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  1. I'm in ontario too, spooky
  2. all trolls have the same goal & are on the same team. its allgravy baby
  3. when you're showing some melee class your dank JUKES
  4. all these pics and videos are so bittersweet. Wish I had found Nost before it got funked. RIP
  5. No, but if you find him tell him there are other people like him out here.
  6. In this thread everyone's age is showing
  7. <Ferguson State Police> is going to be my go-to
  8. 800 hours deep in garry's mod. Another 800 to go before im bored with it.
  9. Most definitely a mage. Catch me in Hillsbrad and Arathi aoe slapping the shit out of the farmers
  10. Pretty spicy idea. Why haven't other people done that?
  11. any updates? did she in fact end up killing your mum? ,':-y
  12. very meta