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    • So again everything that goes about any psever is blown out of proportion. Seams everyone and their dog's fleece are crazy about that stupid post. Calm your tits or go nuts - I don't care the slightest, but you are the one who are disappointed, losing interest or else. This server goals maybe almost the same as when the project started, but the details getting done are more than that. So it went with more work, more security measures, because of retards from reddit or the tube. So when you complain about the delays get that sunk in - some of them are because of these trolls, whom you are feeding now with your distrust. About project management in a hobby/free time project with no payment involved, only passion - WTF, are you crazy? Mother earth is calling all crazy balloons to land. Don't mess this crazy shit-eating gobblers any more with so much unreal stupidity. 
    • About this drama i want to say some words more calmly than before. Of course some of the statements of this person can be true as the staff themself confirm, but most of it are old and outdated. What makes me take this leak very non-seriously are 2 facts imo. First the person decides to be anonymous. That's so lame because of many reasons. Ofc the clear fact stand for your opinion, but mostly because the reason behind the person's decision to do this are hidden in its identity. Is it a reject that didn't do it’s job, do he hold a grudge etc. Next thing (that also strengthen my thought about personal grudge) the fact he decide to post it on reddit. If he had serious critique about the server he should first have talked to team and if he seriously want to help out post the text open on the forums. The fact using reddit are an obvious step to create drama and give server a bad rep. A person doing that have very low, or non, credibility imo.   Then back to why you should stay and support Crestfall. All private servers die out eventually. Why? Because they are either Vanilla/tbc/wrath etc. There are no progress. The sooner you are to the end of that expansion, the less new players will join and people tend to drop off. Crestfall are taking a new approach that for me are interesting, the possibility to do the journey that was fun again, start in vanilla and take of further with same character etc. The people who want to stay in vanilla/tbc or what ever can do that.
    • Lot of people seem to have missed this, just informing ya'll that something's coming.
    • One thing is for sure, the optics are pretty bad with this kind of stuff. And some of it has been tied to the (still) postponed Q&A4, as in it's a bad sign that a project can't hit even a small deadline that requires no actual (coding/scripting/whatever) work. It's just words to answer other words, and that shouldn't be too demanding. Especially if the person signing off on those words actually is online is on Discord.  So what's the solution? Stop giving monthly updates or answers to questions? That probably wouldn't go down so well, if one cares about the community at all. My answer would be to hit at least the little easy deadlines, as in community updates since you have a community manager just for that, and be honest. People in general like being informed, I do for sure, and this communication with the community in my opinion is a positive thing, and shouldn't be scrapped. If people get lied to (a la Blizzard), eventually the lies just run out and you are faced with the ugly truth, and some people will get really pissed off. People do not like to be strung along, even if it's a hobby project for you and them. They still could be doing other stuff with their time. Be it playing on some other server or whatever it is they would choose to do. Well, it's their own decision to hang their hopes on this server and give their time, right? That's all well and good, but do humans really work that rationally when they feel they have been slighted? I'd say no. People are much more understanding to things not always going to plan/expectations, if they are forewarned about this. And if the project stays alive as long as @Darkrasp is alive, I see no reason not to give the bad news too. In clear writing spelling out the actual things going on. Some people might be able to infer things, read between the lines, that @Asura being busy with RL/taking time off the project means automatic delays, but if you keep still saying 2017 launch is the plan, people might get confused. OK, you could later say that it sure was a plan, it just failed, but the closer to 2018 you postpone this, IF it's known to be inevitable, the worse the reaction will be. TL;DR If a project misses easy and "insignificant" deadlines how would it be reasonable to expect them to hit the "real" ones either? Stop shooting yourselves in the foot. Or maybe feet at this point. 
    • Is it possible to point out the epic difference between the official voice and @Outstanding statements ? Because some people are like "You know it's Reddit, BS as always, blabla, just a liar" but it seems we have still fatal issues in Crestfall development which are corroborated by internal and external voice. Just to say. So, is it possible to having a fair response on what's really going on here and not some rhetorical tricks?
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