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    • Tbh if you're that undecided just pick a farm class to make your later main alot easier. (Feed it mats etc.) I've always been a Priest, but I'm switching to Druid since I want to split between Feral/Resto for vanilla, then go Balance in TBC. Will be feeding cloth to my priest alt for bags.
    • Classes and class mechanics will be as close to actual as possible. Things that were obvious bugs or that Blizzard tried to correct unsuccessfully (windfury proc'ing itself, for example) will be fixed.

      Raid bosses will be tweaked to create more difficult encounters since the information on how to do the fights is now widely available. Exploits in dungeons to allow gold farming will be fixed. The primary server will be a progression server. When it hits TBC, you will be able to flag your character to transfer to TBC. The vanilla servers will remain as long as the population is able to support the server. I don't know if the last question has been addressed, but given the "blizzlike" nature we're going for, I would lean more towards being faction locked. I imagine there will be some communication on that at some point.

      The most helpful thing to do would be to read Darkrasp's updates in the dev corner section of the forums. Most of the questions you could come up with will be answered either there or on the FAQ.  
    • I kind of have to agree with the op. I know we're owed nothing and i would never demand that they have to release or something but i'm kind of having a déjàvu right now. In january 2015 i found out about corecraft (i havn't been interested in private servers before) when it was exactly at the same point as crestfall is now. They missed the release date they announced (ok i know crestfall didn't announce anything) and most people thought "ok it's just a matter of a few more month". I wasn't really disappointed back then (nor am i now) and so i just kept waiting. They gave some updates from time to time and you could check the bugtracker and see that work gets done and all was looking pretty solid. They even released beta and it looked really good. But as it took longer and longer i got more and more disappointed and when shiro finally disappeared i gave up. I don't want to say crestfall is the next corecraft or shit like that. hopefully it will never become the next corecraft. I'm still patient and eager for the release but the overall excitement died down a bit. When i joined it was said, that the team is behind their schedule a few weeks, which became months. So like (at least i think) most of the people here expected that launch would be possible somewhere around March to May (based on how much later closed beta was announced). It's April now and there is still no sign of a soon release, nor anything else appart from two-weekly updates (which are cool but don't make me feel like the project is approaching a major goal soon atm to be honest). Again i'm still patient and i've got plenty of stuff to do appart from playing crestfall but i'm getting the same kind of feeling more and more with every two weeks that passes. No offense against anyone, i'm still thankful for all the hours and hours of work the team and the beta testers are putting into this. I just wanted to share my current feelings. Thanks!
    • Whenever a new server I'd like to play on opens, I tell myself that it's time to try a different class, but in the end always end up with a hunter. I just love pets and pew-pewing from a distance, while my cat is ripping the mobs to shreds. Just pick the class you are most comfortable with to avoid disappointment and the feeling of wasted time.
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    • This weekend I was struck by a sudden particular fancy to go back and play Torchlight. So I did, and after the first two or three floors, I was well reminded why I never finished it all those years ago - because it manages to be extraordinarily dull.

      However, I found it's exactly the kind of game to be played when listening to youtube videos/podcasts. Why listen to podcasts when playing games? Wrong question, it's the other way around: Why play games when listening to podcasts? Because you're that sort of person that needs to have their other senses put on autopilot when listening to something, otherwise they start fidgeting around and running their thoughts and completely stop paying attention to what they wanted to listen to in the first place (ironically, hearthstone doesn't work, apparently that's a game where one has to think, unlike in wow, which works just fine).

      So anyway, I found that this is a very good listening game indeed. And in the process, god forbid, I actually started *liking* Torchlight.
      Maybe it helps I am playing vanquisher, the resident rogue/archer archetype (though that didn't help the last time) and managed to buy some, compared to my level, totally overpowered guns, which I then proceeded to dualwield, and, thanks to the talent tree, I was set to clearing the dungeons with only autoattack for the next 10 levels. I also managed to acquire a disgustingly high-caliber and high-fire rate rifle that was overkill even compared to the handguns.

      And then came in the advanced vanquisher skills. Uncharacteristically for most modern rogues, but keeping with the good tradition of good ol' DII's assassin, vanquisher has traps. And one of those traps is basically an untargetable sentry turret (complete with the minigun sound) that you throw into a place and it then sits there for the next 20 seconds, turning the enemies into mincemeat. Also you can have two of them at the same time. Save to say, I managed to enjoy myself, which in turn led into a minor existentional crisis over all the games I was supposed to be playing in the past year and the first quarter of the current one, and instead of which I just wasted time on the internet. Also I managed to miss a randomly generated quest for about 15 levels and got an extra quest item I can't get rid of because Torchlight is dumb like that sometimes.
    • I liked it the most out of the three (PoE, Tyranny, Torment) but it's not as good as Planescape: Torment. Definitely worth playing though. The story was good compared to most video games but it often felt like they tried to make the game's world weird just for the sake of it instead of following some actual internal logic like PS:T did (if that makes any sense). And like PoE, there's just too much wordiness. PS:T had lots of text, sure, but it was there for a reason. In the new Torment game I felt at times that the writers were vomiting words on the screen just so the word count would be as high as possible. On the plus side, the actual combat/encounter gameplay is better than in PS:T, not that there is much of it. Also, you can read minds if you pick the Nano class and scan thoughts skill so that's cool. Bwoah.
    • I was keen to play some vanilla wow but my interest in the currently running projects has dwindled to a point where i've lost most interest in them altogether. i'm still keen to play vanilla but I cant seem to find a server I like enough to be able to call it my home, oddly enough i'm longing for an instant 60 server with a small but active community and blizzlike content(it's either x1 and completely blizz or all content is gimped/adjusted 'beyond recognition'. I actually gave in to my irl friends who have been lobbying me into buying a ps4 since its release lol. Having a blast playing gtav w them. Picked up Bloodborne too which is dope af. Got ESO too and was dissapointed. Neverwinter is free and way more fun then ESO, which is something I hop on to every now and then. started playing osrs a bit since last week cuz i still crave a nostalgia fix i guess