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  1. Would be interesting to know! I remember the peak of this forum and the comments, activity, and well.... lets just hope its not dead!
  2. This could be very exciting...
  3. First page reply from Josiphoz regarding some question about remaking a new character but here is what is important and I highlighted it in red. Assuming those guys know more than we do, here is the daunting news : Posted Monday at 08:09 AM No, all other realms will continue progression and our original development team will still only work on the Nostalrius core, as usual. Benediction won't be finished anytime soon. Best regards! R.I.P.
  4. LITERALLY was thinking the same thing..
  5. First post in a while... I think I voted Warrior(Troll, Human, or Dwarf) a few months back and I might still do that or go Paladin (Dwarf) or Dwarf Priest or... Shit. Dunno now.. Warrior...probably ...or Paladin ?
  6. I kinda sort of left but still checked in after the whole LGN announcement came about and my personal views on it; however, I did not see this coming about. I am sorry to hear about the Devs and that some entitled child going off on his tangent spewing threats and whatever else was happening (I don't know enough of the details and really I don't need to know more of nothing that's is not confirmed) ruined the dreams of many and potentially threatening the thousands of man hours to create something that we didn't ever deserve or earn--it was a gift and a privilege. I think that a lot of people are forgetting that.. To my point: I am happier to see Crestfall return to its home as separate entity(if I understood everything I read about this correctly) and my prayers for a clear thoughts and decisions will be with you all on the Dev team. My advice, along with many others is, don't stop when you are so close. You have all worked very hard for yourselves, for the community that has always eagerly been awaiting the next update, and for the unspoken ones that may or may not be affected by the work you guys are doing--the people that will trickle in that haven't been on the forums or following the events of the last 10months. I will also pray that the threats to anyone personally; whether to their families, their friends, or anyone beloved to them is just that--a threat with no recourse. Good Luck in your decision making and God Bless.
  7. You mean they didn't first? There was never a talk on joining forces and if there was I will ask for proof. DAMNIT @Outstanding. I just made a post dedicated to your work and you're gone for the exact reasons I am harboring. Shit...... pretty much tore this all apart.
  8. How about not tied in Elysium? Too soon?
  9. Just want to reach out to @Outstanding for a call out because I believe the news that just got dropped on the CF originals will be quite devestating. I, for one, have lost a tremendous amount of interest in all this; however, interest is still there and to you good sir @Outstanding I will be looking and evaluating what this storm just caused and the what the aftermath looks like on the forums as far as activity and new subs. I would imagine a lot of Elysium will be porting over to join in on this and find out some news which could really muddy up the waters, but I am intrigued.
  10. Is this the final gear ratio? Might wanna try some 4.10's for some extra hmfph
  11. I want to thank @Outstanding for making me commit to an avatar. I wanted to make I was the most specialist snow flake I could be and not be a sparkling one of kind uniquely formed flake of water frozen to some truck bumper. I feel like I am now part of the 'crew' hahaha but seriously good post man, thanks. But how do I make a signature.... hmmmmm I'll need stats on that
  12. Merry Christmas!! Never forget the reason for the season!
  13. @Elicas means Druid and <insert any class> are the best. Right? Hahaha I should stop razing the kitty Priest and Warlock are a very tough combination. Druid Warrior is gross as well all the way into the end of Season 2 or 3 of TBC
  14. Is this under the assumption that you have played NWN? WORD.. or possible one of my fav... Fixed that for you! Myself have to honestly say... Ghost Recon (Original Series) OR--possibly 'and'- COD 2(WWII) for my favorite shooters. Morrowind is a freaking GEM and Dark Souls 1 and 2 are just.... <3 World of Warcraft would probably be my all time favorite because of how long I played it, who I played with, and the little that I accomplished haha Honorable Mentions: Dragon Age 1, Mass Effect 1 and 2, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six(1, Rogue Spear, and Black Thorn), Zelda: Ocarina of Time...... I'll probably Edit this and add some..
  15. But I literally do Frac..