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  2. You can use this webarchive link to view the different racial requirements for the horde and alliance mounts in vanilla. There were some restrictions that most people are not aware of like that Mechanostriders could only be ridden by Gnomes and Dwarves and as was already mentioned, Taurens could only use kodos and dire wolves.
  3. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Tauren_(playable) Mounts Edit Because of their size, tauren used to have the most restricted selection of mounts of any race. Among the racial mount vendors, the tauren could only use the their own kodo and the orc's dire wolf. From the racial PvP mounts, they could also select the troll's raptor. Mounts beyond these must be hardier, because the ones available to the Horde can all bear a tauren. Oddly, the tauren had no restrictions on flying mounts. These restrictions were lifted in patch 3.0.8. Fun fact: way back in the beta, Tauren did not have mounts, but instead had a racial skill called 'Plainsrunning', which was basically an awful alpha version of the Worgen 'Running Wild', which Cataclysm gave birth to. It was removed in patch 1.1 due to issues, which included: Blizzard's solution to these problems? These beauties:
  4. I remember grinding reputation for Orgrimmar to get the wolf for my Druid, so yes, they were able to ride wolves. But I'm not sure if this was a feature from the start or later added in a patch.
  5. Hi Guys, I was talking about classic wow with a friend of mine the other day and we had some good nostalgia time doing so. During our chat the question came up which mounts are availlable for tauren in vanilla wow and i realised that i couldn't give a definitive answer. Not sure if they can ride only kodos or both kodos & wolves. I guess you guys can help me with this question greetings and thanks in advance!
  6. I read too many chat logs that suggested Shenna was taking x amount of money per month and paying for herself and her family to live. Also bragging about 'not having to work anymore' or some such nonsense.
  7. Last week
  8. Since the merger with Elysium has been undone and the CF team will be looking for a way to fund new hosting for their beta realm and data repositories (perhaps not now, but certainly when the time comes to scale up their operations for public use), Algothore's offer might have regained some relevancy. Just to be clear: I'm not referring to his suggestion to rush open beta, since that's not to the benefit of the team's plans and enjoyment, the quality of their core and our in-game experience as prospective players. Of course we can't be sure at this point if Algothore is being truthful, but his motivation seems genuine. From my limited perspective, I don't see what CF has to lose in looking into the possibility, as long as it's clear to him that his donations don't grant him any say in how the project is run. We need to take into account what Darkrasp said regarding financing: However, Darkrasp also said: Considering this, @Asura, @Darkrasp and Niko might view @Algothore's potentially significant financial support a tangible benefit as well. If they intend to stick to their principle of not accepting any money until they are required to (perhaps for legal reasons or in case the project goes awry or dormant), they could still choose to accept the offer under reservation and put Algothore's donations "on hold" until that time, e.g. by transferring them to a savings account (while handling it in a very transparent way at all occasions). That way they are still free to decide down the road not to use the money and reimburse Algothore, but they won't risk losing the opportunity altogether. Win-win? For the record, I am only making this suggestion out of consideration for the project to not leave any potentially beneficial opportunities untapped. In case this donation proposal or similar ones (of this potential scale) have already been discussed and attended to, and the type of suggestion I make here has already been considered, please let me know so I won't pursue this matter further unnecessarily. Some additional thoughts: understandably, the concept of a completely independent CF with Asura (or Darkrasp) as its owner is off the table due to legal vulnerability. Therefore, as Darkrasp said, the possibility is open for another merger/partnership, name change, etc. However, if all costs could be covered by donations such as these (especially with a large portion paid in advance), it might be worth exploring that further in an attempt to stay independent (although CF would rely on those donations). This would allow CF to continue to operate under its own name without the need for a merger. With a different individual as the owner, provided he's located in a country that's relatively "safe" from B, that could be a reality. I wonder if Niko ticks these boxes? I do realize independence comes with the price of some contingencies; CF would need to anticipate possible loss of funding and increased workload related to managing the project, the latter of which I suppose comes down to whether they want to take on additional staff members.
  9. Oh, so there are no AoE remasters. I had a nice answer typed up but then I pressed one of the stupid side buttons on my mouse and it sent me a page back and this didn't get saved. Basically, win10's favourite activity is to ram your every orifice full of ads for inane idiocy like minecraft and candy crush shit (preinstalled). As for 8.1, if you install the classic shell start mod, it's user experience-wise the same as 7. 10 takes all the useful options from control panel and hides them in the options menu, while also making it as inconvenient as possible to use the start menu. Everything is alphabetically ordered, but unless you customize, the box is tiny and the individual items huge. AND THEY INSIST ON DISPLAYING EVERY NEW ALPHABET LETTER IN THE SORTING. As a bonus, they removed control panel from the rightclick context menu on start button, so you have to search for it and pin it to start if you ever want to access it easily. Honestly, every time I use it at home, I question if it was worth it for the dx12, since there's only like 10 games that actually support that right now.
  10. Little envious here. I'd heard that the remaster would be Win10 exclusive. I'm still debating internally if it's worth upgrading my trusty Win8.1 platform (never thought I'd say that, used to be a Win7 fanboy). Let us know how it goes, eh?
  11. Yes big fan, and I also really really liked Age of Empires Online but they sadly shut it down -.-
  12. Hide and Shriek free on Steam.
  13. AFAIK all AoE remasters + AoE4 gonna be Windows Store exclusives which sucks.
  14. I heard the AoE1 remaster was going to be a Windows 10 Store exclusive, anyone heard if it's coming out on Steam or is that W10 still a thing?
  15. Well, that's an unfortunate turn of events. I had my personal doubts of Shenna, but I had never expected of Crogge acting so thoughtlessly.
  16. Can you pldase not use the word beta? I almost got an heartattack!
  17. Welcome to the future.
  18. What kind of bullshit is that, early access for a remaster of a game from 1997?
  19. I think a few of the posts have generally done a good job of summing things up, but I suppose I'll take a minute to address a few things. First off, neither the partnership nor the merger was my idea. That came down from the admins, along with a lot of other decisions about how things were going to be done. I was tasked with writing up the announcements and presenting it to you all because I'm better at writing announcements than the other guys. I don't know how the initial communications between our respective teams came about. For all I know it had more to do with Crogge and Shenna wanting to hook up than anything else, but to be honest, that's not even relevant. The reason I went along with the decisions without complaint; the reason I defended them, and still defend them; is because I understand the benefits of having someone to hide behind when the lawyers come a-knocking. Maybe Gummy didn't learn his lesson, but we did. Known American, Canadian or even Western European ownership is just asking for legal trouble. Launching only to get shut down by Blizzard shortly afterwards wouldn't help the community any more than it would be good for us. Elysium offered us a name to hide behind that Blizzard couldn't touch, and did so with the promise (which they kept), that we would not have to surrender our code or database assets to them, and could continue to operate autonomously. They even covered the cost of hosting our beta realm and code repositories while we were partnered with them. Those are tangible benefits that, simply put, were worth pissing off some forum members for. As far as declining to engage with the community on the forums, temporarily closing the public discord, etc. Yes, another blow to the community which had developed here. However I would ask that you consider the circumstances at the time those decisions were made. Old posts were being rifled through by reddit trolls, Twinstar cronies, and streamer goons, then being taken out of context or spliced into images designed always to put us in the worst possible light. Just about every comment we made got thrown back in our face in a constant PR war that we didn't start and wanted no part of. We came to the conclusion that the best way to win that game was not to play; that lowering ourselves to the level of retaliation would simply be a waste of our time and effort. We decided that feeding the trolls was a bad move, and so we followed through with not giving them anything to feed on. In short, the community became toxic beyond our willingness to participate in it. I admit that this is partially our fault. Our introductory announcement was premature, and our initial involvement with the community set a standard which we really had neither the experience nor the disposition to maintain indefinitely, especially when that involvement was turned back against us. Our optimism about release timing didn't take into account just how much change there would be to the time our developers could spend day-to-day on the project. We didn't know at the beginning of this year that Asura would be asked to spend over a month out of the country on business trips, for example, or that Rodeg would go on hiatus to focus on his studies. The main reason why we will never commit to a release date until we're certain of it is the foresight that something like this might happen, even if we don't expect that it will. It doesn't affect our commitment to the project, only the amount of time we are able to spend working on it. We're attempting to offset this now by slowly and steadily increasing the number of scripters and database developers to offload a lot of the simpler and less sensitive work from Asura, Niko and myself. If anything the rate of progress is increasing week by week as their aptitude and familiarity with the systems improves. Finally, with regards to finding new hosting, we are investigating a number of options right now. It would be premature to discuss specifics at the moment, but it would be fair to say that whichever course of action we take would both protect our legal interests, and allow us to continue to operate autonomously. We are also not making these investigations any kind of a priority. For now we are content to develop using local realms only, and will make the majority of our inquiries when we get closer to Open Beta and release, as we have no intention of making any moves of that kind anyways until we need to scale up the realms for public use. For those who continue to support us despite all the trials and tribulations of the last year, I am sincerely grateful. I do feel badly that we've let you down so much and so frequently. I do have some capacity for empathy and I never like being the bearer of bad news. I can only hope that this post has clarified some of the rationale behind our decisions, and that you understand that the decisions we made, we made because we believed they were in the best interest of our team and our prospective players. As far as making amends, we're just going to have to keep working and let our project speak for itself at launch. You can decide for yourselves whether or not it was worth the wait. (p.s. There has apparently been some chatter about members of the Crestfall staff "not leaving Elysium" to join LH, and being suspect because they "stayed behind". Several of our staff members, myself included, were brought into Elysium staff channels during the merger. I can assure you that to the best of my knowledge, every CF staff member has since left or been removed from Elysium staff communications and remain exclusively part of the now-independent Crestfall project.) That's as much as I intend to say on the matter. I'm going to close the thread. I sense some escalating tension between forum members and I prefer to avoid further conflict.
  20. While it is sad that many of the old guard have left / become jaded, the forums have died down, and there's no release date in sight this is all kind of lol to me. Yeah, some expectations got out of hand (wasn't there some magical, secret date in 2017 at which point Asura would launch no matter what?), especially with regard to beta release hypothesizing. But honestly, I don't think staff here overhyped. I almost think that more community engagement would have made no difference. There's a set amount of time for which a fanbase of strangers will patiently engage on fora until people just get bored because there's no server. Yeah, in retrospect we were right about LGN, Elysium, etc, and we lost good community members because of that. But at the end of the day, the only real mistake I think is that this forum was launched too early. It's just been too much time for people to sit around and find things to get upset about, or grow tired. I think it is okay that the community has fragmented, with some leaving, others in hibernation, others only around as critics (some helpful, some just annoying), but that's life. We've lost some really good people. Hopefully things change in a way that allows them to rejoin and reengage. But new people will join. IF the team builds their vision of a PTE experience, people will come. Some of them will be great. Some of them will suck. C'est la vie. @Outstanding it's a little funny to read your last two posts about community engagement because with the rate of development here...well, I don't know that that level of community engagement could have sustained itself even without LGN / LGN2.0 / personnel issues. The community could have been treated better, and it should've been, yes. Like you, I'm always shocked me when community reactions are unanticipated, announcements aren't coordinated, and any project proceeds without (what seems to me) basic levels of management. But at the end of the day, I think CF's admin have made clear this has always been a hobby project, proceeding unevenly in fits and starts, despite having professional-level goals and standards. I don't begrudge them that, though I wish development were more steady and project management handled more competently (at least the public-facing component). I stopped engaging on the forums mainly because I got tired. I'm still tired. I didn't contribute much, but it was fun becoming familiar with the people here as we anticipated an open beta or launch. After awhile, though, it was just too much time spent on a forum for a project with no launch in sight, so I felt my time was better spent elsewhere. I think there are a lot of people like me, who may be somewhat disappointed in the delays and some decisions but who are not distraught, who haven't given up, who are reasonably decent people ready to build a good community here when the time comes. It's just not yet time. I just want to buy everyone a round and toast to hopefully meeting you all in-game, even if it's not till 2020.
  21. "Do you remember all the threads?" "Do you remember all the active members?" "Do you remember when the community grew and got focused?"
  22. TL;DR One of the Elysium staff ran a gold selling business, the other stole about 2k from a paypal account meant for the servers for personal reasons.
  23. I logged out after i read that Crestfall will merge with Elysium. Could someone fill me in on the details on what this post means? What the hell happened?
  24. I don’t know why the vast majority of people left this forum over the last months... but I do know why I went MIA. After a disastrous merger to a LGN, they tried the same move again. I debated internally if I wanted to be a part of that, and I chose to walk. I stopped playing privates all together. This specific project had my interest, and this one only. I actually like and respect the attitude Azura seems to put out. It’s done when I think it’s good enough, and not any sooner. Since Ely messed up, again, it looks like some of this community is possibly returning. Even if it’s mostly for “I told you so!” and “You’ll fail as long as you don’t lisen to me!”, this forum is very much readable at least once a day. Lol, of course the forum will now be shut down... live and learn.
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