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  1. Just a small message to say I will be leaving my Crestfall Staff and Beta Tester positions. This week I am leaving the UK for a month long holiday to the states and will be essentially MIA for the duration. Due to the expansion of communication alluded to in Darkrasps recent update here, Crestfall is now taking applications for Moderators and more Community Managers. As I was always intending to step down once we were on the road to release and was essentially filling in for the absent Inari, it seems right that this is as good as time as any to make the transition permanent. I'll continue to stick to the NDA I agreed to when I entered the beta way back in January despite the fact I'm no longer participating here. I continue to support the guys and expect them to make a success of CF when it releases.
  2. The aim remains to release this year. No target month has been given, and one will not be given until we are 110% sure we will hit said target. Locked.
  3. Good afternoon Crestfallen and welcome to Q&A 4. All questions for this Q&A were taken from replies to the last Q&A post. As always, we'd like to remind you all that questions regarding a release date will be ignored and that Asura currently remains committed to a 2017 release. You will be the first ones to know about the release date as we approach it. There is currently no further news regarding the Open Beta release we are working towards. This months Q&A is much smaller than usual, since much of last months discussion was taken up by people discussing multiboxing rather than asking questions. Remember, we don't just make up these questions, we're answering to the community. If you don't ask, we can't answer. As part of last months discussion on multiboxing, we have released a final decision regarding multibox rules. Please see this thread here. General Are you following actual retail precedent with your node pooling system or should we expect that areas that used to have only copper nodes for example, will spawn copper nodes as well as other things - or is it being changed so that what actually spawns in certain areas could be anything? Our intention is to keep the same types of resources in the same areas. You won't see an iron node where you used to see a copper node. The system is designed only to randomize the exact location of a node from a single point to somewhere with a pathable radius of that point, and to randomize the spawn timers. Players grinding in an area should see roughly the same amount of resources as they are used to, but more randomly placed, so as to interfere with spawn camping and farming bots. How fast will the launch of new raids / expansions happen? We intend to release a new raid every four months, give or take. Expansions are obviously a much larger step and will involve careful monitoring of server progress before we make the move to a new expansion. We could roughly estimate 1.5 years from Vanilla to TBC, but that remains a very rough estimate that could change in either direction depending on development and player progress. Any ideas or clues to how you will handle Vanilla duration or will you run the server 100% blizzlike and run vanilla to TBC the same amount of days blizzard did? We anticipate progressing to TBC around 16-24 months after release. Raid bosses have had the amount of loot dropped per kill increased per kill during vanilla and once again during TBC: will Crestfall emulate the changes to the amount of drops as vanilla/TBC progresses through the patches or will bosses use their final settings for drops per kill right from the start? Our intention is to use the 1.12 drop tables for all bosses in 20/40 man content. What if you play alliance on PvP realm, and have horde char in PvE realm and the PvE Realm gets merged into the PvP realm, what then ? Horde and alliance on PvP realm? We will consult with the community and make a decision on this at a future point should the necessity ever arise. Of course, we hope to maintain two viable servers and never have to merge. Will Talisman of Binding Shard drop on Crestfall server? Once per server. Will fleeing mobs be snareable? This is one of those annoying bugs that all p-server have. Yes, they are. There is still currently a bug where if you cast something on a mob that is fleeing due to low health, the snare (or other effect) applies, but the mob will immediately stop fleeing and re-aggro you. One more item for the list . I read that you will limit 2 accounts active at a time per IP. If there are multiple persons living together like my roommates and I in the same house can we send in a petition to allow more access without being blocked or banned from implemented protocols? We have not yet decided entirely on the 2 account/IP limit yet and remains conjectural. This will be clarified and announced prior to launch. It may be that only two people will be allowed to access the server at a time from any given IP address. If we choose to do that, there will be no exceptions considered, since we would have no way of knowing if you are legitimately requesting access for humans, or just botting/multiboxing. The reality of the situation is that we are willing to break some eggs in order to make this omelette. Classes How do druid hots work on Crestfall? Will for example any rejuvination with the same rank overwrite another, or will the druid with the most +healing have a rejuvination that is impossible to overwrite from the others? I have heard arguments that both were the cases in vanilla, and I'm pretty confused to be honest. Any HoT spell will overwrite another HoT spell of the same rank, regardless of talents or gear. It is up to the healers in the group to ensure they are placing their heals efficiently without wasting their mana, and ensuring the best heals go on the targets that need them. Questing Will your TBC realm have a similar launch state in regards to locked quests/zones/instances as your vanilla realm? The TBC launch is far enough away that we have not finalized any plans of that nature. It would be fair to conjecture that we will launch TBC in it's pre-nerf state, with the full attunement chains required for access to the higher tiered raid dungeons, and have the top tier raids locked until further into the timeline. Q&A 5 will be scheduled for next month (August), date as yet undecided. Q&A 5 will be led by other team members as I will be on holiday at the time. This will be communicated to you all in due course.
  4. Rule #1. Always post in English. Sorry, going to have to permaban you. Them's the breaks.
  5. This shut down is definitely not something to gloat over. Regardless of any personal feelings for/against Gummy or his project that any one may have, we should all acknowledge the loss of work that has happened. This will be hundreds, if not thousands of man hours lost that could have gone back into the Mangos public repository.
  6. Welcome to Crestfall! For clarification - We are currently planning on releasing at the 1.2 state, meaning Maraudon will be available during the 1-60 leveling experience. Dire Maul (1.3), the PvP System (1.5) and finally BWL (1.6) will all be unavailable at release. This has been our plan since the beginning. Should that change, it will be announced.
  7. While one staff member is from the USA, no staff members live there.
  8. Without singling anyone out, a casual reminder of rule #2. While the OP may not be relevant for day #1 release content due to availability issues, it is a perfectly valid list for recommended items once everything is out. Maybe an extra sentence clarifying that in the OP would have been useful but that's no reason to shoot the messenger. Debate the content, not the person.
  9. Response is being drafted as we speak. Throttle down the conspiracy theories, while some elements of the post are factual, the vast majority is couched in some rather malicious lies. We're able to refute pretty much everything said on a point by point basis.
  10. I have been summoned. Tremble mortals, Ph'nglui mglw'nath Elicas R'yleh wgah'nagl fhtagn. Just caught up on all of this. 1: You're wildly off topic, if you want to talk politics take it to a relevant thread. However; 2: There has been no insulting or flaming, no reports of any content in this thread and everyone is being behaved. I see no reason to lock the thread or assign any sanctions of any kind. Get back to discussing net neutrality. Good job acting like mature adults. Specifically for @Lilaina but it goes for everyone - if someone makes throwaway accounts to send you shit - please report it! We track IP's and as one person found out recently, a forum IP ban on one account will affect all accounts from said IP. Don't create alt accounts to troll with. If your main account also gets banned it's tough shit.
  11. You're on the list.
  12. Starts around 1:09 - spell delay was implemented on the alpha more than 6 months ago and is fully blizzlike. Clear bugs such as this should be fixed prior to release, though it is possible that some will slip through the cracks. We are not aiming for 100% blizzlike, we are aiming for what we call "Blizzlike +". There have been some changes beyond the scope of a blizzlike server to make what we consider long term improvements to the state of 1.12.1 vanilla. We operate on the basis of removing all class bugs if possible, including beneficial ones. Specifically for rets, this means things like Consecrate getting a bonus from AP and multiple versions of the same judgement stacking have already been squashed.
  13. There isn't one. However, coming into the Paladin forum to bash on Paladins you disagree with who have proved over the years on private servers that they can tank/dps with "non-viable" builds will get you sanctioned. There may not have been many top end Paladin tanks in 04-06. There have been more than a few who have raid tanked, from Feenix, to Nost, to Kronos, to Elysium. JCarill0 never said in this thread that this was optimal, never said that Paladin tanks were better than any other class and never made any overriding statements about ret DPS compared to other classes. It was simply a thread to say "We, as a class, can do X using nothing but our Class". However I will point you towards rule #2. The overwhelming point of my post however, was that any team consisting of 5 Paladins already understands most of the cons you are complaining about. They're already playing the class. I wont repeat myself ad infinitum. Disagree politely as much as you like. Foster the discussion. Minimize your whataboutary and bashing however.
  14. Thread is now locked and questions have been submitted to the devs. We anticipate having Q&A 4 up on Sunday, though Asura is away for most of the rest of the week due to business so there is the potential that this next update will be delayed pending approval. If this happens I will endeavor to have Q&A 4 posted Monday/Tuesday next week. Q&A 5 is scheduled for Sunday 13th August. Questions for Q&A 4 can be submitted via the usual channels, either directly to the CM team or as replies to Q&A 4. Q&A 5 will be posted by either @rooted or by @Darkrasp, as I will be away for most of August. @rooted will be covering CM duties until I return. As always, the staff thanks you for your continued interest in Crestfall.