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  1. Derp. Completely went over my head. So focussed on being "staff" and "On message" nowadays. Pored over the Q&A to try and see what he was on about.
  2. I'm not saying I'd cut you. But i'm not not saying it either.
  3. I figured most people would get it, but I wanted to make sure just in case. It only takes one rumour of "Crestfall is removing RFD from Vanilla" to go around and i'll be stuck doing PR on reddit for a week
  4. People saying "Remove RFD" mean Random Dungeon Finder and have the letters the wrong way around, no one is advocating for removing entire dungeons. Even if they were, that is something that would not happen under any circumstances.
  5. If you add that as a question in this thread I'll make sure it gets a full, detailed developer response in Q&A 3. That isn't unblizzlike changes we're making though, we believe we have the first fully blizzlike loot database that isn't just a rip from an old online database, as well as having the first server that will have fully blizzlike drop templates and tables.
  6. Welcome to Crestfall! Currently, things we have confirmed we are looking at include; Solo Dire Maul Tribute farming. Solo DM lasher farming. Black Lotus spawn points. Ungoro Devilsaur spawn points and patrols. For the examples you listed, any time you safe spot a mob it is exploiting, so the Uldaman example is a known issue that will (hopefully) be fixed before release, the same as pulling the boss outside the room and up the stairs on Mangos realms usually gives you an add free fight. Pullinh Incendius from the ledges above would NOT be an exploit, since he can still path to you and fight. Currently we have no plans for releasing with an opened store. This is a last resort contingency plan in case donations do not cover the server costs. Ideally, we will never have to sell a single TCG item. Currently, we have not yet made a final design decision regarding how we will implement possible World" channels. Our GM team is currently finalizing our rules and ToS for each realm, but it will be likely that interference with world bosses on the PvE realm will be an offence that will result in some sort of punishment. The full rules will be published before release. For the PvP realm, x-faction, anything goes. Same faction abuse will likely also result in some form of punishment. It is possible that we will do a similar contest as Blizzard did, as we are planning on releasing at the 1.3 patch with no battlegrounds or honour system available.
  7. Hello and welcome, thank you for your interest in Crestfall! Our expected server caps are going to be around 5k. While on a technical level our core can handle upwards of 15k without a noticeable performance hit, we have no interest in re-balancing the game to allow for that many concurrent players. Asura is perfectly fine with having "low but stable population". We have contingency plans for opening additional servers if they are warranted, and then merging them at a later date should they depopulate. We will not, under any circumstances, operate with servers of caps of 6k or more. This is one of the reasons release is taking the time that it is. Preliminary work is already being done on TBC, and we are working to release with every patch implementation scripted and tested up to AQ. That would mean the team being able to mostly work on Naxx at release, with junior devs handling any bugs found once we do release. There are still two testing phases to come, with closed beta PvP and open beta. Because this was always the intention of the project. It is not and never has been, a Vanilla only project. If that is what you are after, there are multiple projects out now that would suit you better. Many of our developers favourite expansions are later, and we fundamentally believe that the best way to maintain a balanced population is to have the project be PTE from day 1. On top of this, is the challenge. The only other server to come close to what we are doing is Primal, and they doing something very different with their Vanilla/TBC versions being on a WotLK core. Currently, you can expect what we believe will be the most faithful, difficult and accurate representation of Vanilla yet released, with a Blizzlike+ balance ethos. Eventually though, the team will move on to working on other expansions, the population will move on, and if you expect to play here on a single expansion in the long term, you will have to come to terms with that. This is not a Vanilla project.
  8. Welcome!
  9. I don't get the reference.
  10. All decisions are made by Asura after consultation with the other devs, testers, and finally, should it be a significant decision, with input from the forum community here. At the end of the day however, Asura is king, and what he wants is what happens. Decisions far ahead multiple expansions down the line haven't been talked about yet. I doubt he's given it more than a fleeting thought at this point, and certainly he isn't going to commit to anything in an expansion he hasn't started working on. Unfortunately, long term promises about potential future content is not something that is going to be given out. As I said in my post above, those are my personal opinions on things the team may discuss changing further down the line.
  11. Crestfall has moved some way from the pure "Blizzlike" moniker. We're Blizzlike+, Blizzlike is the base, but we will make any changes we see fit for the long term health and betterment of the server.
  12. The following is my personal opinion, and does not reflect what will happen further down the line; I could very well see us changing some raid tiers in WotLK. Extending how long Ulduar is out for before releasing ToC (and making ToC last much less time), as well as removing tier gear from justice/valour badges. I could also see us disabling LFR and LFD.
  13. This isn't the place for this conversation. Please keep it to discussion of either the Q&A answers, or supplying further questions for Q&A3. Please make a new thread if you want to carry on the discussion regarding fine tuning raid difficulty, though I will remind everyone to keep respectful. I'm pleased that you all behaved yourself above, but please take it to a different thread and stay on topic.