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  2. Thank you .
  3. I've read. That's very disappointing as well. Nerfing both instances basically kills the only reason to play a hunter. It's pretty foolish honestly, as this gives the chinese gold farmers and AH campers complete control of the economy, with no real way for the average player to make gold legitimately. The arbitraily drawn line on private servers of what is "okay" farming is just hurts the normal, legit player. Addons to AH farm and multiboxing AoE mage farming are far more damaging to the economy than any other method of gaining gold. Especially when all of these 100g+ methods are considered "legit" but the hunter 100g magically is not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxFMy57JSds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtGExeTt0N https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhLiQ9aZOqA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qD6jsHs__ho Honestly, everyone is going to have to play a mage. I could post more, but I think this demonstrates well how arbitrary this hatred for hunter gold farming really is.
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  5. Hello! I just made an account here because I got curious and willing to give Vanilla WoW a try (I started WoW when TBC came out so I got some experience from old school WoW). Plus I got bored of retail WoW. Too casual and stuff. I got some questions about this server. So I watched some YouTube videos reviewing the Vanilla WoW experience, it's ups and downs etc. One thing that some people brought up is how some classes were very painful to level, paladins and warriors most specifically. And how some classes basically had only one viable spec choice at the end game in order to be useful in any way in raids, like Holy Paladins since Protection and Retribution were crap and Warriors were the only real viable tanks from what I have heard. Warlock class, while fun from what I have heard, was a lackcluster as a class. Has this server recognized those issues and is possibly going to tune the classes and their specs so that they're all as viable as possible while still keeping the Vanilla experience? Or will all the class specs stay the exact same as they were in vanilla with all their flaws? My second question is basically this; is there anything else possibly different here compared to the original Vanilla? Anything? Or is everything, including the flaws, exact same like they were in retail Vanilla? I also heard (from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNF5JHww_SQ) that you're going to go through at least some of the expansions, like TBC, but are you going keep like one or two servers as Vanilla only for people who don't care about TBC and further expansions? Oh and lastly; am I allowed to roll characters from only one faction in PvP servers? Like in retail. Personally I would like to be able to play both Alliance and the Horde characters on the same PvP server and not be forced to choose only one of the two factions. Thank you in advance!
  6. They have stated that there will be changes to DM and Mara farming so that's a loss to the pro column.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I liked it the most out of the three (PoE, Tyranny, Torment) but it's not as good as Planescape: Torment. Definitely worth playing though. The story was good compared to most video games but it often felt like they tried to make the game's world weird just for the sake of it instead of following some actual internal logic like PS:T did (if that makes any sense). And like PoE, there's just too much wordiness. PS:T had lots of text, sure, but it was there for a reason. In the new Torment game I felt at times that the writers were vomiting words on the screen just so the word count would be as high as possible. On the plus side, the actual combat/encounter gameplay is better than in PS:T, not that there is much of it. Also, you can read minds if you pick the Nano class and scan thoughts skill so that's cool. Bwoah.
  9. For me its Hunter and Druid. Warlock is fine as well but they need to many buttons for me Hardest for me is Warrior and Paladin, as their killspeed is heavily influenced by their current weapon.
  10. I think an average white hit of 200 dmg is too much. Especially in early gear/progression stages. My lvl 60 Druid with blue dungeon gear (Str/Agi) has ~145 White Dmg (with natural weapons). This would change your calculation: 145 + 115 = 260 / 45 = ~5,77 If we take in Ferocity we would have 260 / 40 = 6,5 ( I think during leveling Ferocity is the more likely talent to pick as it smoothes bear tanking in leveling dungeons) That would make them fairly even.
  11. I dont know if CF will really take down the Q like Nost or Elysium. If I remeber correct they said everything will be Patch 1.9 in the Q&A (except for talents and for raid releases).
  12. Id say Worgen for Cata. But as we start in Vanilla and there are no worgen Id go for Dwarf. Better racials for PvE and PvP and for me also better looks then Nelfs.
  13. I think people will allways find things to farm efficient. If we close one hole, they will just find another one. Personally I think that would be great. It will make people think about something "new" instead of copying what was done before. I'm a little afraid though, changing easy spots will effect casual players which cant put in so much time ( I know its their own problem, but I still wanted to mention it)
  14. not sure about the quests you mentioned but the Silithus quests should not be avalible at launch atleast, most quests came in on patch 1.8. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Patches/1.x
  15. best way to level is, and I heard it from another guy, level 2 character at the same time and get max advantage from rested XP.
  16. I was keen to play some vanilla wow but my interest in the currently running projects has dwindled to a point where i've lost most interest in them altogether. i'm still keen to play vanilla but I cant seem to find a server I like enough to be able to call it my home, oddly enough i'm longing for an instant 60 server with a small but active community and blizzlike content(it's either x1 and completely blizz or all content is gimped/adjusted 'beyond recognition'. I actually gave in to my irl friends who have been lobbying me into buying a ps4 since its release lol. Having a blast playing gtav w them. Picked up Bloodborne too which is dope af. Got ESO too and was dissapointed. Neverwinter is free and way more fun then ESO, which is something I hop on to every now and then. started playing osrs a bit since last week cuz i still crave a nostalgia fix i guess
  17. Yeah i like the looks of nightelfs better but im worried if i try to do serious arena in bc i will be gimping myself with no stone form. Prob gonna end up going alliance i think.
  18. Guild Wars 2
  19. Hi, Due to some research I've been doing for last few months, I can see that famous leveling guides (for example Joana's) have flaws. The flaws I'm talking about are existed/not existed quests. Because CF will launch around patch 1.3 I'm curious which quests are not goind to be avaible for "first few months"? I'm not talking here about quest from DireMaul or Zul'Gurub 'coz it's obvious those won't exist. I'm talking here about "leveling" quests like Southsea Shakedown or Marg Speaks chain. I believe there's way way more of them (I don't even know if Silithus existed back in 1.3). Thanks for answers in advance. PS: I'm working on "almost flawless" vanilla leveling guide. Those informations will be super useful.
  20. I'm giving this a no for reasons stated before and not just here. I would hate to try and reach out to someone I played in a BG with only to find out that they're not on my realm. All crossrealm really does is split each realm rather than bring both of them together. Sure, you get to have people from the other realm on your team. Then the BG ends and you possibly never see them in-game again. Wonderful. Truly wonderful it would be to meet someone you enjoy playing with only to find out that they're on the other realm and thus you can never spend time with them outside of BGs. Truly wonderful it would be to find a player worthy of being called your rival only to, again, find out they're on the other realm and thus you will never be able to fight them out in the world, if ever. There's going to be enough banter between the two realms on the forums. Can we please leave it there? Having crossrealm functionality won't be a deal breaker for me even if I absolutely despise it, same as it won't be a deal breaker for me if we get all the way to WoD. I try and just roll with whatever the majority wants. However, I really see no good reason to add crossrealm whatever. At the very least the negative outweighs the positives. And I'm not even listing the launch delay as a negative simply because I already find the whole thing to be bad enough without that factoring in. Just my two cents. As I said, not a deal breaker for me, just something I find really bad. I just thought I'd lay it on you people how I see things. That's why we're all here anyway.
  21. It was implemented at patch 1.12 on live I believe, so I agree. It would be nice if it was implemented by the end of vanilla or when we get to TBC at least
  22. I havent been active here on forums for some months because of busy with RPGs. I just finished Tyranny the other day. Took me abit longer than planned. I thought the story was abit better than Pillars, at least it felt fresh and unique in a way, I sided with Tunon and tried to be a good lawful Fatebinder, didnt spare me from Kyros wrath in the end sadly, even though I constantly talked good of the Overlord. It reminded me of Pillars in that way that it didnt really matter how much you suck up to the big baddy, s/he wants you dead anyway The companions I thought were better in Pillars though. Durance, Eder and Grieving Mother were all cool and interesting. In Tyranny I found Lantry the best by far. Omg the stat system in both these games are so bad, and what is up with all those heavy armor drops in Tyranny? I played the game as a mage, and interesting companions like Lantry had to come with me of course - So I needed a tanky guy, Barik got this spot, but his armor is glued to him, same with Beastwomen could not wear armor at all, so ALL that heavy armor just went straight to trash. The loot was overall just not that interesting at all. Now I only have Torment left to play. Some say its "over-lored" (not really sure what that means, but if its anything like Planescape then I get it). Some say the combat system is the worst of all the games mentioned. So time for another 60+ hours of storytime with uninteresting loot and booring combat. But at least if the story holds up then its worth. Getting a little worn out from the ISO-rpgs now. Have you played/finished Torment Lilaina? What did you think of it?
  23. A completely fair and rational position. I'll lobby for it in the future as a wishlist feature. Thanks for clarifying Darkrasp.
  24. They usually (so far) take in testers in bigger waves sporadically rather than individually so don't lose hope
  25. It was ok but nowhere near as good as the old infinity engine games. Setting and story was generic, too much lore dumps and wordiness. Companions were dull except for the dirty priest guy who was cool. The stat system didn't make sense to me. Encounters were poorly designed and 90% were just trash mobs that charged towards the closest character. The Adra Dragon was pretty much the only memorable fight. The garrison player stronghold was pointless. The mega dungeon beneath it didn't compare to Durlag's Tower, Watcher's Keep, the red dragon's lair etc. from BG. The combat system itself was ok, much better than the ones in Tyranny or Torment at least. Spells felt dull however: No sequencers, contingencies, pre-buffing, no epic mage duels. It all felt very balanced and sterile. Same goes for loot. Also no mod support, which is the reason why I keep replaying BG games.
  26. DM was not nerfed or even touched by blizzard according to your post until just a few months before Naxx, the final vanilla patch, was released. To consider it a major issue is absurd. Especially considering mages can solo AoE farm nearly every instance in the game for massive amounts of gold. Most notably Live Strath, DM E, and ZG. Rogues can solo farm lockboxes, and nearly everyone abuses the auction house via mods that automatically allow them to purchase all under priced goods and resell them marked up. I think nerfing legit ways of farming is stupid. Are we all to just constantly sit at the AH, not generating any raw gold into the system?
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