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  1. Yeah it's mostly accurate. Something @Youfie picked up from another thread, in Blizzlike conditions Juju Might and Winterfall Firewater shouldn't stack, and neither should Juju Power and Elixir of Giants. Maelstrom is also not BiS forever. DFT and KoS both beat it once you have access to them. Most well regarded sources from back in the day give it around a 2.5% proc chance with a slow weapon (which is the best PPM coefficient you can get). With a 1 second auto attack plus yellow attacks (about 1 every three seconds), you're talking, very roughly, of around 1.33 PPM as a feral Druid (80/60 = 1.3 recurring). MAelstrom is handy in PvP where people don't have nature resistance, and a few fights in BWL where mobs can become nature vulnerable.
  2. Staff is very talkative on Discord, but they seem to treat the forum a bit second hand. Asura has been effectively MIA since November here, yet is on discord nearly daily. Site front page, milestones and public beta goalposts were all first talked about months ago with the whole summer closed beta stuff, and then everything seemed to get shelved. If you're not willing to sit on Discord for hours on end to catch tidbits mixed in between the inane banter, Darks bi-weekly update is about all we get here.
  3. Depends on situation, spec and how good you are at pvp. Stomp can't be used in form, so it's close to no use at all in PvE and can get you merced in PvP if you misjudge how much mana you've got left and get stuck out of form on low mana. On the other hand it can save your life. +Dodge is useful against melee and useless against casters, so again situational. You can do some fun things with stomp though. I like stealthing into redridge keep, aoestunning a group trying to do the elites, and then running while they wipe. That's a good solid 4-5 hours of fun right there.
  4. I'm mainly wondering how many people are going to show up on K2 with their tails between their legs. I'm also thinking this may be pushed from Elysiums side from the old Nost team members, because they simply can't handle the demand at the moment.
  5. Druid There are a handful of bosses in the game where Druids are significantly better than Warriors as main tanks, Jin'do and Broodlord are the best examples. Kitty dps does exist, and can be notably higher than both Ret and Enhancement shaman, player and consumable dependant as always. It's certainly not a joke spec for 5 mans, though it is obviously sub-optimal. Mage Mages do not have 'comparable' DPS to Warlocks, unless the Mage is completely and utterly shit at the game. In TBC Mages become weaker and weaker except for a very small period where you can exploit the Arcane Blast 10% 2 set for decent numbers before other classes catch up with their own T5. Paladin 'Time' for threat is not an issue at all for Paladins, who have one of the most front heavy pulling rotations possible. CF is not implementing holy resistance in vanilla. Priest Shadow Priests are one of the best 1v1 classes in the entire game, Discipline DPS isn't a thing in Vanilla PvP and every guild that isn't min-maxing raid composition will be a taking a Shadow to buff their 'Locks. Rogues Trolls and Humans are hands down the best choices for race, unless all you do is PvP. If you raid at all Alliance side, Human is basically mandatory. Shaman Elemental Shamans in PvP are not a myth, they're pretty much the single burstiest class in 1v1 PvP that isn't built around a trinket or special proc. In small group PvP, that burst will turn nearly any world engagement. They're only weak in long term engagements or organised PvP, and that 'weak' is that they OOM, not that the class is weak. Warlock See above. A Warlock will never outdps a Mage unless; The Mage sucks. The Dragonkin in BWL have shadow vulnerability. Pet Micro isn't a thing for Locks to worry about unless they're in true high end PvP. In PvE you have one lock park an imp and the rest sac their Succy and never worry about a pet ever. The Soul Link build doesn't worry about DSac for DPS, since it typically uses a voidy to tank until almost down, sac, MS into a new Voidy. Warrior There's next to no theorycrafting left being done. Taurens are the mathmatically superior tanks, Trolls the best DPS, and on Alliance side Humans are best for either role due to weapon skill. Everyone is expecting the warrior to want to DPS, since dps warriors outnumber tank willing warriors by about 80:20. Especially true during leveling since you'd have to mentally handicapped to level a warrior as prot.
  6. Probably wont be a whole lot of use, since it's a different core and all. If they release their research and sniffs for Naxx that might be useful to the guys. Be nice if people weren't in the thread acting like dicks and laughing at the people who're getting hurt by the shutdown though.
  7. Some of this is exaggerated for effect, some seems to be misinformed, and some is so far from the truth I'm not sure if you've ever played WoW before or not. This is not a guide, it's an opinion piece, and many of those opinions are plain wrong.
  8. What this really shows us, is ignore the small polls we have on the forum about class choice. On a 'real' or live realm, it looks much different then the small, dedicated following we have on the forums currently.
  9. I chose a Nelf Rogue, since I wanted to mix into bard and run a specialised support character. Turned out, WoW wasn't that kind of mmo, yet somehow I'm still knocking about with it all this time later.
  10. You shouldn't really have your first official post slagging off your old team. Also, please never run any countdown events for CF, your TBC stream was cringeworthy.
  11. First the war with Guilder, then messing with the forum. Dink is such a dick.
  12. Put em up on the 24th, took em down on the 27th. Anything else is mawkish sentimentality.
  13. It would require the entire end game to be rebalanced, as well as every raid and dungeon to be reworked and for certain the pruning of abilities from some classes and a complete rework of many talent trees. While the class design for WoW comes from older, better MMO's, Blizzard fucked it up by making the end game so simplistic is was reduced to the binary Tank/Heals/DPS Trinity. In a lot of 90's game design, MUD and MMO, DPS/Tank/Heal characters had no real CC, no stuns and hardly any buffs, they were brought by classes like mesmers or bards, dedicated support roles. Shaman/Paladin/Druid fell into that role, without a single unique buff strong enough to warrant bringing them as a hybrid when you can have them heal 100% of the time. It would have been simple enough to fix as well, from a design stand point. Remove the ability for Warlocks Banish to CC elementals, create a shaman only spell for that. Remove the ability for Priests to shackle undead, create a paladin only spell for that. Remove Sap from Rogues, have Druid Sleep be the only CC other than sheep that can affect humanoids. Remove Fortitude from Priests, adding it to all three classes as a unique health buff. Redesign raid mechanics, so more trash can be CC'd and more trash has to be CC'd by specialist crowd control characters. You then rebalance healing somewhat, making it weaker on all three classes, buffing their damage and survivability, and readjusting their sets to take into account all 3 playstyles. LotRO is about the only game to have pulled it off in recent memory, with Minstrels and Captains being dedicated hybrid support characters. To do it in WoW, you'd basically need to change the game entirely.
  14. Looking down on people in IF who don't have epics.
  15. Started playing. Couldn't stop, played far more than I should have. Still playing now. Sums up the last 13 years tbh.