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  2. It would seem that the use of the fence trick is playing 'fair' >?< in many-a-ways even...noun way, adverb way, double adjective way if you make your toon with blonde hair
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  4. Hey Spaghetti;) Welcome to Crestfall.
  5. Well we do have the advantage of not having a live server yet so it will get a bit chaotic near to release or at release. So don't expect it to be like this all the time =D
  6. Seems a very mature/friendly community, opposed to the others I've seen til now
  7. Clearly someone needs a gaming laptop...for reasons
  8. Welcome buddy i hope you'll enjoy our little'ish community here
  9. Hi, I'm a 26-year-old Italian guy... this project seems everything I ever dreamed about private server :-) Can't wait to play on it
  10. Thanks yet again for the amazing update @Darkrasp Also sorry for the late response to the thread i've been away a few weeks and only got back this week so i've just read a few updates i didnt read before
  11. Sorry you'll be leaving the beta testing group but hope to still see you around the forums. You're one of the most important voices here. Have fun in the States. Enjoy the junk food and the spectacle!
  12. There can be only one! Horde all the way. Lok'Tar Ogar
  13. Thank you for everything Elicas Have a wonderful vacation.
  14. We'll wait with release after you graduate so you can defend us against Blizzard if need be :P.
  15. Also don't forget to buy your celestial mount and get a free hearthcancer card back!
  16. Every time someone asks about launch date, an angel gets its wings.
  17. I know I'm not particularly active here on the forums but I wanna take a second to thank you @Asura, @Darkrasp, @Elicas and everyone else on the Crestfall staff team. Even though it's just a hobby for you guys, <emotions>it's more than that to me. You guys are doing something real special and I wanted to thank you all for bringing that into my life. Even though the server isn't available yet, I don't see myself turning away from Crestfall any time in the near future. This place already holds sentimental for me as I'm sure it does for many others. </emotions> And @Elicas, I know this is literally the first thing I've ever said to you lol, but thank you for being an awesome community manager and I wish you all the best.
  18. Take care. o/
  19. Because all those vanilla/TBC players just itch to play some legion but the evil private servers keep distracting them!
  20. Yesterday
  21. Cool beans. just take your time and have fun. Im gonna lurk meanwhile..
  22. To add to imbas argument Blizzard is much more agressive on their pserver stance now that they are affiliated with Activision since they now have to deal with many more shareholders barking at them for lost revenus.
  23. Thanks for all your hard work Elicas, I always appreciated your Q&A's and general forum presence and contributions. Hope your trip to the states is fun. Hope to see you in game in a decade or so. Travel safe.
  24. ever since nostalrius made a huge tantrum about their C&D letter, blizzard is now more proactive in shutting down servers. it's to be expected that the time from scriptcraft 2 and the time of post Nost shutdown would be different. maybe 2008 you could host in the US, but not in 2017. also in regards that blizzard wont be going after the hosting provider anymore.. moreso the person hosting it entirely. it's a different battle now and the pserver community must adapt to it and become more elusive or risk being the victim of shutdowns. also, people need to quit boasting about private servers to these gaming websites. it's like using 911 to attract the cops when a drug deal is going down.. like seriously smh.
  25. Honestly i was surprised that the server closed so quickly. Not surprised that Blizzard took action against it, but surprised that Gummy gave in instantly. Don t get me wrong, i fully understand that he does not want to get into legal action with a big company and he does not owe me anything, it s just that the felmyst staff acted pretty tough on their forums, like they were not afraid of Blizzard at all. Another detail that I find remarkable is the way the letter was delivered to him. If the person(s) who conducted that was merely a professional defending Blizzard's legal and financial interests, they could have sent such a letter 1. by mail 2. during the beta I am no legal expert, but if running the felmyst server violated copyright laws, it already did so during the beta. That is why it appears to me that someone at Blizzard is taking this stuff personally instead of handling it in a professional way.
  26. I won't suck your dick like these other ho's are doing. Maybe I'll run across you, I travel all over.
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