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  1. Well, this is sad to hear. Why can't people be nice! Good thing you are going solo again. Good to see the commitment. Would be a shame if you all stopped and this beautiful core is lost to time. I still await the official release, whenever that may be. Plenty of other games and movies en tv shows and social stuff to kill the time until then!
  2. Ahh the Sinew, I remember that one. It's one of those quests where after 1+ hour you want to quit and do something else but you don't since you already spent a hour there. Nicely researched!
  3. I remember that video. Forgot about it until now. It was the sole reason I was interested in the server. More video's would be nice indeed, but it's better to do those near the end. Better to use those resources for now to making the server work.
  4. I remember pre-nerf AV. The longest game I sat in from start to finish was almost 8 hours long. It was awesome. Sneaking around as a Rogue, gaining rep with the Frostwolves and looting players for stuff to turn in at NPC's to summon a big bad elemental to help with a push. That was the true AV. After they nerfed the fun out of it, it was just a blitz from A to B.
  5. When it's done.
  6. Great update!
  7. I guess I am not surprised such a thing popped up on reddit. I have yet to truly play on a private server. I dabbled here and there but was waiting for a really good one before committing many hours on leveling. This drama does not surprise me though. I have still faith in this project. I just lurk and wait and sometimes post. So far this is the only server for vanilla that seems to want to provide a polished experience. If that means it will take longer then initially planned, so be it. Quality takes time.
  8. I liked it. Was way better then WOD. Eventually I just stopped playing again. At the launch of the expansion I did all the zones and when I was doing the Night fallen story I suddenly could not go further because they had other stuff locked behind reputation. So that was bad point number 1. I was so into the story of the night fallen. Eventually I cared less about the story because by the time I could resume I wasnt as interested in their story anymore. Another thing that made me not care anymore was the Illidan story. Again, I was engrossed in his story and suddenly I needed to farm heroic dungeons for a certain item. I think maybe we needed 80 or so of them AND we could only get 10 items per week. Another time gate, so 2 months waiting to see how his story would unfold. Naturally, I stopped caring and in this case I didn't even farmed the items. Fuck that shit. Artifact power was nice in the beginning but eventually the AP needed was immense. Unfun. I myself just did other stuff in the game. After 3 months or so (while keeping my AP research up), I farmed all the power for my hunter in a few days because of the big power boost I had because of my research. So a item that gave 6k power earlier now gave me 60k power for example. Saved me some endless grinding for a few months. Sure, I had to wait but that was more fun then doing itty bitty power gains every damn day. So they did some great stuff with the new expansion but eventually I unsubbed. The carrot to keep us playing for longer was way more obvious this time then in previous expansions. Too much stuff was time-gated which killed it for me. Edit: me unsubbing is a good thing because now I have plenty of time to play vanilla wow here on crestfallen when it releases instead of having to split my time to retail wow and vanilla wow.
  9. Thanks for the update. Love reading them and lurking around the forums from time to time. Can't wait to see how it all works when the server officially launches.
  10. I did not levelled them in the vanilla wow day's but on this private server I am doing as much as I can during the levelling. I am in no rush anymore and there will be plenty of time to do stuff at the cap and it can be a long while before TBC happens so yeah, I will do professions while levelling!
  11. Good to hear the progress update. Take the time you need. You can only launch once and having a as good as possible launch is the best thing to do for everyone.
  12. Playing on PlayTBC for my TBC fix and waiting for this project to get my Vanilla fix.
  13. I think it would be nice that you can progress your character on that one server and when a vanilla 'frozen in time' server comes up your character will also be there, stuck at level 60 and you can do your vanilla stuff there. So, basically, after every expansion there will be a clone of your character at that maximum expansion level. One server to progress with and the other servers have a version of your character at that maximum level.
  14. Agreed. The forums are extremely good looking. Gave a very good first impression. The option to change the background was very welcome as well. Changed it to the nice green farmland.