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  3. Keep it up! Can't stand blizzards release of false vanilla experience. Can't wait for the release, please let it be soon.
  4. Its amazing how some things just get lost around here 😉. Happy 2018!
  5. Thanks for the update!
  6. Ok bye haha hf coding then
  7. Let's look at the bright side. It's 2018, we're one year closer to the 2031 release date
  8. elysium merge when?
  9. Thanks :)
  10. Hey all, First off, I want to apologize for missing a couple updates. Honestly, I just haven't felt like writing out long posts. I think going forward I'm going to drop the biweekly blog and just post when we have something useful or important to share. So they'll be more sporadic but we'll pack more content into them when they come. Anyways, both Asura and myself have been on a bit of a break over the holidays but we're back to work now. I just spent a couple hours merging all my recent work into the new repository, and I'm settling back in on a few of the larger problems I started a while ago but didn't finish. Asura has been working on some new networking code and revamping the instance server code. I think he also mentioned adding another batch of lua commands to the scripting system as well. Hopefully that means we'll be getting to work on scripting for instances soon-ish. In any case, we're still kicking. When we have some news we find noteworthy, we'll share.
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  12. Probably he has to deal with some personal stuff, give it a time guys. :-)
  13. tHe tROll iS bIG iN tHiS oNe
  14. I would personally never recommend anyone to choose Mac because it’s simply not meant for gaming. Moreover, if you’re into online gaming, then I would suggest you build a gaming PC by yourself and then opt for a Game Lag reduction tool and then unleash the gamer in you.
  15. Same as I friend.
  16. I like all types of game but mostly I like to play its Horror and Shooting game.
  17. My favorite color is White.
  18. My best Childhood game and toys
  19. To bad this project take so long time... But still wondering when we will seen open beta and on later stage release I don't expect perfect server and i know that always will have something to be fixed .. this can take forever if there is lack of developers If @Darkrasp can make some update on what stage is it or how many work still need to be done
  20. FTFY.
  21. Hello darkness my old friend
  22. happy new year
  23. Happy new year!
  24. Thanks man for your work with addons, when servers comes on stage we need addons -)
  25. Hey Shagu Is there a way to hide buff from the player ui, becourse im only looking after my slice and dice timer, on that one, i like to have the other buff stay only up by the mini map like normal. and thanks for this great ui
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