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  1. This is what i'm using; http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LVhxdhboxuVZEbzo very fun! But def 2h orientated i've had alot of fun with IF using this; http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LVGx0hboLZVZEbzoxzz or atleast some big dick weapon(weapon specs will vary, i wouldnt have had sword but mace spec ofc)(imp charge IS retarded but you need it plus pre-bloodrage to charge - pop sweeping AND habe enough rage for a lightning whirlwind before switching to defensive. Or atleast doing so in a timely manner) fun builds but never rly optimal in any area.. as a bonus; the lolstun pvp ironfoe lolbuild! http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LcGxbhbaZVZxbts0hz
  2. But I've recently started playing a different variant of 0/30/20(+1); http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0Zxxxsc0dxVecoco So far i'm good when it comes to threat while tanking, my healing is pretty good too. In pvp i can soak a ton of damage making me a very tanky healer. Really liking this so far
  3. Throw back to when we were super happy with 1k peaks on private servers!
  4. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0Zxxxsc0dxVecoco this is the spec im rocking atm and i love it. Even w/o primal fury I feel like I can keep threat easily having 5 points in Feral Instinct. I guess you do need to manage your threat more compared to having primal fury? Idk
  5. I feel like grouping up before deadmines isnt very effective bar for quests like hogger etc. especially on a fresh server wheremost mobs will be contested you want to get the most xp out of every tag
  6. Hmm I still can in my vanilla client, did it actually get removed in TBC and onwards? Its how I farm stuff lmao
  7. You are doing it wrong imo if you need the fencw shortcut to perform well. though its technicly bis
  8. New ui's! Caster: Current warrior ui with DPSmate hidden:
  9. Give us LoS! Not alot of things can be changed in vanilla and certainly not added. But I find the 100% blizzlike experience a dull one. I know alot of people play vanilla for the nostalgic aspects of the game, especially when it comes to cfalls pte project that allows you to replay an entire period of time. This is a personal taste or desire, so don't get offended by it, lol. I simply like vanilla for what it is in its entirety. A game where I can slay dragons, fight undead liches and do battle with fierce orcs(yeah bro, ally here!). It's simply the coolest fantasy game for me. Combined with a great sense of reward/achievement system that doesn't feel empty yet is still simple provides a one of a kind gameplay experience for me personally. Its sth no other game has actually ever done to me.( ive only played vanilla for like forever bar going batshit on m&b:wb for well over a year lol) even for TBC its still this step into outland, with all its nexus' shit and floating crap is something i'm not a major fan of.. I like tbc though! Its more of a who's #1 and who's #2 case, say if i were to pick.. lol The problem is tuning just a few things in vanilla can fuck shit up. Adding new bosses with new drops cant be done as it would totally skewer with the itemization balance vanilla has atm. i'm convinced however changes can work and do not detract from the overall gameplay bar the nostalgic element.
  10. Perks of f2p :wub:
  11. U might want to share the solution
  12. He's taking arcanite bar farm to an industrial lvl ;P
  13. Hey I got it a few days ago. got to say it works great, considering the price i couldnt have hoped for more. just had to remove a rediculous amount of bloatware haha
  14. Go dwarf priest then imo (stoneform bis pvp))
  15. Paladin strongest healer in grps by far. Freedom etc are the best. Priest has dispells and strong but mana intensive heals.shields to soak up big burst dmg etc. druid has great cc for a healer as well as mobility and the strength to remove all snares. The mana game on a druid can be tricky with having to shape shift in and out of forms to remove cc. A very fun and versatile healer to play indeed.