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  1. He is doing some updates to our forums and needed temporary admin access (Which is being logged). Closed.
  2. Killerduki sent it to me and I forwarded it to ClawzTheMeow
  3. The countdown will change everything...
  4. Well I met around 30~ people from CroggesServer over the years, some of them became good friends and I'm still in contact with most of them. Met one of my former Polish GMs just two days ago because he was near my area. Also spent new year with my former team leader in Darmstadt and some former GMs/Players. I look forward to meet many Crestfall members in the near future
  5. The forums generated a faulty theme CSS file, the issue should be resolved now.
  6. The reason why the decoration has been kept in January are our friends from the east who celebrate Christmas on the 6.1. / 7.1 It will be taken down soonish, Crogge
  7. We wish you all the best
  8. Thank you, same to you and everyone else who is a member of our community
  9. We generally prefer a clean database without any special characters else queries and web code needs special "exceptions", also some addons don't work properly. However, there is no final decision yet regarding this matter.
  10. What Darkrasp said is correct and sums up the differences pretty good. We will have our open beta running for a while to ensure that there won't be any bigger issues on our official release, we can also calculate the exact resource usage that way. However, we will use slightly "overpowered" hardware to ensure that we can compensate possible peaks and attacks. Also "database corrections/fixes" can be done much faster with decent hardware, we talk here about hours of difference. As mentioned, we can get further realms online within a day if the 6k limit would be too small. We will ensure that there won't be any bigger queues and we could also "merge" realms anytime if needed because they are using different GUID ranges.
  11. We received within 15 hours around 250 applications, we highly appreciate your efforts to apply for our beta. 98% of those application are matching the minimum requirements and have a confirmed e-mail address. Especially the additional information part is being in intensive use. The chances to get accepted on the short-term are around 1:10 and the chances to get accepted on the long-term are currently around 1:2. So write your application right now if you didn't apply yet and you will have a fair chance to get in
  12. It seems to work perfectly fine so far, great job Bloo We got within less than 10 minutes 15 applications already, so far all are valid and in queue to be reviewed. You can also contact me on Discord if you have any issues.
  13. I agree with Asura's post, quite a few ppl saw how quickly private servers can disappear due to various reasons. But even if they don't disappear/shut down, the quality can decrease to a level where the game becomes unplayable due to a lack of developers which can cause also the death of a server. Here on Crestfall we aim for high quality gaming experience, the beta will show people that we got things under control and that we can handle ANY issues within a short time frame. Also redundancy is important for us hence we will do our best to protect our network of servers and ensure that we have also backups in form of additional team members. Unplanned long-term absence of a team member can have a very negative impact on a project, hence we have at least two team members for all relevant positions. And don't worry too much about the "Financial" part mentioned above, as long as we have a healthy population the costs should be covered and right now we pay everything on our own. Yes, the monthly costs will be very high in comparison to "Normal" servers but we want to provide low latency and hardware redundancy in case of failure and/or attacks. I managed to keep CroggesServer 10 years alive, so I may say I have plenty of long-term experience how to keep a project alive ... and CS was running a single expansion while CF will progress through several expansions and has thus chances to stay more than 10 years alive. And regarding the topic "Nostalrius", so far their recent announcements had only a POSITIVE impact on Crestfall. They advertise the private server community and "Crestfall" is a common keyword when people look for vanilla servers or Nostalrius/Elysium. I personally wish Elysium all the best and even had a interesting/friendly discussion with Admin/Dev Shenna recently. In the end we share the same interests and want to provide WoW in the way its meant to be played
  14. We can publish some basic statistics (Race/Class/Faction) which are being automatically updated, we don't mind transparency here.