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  1. Today
  2. Nice update as usual.
  3. so no scarab lord for those who stay vanilla forever?
  4. I knew I shouldn't have restarted my PC. Now it's poking at the database without me :-(.
  5. Interestingly, as the entropy in videogames increases (more companies, more technically possible feats, more features to choose from), the more homogenous the games end up being. Mostly it's because of money. "Hey, this other game is doing things and people buy it, let's do things too!" That's why most AAA games these days are open-world-sandbox-crafting-achievement-collectible-tower sewage spillage. That's why everyone and their grandma is making zombie survival in early access :v. Everyone copying features from successful games, if they have the feeling something's missing. In Blizzard's case, it was the lack of focused story, so they tried to add some depth, at first very lightly in wotlk, then a bit harder in cata onwards, and then went total hardcore mode in Legion. The problem is, wow started back in the day when MMOs still were all about that "wow, I can actually play with other living people I don't know" factor. Arguably, it might've been that one game that ended the era, because due to its success, everyone tried to copy it. And it took them years to start doing something even remotely different. And then wow changed gears in Cata, and all the copies that had a chance until that point fell laughably behind. Only then it was that other companies realized they better do their own thing. And hey, then we got things like SWTOR, which, as long as we are talking about the story, tried really hard to make a worthwhile game. Of course, you might voice your doubts, SWTOR got destroyed by the business model, and, being a mmo, the "roleplay" choices didn't really matter except for flavour, because at the end of the day, you gotta end up in the raid somehow. I suppose the lack of meaningful choices is a problem with RPGs in general these days. Some are slightly better, some are sligthly worse about it. Some are ineffective modern-bioware spectrum of choices from "play it as they wanted you to" to "be an asshole but ultimately do the right thing anyway" (perhaps amusingly, bioware is one of the companies that does it right many times, at least as right as you can go while constrained by three dialogue choices, with noticeable consequences - but others definitely took this choice style from Mass Effect and ran with them, losing all the manuals and related parts). But that's a whole different topic. I did go on about that long enough. It's a funny thing, this whole story-based MMO concept, isn't it. Maybe I'm cut from some old cloth, but massively, multiplayer, and online game to boot sounds like something that might center about the fact there is a massive number of online people in a multiplayer together (which is exactly what Chronicles of Elyria is, a return to this player-centered world that Ultima for example had, so I hope they won't fuck it up). But maybe I'm just senile like that and don't understand the hip youth. After all, in a time when even singleplayer games require constant internet connection, why not have a mmo that focuses on a singleplayer story centered around the player character and only minding the hosts of other players in separate instances (quite literally). So we end up with singleplayer that's always online and with online singleplayer. It's neither a potato nor a tomato. It's some questionable ungodly potatomato. As you can see, the homogenization strikes again. Entropy really doesn't like to be stuffed into clearly-cut holes that make sense.
  6. Why these vague rules? "It's allowed but we still may ban you" etc. Why not just state "no multibox outside of city" like it was on nost?
  7. When it comes to modify or not. We can all agree it already are modified. We already have 1.12.1 talents and some other stuff. I am not that conservative. I would like a 1.12.1 talents with buffed content to match it. I am all for LoS, arrows thru trees and stone give me a break. And makes pvp so much more fun tbh. You can use environment to your advantage. kiting to easy with no LoS. If let say we have limited possibilities. Like a new release of vanilla i am also for a few talent adjustment tbh. Like my fav class shaman. I wouldnt mind like adjusting Ghost Wolf to 2 sec cast so 2 points like in tbc would give insta. Just retarded its not in vanilla and it wouldn't be near OP or game breaking. But i wouldn't agree on like giving shaman dual-wield in vanilla. If i do a comparison
  8. Just a quick question because I read this.... I noticed that (and yes, I think it was a blizzlike bug) often if you shift click a quest to make it appear on the left side of the screen and then you kill a questmob, it shows the quest two times. Is that somehow fixable or is it too difficult?
  9. actually I am not sure what of these 2 is blizzlike, but I played on other servers that had either one of both. I must admit that it is damn anyoing if only 1 rejuv (the strongest one) is ticking and overwrites all others @Elicas you guys should look into this as it nerfs the raid healing overall quite significant over time (thinking of later encounters).
  10. again it would not be blizzlike. but as I am curious: what would you want to balance? just leave the game as it is.
  11. I agree with what you said. The thing is that I am curious how they want to control all this stuff from not happening. If it relies only on player reports people will just e.g. find some abandoned places to mobtag.
  12. First time poster, but I've been ghosting for some time now. Cheers Darkrasp! I appreciate all the effort here. News about the realm is great. Looking forward to next one as always. Best of luck to the team!
  13. aha! first! anyway, thanks for the update and the good job, getting closer to the release date!!
  14. Good evening, Long time no see. We've been up to quite a bit over the last couple weeks and I guess it's time for the rundown. Away we go. I guess I'll go back to when I would normally have done my last update. I more or less took about a week and a half off at the start of June to get a bunch of RL junk done. Was still talking to the team and picking away at things but not really putting in a lot of time. It was a bit of a rough time due to Asura being insanely busy with his RL job and unable to do code review or deal with other problems that came up, so a lot of thumb twiddling was being done. He did get around to reviewing and pushing most of my outstanding patches at that point. The work on Extra Strikes is done, but hasn't been pushed yet, I think he's looking at ways to tidy it up a bit more before it goes into the core. I helped out get Nogar going with his work and I continue to spend some time making sure he's got the resources he needs to get work done. That usually means providing him with details from the code about what certain obscure database fields are used for. The last two weeks have been a lot more productive. After Asura finished the rush period at his job, he took care of a lot of outstanding issues, pushed a bunch of class fixes, as I mentioned approved a bunch of my patches, and placed an order to get our scripting test realm paid for and hosted. Unfortunately, the company hosting the scripting realm gave us busted hardware, first bad hard drives, and then a fried mainboard. By the time they got it all replaced and actually working, it was time for Asura to take his vacation, so it didn't get set up. Now that he's back, it's one of the first priorities. While he was away, I wrote up about a half dozen new core patches to fix a number of different issues. For example, you can now no longer swap weapons while you're disarmed, and if your weapon or shield is broken, your parry/block chances drop to zero. There's still more work to do with durability checks, but that's a start. Healing over time spells got a pretty big overhaul, they now give threat properly, and spellpower coefficients are applied correctly. Previously there was an extra division happening so players were only getting a fraction of the power they should. We want to make the realm a bit more difficult, but that wasn't part of the plan. I have a lot more started, getting better at debugging problems and finding the cause of things, but I've been waiting to touch base with Asura before I take them any further. A few of my next patches are larger in scope and I want to make sure I'm doing things correctly before I make big changes. I also made a couple small patches to do with quests, one that corrects the display of the silver question mark for incomplete quests, and a database patch that fixed a couple quests incorrectly set to autocomplete, preventing players from picking them up at all. Also corrected about 25 mob spells, and a handful of loot tables. Fairly simple database fixes of no major importance. I gave Nogar a hand with writing up some much more significant database patches.. one that implements most of the weapon proc chances I researched a while ago but hadn't taken the time to actually patch in (we left out armor procs, which work a little differently, but weapons are pretty much done). He did a lot of independent research on another patch to fix a whole lot of incorrect spell coefficients. He's putting the finishing touches on another huge query that will repair reputation and experience rewards for all the quests, and he's been picking away at some reported bugs with loot, and I recall he was fixing up the reputation gain you get for killing Bloodsail Pirates. We've promoted Ghostly and made him a testing lead, and he's been whipping the testers into getting some more work done. We're making our first pass at content testing and racking up reports regarding broken quests, drop rates, or npcs so that our db guys can fix those, as well as help identifying trends in problems that indicate core issues. Asura is working on expanding our debug functionality so that testers have more visibility of what the core is doing and can pick out formula problems. Cragus and Roadblock are also putting together useful addons for testing, like one that will display a mob's abilities and aspects of their loot table, so that it's easier for testers to spot when things aren't working properly. Basically, we realized we aren't giving our testers the tools they really need to give us good information, so we're addressing that. Anyways, Ghostly is keeping the heat on testers to go through their assigned zones and find problems. If we determine that we're not making enough progress, we'll look at further expanding the test team as well. We don't have any intention of kicking anyone out, but we're open to adding more people if we need to. We just got back the checklists for the first few zones, so we'll see how quickly we can pound through resolving the issues there. The next priorities for us are as follows: 1) Code review and pushing in the most recent patches. 2) Getting the scripting realm set up and get Roadblock and Soulson going on it, now that we're actually paying for it. More scripters will be added based on their feedback. 3) Crashfixes necessitated by the most recent series of pushes. 4) Reapplying a handful of database patches that were reverted mistakenly. 5) Repairing a column in our spellcorrections database with a bad data type, causing a bunch of spells to work wrong. After those things are done, which are mostly simple, if a little time consuming, we basically go back to finding and fixing new bugs. I want to take another crack at having the game send you to the right graveyard all the time, and continue working on durability. So yeah, progress is being made, no major problems. The team is motivated and staying busy, and that's always good. Alright, I'm just rambling now. I'll wrap it up here. My next post will be on Monday, July 10th. As always, feel free to leave comments or ask questions below. Talk to you soon, and thanks again for your continued interest in Crestfall.
  15. Yesterday
  16. I think the purpose of having two accounts per IP is specifically meant for roommates or families to be able to play together. I know the developers said they even considered only 1 account per IP at one point. I'm 99% sure the reason why they considered this was to avoid having things, exactly as you describe, from happening at all. You are looking at it like "well, TECHNICALLY, I'm not breaking the rules......" even though you know what you are doing is against the spirit of why the rules are made. I hope the GM's take an approach of enforcing rules based off of the spirit of the rule and not the technical/legal definition. Its clear they are saying its ok to have bank alt's, AH alts, multiple family members/friends in the same hpuse playimg together etc. It's not ok to have control of multiple characters at the same time by the same person to make leveling, instancing, easier by having a pocket healer or guy running his own alts through an instance regardless of the actual letter of the law. At least, that is the theme of the rules and spirit of their meaning as I read them.
  17. its pretty much the whole screen, i dont care, i have put out my words. .l.
  18. Wait, you mean videos like this? They're so huge and amazing though, bigger is better!
  19. Thanks for work you have done.
  20. Hi, wanna make a suggestion here. I find the videos that are linked here to big when they are posted. Could you lower that to something like 500 x 300 pixels? Would be great...
  21. They've stated serval times before that two clients per IP adresse will be the limit, so No, this will not be possible. If you somehow got it to Work, then yes, it would be considered cheating. If you're more than two people, the third would'nt be able to log on. Sorry if it all came out a bit bitter, but as a old forum follower like me, all of these questions have been asked repeatly over the last year+, and I know a quick forum search would have given you the answers you were looking for.
  22. What is the stance on playing with people in the same house hold? Will having the same IP address flag us as multi-boxing?
  23. So you're basically saying this is allowed as long as I can provide video proofs of not using any 3rd party software?
  24. http://beta.crestfall-gaming.com/
  25. Where can i make an application for the beta testing pvp?
  26. I agree with you there, I've learnt to ignore it as months went by but it was still strange to be the 'head' of your class order and seeing 50 other 'heads' running around in same space with same 'legendary' weapon. And yes, it's hard to tell a single-player type of story in an mmo. It is always rather strange when you're following a questline, get a quest to kill one of the main enemy guys only to find his corpse at the location and a dialogue between npcs play out that got triggered by his death, then wait for him to respawn and kill him again because you didn't get quest credit. However, when they combine the mmo experience with a storyline it can turn into something pretty awesome. Broken shore scenario was a great intro for the expansion and it was designed to be done with 40 (might be wrong on the exact number, it was a large group though) players from each faction fighting alongside. The pacing was great, the cutscene at the end was epic, it was made in a way so you only do it once and it had actual changes on the game world after you were done with it. Another great example is 'Return to Karazhan' dungeon (rework of the original, some parts are very familiar but the second half of it was completely new) that had some amazing lore in it with some key points unraveling and big characters reappearing while designed to be done in a 5 man group. I think it is much easier to tell a story through a single player game, but I really appreciate Blizzard's efforts to put it in an mmo. At times it feels a bit off, but when they combine the multiplayer experience with storytelling some pretty great results tend to come out.
  27. This isn't about CoreCraft though..
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