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  2. only WoW is real i have left feelings behind long live the new flesh
  3. Just curious, how did u feel when u bought gold?
  4. I'm a bit confused, definetely waiting for that Darkrasp update
  5. It doesn't matter how we feel. It only matters that CF team learned from this shit to measure two times before cutting. If they put some info before for possible merge, I think that many members here in the forums or people even in reddit would tell them more info and would got better view of the situation. This is with the presumption that they didn't know. Because many of them are long time in pserver scene, so they should know valk/ely history of handouts and incompetence, what about corruption...
  6. I feel down to be honest. Just bought Gold on Elysium for 80$ Can i have that transfered to Crestfall?
  7. This is the laugh of the day haha
  8. Its pretty ridiculous,that the only thing that happens with vanilla is stupid drama.This is like a reality show with stupid Wow weeb fags bashing each other.Nostalrius drama all over again.Tbh i doubt Crestfall ever open now.No wonder Blizzard dont want legacy,with people like these,it will fail anyway,just like their shitty retail.
  9. Today
  10. Thank you so much for this @Soyoen! It's definitely a lot cleaner than what I'm currently using and it also have some information easier accessible +1 However there's a few features I think could make the spreadsheet even better if added: 1. Target armor/resist and debuffs and ability ranks (AQ books) taken in consideration (The spreadsheet I currently use does this - http://web.archive.org/web/20061230183158/http://www.tkasomething.com/HunterSimulator.zip here's a screenshot http://i.imgur.com/iotecDa.png) 2. Set bonuses taken in consideration 3. Weapon skill taken in consideration 4. Add more enchants such as +3 stats on chest, ZG head/legs enchant, +3 Hit scope and also the 15+ agility enchants on 1 hander seems to be causing errors in the spreadsheet (or at least it does if uploaded to google sheets) 5. Add total DPS and stat values for cleave fights (2-3 targets, multi-shot cleave) 6. Add pet DPS where you can add buffs to the pet as well Also @MadeByRockets, fuck dwarfs Gotta go for that extra 9 agi and looks + shadowmeld is
  11. great info if i get to help out with scripting when the time comes i will make sure this event works properly
  12. While i didn't think that it was a good decision to create LGN at the time. Once it happened, I hoped it would work out precisely to avoid drama such as this. Oh well, back to the old ways, which is fine by me. I just hope this whole situation doesn't sour CF dev team's willingness to continue development.
  13. All I got out of this ordeal was *autistic screeching* memes featuring both Alexensual and Shenna So, nothing out of the ordinary and hopefully CF will get back on schedule
  14. I disagree with basically any nerf to vanilla gold farming that was in retail. 1) in vanilla things are unbalanced. That's why we like it. You wanna level fast roll a Mage or hunter. You want to have two raid spec choices go warrior etc etc. mages will still be the best gold farming class because aoe and kiting. 2) blizzlike 3) unforeseen consequences. One of the packs in dm n on Elysium has an increased aggro radius so you can't skip it, which hurts regular parties as well as gold farmers 4) with the Chinese banning vpn's there's way less gold selling. Still a lot, but not as much, and I'd argue not server breaking. Gdkp will kill a server way faster than gold sellers these days. Hardline gold farming and player leveling nerfs only had a place when I was getting gold selling spam/power leveling spam every 2 minutes. 5) and I think this is the most overlooked aspect is how it affects the economy. The simple fact of the matter is even making 50g more an hour than the next best method won't affect the economy nearly as much as people who play the auction. It's true that servers have died before because of the economy, but that's almost always because somehow there was a way for auction players with like 100k gold to get armor with their gold, like gdkp. Even on Elysium no t2 guild will turn down 10k for a loot piece or something. I'm not saying you shouldn't be able to play the auction house, but there needs to be a way to keep that gold from spreading across the population or else you'll end up with catastrophic inflation. Should tax the 1% of 1% of wow players 90% income tax lol. (Ps: bring Bernie back). TL;DR even the best blizzlike methods won't have that sizable an effect on the server. And this is coming from a prot warrior main (i.e. I'm gunna be broke af.)
  15. Man my old guild from Nost that moved to Elysium is going off. Pretty interesting to read their comments about the whole thing. I don't play with them anymore due to work (don't have time for MMOs right now), thus haven't seen how they feel about the whole situation over a long period of time. Nost > Elysium > Blizz crack down > Elysium telling Nost off > LGN formation > CF withdrawal. But I feel bad for the ~25+ guys I used to play with that moved over there and rebooted the guild and successfully regained ground to where we were when I quit before Nost shut down.. Many many more hours invested potentially for nothing.... Can anyone please TL;DR what happened? I am super busy at work right now and can't sift through all of the links people are posting. Thanks in advance. Recoil out.
  16. In Valkyrie was the sale of gear and not only. Even with this sad online is they received not bad money ..... and imagine that at one point ended the flow of money, their pockets wept and began to ask to eat. Just so this does not refuse - it's like a drug. And on this, I believe that they can raise through the gold sellers themselves money. Yes, of course, it could be a provocation. Past and present Elysium (Valkyrie) tells me more "faith" than the "unbeliever" in it. And AQ who waited for 8 years and was not open to the Valkyries The same Nostalrius better do their job against sellers of gold than Elysium (this is my personal vision and opinion, i'm played here and there), and from this I conclude that: 1) they do not care 2) do not have normal people to do the job 3) they have with this profit, but 1, 2, 3 version does not give me positive. I believe, that Asura were only good intentions to create LGN, but the Russian people large part of a very selfish, lazy people (like I was sad to write about it) I do not say that all, but there are so many I hope that at Asura are always will only the good and the right thoughts, then WoW will have a legacy Good luck, patience, and a lot positive, CRESTFALL team. sorry for mistakes
  17. Blizzlike resources distribution or Blizzlike general experience and pacing? Can't have both at the same time, so pick one.
  18. I dunno. I just wanna play the game without any bullshit drama =/ Yup, and double yup.
  19. Keep it as blizzlike as possible. We have to be able to make gold somehow..
  20. I feel the guy's getting a bad rap. He was just trying to have a little side hustle.
  21. Is this wowcrendor Kappa
  22. I saw that coming lol
  23. Season 1 was great. Can't wait for season 2.
  24. In record time too.
  25. dont smoke weeb, kids.
  26. At least we all have the What a long, strange trip it's been achievement.
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