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    • Would give my left hand to be fishing in Mulgore ATM. My third favourite location in all of Azeroth.
    • Is it not in China which they can only play for two hours max due to a law that the government implemented to prevent video game addiction? (So I guess they must use a VPN if they want to play for more time? Someone told about that law but don't know if it's true or not.)  
    • Awesome! Will we have more small informative posts like this in the future? Of course Darkrasp's updates are really good but as i'm a crestfall news junkie it would be cool to see little updates like this more often
    • They don't want to ban Chinese Players though, they want to ban Chinese Farmers...
    • All the Yaungol used to live with Cenarius himself in the plains of central kalimdor (first pals of cenarius). On a second note, its worth mentioning that Xarantaur was granted with immortality by Nozdormu as well (genuine and legitimate immortality, not stolen from the life force of the planet... oh wait i forgot nelves are not immortal anymore, ouch). On a third note, druidism is a "modern" practice for the night elves; they were originally super addict of arcane energies and magics and in fact they looked down upon it.  it. 
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    • Boring Diablo 3-like random grindfest where people who got lucky with titanforged gear carry you through dungeons for money, that's what it is.
    • Its definitely not the best expansion. I would put it pretty solidly as the 3rd best expansion and the last one I enjoyed. Tier wise it goes Tier 1: Tbc, WotLK Tier 2: MoP Tier 3: Cata Unplayable: WoD I can't rank legion cause I haven't played a single minute of it.  
    • My parents are probably the closest thing to a role model that I have. Some rl celebs that I either find inspiring or want to be like: John Lennon
      Robert Downey Jr.
      Jim Cummings
      Jennifer Hale
      J.K. Rowling
      Teemu Selänne
      Mikael Granlund
      Veera Kauppi
      Nelson Mandela
      Stephen Hawking
      Oprah Some fictional characters I fangirled over as a kid  found inspiring as a kid: Harry Potter
      Frodo WoW characters are probably not very good role models considering how most of them solve everything with violence and are obsessed with honor/glory/warfare. Gnomes in general are pretty inspiring I guess: They lost their home but remain positive and good-natured and they invent things because they like it and not because they want wealth or to kill things.
    • I hate MoP with a burning passion and Monks and Pandas. Kill on sight when i playde the damn expansion.
    • Hello Crestfall, Once again I opening an opportunity to share our thought as a community.  We all have something that inspires us as we feel connected to it, either be artists, celebrities, politicians even your parents. It can even be your pets. As a conscious being we usually pick these role models due to different motives and emotions. And because this a WoW based forum I'm going to add both a IRL role model and a WoW role model because we all have those characters that we fall in love and would follow into battle at any time. IRL Role Model I got to say it has to be Kendrick Lamar. The man is one of the most hard-working artists in his industry due to all the effort he puts in his lyricism and producing. Also assimilate his disgust towards people who disrespect the things he loves. And also the way how he didn't join the rest of his mates in infamous activities and that he got through all that pressure of growing up in a infamous neighborhood jsut shows the perseverance and resilliance of the man.  WoW Role Model Broxigar Saurfang. His sense of duty when protecting the mountain pass in the Third War. How he embraced his fate in the end that the only way to honor his fallen comrades was to fight till the very end. To protect your world and their new found comrades. He died like a true orc. Sacrificing himself so others may live. Anyone that does that is worthy of my blade and I will definitly follow him till the end.  I shared mine, what are yours?