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  2. Ok, I like flying mounts and flying wherever I want to go when i want to go there. Improved flight paths just are not the same. I have no problem with making flying less of a means of avoiding PvP or aggro. I'm ok with being shot down or making it easier to target/attack people who are flying. Do a one shot hit breaks flying attack or something. I just want to be able to go wherever i want to go when I feel like it. Personally, I liked the dungeon finder. The only reason I ran dungeons most of the time was because of it. I remember spamming for groups forever and never filling a slot. I didn't mind queuing for a dungeon, and then fishing until my dungeon popped. I can see removing the teleport feature and extra loot rewards from dungeon finder and just using it as an improved looking for group/party matching service. I think you should still have to travel to the dungeon in the world, but the dungeon finder would just put the party together if you didn't have a premade or were missing a role/member. I think most of the abuse was a result of cross realm dungeon matching. You played with people from all across all of the servers. When there were millions of people playing they knew you were probably never going to ever see them again, so it promoted people acting like jerks. I doubt that's an issue here because there's probably only going to be one or two servers, and I doubt there will ever be cross realm matching for dungeons or raids. At most, you're looking at a player base of some thousands, so actual reputation and ignore lists are more relevant. I agree with removing a lot of the added teleport functions. They made the world smaller because people didn't have to go out and actually travel to where they needed or wanted to go. On the other hand, one thing I would have liked to have seen implemented was Mages being able to set a teleport point. They did something like this in WoD with the Ogre Stones or something. I thought it would have been cool for Mages to be able to teleport back to the last place they teleported from, or be able to designate a specific point that they could choose to teleport to by traveling there in the world and somehow marking the location for future reference as a teleport point.
  3. Move along, nothing to see here tovarisch.
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  5. I like to get gold via professions, dungeons or attending raids. Those never fail me
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    yea my raiding guild on Nost PvE did that to our tanks before fighting Ragnaros.
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  24. Sadly, this wasn't the case when I first joined at least my last guild, they used EPGP and only later changed it for this BS system where raid leader can invite his friend from another guild to a specific boss and reserve BiS gear for him. Needless to say, I don't play with these people anymore.
  25. Is he really trolling what if vitality was born a troller? *Secret Files music*
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