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  1. I just really hope the same quality / sense for detail will be uphold, and the work people have put into this forum will be maintained. Since there is SO much good information on this forum, it would be a shame if it just vanished, like the felmyst forum. Dunno how to describe the exact feel i'm getting. But just hope it all will work out. For many this was THE server, their final place to play.
  2. Hey, dunno if we can write in other language than English So will respond in English. We are a couple of people too, but after I have written seeking some to make a danish guild, i'm not sure if we would like to join one. Over the years we have had some bad experience with pure danish guilds. But it would still be awesome to have a little community, but maybe not pure danish. Hard to get enough for proper raiding. I like the idea with playing around with some of the "experimental" builds. Like shaman tanking too, and would like to try out smite priest myself, but would be healer as main
  3. Hey Was just wondering if any fellow danes was thinking about creating a danish guild? We are at least a couple of people who is going to start on the server when it launches. Best regards Legzor / Vellia