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  1. He quit a while ago.
  2. Wildhammer was always awful though.
  3. Resto shamans are the least played of those two classes. Druid is the least played class on either faction though.
  4. Impossible, in the same way it's impossible to tell what Elysiums live audience is with the amount of botters there. If you wont take servers front page stats, then there is no way to compare them. However, at a glance, there are fourtysix (46) other servers emulating Vanilla->WoD with populations ranging from 10 players to ~10,000 players. Elysium is the largest single project, hands down, and I never argued otherwise. It's still tiny when you compare it to the amount of people not playing there.
  5. Except they aren't the flagship, not by a long way. They're the flagship of Vanilla only. More people have never played on Nost/Elysium than have played there. Just from a casual glance around the other active servers, there's 4-5x the population of Elysium on other servers. It really doesn't deserve the status it has. The movement for Legacy servers goes far beyond any single project. Including this one.
  6. Welcome!
  7. Why? The team don't owe anyone a god damn thing. They don't owe me anything, they don't owe you anything, they don't owe Outstanding anything and they sure as shit don't owe anyone joining this week just to stir shit anything. This isn't Elysium. Bringing Elysium drama here to try and bash the devs with should frankly see these new accounts scrubbed from the forum.
  8. Started happening to me about 48 hours ago.
  9. I know Asura was looking at specifically buying a mac just to test this when he codes it. I have no idea if he has bought it yet, or if he has started coding it yet, though.
  10. Thoughts? You're on the wrong forum for this.
  11. Oh fuck off Xav, one typo in all the thousands of words I type and you have to jump on it? Anus. <3
  12. I think you leaked the PlayTBC database, and should be banned from ever playing on any Legacy Network Server. You see how "people think he did it" is a shite way of policing, well, anything in life? As I said before; this is the only bit that is relevant to the discussion, the only thing provable, and the thing that should have meant he was never taken on to the team in the first place. It still doesn't mean he can meaningful impact on Legacy Crusade or Crestfall, since he's a forum moderator, but it proves he has compromised one of our affiliate partners and as such should be removed from the team.
  13. Where am I being aggressive? Certainly not towards you. The ownus is on the accuser to provide proof. Without it, you're spouting baseless claims. You might as well be claiming the reason Nost stopped working with Elysium is because Shenna sold the Nostalrius database to the US feds. Just because there's no proof doesn't mean he hasn't done it, but absence of proof also means you can't prove that he did.