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  1. Peripherials: Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Mouse: Razer Naga Main Screen: 27" Philips 272S (2560x1440) Secondary Screens: 24" Philips 244E (1920x1080) Headphones: Sennheiser HD650 / AKG K701 Headphone DAC: Fiio E17 Headphone AMP: O2 PC Specs: CPU: Intel i5-2500k @ 4.3 GHz (OC) Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 RAM: 8GB (Corsair XMS3 1600) GFX: Nvidia 970 PSU: Coolermaster 430w This rig has been around for a bit now so I might be upgrading soon, though it manages to get around with the OC on the CPU. These days I've spent more on my audio gear than I have on my PC.
  2. Elitist Jerks data is still available through waybackmachine if you look hard enough. Blizzard didn't "wipe out" elitist jerks in the sense of destroying evidence, it's just that the game has reached a point where theorycrafting doesn't really add that much and the good theorycrafters that were on there either moved on or actually landed a job at Blizzard (Prime example being Gurghtock a.k.a Ion Hazzikostas)
  3. Might be interesting to hear why I, as a Dev do this (or not). I started my journey back when 1.9 released where most of my time playing was spent on a friends account at the time just being impressed by the world and the scale of the game. Being a 14 year old beansprout at the time made it a bit harder to get an account of my own but luckily (or for the worse) my parents weren't that strict as long as it didn't affect my grades. Played casually through vanilla for the most part as a human warrior. When TBC hit I switched to a gnome mage and I had the time of my life just blowing stuff up. Did some raids in a casual context. When LK came around the corner I started getting more serious about the raiding aspect of the game, switched to a draenai shaman and started healing. After that Cata came around and my guild did some of the content but we sadly fell apart pretty quickly since the expansion was just meh. MoP and WoD aren't really worth mentioning, did some raids but never got that feeling back that pulled me in with the first three expansions. Anyways that's a tiny bit of history from what I've seen and done throughout WoW. As a player my reasons are: I love the feel Vanilla/BC have and to some extent LK. I'd like to experience vanilla raids as "current" content since I never got the chance to do them seriously Have that social aspect again that disappeared over at Retail. As a developer my reasons are a bit different: I'm sick of half-assed servers. This is my #1 reason I'm doing this, I've seen so much bad decision making, bad testing and bad solutions to problems that I decided to step up and try to hopefully make a meaningful difference to the "scene". I love to learn new things, emulation has always interested me since back when it first started and I did some very minor things "fixes". Being brought a board this project has already given me a lot of valuable knowledge that'll help me later along in my field of work. I just like working with a small group of very dedicated people that know what needs to be done. Asura's making sure everything's done the right way and won't pull any punches when he sees something that can be done better (which helps me improve and at the same time improves the server). I'm grateful to the community we've been able to get together so far for their support and trust in the project. I might not be the most vocal person on the team but I do read most of the forum posts and I'm amazed how quickly this community is growing. Being done with college for the year means I'll be devoting even more time to the project. (During college crunch time the only time I had was between 11 pm - 4 am) and I hope we'll be able to show you more progress Soon(tm). TL;DR; As a player I just want to enjoy my vanilla time again. As a developer I want to be able to provide everyone the best vanilla (and beyond) experience there can be. Long wall of incoherent text but those are my thoughts in a nutshell.
  4. If Darkrasp reminds me I'll also be hanging out and available to answer some questions you might have.
  5. Stumbled upon the Vaporwave genre and I actually kinda like it for coding and all. Seems to have created some fad with making "simpsonwave" movies combining simpsons and vaporwave.
  6. Hi!

  7. Greetings! Always good to see a fellow engineer and vanilla veteran! Personally I've never really played D2 since Warcraft 3 and Starcraft were more my thing back then.
  8. Welcome to Crestfall, enjoy your stay!
  9. We all know this one by now and every forum needs one. "What are you currently listening to!" I've got: Metallica - The Call of Ktulu going on here.