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  2. Yea some of the worst bashers have pretty obvius personal grudge. it's sad to see.
  3. This may look worse on the surface for some. Read between the lines
  4. Asura says lots of stuff, but he physically does very little and never lives up to his promises. You can interpret ''more or less at his level '' in many different ways.
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  6. As long as Crogge, Asura, you, and the rest of the illustrious team that pioneered this project remain an integeral part of it, I will continue to have faith and be excited for its future.
  7. Seems fishy. Anyway the OP of that thread is really bad at Chinese. The source post wad actually a recipe for (mediocre) War-Wonton Soup.
  8. Welcome to a server that is actually existent.
  9. You made a community which is sick and obviously do not wanna play on servers like Elysium and you basicly force us to...I had so much faith in you guys but this is such a huge dissapointment. RIP Vanilla.
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  11. Why wasn't this "niko" and other guys like niko brought in earlier? Why not reach out to the community? And if he's so good, why merge with Elysium? If hes as good but can actually contribute then CF should launch in the next 4 months easily? Right? So again, why merge? Also where did this narrative of Asura being some Mr. Robot level type coder come from? He wrote most of CF core from scratch yes but basically working with average coders at best like Dark who himself said he's quite new and average and maybe a couple others who seems to be barely active and then some beta testers, to them im sure he's amazing. Who else are we comparing too? Seems the only real issue here is time and management, not difficulty.
  12. After reading this thread. I think I'll just wait and see what happens. Couldn't recruit Nico into CF instead?
  13. Asura said on discord that this Niko guy (a friend of him) is actually "more or less" at his level, and that he'll be able to get him up to speed quite quickly: you guys should wait and see what he can do.
  14. This right here. So much bull shit about RL issues affecting the development. Maybe try interacting with the community more over the past 2 years, asking them for help, looking and reaching out for more developers, not just relying on the information of a very small amount of closed beta testers then barely opening up the doors for more testers even after repeated requests from the community when all they wanted was to contribute and help. The arrogance of the devs here. Like holy shit, it's a fucking hobby project of an ancient game that, let's be real, most people, even Blizz barely pay attention or care about anymore. Way to go CF.
  15. So, will there still be a new realm, the one that was supposed to be Crestfall, that will launch when the core is ready? If so, it would seem pointless since Elysium would just be getting the core anyways. Or does Elysium not get the core at all? Sorry, I'm confused.
  16. So a simple message to coin a well-worn WoW analogy. I would happily throw myself under a bus for Darkrasp. I would happily use the same bus to run over* Asura, Crogge and all their fellow travelers who greased their egos and pandered to their whims knowing full well this ''hobby project'' was going nowhere. This was the last great hope of the Pserver community. To understand why, you'd have to have been on this long journey of the soul with us. The great regret is that the answers to unlock the project and make it work were here all along. Collectively all of us would have taken our turn on the wheel to get it over the line. But we were never asked, never challenged, never appreciated, never loved. We are just left with the empty sadness of what might have been. *figuratively
  17. You're a stupid special snowflake. Crestfall wasn't going to get shut down eitherway unless they're too stupid or afraid of a C&D letter... If Elysium is so untouchable, how would Crestfall not be if hosted in the same country? Exactly.. THIS is the worst option by far for Crestfall and you are stupid if you actually believe this. Outstanding said it perfectly " Asura has more talent in his left pinky than all the developers in Elysium." They are not DEVELOPERS they are NOTHING, they RIDE free Success from Nost Core and Nost Community. Then they tried to ride LGN, failed, now this is LGN 2.0 to ride Crestfalls community and core AGAIN. So yeah, probably retarded.
  18. That's simply not the case. What you are talking about are things that might come to pass, with a fair wind and everything working out grand. Well, it doesn't work that way. The only thing we can go on is the previous track record of Crestfall. The past record of Crestfall is one of constant failures and missed targets. Like him or loathe him, Asura has more talent in his left pinky than all the developers in Elysium. I don't buy for one minute that he's suddenly going to become wonderfully productive now that he's resigned the lead developer/project manager role. No doubt, something will come out at some stage, who knows when. All we know is that it won't be what was originally envisaged, that which we happily signed up for. Whatever it is, will be swamped by Elysium players, and all the community folk here who built the forums will have long left. Whoever you are, you were never part of this community. We don't need to be patronised or chided when we express our opinions based on the experiences we have had here as a community. It takes time and effort to build something special, and only a few minutes to tear it down.
  19. Whoever thinks this is a good idea is seriously delusional and stupid.... I don't mean to be rude, but by now the Crestfall team has shown their lack of intelligence. You realise that Elysium is just riding everyone else, for the "success" they've had in the private server scene? Nostalrius core, nostalrius hype and players... LGN... LGN 2.0 (Aka going to ride your population, PTE project) IT'S ALL a win for Elysium but ITS never GOING to be a WIN WIN for you. You had the superior core, you had the superior idea with a PTE project, you had ACTUAL developers (It's not a surprise to anyone that none in the Elysium team can do shit.. Remember Valkyrie? everything was broken to hell before nost came along. Or, the server before that..They have NO idea what they are doing. Remember Naxx?? Asuras comment about their naxx fix? ye...) Elysium gains everything from this but yet you gain nothing. You lose your own community (That isn't cancerous), you lose your name, you lost the branding of your own project. Goodjob throwing it all away for nothing. Shenna/Vitaly wins again by doing nothing at all! (Don't tell me asking for donations and paying a company to keep their server up is hard.)
  20. Actually, it's our community, not theirs. That's the definition of community.
  21. I came here because it was the only hope of a PvE server following the death of Nost...when it came back under Elysium I was torn between resuming on there, and waiting for CF. (a toss-up between lower quality lvling now or higher quality lvling later) In the end, RL intervened in the form of moving house (from a crap town to a good city), which I knew would lead to new hobbies and kick vanilla raiding into touch for good. (plus I was still concerned that CF's accelerated raid schedule would screw me over in terms of finding a guild and gearing up etc. due to RL slowing down my ride to 60). So I decided to cut my losses, resume lvling my hunter (from 40) over Chrimbo and raid on my lock for a little while until the move took place in Feb. (which had the expected outcome...I go out more than I stay in now, so I quit raiding and eventually the game) I still miss it from time to time, but I know I cannot go back. However I've still been watching, wanting this server to succeed, and it'd be a shame if this promising PvE community doesn't get to exist now.
  22. It's good to have Putin as your server provider. ...wait, was that supposed to be a secret? At that point, Nostrils weren't negotiating. I think they stopped thinking they're negotiating the moment they signed (B)atman's papers. By the time they handed stuff to Lolysium, (B)atman had their balls in vice grips and slowly applying pressure. That's why they so hastily told Elysium to give the db back. They were playing confident on their home turf that they made for themselves, but actually couldn't do anything.
  23. Im wondering... where are so popular comments like "keep up the great work" or "we trust in you guys" :D:D:D:D:D:D
  24. "We decided that handing it off to another party would allow us some room to negotiate and ensure that the project was able to continue in accordance with our intentions." Nostalrius did the same thing with Elysium plus giving them access to their core and look how that turned out (Assuming that what Dark said is true the Elysium team won't be having access to the CF Core. It should be kept that way). Course CF isn't negotiating with the big B like Nostalrius was so that's a plus. I won't lie i can see the reasoning behind this change (As iffy as i find it). Maybe this change will be a good thing maybe not. I for one will wait and see what happens.
  25. This is one of the biggest red flags and disappointments for me. It's constantly @Darkrasp relaying information from @Asura without him every posting or interacting with the community. If this is/was his project why can't he at least post directly and answer the questions, questions not even Dark has all the answers too and has to wait for his approval. Where is there any other contact with any other developers either? Some back and forth in the public Discord but other than that no real communication other than Dev Blogs and only from Darkrasp. And only Dark answering any and all questions on forums and Discord. You'd think if Asura cared so much he'd care about the community too which is really what the game's about and show a little more interest. We all have huge IRL responsibilities, gimme a break. And all the "concern" over any ramifications of hosting this server were answered again and again as not going to be an issue. Be more honest with us at least about what was going on as this has obviously been going on for months. And yeah i get it "they don't owe us anything", "its their hobby project they work on in their spare time", "they have other responsibilities" etc. But why even have this forum then or re-open the public discord? If that's the constant attitude then just create a nice fun server for you and your friends and stop even trying to half ass communicate with us pretending like Open Beta/Launch is in the near future. Its a Private server project of a 13 year old game. You're not developing the next MMO, don't need to go total zero-dark thirty on everything. I mean honestly, what was the point of the project? Sad too, cause it seems whenever there's a post calling the project out or just trying to steer them in the right direction, even when it's from two of the strongest and most dedicated individuals, community managers as well, @Elicas and @Outstanding there's just a shrug of the head and an eye roll response from the Devs/crazy fan bois, not seeming to care or listen with a, we'll do it our way and who cares what you think, its our project attitude and then more silence.
  26. I agree. I totaly understand the decision you have made. I have family my self and know the time it takes. With 2 kids, wife and a job i bearly get time to play. So do understand you 100%. But i can't say i am disapointed and also don't feel 100% sure about Elysium being honest people. But future will see. It's sad you can't see it true. I do also understand why you chose Elysium with there pop it is garante you get a good population. Hope now that Crestfall devs will have controll of project and that your servers have the same plan as before with VPN and popcap. I will stay on and hope you get there, but ofc won't be as hyped as before.
  27. I simply don't have enough information, nor do I keep up on all things p-server to make a broad statement like "I'm quitting on you for good". But the vision I had for over a year of what I wanted when it came to WoW, it's impossible to think today's news won't drastically affect said vision. Time will tell. Thanks for the loads of info and all the laughs.
  28. I didnt know this was that good. I just wish nothing happens to Asura.
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