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  2. So you're the guy I always buy the highly overprised Oily Blackmouths from?!
  3. Opinion piece here: We warmly welcome any suggestions and opinions on how to combat rogue elements in the game. A lot of these suggestions have merit and are worthwhile considering. By and large though, don't expect us to indicate what we will do in specific terms because this allows the opposition to make plans to counter them. We're also not going to take a blasé attitude like other servers and tell you everything will be fine and it'll be a gold spamming and bot free experience, because it won't be. Gold selling/spamming/botting successfully on CF realms will be challenging, but it will be very much ''challenge accepted'' knowing them. As always, regardless of the measures put it in place the two key components are, the vigilance and assistance of the community to highlight spammers/botters, and the willingness of the staff to act upon this, having checked the facts first. We are after all, all in this together. So keep those suggestions, thoughts and opinions coming.
  4. i have a feeling we will see Outstanding alot less here on the forums in the near future
  5. i love fishin
  6. thanks
  7. Shadowbanning has two meanings, depending on context. The first meaning is for goldsellers, and is that instead of banning the account outright (so the gold sellers just make a new account) they are instead 'banned' from world chat etc. You don't get a message when you are shadow banned, your message output still looks fine, but no one sees it. This means the goldsellers spend longer on a bot account being ineffective. This is similar to being shadowbanned from a sub on reddit. The second meaning, as per the OP, is for people running bot programs. Instead of banning the account and having the botter create a new account from scratch and have to be detected all over again, he wants the characters caught botting to be deleveled to level 1, all items, bags and gold removed. This means the botter loses all progress and all gains, but still has the account and is easy to find again if they decide to bot again.
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  9. Theoretically yes. I'm used to more casual guilds where it's easier to just give everyone a cloak.
  10. The respec costs have a huge impact on the server economy for price stabillity. They are important to get gold outside of the system.
  11. Finishing work at that time I normally still working, driving home already in focus and trying to be fast&furious, grab the dog and go for a short round,jump before the laptop to log-in .... than wait for the other raid members and port the suckers...
  12. Oh, I remember doing A Refugee's Quandary quest in Dun Morog with like 20 people per item spot. We all stood in a circle and waited to show one another who's the fastest gun in the West mouse-cliker in Dun Morogh. If your ping is less than ideal - you're out of luck pal, prepare to stand there and stare at the ground for an hour at least. These little moments can be fun too... but they aren't, really.
  13. The Respec costs may be a pain in the ass... but so are many things in Vanilla. I would against anything that is purposely non Blizzlike like reduced Respecc costs.
  14. you gotta dig even deeper then this..... when they intended on 3-3.5k people on a server, they always assumed those people would stagger in a few at a time 15 or so an hour spread out over 6 starting zones..... not "SERVER IS LIVE 1000 spawn into mulgor"
  15. genius sir.... rather then troll him outright give him a loopback address.
  16. dont ask me why but id actually prefer having to wait for respawns, even for sarkoth also you can just wait a week after release and itll be alot easier if you really care that much
  17. Sorry to necro but this was one of the big posts that came up searching for dynamic respawn. Without a very very strong dynamic respawn for quest mobs especially the 0/1 named ones, you will have hundreds of people standing on top of each other tab spamming an instant cast. The best way to level will be to do no actual quests and just grind. That isn't blizzlike. That isn't fun. There is no point talking about classic server max population because that population was spread out and top heavy at 60. The first 3 days of cf will have that entire population doing the same 15 quests, it isn't even comparable. For orc horde sarkoth, the burning blade dude, the human captain dude, the island troll dude, bristleboar guys.. you are just tab spamming hoping to get a tag instead of actually enjoying the leveling process. The centaur quest and troll skulls quest in the first 7 levels are difficult normally, but with 3000 people they will be the best quests because you can walk up, take the item, and leave, because every single mob within 2 zones will be instantly slaughtered. It would be nice if questing was the fastest way to 60, but without crazy dynamic respawn for the first 30 levels.. it isn't. It shouldn't come down to " no big deal I'll just take 3 days off work grind 20 hours sleep 5 grind 20 then I will be ahead of the curve!" Don't even get me started on mining and herbalism.
  18. Coward.
  19. I'm not sure what you mean.
  20. Could It be possible to shadow ban bots? Like, instead of banning them, erasing their bags & gold, making them lvl 1... This way botters would not interfere with the rest of the server and wouldnt be aware till they pay attention.
  21. Yesterday
  22. If memory serves OSC-equipped tanks are sufficient in this fight as well if the raid can execute the hide-behind-throne maneuver properly.
  23. undead=tryhard faggot mode, ud rogues deserve to die irl
  24. the game is fine as it is so fuck no
  25. IMO they really shouldn't be doing much tinkering and keep it as close to blizzlike as possible. True, a few quality of life changes may seem good, but where does it stop? I doubt anyone wants to reallize at some point that the authentic Vanilla experience is - puff! - gone, since someone had a grand idea to "make things better" and the game was altered too much.
  26. Tauren and Blood Elves for being the only races to be Druid and Paladin, respectively. So this is a no brainer. Trolls, Orcs and Undead are pretty much on par, mostly depending on the class. I chose males on the first two and about 50/50 male/female on the Rest iirc.
  27. Choosing from starting zones, I just love Westfall and Duskwood - can't ever resist leveling there on any of my toons. The music, the quests and overall atmosphere is just pefect for me. High level zones? Eastern and Western Plaguelands hands down. Not only they're great if you're into spooky-scary, but these are probably the most lore-heavy zones in the entire game. Quests can be a bit meh here and there, but the general lingering grim feeling of desperation and sadness makes up for it. Bloody hate Blasted Lands though, this place is just one huge pain. Speaking of Duskwood... don't you just love it when this guy sneaks behind your back and chops you in half?
  28. I think a special name tag would be fitting so the beta testers can receive acknowledgement. Anything beyond that is dicey IMO.
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