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  2. As much as i like Crestfall name...it's just a name, as easy to switch it to another one, and it all is fine, it's the work they are doing that's giving us, "ancient" wow players, the hope of a good old realm, like old times
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  4. I could have sworn Asura said he is Canadian, not American?
  5. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758845771 So apparently the new expansion got leaked from a Chinese localization, and Crestfall is mentioned as the new zone... So does this mean Crestfall must change its name?
  6. Welcome Lex
  7. That's it? I mean, I'm assuming Asura is a US citizen. If that's true, then the worst case scenario isn't really a might. He's going to get the letter. It's only a matter of time. If prior history is any indication, it'll happen shortly after release. I hope he has a plan to cope with this that doesn't involve destroying his own project. For example, a trusted team-mate out of easy judicial reach who is empowered to step in, take charge, and make it look like a coup. Plausible deniability is probably what he needs if he has to step back without blowing up the project. He can't be able to sink the project or Activision-Blizzard is going to bully him into doing so.
  8. It's a private server, there are no guarantees. Zero, zip, nada. You play here on the risk that; Asura might get a C&D and shut down the whole project. Crestfall might be the greatest project of all time and last the next 10 years, with multiple servers and destroy the rest of the pserver scene. Asura might get hit by a bus and the project falls apart without ever releasing. Asura gets bored of the hassle and shuts it all down with no notice and we never hear another thing about CF ever again. etc. Variations of these have happened and are happening today throughout the p-server scene. Northcraft being a current prime example, with a solid years worth of hype building on a project currently crumbling before our eyes in its release month. The 10+ year history of p-servers, is servers shutting down and players being disappointed. CF will shut down at some point, if you're still an active player you will be disappointed by that shut down. Nature of the beast. Crogge did keep Croggeserver running for night on 10 years even with it having next to no players however, so there is a possibility that things might be left in limbo rather than going full RIP whenever the team decides they have had enough. Most people don't have the passion in them to run fan projects for more than 12-18 months when live, it's a lot of stress and work for a bunch of entitled people who will whine that issue #8918 is 6% wrong and that makes the server unplayable until one of the devs quits their day job and focuses on the server 24/7 unpaid. Since this is PTE and Asura has indicated he wants to see at least Cataclysm, we're already talking about a 4-5 year commitment at minimum. Who the hell knows what they'll be doing in 5 years?
  9. Welcome to the forums!
  10. This is a bit of an old thread, but I want to let you know that if I'm starting a guild on CF, the idea will be freedom of spec (what a pun). If your spec makes sense in some way, it's enough. It can be Tankadins, Melee Hunters, Enhancement tanks, Arms PvE and so on.
  11. Lyder spændende. Jeg har dog aldrig raidet vanilla, så det bliver nok svært.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Hello. I have been following this project for some time and decided to announce myself. I am Lexasius from Denmark and I really like the idea behind this project. I never played in vanilla, but I've been playing vanilla on different servers on/off for a couple of years, starting with Feenix. As a player starting late WotLK and early Cata, I still think this version of the game is the best, of all expansions I have tried. Looking forward to it!
  14. Tjo, hvorfor ikke? Jeg har en del venner jeg er ved at overtale til at spille igen. Jeg kunne godt tænke mig en sjov guild, hvor man eksperimenterer. F.eks. Survival Melee Hunter, Tankadins, Arms PvE, osv. Ingen regler, men selvfølgelig indenfor rammerne.
  15. I support this.
  16. If they implemented this aswell release date might be 2031 instead of 2030! On a serious note, if you introduce stuff that is non-blizzlike like Flight Paths, why don't you just changes loads of stuff like WSG tree stumps, lower respec costs ... Yeah you probably get the point. It's a domino effect. It would definitely make things easier but then I don't play Vanilla WoW cause I want it easy. I want to know that everyone I am raiding with has put the time and dedication into leveling their character like I have. Maybe we should have the flight paths of pre 1.5.0 haha! Flight Paths Edit New Horde Flight Paths Valormok in Azshara - Bloodvenom Post in Felwood* Kargath in Badlands - Thorium Point in Searing Gorge* Flame Crest in Burning Steppes - Thorium Point in Searing Gorge* Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad - Revantusk Village in Hinterlands* Revantusk Village in Hinterlands New Alliance Flight Paths Ironforge - Thorium Point in Searing Gorge* Morgan's Vigil in the Burning Steppes - Thorium Point in Searing Gorge That would drive everyone insane trying to get to Molten Core or Blackwing Lair with World Buffs! ^^
  17. LOL don't worry, I'm definitely not getting my hopes up for anything or developing any preconceptions...just curious to know if this has been discussed publicly. Arenas came out in TBC and the dungeon finder + linked realm battlegroups weren't released until patch 3.3.0, so the only cross-linked element in vanilla would be battlegrounds. A lot of PvE players don't seem enthusiastic about playing AV or AB or WG, so connected BGs would be a very welcome feature during Crestfall's vanilla phase. But if it doesn't happen then it's not a big deal. It'd just be a nice enhancement.
  18. This is pretty much just me dreaming out loud, but most of the Pserver community has been playing vanilla for years, and I get the feeling that a lot of them would be enthusiastic about some added convenience to help speed them through the lower levels. In Cataclysm, a lot of new flight points were added which I thought were badly needed ever since I played retail vanilla. This is not a complete list but these were the most helpful for levelers: Tirisfal Glades Brill The Bulwark Mulgore Bloodhoof Village Durotar Razor Hill Senjin Village Elwynn Forest Goldshire Darkshire Raven Hill Stranglethorn Vale Rebel Camp Dun Morogh Kharanos Desolace Ghost Walker Post Devs - Do you think you'd consider implementing these flight points to help ease that low-level pain of spending so much time running? Everyone else - Good idea for convenience? Or bad idea because it breaks away from the feel of legacy WoW?
  19. Welcome to the forums anyhow! Hmmm, there isn't any definite answer to this due to the ideal that it will become PTE, but within Vanilla there was no such thing and therefore 99% chance that it will not be implemented. Personally, I wouldn't mind BGs or arenas being cross-linked like Horde of the PvP vs Alliance of the PvE realm (the faction doesn't mix), but I hate the idea of Dungeon Finder or whatever it is called. You can ninja + be a dick + anything else bad just because no one in that group is from your realm. Vanilla thrived in my opinion in that people had certain Reputations. One guy might be a very good PuG leader that will clear Molten Core and Blackwing Lair with few issues, one guy is a ninja, the other is a PvP god. The more you introduce cross-realm activities, the more this kind of environment dies. TBC I believe introduced cross-realm BGs? So I wouldn't see why it couldn't be implemented for those servers. But i'll leave that expansion for those who know more than me to answer. I personally am only interested in Vanilla until the PTE makes the server i'm on go from Vanilla to TBC (after Naxx ofc). Then you have to consider Wrath aswell! It's still months of release mind - with possible changes expected from each of Darkrasp's updates. So you never know. But don't get your hopes up.
  20. i would prefer that when they get to wrath they disable LFD same for TBC's LFG thingy, though the chat channel is fine
  21. Divide and conquer has never been easier.
  22. Hello everybody! After seeing today's announcement in /r/wowservers (which I only read and do not post to), I came back to the forums and started playing catch-up. So far, Crestfall looks like it could easily become the legacy WoW community that I've always dreamed of but "big B" refuses to provide. I've looked at the FAQ and I have one question that I didn't see addressed. But first, a giant THANK YOU for having the foresight to open PvP and PvE servers!! Are there any plans to cross-link the server's battlegrounds, arenas and dungeon/raid group finders? Even if the PvE server's population dropped to triple digit figures, this would ensure a sufficient pool of players to keep instanced PvP and PvE lively. Keep up the great work, devs!
  23. So, is that black lives matter people getting harassed by other pro-black people? Good job.
  24. We're behind 9 proxies. Yea, that's right. Not seven, not eight, nine!
  25. Yea, happens. When our lead dev on Mystiq was 51, he decided he wants to spend more time with family too. Well, in his case that meant playing wow with his daughter.
  26. ^
  27. so it turns out those 20 or so white supremacists that thousands of liberals were protesting against weren't nazis KKK members confederates or even white supremacists after all, and that their speaker was a south indian man too bad the mainstream media won't report on it unless Trump forces them to by posting this video on his twitter or something also the first ~5 seconds are just a still picture; after that its a video
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