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  2. "Because if you played WoW, then you probably played Warcraft 3, then you probably played Dota, then you might play Dota 2 now" -Margaret Thatcher, 2014 Thread for general discussion of dotes and dotes-related things: lying about your mmr broken Osfrog meme strategies hating on <9k plebs partying with people in your region pro player fanboyism Will [hero you just lost to] ever get nerfed? general saltiness ironic shitposting Whats there not to love?
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  4. Anyone know where I can download the TBC client directly? I don't have my box with me and all the download links I've found either don't work or are modified for specific private servers or are torrents which I don't use.
  5. Can't find the direct quote, but it's been talked about that they might implement a whitelist for VPNs, I don't think it was decided on yet officially and personally I wouldn't expect them to start it if it does happen until a month or so after launch.
  6. Again I find myself disappointed with this. I've been a long time follower of Crestfall but have moved to China for work so I'm assuming I'll be unable to play on the server. Are there no chances of allowing certain accounts to access the server via a certain VPN? I'd be quite sad if I cant make the switch to Crestfall
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  8. That video cracks me up every time.
  9. Which exploits/cheats existed in vanilla then? And fixing bugs is a top priority for Crestfall Devs as no one wants to play a buggy server.
  10. Nope, I quit ages ago after I started playing ranked with fellow Bronzes who thought they are Challenger. Oh what fun that was lol
  11. for the world chat trolls, use this: https://github.com/EinBaum/SuperIgnore/archive/master.zip it's made by EinBaum and offers: UNLIMITED ignore list size! TEMPORARY IGNORES Ignore only in specified chat channels! Uses default WoW interface and /ignore command
  12. @ilovecats Yeah, I'm EUW aswell, add me: Good Riddance EDIT: Oh you're not active? I thought you're playing right now.
  13. @Rele Don't bother m8, I would be a fresh noob. EUW. But thanks for the offer!
  14. I'm pretty sure there is no Private Servers for LoL. I have searched for it already and it doesn't even make much sense anyway. However, I've been playing since late season 2 I think, so I know a bit about old spells and stuff. I loved playing old Sion, full AD, got a Pentakill in the enemy fountain by lifestealing over the true damage it does. @ilovecats Which Region? We could duo or atleast do some Normals, I'm currently Platinum IV.
  15. Best shit I've read in a long time. Gratz!
  16. @Soyoen, rather Knight is his rank, name is on top.
  17. I remember the old maps, although it's a fading memory now. I haven't played the game for ages as it's very stressful to me because of the toxic kids. I checked lolking a few days ago and the game has changed a lot. I remember "vanilla" Ashe skills with togglable slowing arrows with Q. And the hawk shot also passively increased gold from kills. I even wanted to create an account and give it a go, but decided not to in the end. Not unless I have a premade team where I know I will be the adc. I don't think anyone would release an old version of a game. After all they constantly improve it (even if it's only in their minds) and old versions are just bad to them.
  18. Welcome to Crestfall!
  19. @Knight really? hive? you could've called yourself The Swarm or something...hive, ermm...ok, i guess, lol D:
  20. Haha thank you for the warning, I'll be sure to keep that in mind. Hope to see you around in-game someday
  21. Sup d00d, you came to the right place. A word of warning, though: History repeats itself. Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of innocent young adults have had their academic performance suffer as a result of WoW addiction. If you're lucky, the server will launch during your Christmas break, and you can go ham during the first few weeks. Otherwise, ye be warned. ... Wet blanket aside, welcome
  22. I started playing League in early Season 6, some year and a half ago. The currect Rift is the only one I've ever played in. In many League videos on youtube, I've seen different maps, champs, abilites, items and everything, which got me thinking... Is there anything similar to vanilla/tbc servers going on with League (Season 1 or 2). I'm curious because I would like to see what it all looked like back then, but I understand just how difficult it would be to actually do this. We can see how hard it is to replicate the retail WoW through private servers. Has Riot ever made any statements regarding this? Would (could) it even be worth it for them to try something like this?
  23. I laughed and then I got sad.
  24. Last week
  25. Hello there! I'm fairly new to the forums and thought i might introduce myself, My name is OMG_Itz_Nutz but you can just call me Nutz. I'm 17, i turned 17 this month, i'm a Senior in Highschool technically because Summer Break just started for me yesterday and i'm very excited. I found out about this Project yesterday, i did a lot of reading about Crestfall and so far i'm very impressed! I hope i can help you guys grow in any way i can, you guys seem very cool and mature so i hope i can make as much friends as i can with many of you here, but other than that i'm very happy to be here and i hope to see you all in-game someday
  26. I found that rather enjoyable and relaxing. I can't even remember how many Quilboar's I have killed in my 12+ years on the horde. Not to mention how many countless times I ran those damn dungeons. I would put this right up there with my love/hate relationship with the Hyena's.
  27. Alright, so personal opinion here. Wraith was best expansion lore/story wise. As I enjoyed seeing the darker side of wow. As far as the poll goes. I would like see things like los fixed. That is one of my biggest gripes in both pve/pvp. I would also like to see the exploits/cheats fixed. As well as bugs in general that blizz didn't get around to. I guess my mindset is more along the lines of a minimalist approach. I am not a big fan of a lot of the QOL changes that have been made over the years.
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