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  1. As with anything, the answer to "what is the correct choice for X" usually depends on the situation and the gear available. Theoretically I could put together a naked comparison for every level, but it would be prohibitively time intensive. You're overriding point is correct though, the lower your white damage, the closer the two skills perform. As you gear up, FB becomes worse, until you reach end game, where FB will always be better.
  2. It came out on December 26th, people have been online since then! Join us, all you need to do is guess the server login details and figure out how to make an account. The first server to run that requires solving a puzzle to join!
  3. You're on the list
  4. Sorry I missed this post. If you clarify faction i'll add you to the list. Sounds fine, if you clarify your faction i'll add you to the list.
  5. Welcome!
  6. This is only for the launch. On the beta realm we can instantly spawn anything we need to test tradeskills.
  7. Essentially, no. The first wave of WoW emulation devs literally created the first emulation software for these servers. Vanilla servers were popping up while the content was still current, not running on 1.12.1. The second wave of devs either started working on TBC, or were taught what was going on by that first, initial wave of coders who created the emulation code bases we still use today. The very first reverse engineering began during the WoW alpha, with the first leak of the client coming before blizzard had even formally announced the game existed. Most of the people involved in the first wave of emulators were Everquest addon developers and early day crackers/hackers. In the first year of WoW we had; Stormcraft Rift Future WoW Team Python Khaos Vibe WoWDaemon Each of those was an individual and separate 'core', worked on by coders who were literally re-engineering the game as Blizzard created it. Nearly none of those people are around on the scene any more. Now, compared to modern emulators, they were rudimentary at best. Stormcraft could handle about 200 people at max load, Python introduced many of the GM commands used in modern emulators, Rift had working chat including chat between continents, things like that. A lot of these emulators were abandoned before they had even the most cursory spell systems (Python had less than 10 working spells IIRC), no quest scripting, barely working combat with mainly auto attacks only. I distinctly remember Pyhton advertising as one of the first emulators to have working item vendors for example... Nearly all of thse projects died to either Blizzard C&D (Vibe, Khaos and the emulation site GOTWOW?), internal staff disagreements or staff jumping to another project and stealing core material (Rift, Python, WoWDaemon) or just falling apart as teams realized they would need to do near yearly rewrites of the whole core to keep up with the new teams popping up (Python). Around this time is when WoWEmu and Blizzhackers got into a rather public doxxing/leaking war (that puts the recent Elysium or Kronos/Nost drama to shame), with the two largest and "best" private servers actively hacking each other and leaking each others cores on a monthly basis, compromising each others databases, etc. This eventually led to both servers dying. This is now a good time to quote someone from Ownedcore from 2009, lamenting the "death" of the scene. Sound familiar? He's talking about the same ascent base the CF team is using today, the same Mangos base used by devs today. The devs who actually made those cores? They left the scene close to 10 years ago. Have a little read of this. It corroborates most of the info from above, though I'm not sure how reliable a post it is, it is a 8 year old post complaining about how many devs have dropped out of the emulation scene. Now consider how many even from then are still around now.
  8. It's a minor NDA break and a minor leak, but it will make some people happy.
  9. Without breaking NDA: Much of work is currently being done by Asura (core), Gorbulas (Database) and Darkrasp (core) as the other devs are busy with college exams etc. This will go the other way once their spring break period starts and we ramp up towards release. We have 7 devs, 4 are currently busy IRL. We're reporting more than three people can easily fix, from a testers PoV, things are mostly fine. I say mostly, because we all wish we were still college students who could spend 18 hours a day testing and have reports done for every issue on the realm in 6 weeks. Reworking doesn't seem to be difficult, at least not for Asura. He can literally rewrite entire systems on the fly in a day or two, have them functional and implemented within a week. Part of the delay seems to come down to the fact he is so anal about the code base, and nearly everything written in the original ascent doesn't live up to his standards. I think they misjudged just how much that would end up rewriting. Most of the devs involved with coding the initial emulation releases moved on. First they moved on to TBC and WotLK, and then, as inter server drama, a toxic community and the amount of time spent in the emulation scene impacted on everyone, they slowly left. There are very, very few people who worked on the original code left in the scene, and I don't believe any of them are 'active' in the traditional sense. Probably less than 10 people total nowadays. Now, they are spread out across various realms and forums. Most of the devs we have nowadays are self taught from the mangos or trinitycore bases, which is why nearly every server runs stock core + hack fixes, most of them don't know enough to go in and actually rewrite the parts of the core that aren't up to scratch. So you get another band aid fix to cover a gaping wound. One of the reasons we was so excited about CF is that Asura has been in the scene for around 8 years and is a dev in his day job, which means he is spending a ~10 hour day coding, coming home, and spending his hobby time coding. Probably the reason why is so frequently bad tempered, and certainly the reason for his arrogance. So we have the current situation. The devs from the old days are mostly gone or MIA for long periods. Most of the first, second and third waves of devs have packed their bags and left the scene after drama, burnout or simply losing interest with WoW (it's 11 years old now) and the devs that are left are the current crop. Even Asura with all his experience is a second or third wave WoW emulation dev. As to the second part of the dev question, it is also about people not only being incapable and having to learn (which happens to all of us when we start new jobs after all), but that it takes a lot of time (20+ hours a week, unpaid, weekly, otherwise the "fans" rage at you) and no one can afford to trust an unknown any more. Any new dev that joined CF would not be given core access for at least a year, if not longer, because they cannot be trusted not to leak the core or set up their own server. This also applies to mangos realms, since everyone is fighting for essentially the same finite population pool.
  10. Ah, it's impossible to tell sometimes with text!
  11. You don't need a response from the GM team, they don't set server rules or make decisions, they implement and follow the rules. You need a response from an admin. That is unlikely to be forthcoming until closer to release.
  12. Appreciate how long this might take them to implement. Would you like a release this year or next year? Something allegedly "simple" like the clustering technology (having kalimdor/EK/instances) on different server has thrown up plenty of bugs. You don't know what this could cause.
  13. I only ever really played Oomkin in Ulduar, and went back to tanking as soon as I could. They're not something I know a huge amount about, and most of my jabs at them are purely tongue in cheek and mostly used for irritating @Outstanding.
  14. You echo many of my own frustrations and disappointments with the project.
  15. None of which I condone, none of which I have participated in. There is literally no reason for you to be at odds with me, beyond the fact we play on different project I suppose. In fact, this is (to my knowledge) the first time we've interacted since Feenix, and that was never more than me asking a couple of questions on your Ret guide on their forum. I'll reiterate however, coming here and flaming our admins (working on your own server) is counterproductive, as is this asinine flame war (from both sides).