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  1. Your Discord username reminds me of a guildie I had on Rebirth, did you play a shaman named Ibro by any chance?
  2. I find that the hunter class offers a more rich playstyle at 60 but that's just me, I leveled a mage before and got bored pretty quick. Hunters have the potential to kite world bosses, solo instance bosses, and possibly even clear an instance by themselves. That in itself presents new challenges and optional content to keep you busy with and not all classes can pull it off. It also comes down to preference of playstyle, hunters have a deadzone hence their playstyle revolves around keeping opponents out of said deadzone. You will find that hunter players in PvP tend to alternate between kiting and resetting the kite by getting closer and Wing Clipping/Trapping. Having to bait your opponents into your trap, micromanaging your pet, less room for error, all these intricacies only make it more fun.
  3. I always found male taurens to be pretty cute, n-no homo
  4. Melee hunter for the true hardcore experience
  5. Code Monkey
  6. I'm curious about Devilsaurs specifically considering it's a hot topic on Elysium. So far this has been the only response which outlines what could *potentially* be implemented whereas I'd like clarification on what changes the team has already decided to implement.
  7. Will the number of spawns, the respawn times as well as spawn locations of Devilsaurs be modified in any way to make group camping more difficult?
  8. Only displays the durations of enemy buffs and the debuffs they are affected by
  9. if it still doesn't work type /debufftimers and tick the box for the class you're currently playing, should display a timer from then on
  10. He's my inspiration for sure
  11. Ended duki's career in just one sentence
  12. On the contrary I actually find Humans to be pretty interesting, since they capture this "struggler" feeling that other races don't. The events of the second and third Warcraft games eventually led to the downfall of man. A race that once controlled large parts of the Eastern Kingdoms is now spread thin trying to defend what little is left, all the while they are outnumbered by said invaders. Seems pretty grim to me
  13. Pet Rock
  14. Looks just like elysium on launch day