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  2. The advantage of having servers limited to the national scene, in my case CZ/SK was, that once in a while, there was a server-wide meetup. I was too young to attend them when they existed in all their glory, however, so I only met some of the people. Namely the guy who headed Insomnia after the years-long head GM left, when he was showing me the way around the city when I was preparing for the university; and then a bunch of the old guard players on a metal festival (Masters of Rock for those interested). We still say 'sup when we happen to meet. Oh, right, and from a server about 5 years later than Mystiq and these people, I also met my girlfriend.
  3. You keep the amount of tanks and healers, add 29 DPS (mostly hunters), 3 ninjas with autoloot permanently on and 6 people, preferrably melee DPS, who use keyboard to turn and have no concept of aggro range or lava.
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  5. So as this is my 1000th post I thought I'd do something useful for a change. Ask a question for example. Before you think that 1000 posts is an achievement, please recall that Elicas did this months ago and his posts are far more lucid and factually useful. Also, please take into account that 50% of my posts and threads relate to polls of such importance as What colour goes best for mages in Molton Core? Anyway, I digress. What I really want to talk about is what class people should play. The answer is ''whatever you feel like'' but I can't help but think there are salient factors that should warrant at the very least, a smidgeon of doubt in your ''whatever'' thought processes. But the central point to this rapidly expanding tale is that I don't know what I'm talking about........because I never raided in vanilla. Therefore, I can't be relied upon to give an informed opinion seeing as most of us - far more than retail vanilla - intend progressing as far as our meagre talents allow us to, raid wise. So I'm going to throw in some facts as gleaned from the Crestfall test realms on Darrowshire and Anathema. I will roll these facts together so we get a generic reading on the class spread there as follows: Tanking Classes: Warrior - 17% Healing Classes: Priest - 11% DPS Classes: Rogue - 13% Hunter - 13% Mage - 16% Warlock - 10% DPS total - 52% Hybrid Classes: Druid - 8% Paladin/Shaman - 12% So for instances the rule is pretty simple: 1 tank + 3 DPS + 1 healer. The thing with instances is that you have a lot of forgiving circumstances. While it would appear that the priests are in high demand I'm seeing a lot of threads/posts/comments about finding it hard to get into groups for instances. I guess this could be down to end instances as everyone goes raiding but as 1 healer = 20% of the requirement, you can only assume that a lot of the druids and paladins/shamans are taking up the slack. So with DPS classes only coming to 52% with an instance requirement of 60% it would seem that getting your 3x DPS might be an issue in instances. From retail memory this is not what I recall. But when you take into account that some mages will be AOE farming and hunters are introverted loners maybe this is true. Tanks, well even accounting for furry's and stuff, the balance seems to work out with help from Druids and Paladins. So that's instances..... So my noob question is (please), even allowing for swapping out some classes for certain bosses/raids etc. How does the breakdown work for raids in vanilla? You hardly just multiply it by 8 giving us... 8 tanks 8 healers 24 DPS Do you?
  6. It would seem that one could judge a person by their choice of race in Wow. I wonder, what would be most prevalent trait of a player according to their preferred race... On the topic though, the people I played with were mostly my friends IRL. However, I simply can't picture myself going to some IRL guild meeting with people I know only from game. Although, I have no problem hanging out on discord or some other voice chat, IRL meeting seems a bit excessive for me.
  7. But they're not, they're apes. It's not like it's Planet of the Monkeys now, is it. See Crestfall, this is what you've made me do. Hog the forums and correct statements on species instead of playing WoW. Hurry up already
  8. What, as if orangutans aren't just... monkeys?
  9. I'm in the same boat as @Lilaina pretty much. One of my friends is actually the one who talked me into playing Vanilla in the first place. So you can pretty much blame him for my presence on the forum and later in-game. kek As for friends I met in-game, I never really talked to anyone. Maybe I got a name or two and that's about it. I would mostly just hang out with them in-game doing quests and things like that. I'm not the most social person (can anyone tell me what color the sky is? It's... been a while.) so my chances of ever meeting someone I've played with are very slim. It'd probably be quite enjoyable if I manage to pull myself out of my comfort zone. I'd need the opportunity first, however. Then there's the nightmarish scenario where I attend such a fan meeting and there's nothing but UD Rogue players. *shudders*
  10. At long last, the change we really need!
  11. I met my wife in a VoA trade chat pug during WotLK retail. Safe to say, yes, I've met some people IRL after meeting them in game
  12. Interestingly, Suzerain is now RIP as well.
  13. Will entirely depend on the queue and how it is implemented. With a 6k server cap, if the peak population is say 4/5k then we'll never need to worry about it.
  14. I've been on both sides: I've made some friends along the way from tbc and wotlk; and also played with people I knew in real life. It's fun when you make new friends and learn from them in more aspects that just the game.
  15. Blizzard Guild Bank and Calendar would be great.
  16. Same as Lilaina actually. I played with a few RL friends, with one being the guild leader. At the end of the "vanilla" era we recieved alot of whispers that people in the guild were interested in a RL meeting. But as we were social awkward type of people, we refused to organize it
  17. Yes. Our guild held a meeting IRL right before MoP. That was the first time I saw any of my guildies IRL. Had a blast.
  18. Yeah, it does seem that way. I watched plenty of videos of people using the vial at different wells, some of them waiting a good while, and nothing ever spawned. Most likely there wasn't any. Only other possibility is that it was buggy or the event triggers really slowly or it only happens for every 10th player or smthing. What's still kinda confusing me is the quest text of the first quest giver upon completion: So you have heard the first part of the aftermath of the Battle of Mount Hyjal.
  19. Nope, it was the other way around for me: I played with people I already knew in RL, sometimes in the same house/room. When it comes to people I didn't know irl, I never even learned anyone's real names, let alone talk to them via a mic or meet them. I'm weird like that.
  20. I would love the lost of sight to be like later expansions so you can't shoot true trees etc. But i know they said they wont d that.
  21. LOS, certain stacks to 20 max(like potions, scrolls) and more lower tier world bosses that drop BoP's(zone specific stiff ie westfall a ~22, duskwood 35~(read stitches with mechanics)) imo vanilla could be so much more without changing the end-game, mechanics(except LOS), mid tier content or other class mechanics. Just by increasing the amount of things to do between 10-50 could increase the fun factor by alot. but things like this are so hard to implement. Lets take the lower tier world bosses, what is stopping 60's from farming them to DE. Nothing and it immediatly stops serving its purpose(enhancing lower to mid tier gameplay) these kind of things need to be developed well, with mechanisms countering unwanted side effects.
  22. @Keter Also I point I like to stress, it furthermore means that on each new expansion, the previous ones will work exactly (barring patch changes) as they worked when each that previous expansion was the main one. Which is a thing that never happens on private servers, where if you start a new xpac, you gotta come back to the old content and fix it again.
  23. There seems to be a big problem with players being deliberately afk on Elysium servers. Afk on the creating character screen and ingame trying to make sure they stay online without having to log back in. Can we plz make sure it doesn't become a problem with Crestfall servers. Multiboxing, gold farmers / gold buying spam/ power lvling spam and botting is becoming a problem on the Elysium servers also , don't need it here.
  24. Yes I have, but not out of coincidence or accident. Our guild held real life meetings back in wotlk. I joined wow a bit late but I got the chance to attend one of those. You realize people communicate with and help you out more in game after such gatherings, it's nice. I have also attended to some meetings of anime forums and swtor forums back in the day.
  25. @Keter the core for the Crestfall emulation is actually from TBC. My understanding is that the intention had always been to make Crestfall PTE, so the devs have always been working to that aim. Work for TBC is already taking place and will accelerate once the vanilla realms are launched. Similarly, when TBC launches, they'll start working on the WotLK version. This is the fundamental and key difference with Crestfall and other vanilla emulators. It's their core, not borrowed somewhere else and patched together. The timeline for progression has been discussed before with an optimum from vanilla launch to TBC launch is 16-18 months. They don't mention this now as they don't like deadlines as it allows people a stick to best them with. Last bit. The co-owner intends to launch a standalone TBC realm at a later stage using the Crestfall core. He has 10 years experience with private TBC servers. So you're in good hands here QED
  26. I carefully read everything in this guide and i can say it's wrong on so many levels.. But seeing you've been playing in Feenix so long i understand you don't understand anything about vanilla. At least not about paladins. So many things wrong in here and how you have replied to other people just confirms this. Lastly about that 2.4k part.. Nice wintrading there mate!
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