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  1. If they cut off one head, two more shall take its place. Hail Sylvanus.
  2. The idea is that since they are running an auto bot in the background, unless they check it regularly they will lose hours if not days of time on an account that can easily be tracked. Once they've caught on to the fact they've been rumbled, then yes, they move to a new account. This is more a suggestion for easily countering large bot farms from a certain country that can be left running for weeks at a time. Personally, I think since we're launching with a VPN ban anyway, just straight up permabanning every account caught will fix the situation.
  3. Shadowbanning has two meanings, depending on context. The first meaning is for goldsellers, and is that instead of banning the account outright (so the gold sellers just make a new account) they are instead 'banned' from world chat etc. You don't get a message when you are shadow banned, your message output still looks fine, but no one sees it. This means the goldsellers spend longer on a bot account being ineffective. This is similar to being shadowbanned from a sub on reddit. The second meaning, as per the OP, is for people running bot programs. Instead of banning the account and having the botter create a new account from scratch and have to be detected all over again, he wants the characters caught botting to be deleveled to level 1, all items, bags and gold removed. This means the botter loses all progress and all gains, but still has the account and is easy to find again if they decide to bot again.
  4. Theoretically yes. I'm used to more casual guilds where it's easier to just give everyone a cloak.
  5. Love Nelfs. Hate Taurens. Especially Taurens who pretend they were the first Druids. No names. Horde scum.
  6. I shall find you, and I shall gank you. For PvP testing purposes, of course.
  7. Welcome! Currently, it looks like we will have 1.4 stats at release, with the 1.10 stat upgrade either coming with the AQ release (1.9) or shortly after AQ release, and then the 1.12 itemization when Naxx releases. It wont be strictly patch by patch like Nostalrius, but it will be similar, while being more manageable for the database dev @Darkrasp to handle. This is all still subject to change until they publish their timeline, which should theoretically drop in the lead up to release later this year.
  8. Bloody hell, i've been knighted.
  9. Thanks for the reminder about the gear list, i'll get it sorted at the weekend. Originally, they was going to go with standard 1.12.1 itemization and release, but with progressive content release, pretty much the standard of Feenix/Kronos/Etc. Since then they've changed things, and it will be a 50/50 roll back. Essentially, the server will release in a 1.2 state, with Maraudon released but DM closed, with gear stats rolled back to 1.4. DM will release some time after the first MC clear. Then comes BWL, ZG and AQ, with the 1.10 itemization upgrade looking like it will come either with AQ or just after its release. It looks like 1.12.1 will come with Naxx. They're trying to run on a smaller amount of patches and a condensed timeline (18 months until TBC release after CF release) so things are a bit funky in relation to the Nost/Elysium timeline. Much of the earlier discussion in this thread pre-dates the item rollback decision, which wasn't announced until long after the server was announced. I keep meaning to get this list updated, I just never seem to get around to it.
  10. Try paging the CM @Outstanding for these sorts of things. They might have something in the works.
  11. I've been pushing for Asura and Crogge to adopt a Nostralia-esque donations page so we can publicly keep track of what they get in. No firm comment one way or the other yet.
  12. I know at least 9 zones have been quest tested so far as well. Things are going well, stay patient, Crestfall is coming.
  13. Not that I want to steal your thunder, but.....