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  1. Because the website is a work in progress
  2. Thanks for arranging the Q&A's and keeping us up to date. Had you not done so then the memes of a 2030 release would have overwhelmed us by now. Have a good one.
  3. Always nice to see fellow folks from Rebirth, welcome
  4. Looks like I didn't miss anything
  5. Whilst the recent gameplay changes makes sense from a business standpoint, seeing as Valve wants to attract players from competing games and make it more spectator friendly, it seems that older players are actually leaving the game. I only have 1300 hours under my belt and my experience is that the meta has simply become stale. There's little incentive for anyone to play when games take forever to end and the feeling of reward isn't there. Winning essentially comes down to herding your team like sheep and deathballing, sometimes only to have it all fall apart when your team commits to a bad fight, of which there will be many due to the nature of my trashcan bracket. Comebacks are almost guaranteed if the winning team feeds when sieging or loses a few fights. Most recently I won a game with a feeding Techies who went the usual carry build even though the game felt like a loss for a good 40 minutes. Honestly I would much rather get completely shat on by better teams and vice versa than what we currently have. I'd like a return to the old ricing carry meta when ratting was still a thing and 1v5 plays were possible. I think that's what comes to mind for most people when they think of the glory days of DotA. I will stick around until some time after TI7 in hopes of a post-TI patch that might fix things, otherwise I'm quitting for good. Had I wanted yet another teamfight oriented, sheltered experience with constant fights from the first minute onwards then I would play the other 100 or so HotS clones.
  6. "Come cuddle me in Moonglade, we'll have tea and biscuits."
  7. Looks pretty boss actually
  8. How about Cowpun/Animalpun/Tastymilk/Beefsupreme/Cowabunga/Ataurable
  9. Undead Rogue named Xsephirothx preferably leveled whilst listening to Linkin Park
  10. Thanks for this! <3
  11. who can forget those golden offtopic threads
  12. The king is dead, long live the king
  13. O shit he's back lmao
  14. Your Discord username reminds me of a guildie I had on Rebirth, did you play a shaman named Ibro by any chance?
  15. I find that the hunter class offers a more rich playstyle at 60 but that's just me, I leveled a mage before and got bored pretty quick. Hunters have the potential to kite world bosses, solo instance bosses, and possibly even clear an instance by themselves. That in itself presents new challenges and optional content to keep you busy with and not all classes can pull it off. It also comes down to preference of playstyle, hunters have a deadzone hence their playstyle revolves around keeping opponents out of said deadzone. You will find that hunter players in PvP tend to alternate between kiting and resetting the kite by getting closer and Wing Clipping/Trapping. Having to bait your opponents into your trap, micromanaging your pet, less room for error, all these intricacies only make it more fun.