they were at some point later in vanilla, I wouldn't know). The ones like pfUI are another story ofc but I would imagine that Blizz will update the UI somewhat for Classic anyway. The community will cry no matter what they do.
  3. To me, pfUI has been perfect, and I'll be sad to abandon it in classic if the game client is drastically changed like you speculate. However, I completely empathize with the choice to not completely redo everything, and I just wanted to say thank you for making my pserver experience a million times more enjoyable!
  4. dont you think they are paying attention to addon compatibility? I mean the cry of the community would be huge if not a single addon would work anymore.
  5. Hi Syn, to be honest, I have no idea what gameclient they will use for their classic realm. The old 1.12.(1-3) we have has alot of issues in terms of stability, security and the lack of multi-threading. I doubt that they will re-use that client without changes. But doing changes to that would also result in addon incompatibility (like introducing secure functions). So in the end, I can't tell what they're going to do. I really hope they will leave the client as is, but my guess is, that they will patch it and break some addons. In case they patch it, I'll be probably out of the addon-scene for the following reasons: * I'm not motivated to read and migrate all of my addons to every patch they release over and over again * I won't be able to easily test code on my local realm with bots (quests, castbars, unitframe stuff) * I haven't played the games for years as I "only" logged in to do addons. And I'm not going to pay a monthly fee to get the permission to log in and write code. Cheers, Shagu
  6. Fire up your huddle bagels, another game for free* Brütal Legend for trve kvlt people. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/brutal-legend?hmb_source=brutallegend_freegame&hmb_medium=banner Being metal as fuck is metal as fuck. Can't get more metal than that. May contain traces of Jack Black. *except your time. If you don't have enough time, then you don't have games.
  7. MDK free on GOG until Nov 23, 2PM UTC.
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  9. This could be very exciting...
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  11. Brutal Legend for Free
  12. in my house that means Estimated Time of Argument when it comes to wow, enrage timers in RL are worth paying attention to
  13. Can we get more ETA and less sexism plz ?
  14. There was a thread on the EU Classic forums about the constant bickering in the community about possible changes, begging for some kind of word from Blizzard that might put some of the arguments to rest. And lo and behold, there was a blue response that was somewhat comforting: So, to me it sounds like they're looking for feedback on "the sweet spot", not whether people now think RDF and dual spec is a good idea, or rebalancing classes to make all specs as viable as one another. I think we can safely say those kinds of changes will never happen. ETA: Personally I think it would make sense to release the game with Maraudon up, because it's an instance for leveling up (and for running through in your T2 grabbing that one weird nature res item for AQ), not for gearing up. Dire Maul - eh, it's a nice addition for the dungeon crawler crowd to get as an early patch and it would make sense not to put it in straight away. Also makes MC that little bit harder when you're missing some items from DM. Other than that, progressive content but fixed items and talents would be my preference. That also means fiddling with the content to make the early raids (and possibly the late dungeons too) non-trivial, and maybe fiddling with certain items so that the strength of some blues isn't ridiculous. I don't know if anyone could be bothered with trying to recreate the whole of Vanilla exactly, patch by patch, item stat by item stat, so something's gotta give. They've already talked loosely about "finding a point" and "a sweet spot", and I would have thought that "point" would be numbers-wise, not content-wise. They'd be idiots to release the game on the exactly BWL patch and then never do anything else with the game (IE no ZG, no AQ, no Naxx). Similarly, they'd be idiots to release the game with everything open because it'd be old news in a few months' time. I think anything other than progressive content is out of the question, and I think the main question is how to tackle the talents and items vs the ability to down bosses.
  15. This highlights one of many problems with this poll. Ambiguous questions -> unreliable results, poor poll. I'm sure the creator of this poll means well, but I hope Blizzard pays minimal attention to this kind of stuff. The first couple of interviews with Blizzard employees in the aftermath of the Classic announcement seemed to indicate an ambition to create an authentic vanilla experience "for better or worse". And that is surely the safest, least controversial way to do this. Go authentic, or go home.
  16. can anyone pleaassseee repost this on live forums? this is so accurate! and needs attention
  17. Absolutely no problem! I raided with a priest main through Vanilla-TBC-WotLK and although I wasn't in a top-top tier raiding guild, I've seen the insides of all the raids, and heard the thuds of most bosses as they hit the floor, so if you have questions, ask away and I'll do my best to answer. With the reservations that it's been some 10-12 years and I'm not getting any younger myself
  18. Thank you for the elaborate clarification and putting up with my silly questions! It's much appreciated. Vanilla and TBC are actually the only two versions of WoW that I played on retail back in the day, so you would think I know all that, but I was a dumb teenager and actually a complete noob/casual back then who hardly ever did any end-game raiding or understood many intricacies of the game - like how to properly manage professions as you described. Well, I admit I knew that about soulbound items but I must have forgotten since it's been so long, so thanks for refreshing my memory on that as well. This time around, either on official classic servers or Crestfall (or both), I plan on being fully prepared on the knowledge side of things so I can play the game to its full potential. I'm planning on rolling a Priest as my main, probably with Tailoring and Enchanting. In case you happen to have some relevant experience or knowledge on that as well, would you be okay if I PM'd you with some more silly questions some time? Thanks again for your help.
  19. To clarify, the reason why people had level 5 alts for disenchanting was simply that it was an easy way to do your own disenchanting of high level greens that you acquired randomly (or through crafting). A lot of the time, the high end enchanting materials were worth a lot more than trying to hawk Random Hauberk of the Useless Stat Combo on the AH. Illusion dust and eternal essences were guaranteed top dollar, and sometimes you'd even get a shard out of a green. Or you kept the mats and used them to enchant your own gear. There is no difference in sending the greens to an alt and having your enchanter friend help you disenchant them - it was just convenient because it could be done on your own. Soulbound items, on the other hand, can't be mailed to an alt, or traded to an enchanter friend. So if you wanted to disenchant your old epics, dropping a profession and picking up enchanting was the way to go. If I recall correctly, Nexus Crystals would go for 50-100g on the AH, and I made the money for my epic mount by disenchanting non-set items from MC and BWL. So for me it was absolutely worth running around the low level zones for a few hours, picking flowers. Especially when I had a nice, new, shiny skeletal horse to do so on!
  20. I think they are not talking about custom expansions but calling "classic expansions" to the patches of content. At first I answered the survey thinking the same, then after reading comments I realized that those classic expansions are just the content patches of vanilla...
  21. @Darkrasp Did you mean to say "seppuku" i.e "harakiri" instead of "sudoku"? Gz on the leadership btw.
  22. No, you can't send your soulbound epics to an alt
  23. Yeah some of the questions don't make sense related to others.
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  25. So then, in Vanilla, would you say it takes longer to level up an alt to level 5 to take up enchanting and disenchant some outdated epics and sell the shards than to level herbalism back up again? Or is that not why you did that?
  26. I think it's suggesting developing custom new content that isn't TBC/wrath/cata/mop etc.
  27. Niko spelled backwards is Darkrasp, the truth was always in front of our eyes but we refused to see it!
  28. In TBC there was a "requires enchanting lvl XXX to disenchant" limit to items. Based on item level, if memory serves me? Kind of like skinning, like you can't pick up skinning at level 60 and start skinning Devilsaurs at 1 skill. It was balanced so that you would be able to disenchant stuff a few levels above your own, if you kept your enchanting up to date as you leveled. It was absolutely not worth it leveling enchanting just to D/E your epics in TBC.
  29. those posts were made before the fiasco was revealed perhaps they have actually de-adminned crogge, but havent gotten around to removing his forum title yet, or maybe theyre just skipping that since the forums are going down at an indeterminate time that is also soon anyway, since crogge was the one hosting them, iirc
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