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  2. On Nostalrius, I was doing some lvl 30 elite quest, going down into a druid barrow as a party. We had gotten 3/4 of the quest doodads, but then at the bottom of this fucking bear tunnel with no other players around, we get ganked by a level 60 rogue. Her name was BLACKSTABBATH this is a real thing that really happened and that was their name
  3. Q&A 1 - Sunday, April 30th. Hello all and welcome to the first of the new monthly Q&A threads. Questions for this were mostly picked from this thread, but I also grabbed a few from other assorted areas of the Crestfall forums. While originally this was proposed as a video Q&A, the team decided that making this a monthly written feature would be a better route forward. General Questions The website was first teased last September. Are you still working on it and planning on releasing the site any time soon? The site has been put on hold since we left the LGN. While we had a nearly complete prototype, with the amount of attacks we suffered during that time we have had a complete rethink of our security. The site we were working on was on a platform with too many potential vulnerabilities, and would have led to issues further down the line. We're aiming to have the site ready for when we move into Open Beta, but until then, it remains low priority compared to the beta itself. Did the LGN cause any burnout in the team, or are you still enjoying yourselves and as motivated as you were last year? The LGN itself didn't cause us much burnout, but the reaction to it, and the subsequent drama and unpleasantness were certainly a wake-up call for us. The Crestfall team are a group of friends, not a PR firm, and it became obvious very quickly that our initial freewheeling style was causing more problems than it was solving for us - hence the current state of affairs with us not having a publicly accessible discord channel with dev interaction. We are still having fun, and we remain motivated and committed to the project, but we've decided that in order to stay focused on the task at hand, we needed to keep the dev staff out of the spotlight (and the crosshairs), at least at this stage of the game. Has there been a decision on whether or not there will be a "Crestfall Database" site or a "Crestfall Talent Calculator"? If yes, is there an ETA yet for either? We have been considering this, and while we would like to do it, we simply do not have the staff members to commit to a secondary project, especially at this stage of development. We would be willing to provide the necessary information to volunteers wishing to create something like that, but our core team is too busy for any side projects at the moment. This is something that will be revisited at a later date. Will the number of spawns, the respawn times as well as spawn locations of Devilsaurs be modified in any way to make group camping more difficult? This is still under discussion, but the team has stated they will be doing some things to make the 'mafia' less of a potential problem. Darkrasp has said that the respawn timer will be randomized, and he is looking at the possibility of setting the mob to spawn at any point along its patrol path, rather than at set spawn points. However, we do not want to stray too far from "Blizzlike", as one change tends to invite further changes, and the rabbit hole is bottomless. The final plan, when decided upon, will be communicated fully before release by the GM team. Will there be dynamic spawn rates for mobs, quest items, resource nodes? We are aiming on having a pooling and randomization system for all resource nodes finished for release. As for dynamic spawns, they can work for some things, but aren't a great "across the board" solution. We are looking at tuning respawn rates specifically for launch, paying special attention to leveling bottlenecks. After the initial rush, we can see exactly how many people we need to scale the system to cater for. We do not want to ruin the economy at launch due to a badly scaled dynamic spawn system. Do you ever see Crestfall opening servers for other games in the future, nothing too crazy, just stuff like Community TF2 and minecraft servers, etc? We do run internal servers for dev staff for several games for when they are relaxing away from a busy day of coding. However, there are no plans to make these public, and no plans for officially opening public servers for any other games under the "Crestfall" brand. We'll be busy for years to come working on the PTE experience. Will the old discord, and the old ways come back one day? Being able to discuss with both testers, project owners, and potential players, was so good: probably the most fun I've had on discord. Potentially, but it will never be the way it was originally. We will most likely reactivate the public discord once we make the move to open beta, and we will look to expand the CM and GM teams to better manage that environment. However, direct interaction with devs and admins will remain limited. Without divulging exact details, do you have countermeasures in place to identify, root out, and permanently ban any and all "players" engaging in RMT or otherwise cheating behavior? There is a constant battle between cheaters and developers across the entire IT world. Sometimes we have the upper hand, sometimes they do. We have a pretty potent anti-cheat system currently being fine tuned, and significant capacity to log and analyze in-game transactions. However, it is unrealistic (and probably impossible) to guarantee that our servers will be completely hack or bot proof at all times. We'll do our best, and rely on the GM team and player reports to help police the servers as well. What are exactly the pros of having built your own core that the average player will notice? In what way will it feel different (if so)? Efficiency, speed, and the knowledge of our team to fix in-depth and complicated bugs since they personally wrote the underlying code. The code is extremely efficient - server-side latency is virtually nil and reboots currently take under 3 seconds at full load. The most obvious difference most people will see will be in our continent-based true clustering system. Should someone find an exploit that requires the Kalimdor server to be taken down for a fix, or a crash causes EK to go down while you are fighting Ragnaros, you'll be able to continue your raid without ever knowing that the outside world was offline. Currently, we have 3 servers set up, with Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and Battleground/Instances on separate machines, each fully independent. This is already working on the beta. At what point are more beta testers going to be inserted into the pool? We already have expanded the tester pool! We now have over 50 people with access to the closed beta, with all classes being tested and quest testing well under way. We'll continue accepting outstanding applications, and are still planning for more waves of testers to be added as we continue to push towards Open Beta. Class Questions Will Lupos do Shadow Damage (that isn't mitigated by armour) before the 1.12 patch? Lupos currently deals Shadow Damage, and the plan is for him to have the relevant stats for each patch as we release them. When will the advanced skill books (such as Eviscerate IX from patch 1.12) that drop outside of AQ be released? Will they be patch specific, with the 'gear patch', or in at launch? Books are planned to be added with the 'gear patch', around the time of the AQ release. Confirmation of the timeline and what each of our patches will contain will be provided closer to launch. When will the level 50 class quests be introduced to the game, since some came quite late (1.10)? These will be added in the 'gear patch' for all relevant classes. Will spells and spell effects be being rolled back on a per patch basis behind the scenes, or will we have 1.12 functionality/coefficients throughout? We will be using the 1.12 functionality and stats for spell and abilities from release. Have you managed to fix the Mangos issue where many spells miss their first "tick" when deployed? This especially affects things like Totems in PvP. We don't want the Q&A posts to be taken up by answering specific class bug questions from other projects or emulation cores. Details like this will be posted closer to release as we release information about the work done to classes, or, if it is a particularly interesting issue, in one of Darkrasps technical updates. PvP Questions How do you plan on launching the PvP system, since it was introduced in 1.3, AV and WSG were in 1.5, and AB in 1.7. What is your patch plan for PvP? The honor system is planned to release about a month after launch, with the battlegrounds coming approximately a month later. All three battlegrounds will be launched together. Which version of PvP gear will we get, and at which patch? You will get the original versions of all PvP gear until the 'gear patch', except the rank 14 weapons which will be released with their upgraded stats. We're timing the release of the honor system so that the very first people to get R14 will get their rank at the same time we release BWL, which is when the weapons were upgraded anyways. Pre 1.9 you could only queue for one battleground at a time. What queue system will you be using, and which patch will it be implemented in? This issue remains undecided at the moment, pending further PvP testing and feedback. Will you be introducing any custom changes to counteract queue abuse ("Queue Dodgers") or premade abuse? For example, deserter debuff when dropping a PvP queue. As above, this also remains undecided prior to focused PvP testing. However, we have read and acknowledge the issues surrounding premades and queue dodging, and are discussing various ways to help combat them. Fair warning though, we recognize that the Vanilla Honor System is intrinsically flawed, and no solution will be a perfect solution. It's very possible we'll do nothing and leave it Blizzlike rather than spend a lot of time on drastic changes that offer little real improvement. Are you planning on having a specific PvP beta or perhaps PvP weekend to test PvP mechanics and the queue/BG system? It will follow the same testing procedure as all our other content: initial testing by the developers to ensure basic functionality, then a thorough working-over by closed beta testers, and finally open beta testing. We anticipate inviting a wave of testers for PvP testing Soon^TM (see above answer to question 10 regarding additional tester waves). That's all for the initial Q&A. The next will be posted on Sunday, 28th May. Please submit any questions you have for the devs either as comments on this post, or as PM's to one of the Community Managers, either myself or @rooted. We will then choose a selection of questions to put to the dev team next month. As always, any and all questions asking for hard dates (either for the Open Beta or full release) will go unanswered. When we are ready to release, you'll be the first to hear about it on these forums. That's all for today, further updates will be coming in May.
  4. I can only imagine the hilarity of hosting an AMA on 4chan though fam That said, /wowpsg/ is one of the most important forums for this sort of thing, and we should let them know
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  6. .....And the flood gates reopen.
  7. I only got one thing to say.. EW REDDIT
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  9. That will (probably) get a lot more use once we go into release. For the time being, everyone subbed there likely already knows about these forums, and we would prefer to keep contact with the fanbase centralized here.
  10. Usually hunters wear whatever gives the best stats. As neither raptor strike nor mongoose bite is an instant attack relying on weapon damage they don't scale with slow weapons. As special attacks don't use the same combat table than white hits they are also not effected by the 19% dual wield penalty if wearing 2 1handers. So actually it comes down to the white hits. 2 1h weapons scale 150% with your AP but they receive a 19% dual wield penalty. This results in 2 1h weapons scaling slightly better with gear than a 2h weapon. Usually a 2h is pretty equal to 2 1h when looking at raw dps values on the weapons (keeping dual wield penalty in mind). This leads to use the highest item lvl item. If both your 2h weapon and your 2x1h weapon are equal pick the 2x1h weapon. This would change if you would fight a boss mob lvl as a slow weapon would have a bigger % amount of special attacks which is giving you more damage due to fewer glancing blows.
  11. I know that Hunters should use melee spells i worst case scenario and you should kite and get away for range. But for sake of argument if i whas in melee combat and i look at it in pure dps situation in pvp what are the best for a hunter dual-wield or 2-hander? I am not asking for the (best stats etc). If you find your self in a melee fight what are the best options for that 2-hander or dual wield for smacking those raptorstrikes and moongoes bites?
  12. Okay let's say we have a lvl 60 holy paladin. They usually wear addheal, spell crit and int. Maybe they have 100 spell power from an item where they didn't get an item with just addheal ( just to make the example a little bit more realistic). you judge crusader giving up to140 additional holy dmg. As holy shock is an instant spell it receives roughly 43% scaling. So a max rank holy shock would deal ~750 Damage on a crit. Consecration would tick for ~80 dmg. A lvl 60 mob has roughly 4K Hp resulting in you not even doing 25% of the mobs hp with your 30sec cd burst spell while spending more than 1k mana on this combo.
  13. I agree they are strong, which is what I stated. Its not my intention to pick a class for someone. It's my intention to try to give people insight on what they have to expect when choosing a specific class or spec. Trying to be objective.
  14. Well it goes like that You judge Crusader, apply righteusnes, cast concecration, Use Holy Shock (with divine favor if needed), judge Righteusness, reapply it and if the mob isn't dead by then or allmost dead, continue with concecration and Rightneusness. Ist Mana consuming thouth.
  15. So what is their Great burst dmg ? Druid can still go cat and be fine. Priests can Holy Fire, Dot and Wand to death. Giving them zero downtime. Shamans are likely the second worst solo class but they have windfury which outperforms seals , have searing totem and 6sec cd shocks. I don't see a paladin ever outperforming this. And as I said before survivability is not an issue for any of these specs. It's damage that makes the difference.
  16. Mage is the best class for large scale fights. I dont get the point of #3.. seems like you are trying to choose class for people instead of letting them choose.
  17. True. Picking whatever you like is the essence of enjoying the game for a long time.
  18. A mages strength is his amount of control. In Organized Pvp this is heavily countered by disspells and coordination. Also them being really squishy outside of ice block makes them an easily focused target. For world PvP Mages are definitely strong but I think a hunter simply surpasses them in terms of burst and kit. ( not talking Pom piro mages when speaking about burst )
  19. I'll leave the moonkin Topic to Elicas. *lays out Cookies* But for the Paladin I still have to disagree. Paladins have great Burst damage, as stated above and you shouldn't underistimate the armor. Paladins are known for allmost never dying for a reason, for Solo Leveling there are far stronger then any other Healer, apart from a Druid who doesn't even Need to use his Mana.
  20. Hunters stronger in wpvp and organized pvp than mages? I'm just asking, but are you sure that's right?
  21. I don't intend to be rude. But for me a guide should only need these words.
  22. qoute from somebody at bodybuilding.com who started to watch the show after i wrote my review on their forums " I watched two episodes of Hana Yori Dango after seeing this. I was shocked that its actually quite good. Semi-believable, well written, funny, good dialogue, engaging. I've only watched The Heirs from korea and thought it was dogshit. Every Chinese drama i see on TV is either thinly veiled horrendously low production quality anti-Japan propaganda or totally retarded premised dogshit or both. Apparently a lot of J-dramas are actually quite high quality like this. Thanks for the recommendation, my man. This was also 2005; feels incredibly modern like 2014 at least. "
  23. Hmm... I was starting to wonder why the amount of people subscribed to that subreddit just doubled overnight.
  24. It's not a discussion place, the forums here are more suitable. It was used just as a outreach for official announcements to the reddit platform (like you could have a facebook group or a twitter account etc) The main platform of communication is the forums here for Crestfall. Edit: This might change closer to release or when there's an open beta accessible to the general public.
  25. https://www.reddit.com/r/CrestfallServer/ what about this ?
  26. You mean Duki is gonna come for me ? 😂
  27. This is way better than my "almost troll" guide to all classes trought expansions. +1 You should feel an evil presence watching you...
  28. Kronos is the root of all evil. With that, good luck
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