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  3. To be honest, at this point it wouldn't hurt if the emulator was released as FOSS. Actually Asura mentioned that he'd do that if he'd leave the emulator scene, which seems to be kinda happening?! :-/
  4. 'Fraid I'm not. I just like to listen to his stuff about the classes and reminisce about how spot-on it was back then. Some of it is not too far off the mark even today, heh.
  5. I am not sure if he does this gladly or not, he may not have strong bond to this project. We will see. I just hope Asura stays with us because even if it releases late it will still release.
  6. Last week
  7. You know, the guy who's replacing Asura as the lead developer?...It would kinda be nice to know who he is at the end of the day, he never appeared so far
  8. Thanks as always for the update. Great to hear about the progress, especially with videos this time.
  9. I've been leveling a warlock on "the other server", and I'm using Drain Soul in conjunction with the Improved Drain Soul talent for harvesting soul shards and getting a bit of extra mana regen after each kill. So I was wondering: what are people's opinion on using higher ranks of Drain Soul. Is it worth the extra mana cost for the extra damage, or is it better to just rely on DoTs?
  10. Vids are back woot woot
  11. I am familiar with barlow (from back then in vanilla). is that you?
  12. Mor'Ladim is bad enough in his default state. Damn that bastard has wrecked my day so many times while I try to farm the graveyard
  13. +1 for Mor'ladim (Gruß, Malte - for those of you familiar with the German Barlow videos).
  14. Thanks for the update; great that you are making progress. Please make video of instagib Mor'Ladim
  15. gief all them videos
  16. Unfortunately, it's not just a matter of (sticking to one's) ideals. It's also a matter of competition. In practice, people tend to compromise on or fully abandon their ideals when it means they otherwise have to suffer a competitive disadvantage. Moreover, like you said, not everyone shares those ideals in the first place. I believe that simply asking people to stop buying gold, or even just blacklisting VPN's (without strict follow-up enforcement), won't entirely solve the problem. Players might understand that in theory the collective outcome would be improved in the long-run if every individual were to cooperate to uphold the ideal of a pristine server economy. However, such cooperation is difficult to maintain because it's not directly in the best interest of the individual players. Similarly to the prisoner’s dilemma scenario, they are bound to realize that as long as the incentive to buy gold is present, there will always be those who choose to pursue individual logic and betray the ideal, in spite of the fact that they could have collectively gotten a better outcome if they cooperated. Consequently, many casual players might choose to buy their gold instead of farming it in order to keep up with the competition. That's a choice they make given the choice that all players have, which is roughly what the Nash equilibrium describes. This process ever works in the advantage of gold-sellers, which is why they're prevalent on any significant MMO server, especially p-servers. The resulting inflation and pay 2 win nature of the in-game economy would be a dealbreaker for me, and surely for many others that consciously chose to wait for Crestfall for the past few years instead of choosing the way of instant gratification on the relatively broken Elysium servers that (don't) deal with exactly these kind of issues. Lastly, I agree with @cybasterthat more concrete steps need to be taken to reduce the gold-selling and gold-buying incentive, such as his example of not only a blacklist, but also active enforcement by a GM team with this ideal in mind. I'm sure that if the CF team were to inform us that they intend on making this a priority in their dealings with the Elysium team (as opposed to the currently witnessed apathetic approach of Elysium's GM staff), or that they intend on dealing with this themselves in some way, it would inspire more confidence in their new partnership/CF's new ownership going forward on the part of long-time followers of the project like myself.
  17. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/54584-darkrasps-blog-9182017/
  18. First! (I happened to check the forums right now lol)
  19. gief instagib mor'ladim video!!
  20. Edit: The volume levels in the video clips are all over the place. I apologize for that, they were taken as I was working on the mechanics in question, and I wasn't paying attention to the volume. The third one regarding skinning is super loud, so headphone users be forewarned. I'll pay more attention to volume next time. Good afternoon, A busy couple of weeks around here, had some time off so lots of work getting done. We've been expanding our DB team and are happy to welcome Coolmodi as a database dev and scripter. He's already set up and contributing fixes. We've also expanded the beta tester pool again and brought in a few more testers. We're going through a lot of content presently, writing quest scripts, adjusting drop rates, adding in missing quest items, correcting npc abilities, etc. Most of that work is relatively simple database work. Adjusting a spell's implicit target, correcting typos, or handling issues from earlier parses. I'll give a couple examples, with video, even. A spell's implicit target is how the core decides how a spell affects units when it is cast. Obviously a spell is targeted in a specific way, whether it's your current target (Kick), yourself (Frost Armor), all friendlies in an area (Tranquility), or a target destination (Rain of Fire). There are around 50 different ones in vanilla, TBC adds another 20ish. This implicit target is a property of the spell itself, hardcoded into the client dbc files. Part of what the core does is interpret this data and include handlers for each of those target types so that when something wants to target "EFF_TARGET_INVISIBLE_OR_HIDDEN_ENEMIES_AT_LOCATION_RADIUS", it can find the correct units. We run into some problems with this where the implicit targets of a spell don't really mesh with how our handlers work, so we have to override them. This is most commonly an issue on Triggered spells. One we had a problem with was Lash, which is an attack spell used by raptors that hits you for damage and makes you drop your weapon. Blizzard did it a little different than usual, where instead of directly disarming the player by giving Lash a disarm effect targeted at "Current Target", they instead "Trigger" a new spell on the player called Dropped Weapon. This new spell is a debuff that sits on the player that disarms the target, and it's target type is "Self". The issue is that the triggered spell is inheriting the original caster, so the disarm effect is going back on the raptor that cast the spell in the first place. Which doesn't matter that much because they have no weapon anyways, but it's wrong and it looks stupid, so we fix that by overriding the implicit target of the triggered spell from Self to Current. Changing how triggered spells work will break all kinds of stuff, and this only affects a handful of spells, so we just solve it with the override. Another spell that works this way is actually the teleport spells to go up and down from Archmage Xylem's tower in Azshara. The NPCs cast the teleport spells on you when you complete the repeatable quests they offer, but it was behaving very badly, teleporting the NPCs around instead of the player, or having no effect at all, again due to inherited caster GUIDs from the spell trigger. We switch around the implicit targets, and we get a nice clean teleport, like so. Another content issue we frequently see is a loot issue caused by how we parsed quest items. Basically certain quest items aren't dropping because they aren't flagged as quest items and got missed when I did the loot database rebuild. It applies to quests where you have to do things like this: go kill a mob, get a key, open a chest, take an item from the chest, and return the item to a questgiver. In this case, the item you had to return to the questgiver was properly flagged as a quest item, since it is the requirement of the quest, however that key was not flagged, and so was never entered into the table. There aren't too many of these, and a lot of them are already fixed, but it's still something that crops up now and then. There are also a couple of quests with funky prerequisites that got adjusted, like this guy here. Aside from that, scripting of quests, and correction of typos, or adding missing abilities to NPCs. That's all being done database side. Soulson also submitted a huge patch updating patrol route waypoints for hundreds of creatures so that's also getting nicer. Core side, I've written another half dozen patches. First one is implementation of a weighted vertical component to aggro range. Previously we were using the 2D distance formula for calculating aggro range with a line of sight check, meaning you couldn't aggro if you didn't have LoS, but if you were flying over enemies 100 yards above them, they would still aggro on you. Clearly that's wrong. Watched a bunch of retail stuff and I'm pretty satisfied with the current formula, a 3D rangefinder that weights vertical distance more heavily than horizontal, so you should be safe standing on ledges above enemy units. I didn't take video of this one. You'll have to take my word for it. I did a patch that corrected a bug with skinning where it rejected you from skinning anything but a beast. Some dumb hardcoded check, I have no idea why it was there. Now it correctly just checks to see if the creature CAN generate skinning loot, and if it can, it lets you skin it. Now you can skin dragonkin and silithids and whatever else. Hooray! Next up was a quick fix for humanoids that DON'T drop gold. Similar to the last bug, there was a hardcoded thing that was an error prevention mechanism, if a humanoid creature seemed to be "missing" a money entry in the database, it would randomly generate money for it based on level. Unfortunately this meant that humanoids that are not supposed to drop gold, did, because their zero was misinterpreted as "missing data". I got rid of that override and we'll trust the testers to notify us if any humanoids come along that aren't dropping the money they should. Did a quick patch to give testers access to a few more GM commands for quest testing and reviving. I'm waiting for review on a patch that fixes a major issue with the Haste aura. It works fine, just want to make sure I've done it correctly so I'm letting Asura check it out first. Basically for this one, the formula we were using for attack speed increases/decreases was incorrect. If you think of a mob with a 2.0 attack speed, that's one attack per 2000 milliseconds. If they get a 100% slow, their attack timer should change to 4000, and they'll attack half as fast. If they get a 100% haste, their attack timer would go to 1000, and they would attack twice as fast. What was happening instead was that the percentage was being applied as a percentage of the delay.. So basically 100% haste would remove 100% of the delay, mobs would have a 0.0 attack speed, and they'd rip out attacks literally as fast as the core could process it. This was turning Mor'ladim into an absolute wrecking ball when he cast Enraging Memories. It was actually pretty funny to see him instantly destroy anything that got into his melee range, but obviously that had to be fixed. On the other hand, if a mob got an ability that halved it's attack speed, like Scarlet/Crimson paladin-type mobs that cast Divine Shield, their attack speed would go into a divide-by-zero situation and immediately crash the server. So, good job us, we're stupid, but hey, it's fixed now. Didn't take a video of this one either, though maybe I should so you can see how hilarious instagib Mor'Ladim is. Lemme know if you want and I'll attach one later, I'm short on time atm. What I'm working on now is a change to stuns and targeting. If you played retail you'll notice that mobs will tend to ignore targets that are crowd controlled when there are other targets available which are not disabled. This applies to some kinds of crowd control but not all, even some kinds of the same kinds of crowd control. For example, a mob which uses a sleep or a knockout will always turn to a non-disabled target if one is available. However, stuns are 50/50, some do cause the Ignore, and some do not. I got a working implementation of this but it's a bit wonky, the targeting is going strange and the mob is all twitchy, so I'm working on that still. Hopefully I get that done soonish. I'm working the late shift at work the next few days so I won't have a lot of time to do much other than sleep and earn my pay. Beyond that, a few hundred db fixes for loot, creatures, etc. No big stuff there. Pvt.8Ball has been pouring over loot templates to get potion/scroll/gem/bag/lockbox etc. droprates all tidied up, so kudos to him for taking that on. So, progress being made, we're chugging along. Probably going to add another scripter after the next update cycle to continue speeding things up. I gotta go run some errands now so I'm out of here. My next post will be Monday, October 2nd. That's all for now. As always, feel free to ask questions or leave comments below. Talk to you soon, and thanks again for your continued interest in Crestfall.
  21. Best way to make the goldselling stop is not to buy the gold. Unfortunately not everyone shares the same ideals.
  22. I get the impression that you think the state of gold sellers in the Elysium Project is due to their lack of trying or incompetence, now, I am not pretending to know anymore than you on how elysium does or doesn't do things. Now this is just my own opinion, so with that said it seems to me like some people think that CF is going to be a safe haven free of gold sellers and chinese players, I don't think that is going to be the case guys. If CF turns out to be a popular server there will probably be chinese players playing here and there will most definitely be gold sellers here as well; Elysium, Warmane, hell even retail has them. My opinion is that CF won't be different, now that doesn't mean that the CF staff is not going to try, but sadly the only way to truly get rid of gold sellers is for every player to never buy gold.
  23. Yet you recommend mage, the 1 button raider... But actually I love mage and love hunter. Will probably roll a hunter and mage will be my first alt. Mages make a fuckton of gold
  24. "Oh no, someone likes something I don't, fuck him!" Grow up. Be happy you get a PvP server to engage in e-peen measuring, and we're happy we get a PvE server. And not releasing a PvE server wouldn't stop the divide, assholes like you would make damn sure the community stays divided.
  25. Better yet, they could just dump the pointless PVE server and make 2 PVP servers, that way we can all be happy. It would also stop the divide. Fvck you carebears
  26. Pay to set up another VPN? There isn't a magical line of code that intelligently looks at all incoming connections and knows what is and isn't a VPN, specifically when the proxy networks they're using are configured to mimic normal connections. The gold sellers are going to react to this significant inconvenience, you can be sure. It'll damage their profits, it'll slow them down, but it is not an impervious wall of protection. In short, there's no way it'll work on its own. In tandem with strong and observant enforcement and an ever expanding blacklist, it can be effective. This had never concerned me before because I had always assumed Crestfall would do the Crestfall thing and delay release an extra sixth months or whatever's needed to assemble a team of suitable meganerds who actually want to hunt gold sellers the couple hours a day it would take to do so effectively. But Elysium doesn't do that. They just don't. I couldn't tell you if it's a lack of talent, a lack of interest, an under the table deal, or any combination of the three. It's just how things are over there, and there's no reason to think things will change.
  27. If they bann vpn and ip what can the sellers do?
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