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  1. It's an accurate statement. A large bunch of people have either given up on CF entirely or stopped posting while they wait to see what happens with the Elysium release (it's impossible to say which), either way, they're not on here any more. A small group of CF posters have created accounts on Elysium forums and moved on. There has been a (relatively) large influx of new accounts from Elysium fans who are happy that they "won" and are coming here to essentially gloat.
  2. There is no all encompassing vanilla community. Never has been never will be. It's divided by server, by server style choice (PvP vs PvE), time zone, etc. Neither is there some mythical buddy group of Druids across all servers. Funnily enough, there's no responsibility for me to share what I know or what I write either. This popped up today, literary knowledge belongs to no one but the author, and there is no responsibility on said author to share said work beyond which he deems permissible. The word you are looking for is astounding.
  3. Well, yeah? Why would I have any considerations for communities i'm not a part of? It's like expecting me to be concerned about Arsenals transfer window issues as a West Ham fan. Not my team, don't care. Seen this bandied around a lot over the years. First with people hoping devs would leave the scene so we could finally get the "server we deserve". Most of the old devs are gone, funnily enough we're all still waiting on that one server. Then it was complaining and wishing that the 'leet' raiders would leave, people bitching about Vanguard on Feenix and Kronos, or whining about Nope on Nostalrius/Elysium. When those elite level players leave, it then cheapens the entire raiding race for the whole server. Every time an elite level player leaves the scene, it is knowledge lost that is harder and harder to find or replace nowadays, especially with so little of the old stuff being archived. There aren't that many of us who are willing to share their knowledge, or to give the time to create these kinds of posts to the community any more. You don't own my time, nor do you have any right to it.
  4. Advocating for people to be banned because they support the staffs recent change of direction is unbelievably stupid. The other guy was banned for being abusive, not for the side he supported. It's an important distinction. Blindly following me or Outstanding is also unbelievably stupid. You're not sheep, you're people, make up your own minds from the evidence and facts as they stand. My feelings on the matter and where I choose to play, or if I choose to never play another private server again, shouldn't influence what you all do with your free time.
  5. I'm not sure exactly. It was related to the the argument between Theloras and Killerduki and Imbaslap. I have no idea what I typed as the messages were deleted, but I made a grand total of 3 posts presenting Paladin stats/research in the same way I do here and was permabanned for it. The note states "Note for member Creating troll accounts to target forum members indicates that you lack the maturity to continue posting here. " If presenting factual evidence constitutes trolling Elysiums playerbase, than no, it isn't a community I have any desire to be part of. It isn't something people should advocate for either, changing or invalidating the rules for one person sets a dangerous precedent, even though said precedent has already been set with Alex.
  6. On a personal level, I'm not. I was permanently banned from Elysium by Hudson during the LGN fallout. I couldn't play there even if I agreed with the decision and decided to. All my testing and CM work was done for Crestfall, not for Elysium.
  7. I haven't demanded a thing. I'm entitled to the devs respect for the amount of work I put into the project. Even having been inactive and on holiday recently, I still account for just over 40% of all bug reports on the internal Mantis tracker. It's likely by the time the server is in a position to release my contribution will probably still be some 5-10% of everything reported/fixed. In their personal conversations with me, Dark and Asura continue to treat me with respect. As far as I'm concerned, they have and continue to treat me with everything I'm entitled to.
  8. Finding it amusing that Darks last post in locking the main thread about this is essentially to tell the core of the community here to go fuck themselves.
  9. It's one of the many good parts of this community now lost for good. You are at the mercy of Elysiums forum mods, under Elysiums forum rules. Just one of those 'minor' things the admins here have surrendered.
  10. The community doesn't own my work, not do I owe it to you. In much the same way Asura doesn't owe us a server actually.
  11. It's also available on the Elysium forums, posted by someone without my consent. /shrug. Nothing I can do about it, though it's pretty disrespectful. My guides were all written specifically with this community in mind, not for Elysiums.
  12. Par for the course for that community. They have people stealing class guides etc. from here as well to repost there. Can't even complain or report it, since I was permabanned from Elysium forums for daring to defend Asura and Crestfall...
  13. A huge amount of faith is required to see this as a positive.
  14. Please don't use the work of the CM team as "evidence" that the main staff care(d) about the forum. While Darkrasp had some respect for certain posters, Asura has never cared about a single person using this site from day one. Not that he had to, caring about your community is not a pre-requisite to releasing a good server. Every single person using this forum is seen as an annoyance that has to be dealt with, rather than a person to be interacted with. In fact, i'm pretty convinced that one of the secondary reasons for the merge is that Asura didn't want to have to start dealing with people again, and was desperate for someone else to take that burden. As for the threat from Blizzard as a US citizen, it's absolutely right that he protects himself, his wife and his job before he gives any considerations to us. It's insane to expect people to ruin their lives for their hobby, and coding this is Asuras hobby, not a project of love. He does it when he wants to because he enjoys it. If he doesn't enjoy it or it becomes boring he takes a break. This isn't his job, and you can't expect him to treat it like one. Crogge is no saviour of CF either, his priority has long been Elysium, and nothing will change there.
  15. RIP Zul'Darians, what a community we could of been. Not saying that Elysium won't open a second PvE server on the PTE branch in the future (who knows at this point) but it seems unlikely since they already operate one. I know many of us were here particularly because it wasn't Elysium, so this news pretty much skewers any chance of a fresh PvE server for us any time soon, especially a PTE one. I for one have no intention of playing, contributing towards the testing of or even joining the forum over at Elysium. I'm going to take a break from the P-server scene entirely for a few years and recharge the batteries, see where things are further down the line. Will simply chalk this one down as yet another disappointing end to a promising project. See you all on reddit I guess.