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  1. Not that I want to steal your thunder, but.....
  2. Druid DPS and Tanking - BiS Gear List (AQ40/Naxx/Resistances) and DPS Theorycrafting Bear Helm: Guise of the Devourer - AQ40 - Bug Trio. Neck: Mark of C'Thun - AQ40 - C'thun Shoulders: Highlander's/Defiler's Leather Shoulders - AV Exalted (PvP) Back: Cryptfiend Silk Cloak - Naxxramas - Anub'Rekhan Chest: Ghoul Skin Tunic - Naxxramas - Trash Wrists: Technically Polar Bracers - Naxxramas - are BiS for pure mitigation, but I prefer Qiraji Execution Bracers - AQ40 - Emperor Vek'lor - which are nearly the same (+1 armour, -5 Stamina, +4 Agility) but generate significantly more threat. Hands: Gloves of the Hidden Temple - AQ40 - Emperor Vek'nilash Waist: Thick Qirajihide Belt - AQ40 - Battleguard Sartura Legs: Sentinel's/Outrider's Leather Pants - WSG Exalted (PvP) Feet: Hive Tunneler's Boots - AQ40 - Fankriss Fingers: Ring of Emperor Vek'lor - AQ40 - Emperor Vek'lor & Signet of the Fallen Defender - Naxxramas - Instructor Razuvious Trinkets: Mark of Tyranny - Blackrock Mountain (Quest) & Smoking Heart of the Mountain - (crafted Enchanting 265) Idols: Idol of Brutality - Stratholme - Magistrate Barthilas Weapons: Warden Staff - World Drop Cat Helm: Wolfshead Helm - Crafted - if Powershifting, otherwise Southwind Helm - AQ20 - Moam Neck: Prestor's Talisman of Connivery - BWL - Nefarion Shoulders: Mantle of Wicked Revenge - AQ40 - Fankriss Back: Cloak of the Fallen God - AQ40 - C'thon Chest: Ghoul Skin Tunic - Naxxramas - Trash Wrists: Qiraji Execution Bracers - AQ40 - Emperor Vek'lor Hands: Gloves of Enforcement - AQ40 - Battleguard Sartura Waist: Belt of Never-ending Agony - AQ40 - C'thun Legs: Leggings of Apocalypse - Naxxramas - Four Horsemen Feet: Boots of the Vanguard - AQ20 - General Rajaxx Fingers: Circle of Applied Force - BWL - Flamegor & Might of Cenarius - Silithus Redesign (Quest) Stalwart's Battlegear Trinkets: Drakefang Talisman - BWL - Ebonroc & Slayer's Crest - Naxxramas - Sapphiron Idols: Idol of Ferocity - Blackrock Depths - Roccor Weapons: Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian - Naxxramas - (Quest) is technically BiS, but far out of reach for most. Unless you can get this, The End of Dreams - Naxxramas - Grobbulus is Best in Slot. Theorycrafting the best race for DPS & Tanking @Darkrasp was kind enough to give me screengrabs of pure naked level 60 Druid stats, allowing us to use the above BiS DPS gear list to give us our total end game stats. As we can see, both races are close to identical at end game stats when naked. Taurens have a minor AP advantage (((70*2)*1.2)+(55*1) 223AP in Cat with 5/5 HotW for a Tauren vs ((62*2)*1.2 + (65*1) 213.8 for a Night Elf), Night Elves have a minor Crit advantage (3.25% naked vs 2.75% for a Tauren). The total stats in absolute BiS (powershifting) are; Strength: 159 Agility: 192 Stamina: 160 Intellect: 18 Spirit: 10 Hit%: 4 Crit%: 5 Additional AP: 142 Weapon Damage AP (1 damage = 14AP): +4 (56 AP) Feral AP: 305 Including the extra 3% crit from Leader of the Pack, that gives us a Cat Form (1.2*Strength) self buffed (MotW +12 all stats) total of; Night Elf Tauren Strength: 279.6 (559.2 AP) 289.2 (578.4 AP) Agility: 257 (257 AP) 247 (247 AP) Stamina: 229*10 = +2290 HP (232*10)*1.05 = +2436 HP Intellect: 118 = +1180 mana 113 = +1130 mana Spirit: 120 122 Hit%: 4% 4% Crit%: 5% natural + 5% + (257*0.05) +3% = 25.85% 5% natural + 5% + (247*0.05) +3% = 25.35% Additional AP: 142 142 Feral AP: 305 305 DPS Night Elf: 1263.2 AP & 25.85% crit chance. Tauren: 1272.4 AP & 25.35% crit chance. As you can see, theoretical self buffed top end stats are nearly identical, with a 9.2 AP difference and a 0.5% crit difference. This means our theoretical best end game DPS will rely on the buffs each faction can bring. Horde: +100 AP (Trueshot Aura), Strength of Earth Totem +77 Strength ((77*2)*1.2) 184.8 AP, Grace of Air Totem +77 Agility (77*1) 77 AP & 3.85% crit chance, Druids in feral forms DO NOT BENEFIT FROM WINDFURY TOTEM. Alliance: +100 AP (Trueshot Aura), Blessing of Kings (10% all stats), Blessing of Might +185 AP, This gives us total of; Horde: + 361.8 AP & 3.85% crit chance. Alliance: + 285 AP static, plus an additional Strength = (279.6*0.1)*2 = 55.92 AP, Agility = (257*0.1)*1 = 25.7 AP, Agility = (257*0.1)*0.05 = 1.285% crit. This gives us a melee buffed total (without consumables) of; Night Elf: 1629.82 AP & 27.135% crit chance. Tauren: 1634.2 AP & 29.2% crit chance. Using 14AP = 1 DPS and 1% crit = 1 DPS, this means the Tauren has an innate advantage over the Night Elf of; 0.31 DPS from AP and 2.065 DPS from crit, for a total advantage of 2.375 DPS. Therefore, it doesn't matter which race you choose for DPS. Personal consumable usage and your raids buff stacking (uptime on blessings and totems) will have more of an effect on your theoretical max DPS than your race choice. Tanking Using the above BiS list, we can calculate the numbers for our tanking set as follows; Strength: 110 Agility: 148 Stamina: 279 Intellect: 0 Spirit: 0 Hit%: 4 Crit%: 3 Dodge%: 4 Defense Skill: 36 Armour: 2938 Including the extra 3% crit from Leader of the Pack, that gives us a Bear Form (1.2*Stamina) self buffed (MotW +12 all stats) total of; Night Elf Tauren Strength: 172 = 344 AP 180 = 360 AP Agility: 225 = 0 AP 203 = 0 AP Stamina: 360*12 = +4320 HP (351*12)*1.05 = +4422.6 HP Intellect: 100 = +1000 mana 95 = +950 mana Spirit: 120 122 Hit%: 4% 4% Crit%: 5% natural + 3% + (213*0.05) +3% = 21.65% 5% natural + 3% + (203*0.05) +3% = 21.15% Dodge%: 4 + 1 + (213/20) = 20.65% 4 + (203/20) = 19.15% Armour: 2938+(2938*3.5) + (225*2) = 13,671 2938+(2938*3.5) + (203*2) = 13,627 Combining Health by Armour gives us a very rough value of; Night Elf: 4320 + 13,671 = 17,991 "points". Tauren: 4422.6 + 13,627 = 18,049.6 "points". When we factor in Dodge at the rate of 1% dodge =100 "points", that gives us; Night Elf: 4320 + 13,671 + 16.65% dodge chance. = 19,656 "points". Tauren: 4422.6 + 13,627 + 15.15% dodge chance. = 19,615.8 "points". As you can see, theoretical self buffed top end stats are nearly identical, with a 253.8 HP difference and a 1.5% dodge difference. This means our theoretical best end game effectiveness will rely on the buffs each faction can bring. Horde: Grace of Air Totem +77 Agility (77*s) 154 Armour & 3.85% dodge chance. Alliance: Blessing of Kings (10% all stats), Agility = 213*1.10 = 234.3 = 21.3*2 = 42.6 Armour Boost & 213*1.10 = 21.3/20 = 1.065% dodge boost, Stamina = (360*12)*1.10 = +432 HP. This gives us a tanking buffed total (without consumables) of; Night Elf: 4752 HP + 13,689.6 Armour + 16.715% Dodge chance. Tauren: 4573.8 HP + 13,781 Armour + 18% Dodge chance. Using 1 HP = 1 point, 1 Armour = 1 point and 1% dodge = 100 points , this means the Tauren has an innate advantage over the Night Elf of; Night Elf: 20,113.1 "points". Tauren: 20,154.8 "points". Or a difference of 41.7 effective "tank points". Therefore, it doesn't matter which race you choose for Tanking. Personal consumable usage and your raids buff stacking (uptime on blessings and totems) will have more of an effect on your theoretical max Effective Health than your race choice. Resistance Fights There are many resistance based fights in Vanilla, though the importance of Resistance gear is usually over-emphasized, due to the difference it makes during early progression (mandatory) compared to when you have things on farm status (no raid in T3 needs a max FR geared tank for Ragnaros for example). There are fewer fights that require maxed resistances than many people remember. The maximum resistance cap is 315 (including buffs) and that reduces your incoming damage from that source by around 75%. It is important to note that on a correctly working server that not all buffs stack with one another. On a correctly working server with blizzlike buff stacking, Aura's, Shaman Totems, raid buffs like Gift of the Wild and Prayer of Shadow Protection and Magic Resistance Potions DO NOT STACK WITH EACH OTHER. Only the highest is used (usually the +60 aura or aspect). As a general rule, some resistance is always better than none, so if you don't significantly outgear the fire damage that is incoming then it is worth it to wear whatever you have, even if you dont reach the 315 cap. This is where Bears really come into their own, since most Resistance gear consists of Armour, Stamina and the resistance. Warrior tanks are usually at a disadvantage here, as they lose much of their +defense bonus, it is usually a juggling act to try and maintain as much defense as they can with the resistance. For us, Stamina and Armour are our two main tanking stats, allowing us to tank at full effectiveness even in a Resistance set. Our innate higher health pools and threat generation also allows us to significantly boost our effectiveness in these encounters. Fire Resistance Fire resistance is needed on several bosses, mainly when tanking Ragnaros (MC), Vaelastrasz the Corrupt (BWL) and Onyxia (315) especially before your healers are geared. While it is possible to tank without FR gear, you will need to generally overgear the instance significantly to do so. With one Aura (60), a Juju (15) and both enchants (40) you will need a total of 200 Fire Resistance on your gear in order to reach the FR cap. Helm: Molten Helm (+29) - Crafted (leatherworking) Neck: Drakefire Amulet (+15) - (Quest) Onyxia Attunement Shoulders: Fireguard Shoulders (+22) - MC - Majordomo Executus Back: Wildfire Cape (+20) - UBRS - Pyroguard Emberseer is technically BiS with the highest FR, but Onyxia Scale Cloak (+16) is mandatory for several bosses in BWL, and the difference between them is negligible. Chest: Black Ash Robe (cloth) (+30) - BWL - Firemaw Wrists: Cinderhide Armsplints (+10) with Stamina - BRD - Incendius Hands: Flarecore Gloves (cloth) (+25) - Crafted (tailoring) Waist: Lave Belt (+26) - Crafted (leatherworking) Legs: Volcanic Leggings (+20) - Crafted (leatherworking) Feet: Corehound Boots (+24) - Crafted (leatherworking) Fingers: Opal Ring (+22) - World Drop, not unique, wear 2x if needed. Trinkets: Onyxia Blood Talisman (+15) - Onyxia & Blazing Emblem (+15) - World Drop. Idols: None Weapons: Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros (+30) - MC - Ragnaros is technically BiS, but also unlikely for you to get. Elemental Mage Staff (+20) - World Drop is next BiS, but also expensive and with no stats of real usefulness on it. That makes Finkle's Lava Dredger (+15) - MC - Majordomo Executus the most reasonable drop to get. Enchants: +20 FR on helm, +20 FR on legs, +15 FR on Cloak. Buffs: Mark of the Wild (20), Shaman Totem (60), Paladin Aura (60), Juju Ember (15) Since we want to maximise the amount of FR we get per peace of equipment (allowing us to wear normal tank drops in other slots) while minimising the amount of cloth drops we wear and maximising aura bonuses and enchants, we get the following list to reach 315; Aura/Totem: +60, Juju +15, meaning we need 240 resistance from gear to reach cap. Helm: +49 (75+49 = 124) Neck: +15 (139) Shoulders: +22 (161) Cloak: +31 (192) Waist: +26 (218) Legs: +40 (258) Feet: +24 (282) Finger x1: +22 (304) Weapon: +15 (319 - capped) This shows we can reach FR cap with just 9 pieces of gear, without needing to wear any of the cloth BiS pieces from BWL. This means our list can all be crafted before we reach Ragnaros. When we compare our gear list above to the comparable stage Warrior gear list of; Helm: Dark Iron Helm (+35) Neck: Drakefire Amulet (+15) Shoulders: Dark Iron Shoulders (+10) Back: Onyxia Scale Cloak (+16) Chest: Dark Iron Plate (+19) Wrists: Dark Iron Bracers (+19) Hands: Dark Iron Gauntlets (+28) Waist: Belt of Might (+7) Legs: Dark Iron Leggings (+30) Feet: Dark Iron Boots (+30) Fingers: Opal Ring (+22 x2) Trinkets: Onyxia Blood Talisman (+15) & Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas (+10) Weapons: Draconian Deflector (+10) If we take the same list as Bears in order to maximise FR while minimizing the amount of pieces being worn we have; Aura/Totem: +60, Juju +15, meaning we need 240 resistance from gear to reach cap. Helm: +55 (75+55 = 130) Neck: +15 (145) Back: +31 (176) Wrists: +19 (195) Legs: +50 (245) Feet: +30 (275) Finger x1: +22 (297) Trinket x2: +25 (322 - capped) We now see that it looks like Druids have a disadvantage, in that Warriors also only need to wear 9 pieces of gear and they are naturally stronger tanks. In reality though, due to the lack of stats on warrior gear compared to druid gear, we actually have a significant advantage. Totalling the Stamina and Armour from each above set (the important parts, since neither will be defence capped in the above gear) and including the warrior 10% damage reduction (ignoring the 10% bonus armour from talents since both will have it), we get; Druid: (111*12) 1,332 Health + 905+(905*3.6) 4,163 armour = 5,495 "points" from our resistance set. Warrior: ((58*10) 580 health + 2928 armour) * 1.10 (defensive stance) = 3,858.8 "points" from their resistance set. As you can see from the above scores, Bear tanks have a significant advantage when tanking resistance based damage (+1636.2 in the example above). This is the case with every resistance set. Bears are the kings of Resistance tanking, except on fights where the enemy has significant crushing/critting auto attacks, such as Princess Huhuran during Enrage at 30%. Nature Resistance Nature resistance is useful for many fights in Ahn'Qiraj, however it is only truly mandatory for 15 players on Princess Huhuran for Poison Bolt soaking. It can be worth using it on everyone in case of deaths and to reduce the damage from her Noxious Poison ability.. Nature resistance is harder to get, since it does not have a corresponding Juju, Paladin Aura or Shaman Totem. Hunters however supply an equal (60) aspect, so you will require a hunter in every Tank/Melee group. Helm: Bramblewood Helm (+30) - Crafting (leatherworking) Neck: Amulet of Foul Warding (+20) - AQ40 - Prophet Skeram Shoulders: Unnatural Leather Spaulders (+25) - World Boss - Taerar Back: Green Dragonskin Cloak (+20) - World Boss - Dragons of Nightmare, Gaea's Embrace (+20) is much easier to get, as it is crafted by leatherworkers. Chest: Robes of the Triumvirate (+30) - AQ40 - Bug Trio Wrists: Beetle Scaled Wristguards (+15) - AQ40 - Prophet Skeram Hands: Bild-Covered Gauntlets (+20) - AQ40 - Bug Trio (Yauj) Waist: Belt of the Dark Bog (+25) - World Boss - Lethon Legs: Cenarion Reservists Leggings (+25) - Quest - Armaments of War Feet: Bramblewood Boots (+25) - Crafting (leatherworking) Fingers: Opal Ring x2 (+22) - World Drop - non unique Trinkets: Loathebs Reflection (+13) - Naxxramas - Loatheb or Heart of Noxxion x2 (+10) - Maraudon - Noxxion - non unique Idols: None Weapons: Technically Staff of Rampant Growth (+20) - World Boss - Dragons of Nightmare is BiS, but it would be ridiculous to take that from a healer. Glowing Brightwood Staff - World Drop is much more realistic. Enchants: +10 NR Helm, +10 NR Legs, Buffs: Mark of the Wild (20), Aspect (60) Frost Resistance Helm: Polar Helm (+44) - Naxxramas - Gothik the Harvester Neck: Touch of Frost (+24) - Naxxramas - Anub'rekhan Shoulders: Polar Shoulder Pads (+33) - Naxxramas - Faerlina Back: Glacial Cloak (+24) - Crafting (tailoring) Chest: Polar Tunic (+40) - Crafting (leatherworking) Wrists: Polar Bracers (+20) - Crafting (leatherworking) Hands: Polar Gloves (+ 30) - Crafting (leatherworking) Waist: Frostbite Girdle (+10) - Scholomance - Ras Frostwhisper Legs: Polar Leggings (+40) - (Quest) - Naxxramas Feet: Frostsaber Boots (+12) - Crafting (leatherworking) Fingers: Ramaladni's Icy Grip (+25) - (Quest) - Naxxramas Trinkets: Loatheb's Reflection (+13) - Naxxramas - Loatheb & Stormpike Insignia R6 - Exalted AV (PvP) Idols: None Weapons: Again, Elemental Mage Staff (+20) - World Drop - is technically BiS, But Hydrocane (+15) - Gnomeregan - Viscidous - is much easier to farm and very close to EMS in stats. The ilvl makes no difference, since we don't use weapon damage for our dps. Enchants: +10 FR Helm, +5 FR Shoulders, +10 FR Legs, Buffs: Mark of the Wild (20), Totem (60), Aura (60), Juju Chill (15)
  3. You mean like this? http://db.vanillagaming.org/?spell=20127 Shit talents are a Blizzlike staple.
  4. Goddamn liar. Shady staff bois, ded survur.
  5. More than I should, less than I could.
  6. We're not allowed to say anything really. It's good, it's not ready yet, keep waiting patiently. More news soonTM
  7. I have hours and hours of beta footage. I just can't share it.
  8. A Grizzly Situation - Feral Druid 1.12.1 (PvE, tanking and DPS) i. Contents Intro. Tips, Tricks, Addons and Info for new Ferals. Stats, Race and Effective Health. Gearing your Feral, release, DM and AV. Builds. Consumables. Thanks and Raid Logs. 1. Intro This will pawsibly be the greatest guide I've ever written. Please Bear with me, as it has some serious length (said the archbishop) and you'll need to read the entire thing to get a solid overview of the class. Some people might kitten on to the amount of bad puns in this guide, and think they detract from the document. However with a cattitude like that they're probably in the wrong place. Prepare yourselves, I will koala-fy you to play this class the right way. Phew, with that out of my system, let us move on. Most people who want to play feral will hear that you're only there to buff crit on the Rogues and Warriors, provide Innervate for the healers, your DPS sucks and you can't tank anything that isn't a 5 man dungeon. Not true, especially in the early part of gearing. Step one. Identify who your main 'competitors' are. Everyone compares us to Rogues (both wear leather, both do dps), without factoring in the differences between the classes, gearing, and the extra utility we bring to a raid. Rogues certainly can't tank the amount of encounters we can for example, especially in a clutch environment. So many people seem to focus around having the exact, perfectly reliable 40 people needed with perfect class representation for each encounter. Doesn't happen, and no guild running content with less than 40 players will turn down a dedicated and effective player. The other 'Hybrids' of Vanilla are; Warriors Priests Paladins Shamans Comparing what we bring to a raid compared to what the DPS specs of those classes bring, we have; Wipe Protection – So called 'Battle Rez' Raid Buffs – Mark of the Wild, Thorns, Leader of the Pack, Innervate Dispelling – Dispel Curse. You will be decursing every raid, most bosses. Off Tanking and DPS from one spec, tanking/dps and healing from one spec with 0/30/20 +1 build. While other Hybrids can bring some of these, none of them can bring all of them in one set of gear and one spec. In relation to the other classes, presuming equal levels of gear, we sit; Less DPS than a Fury Warrior. Equal DPS to an Arms Warrior, Elemental Shaman or Shadow Priest. More DPS than a Ret Paladin. Substantially more DPS than an Enhancement Shaman. This is a basic table, that depends highly on the gearing situation. For example, when first entering MC in a raid in blues/greens, a well itemised Druid can do significantly more dps than some pures. However, as other classes push ahead with Tier drops and especially weapon drops, we will start to fall behind. It is not unusual to find a Druid doing the same DPS as other hybrids but being 6-8 ilvls behind, this is due to the fact that until AQ40 comes, there simply aren't that many truly top tier Druid drops. We scale excellently, but between early game blues and end game (AQ/Naxx) epics there aren't that many drops for us. Druids are probably the best hybrids in the game, and there are 4 builds that you can take into PvE as a Feral and do reasonable with. However, it is important to note that to be an effective feral, you need to be able to swap between tank, dps and sometimes healer within the same dungeon. You cannot expect to just heal or just tank, if you set yourself up to do just one thing, you will struggle to find groups or a guild. A good feral is a boon to any guild, a bad feral who is blinded into just one role is a wasted spot. This is especially true in 1.12.1, since we get the 1.2.0 (65%-180% armour on bear form, 125% to 360% from Dire Bear form.), 1.4.0 (Shapeshifting removes Polymorph) and 1.6.0 (Shapeshifting removes Slows) to our Bear spec. Many detractors from early wow remember Bears trying to tank before these buffs, 1.2.0 was a significant boost to our survivability. 2. Tips, Tricks, Addons and Info for new Ferals. Hands down probably the best Addon for a Druid is RogueFocus. Ignore the name, it works for Druids as well. Gives you a small movable bar that shows your current combo points, current energy, and most importantly, a tick timer similar to Energy Watch, all in one package. The energy ticker is the critical part, as it allows you to check when to shapeshift for maximising Feral DPS. You wait til you are 0 Energy, then shift out of form and back into form before the next 'tick' of energy, this will give you 40 energy from Furor, 20 from Wolfshead Helm, and then 20 from the tick as you shift, giving you 80 energy from 0 in 2 seconds. We should all thank @Roadblock for backporting it and posting the link on his Github account. Chance on Hit: Enchants (eg Crusader) and Weapons (shooting shadow bolts, chance to cause bleed, etc.) that state "Chance on Hit to X" do not work when shape shifted. Equip: Items that state "Equip: Chance on Hit" that are not on a weapon do work when shape shifted. This includes things like Hand of Justice. Weapon Base Damage: Weapon damage has no effect on your damage in feral form. Weapon Enchants: Weapon enchants such as +Agility/Strength do apply when in feral form. Many people will be used to +damage enchants also working, with each point of damage being equal to ~14 AP. This means a max rolled 'of the Quality' weapon with +7 weapon damage is worth around 98 AP, or 40.8 Strength. However, this is a common Mangos bug that will not apply here. Weapon on use: Weapons with "on use" effects such as the Manual Crowd Pummeler do work. Weapon Skills: We do not need to level weapon skills when in Feral form, we are always considered to be max skill for our level. A level 60 Druid with 1 point of staff skill in Kitty form is presumed to have 300 weapon skill when usings claws. Armour: The armour 'cap' is 75% damage reduction. The tooltip can show more, but effectively any armour beyond that point is wasted, unless a boss has a sunder mechanic. 21,855 armour in Bear form gets you to the 75% cap. [SOURCE] Armour kits/enchants: Armour kits and armour enchants that give + armour do not scale multiplicative with the bonus armour in Bear form, instead they are additive. For example, if you have a cloak with 169 Armour like this, enchant it with +70 Armour, we would get, 169 + (169 * 1.8) + 70 = 543.2. This is further affected by Thick Hide (see below). Armour (Thick Hide): Thick Hide is a 5 point talent that adds 2% armour bonus per point. This is multiplicative, not additive. What this means is that at 5/5 points, you will receive the full extra 10% modifier for your total armour. In 1.12.1 in Bear Form the armour formula is X + (X * 1.8) + N, where X = armour value of an item and N = Armour enchant/kit. With Thick Hide this becomes (X + (X * 1.8) * 1.10) + N. To use the above example of the Elementium Threaded Cloak, this would become; (169 + (169 * 1.8) * 1.10) + 70 = 590.52 Armour. Threat: Bear Druids have the same threat modifiers as Warriors: 130% for Bear Form and Defensive Stance, or 149.5% if you have 5/5 Defiance or 5/5 Feral Instinct. Unlike Warriors however, our base tanking abilities do not have an additive threat component like Warriors, instead, they are multiplicative. Each point of damage done by Maul or Swipe does an additional 0.75 threat, before we take into account the form modifiers. For example, if a Maul does 200 damage, it does 200 * 1.75 = 350 threat, or 350*1.3 * 1.15 for a total of 523 threat when including Bear Form and 5/5 Feral Instinct. Threat: Since we do not have an additive threat component like Warriors, we do reduced threat against high armour enemies, and increased threat against low armour enemies. Crits greatly increase our threat. 3. Stats, Race and 'Effective Health' (level 60) Stamina: 1 Stamina = 10 health. Strength: 1 Strength = 2 Attack Power. Agility: 1 Agility = 1 Attack Power. 1 Attack Power = 1 DPS. Agility: 57 Agility = 1% Critical Strike Chance Intellect: 1 Intellect = 15 Mana. For DPS with at least 33% raid buffed crit chance or above; Hit (to 9%) > Strength > AP > Crit/Agility For DPS with less than 33% raid buffed crit chance; Hit ~(to 9%) > Agility > Str > Crit > AP For Tanking; Agility > Armour > Dodge/Stamina > Crit Tauren/Nelf are about on par when it comes to tanking, Taurens have more natural strength and HP, Nelfs have more natural Agility and the racial dodge, it evens out, and there isn't one 'pure race' to go. Feral DPS the Tauren has the minor advantage due to the bonus Strength, but it works out as just a few dps difference at 60. Effective Health is a term that cropped up during TBC and was especially relevant during the Stam stacking days of WotLK. It can still be 'reverse-applied' to Vanilla however, in simple terms, it is Health / (100-[the amount of % reduced by armor or DR (Damage Reduction)]) = Physical EHP. This gives you a basic idea of how much total damage an enemy needs to do in order to kill you outright, and will allow you to decide on upgrades in the late game when balancing Armour vs Stamina. Note; we do not lose out on Rage from dodges, so unlike Warriors we do not need to worry about Rage Starvation due to Dodge/Agility, we cannot parry. Stacking pure EH is a fine way to gear a Druid tank, especially for beginners. We calculate the (100-DR) using a decimal place scale, that means 100 is represented by 1, and your percentage is what you take away. 50% Damage reduction would therefore be 1 - 0.5 = 0.5. An example of EH; 5000hp, 50% Armour Damage Reduction, would become; 5000/((1-.5=)0.5)=10,000 This can be as complicated as can be without changing the way it works, for example; 7232hp and a 54.7 DR would be 7232/((1-.547=).453)=15,964.67 EH. You can then re-run the numbers increasing health/Armour and see which gives you the higher EH, letting you choose your upgrades more effectively. 4. Gearing your Feral, (release, DM and AV) The hard part about gearing a Druid in vanilla is how our itemisation works, we have awesome, excellent scaling, but awful gear options. Most Druid players gear like a Rogue, play like a Rogue, then wonder why their DPS is awful, hence perpetuating the 'lol druid feral dps is awful' stereotype. We only gain 1 AP per point of Agility. WE ONLY GAIN 1 AP PER POINT OF AGILITY. Similar to Shamans, we get all of our AP from Strength and +AP items. While a certain amount of Agility is desirable for crit (and Agi is usually on any piece of leather with strength on any way) we want to try and ensure a 2:1 ratio of Strength to Agility for DPS. The second mistake most inexperienced Druids make is swapping their weapon out for higher base damage. Weapon damage has no effect on Druid DPS, they are quite literally just stat sticks, nothing more, nothing less. A level 40 2hander with 20 Str will be of higher benefit to you for DPS than a lvl 60 epic with no Str but a higher damage range. WE ARE NOT ROGUES, DO NOT SPEND ALL YOUR DKP ON A WEAPON DROP. This section shows how to gear your feral on Crestfall, with the 'usual' pre-raid BiS list, tuned for how the guys are going to set up the staggered release of content. So, step one, what is the release scheduleprobably going to look like? Release (1.1.2): 8 debuff slot limit. Release with Maraudon available.(1.3.0) - Dire Maul & associated quests released., Kazzak and Azuregos released.(1.5.0) - Release Alterac Valley BG.(1.6.0) - BWL released.(1.7.0) - ZG released. 16 debuff slot limit implemented. (1.8.0) - Dragons of Nightmare and Silithus revamp.War Effort Completed (1.9.0) - AQ 20 & 40 released.(1.10.0) - Tier 0.5 quest line activated.(1.11.0) - Naxxramas released. This means, the initial push for Server Firsts and most peoples first Onyxia/MC raid clears will come before the release of Dire Maul and well before AV epics are available. This means most BiS pre-raid lists for existing Pservers are useless, since many current Pservers release either; a) with an incorrect patch sequence making them a funserver (ala Kronos) or b) are projects like Feenix that have high rates or instant cap mechanics to allow people into raiding quickly. Many such 'raid servers' release with ZG available from the start, meaning the usual BiS list from many existing servers of UBRS -> ZG -> 40m Raids is not only perverse (ZG should come after BWL) but also redundant for this realm. It will also drastically change many classes BiS lists, for example, it is not unusual for a caster to acquire full Bloodvine before being able to join a 40 man raid on many such 'raid servers'. Disclaimer: I'm not on the team, or affiliated with Crestfall. Release is subject to change, and while @Darkrasp has been very open to a proper release schedule, things might obviously change when the team settles down and thrashes out what they are going to do about patch content. This is a PvE guide, I will therefore discount any and all PvP gear except for the AV REP gear, since that doesn't require the PvP grind the rest of Vanilla PvP gear does. While each person will require their own stat weighting and analysis of how stats affect them, I've gone with the following basic rule of thumb to make for an easily comparable list. Bear: Armour > Stam > Agi > Hit/Dodge > Crit > Str Hit% - 9% to never miss an attack. Agility - 1 Agi = 2 Armour & 1 AP, ~20 Agi = 1% Dodge & 1% Crit. Stamina - 1 Stam = 10 HP, 12 HP with 5/5 Heart of the Wild (HotW) DR% = Armour / (Armour + 400 + 85 * (Attacker Level + 4.5 * (Attacker Level - 59))) Dodge% = 0.9% + (Agi / 20) + Miscellaneous Contributions + (Attacker's Attack Skill * 0.04) Kitty: Hit > Str > Agility > Crit > AP Hit% - 9% to never miss an attack. Agility - 1 Agi = 1AP, ~20 Agi = 1% Crit. Attack Power - ~14 AP = 1 DPS. Strength - 1 Str = 2 AP, 2.4 AP with 5/5 HotW. Notable Early Game Sets, Green Items and quest choices. The biggest choice in the early gearing stage for a feral druid to make is, Mark or Tyranny or Blackhands Breath? They are mutually exclusive quest rewards, and both are BiS for a long time (Tyranny is BiS full stop). The Stormshroud set is a reasonable early late game tanking set for Druids, depending on the price you can get it for and whether or not you want to grind the mats yourself. The energy regen is obviously useless, but the individual items have relatively decent armour and dodge. It really depends how much effort they are to get compared to the individual pieces in the list below, all of which will be superior than the Stormshroud items. Stormshroud has more value if you multi-role or hybridise more often, since you can use it for both tanking and dps. It's a good solo set for a feral druid alt. The Shadowcraft Rogue set is another very solid set. While technically designed for Rogues (and we cannot upgrade it to the fantastic T0.5) the set bonuses all work for us (energy proc obviously useless when tanking). If you are able to get a couple of pieces the 200 bonus armour is very nice while you are building out the rest of your set. 6 pieces of this set as a Kitty is a perfectly viable way to gear as your are building out your main DPS set. As @Aquane pointed out below, there are some Green items that with good rolls can outdo some of the starter gear on this list, similar to Mages BiS cloak in MC being the green cloak with +20 frost damage on it. Things to look out for include; Green "of the Tiger" boots with more Str/Agi than Sandstalker Ankleguards. Green "of the Tiger" prismatic rings with both Str/Agi on them. Release, Bear Helm - Bone Ring Helm - Rattlegore, Scholomance Neck - Talisman of Evasion - Warmaster Voone, LBRS while waiting to get Amulet of the Darkmoon - 1200 Darkmoon Faire tickets. Shoulder - Technically, Golden Mantle of the Dawn is BiS. However, it requires a high AD rep grind and relatively expensive mats for what it is, and is only marginally better than Atal'ai Spaulders (Stamina Variant) - ST Troll Miniboss. For starting Druids, the Stormshroud Shoulders (crafted) are viable if you are building towards a set bonus (2 or 4, 3 is only for cats). Due to the difficulty of farming Atal'ai Spaulders (drop %, not difficulty of the instance), Wyrmtongue Shoulders - Balnazzar, Stratholme Living is a more realistic easily farmable alternative. Back - Stoneshield Cloak is technically BiS, but it is a world drop. A more targettable drop is something like Shadow Prowler's Cloak - Drakkisath, UBRS. Chest - Technically Breastplate of Bloodthirst is BiS, but it requires a Pristine Hide. The craftable Warbear Harness is a much more easily targettable pre-raid item. Bracers - Malefic Bracers - Trash, Scholomance. Hands - Slaghide Gauntlets of the Monkey - Urok Doomhowl, LBRS are not replaced until AQ40, non-negotiable BiS. Waist - Frostbite Girdle - Ras Frostwhisper, Scholomance. Legs - Shadowcraft Pants - Baron Rivendare, Stratholme. Feet - Ash Covered Boots - Archivist Galford, Stratholme. Rings - Ring of Protection (quest) and Naglering - Golem Lord Argelmach, BRD. Trinkets - Mark of Tyranny (quest) and Smoking Heart of the Mountain (enchanting 265). Idol - Idol of Brutality- Magistrate Barthilas, Stratholme. Weapon - Warden Staff is the undisputed king, but it is also a very rare world drop and expensive to get. Twig of the World Tree is a more realistic first weapon, it's another world drop, but substantially more common and cheaper. It is perfectly acceptable to use a more DPS orientated weapon until DM releases and you can farm Unyielding Maul. Fist of Omokk - Highlord Omokk, LBRS is a good starting place. Release, Kitty Helm - If Powershifting - Wolfshead Helm - Crafted If NOT powershifting - Eye of Rend - Rend, UBRS Neck - Mark of Fordring - In Dreams, Fordring Questline, EPL. while waiting to get Amulet of the Darkmoon - 1200 Darkmoon Faire tickets. Shoulder - Truestrike Shoulders - Overseer Emberguard, UBRS. Back - Cape of the Black Baron - Baron Rivendare, Strat Chest - Cadaverous Armour - Mini Bosses, Scholomance. Bracers - Shadowcraft Bracer's - Sholo/Strat Trash. Hands - Devilsaur Gauntlets (crafted) are BiS if you are completing the 2 set bonus, if not then Gargoyle Slashers - Kirtonos, Scholomance. Waist - Cloudrunner Girdle - Quartermaster Zilgris, LBRS. Legs - Devilsaur Leggings (crafted)if you are running the 2 set bonus, otherwise Shadowcraft Pants - Baron Rivendare, Stratholme. Feet - Sandstalker Ankleguards - Zerrilis, ZF. are technically BiS, but are a pain to farm since they are a rare drop from a rare spawn. Swiftfoot Treads are a more likely starting point, since they come from a quest. Rings - Blackstone Ring - Princess, Maraudon. and Myrmidon's Signet (world drop). Trinkets - Blackhand's Breath (quest) and Hand of Justice - Emperor, BRD. Heart of Wyrmthalak - Wyrmthalak, LBRS can be worthwhile if you are still waiting for a drop and fighting mobs weak to fire damage. Horde Only: Rune of the Guard Captain (quest). Idol - Idol of Ferocity - Lord Roccor, BRD. Weapon - Fist of Omokk - Highlord Omokk, LBRS. Raid Upgrades and Patch Releases This next section is revised from the original guide, taking into account @Dawnstorms request for the initial raid upgrade path and drops that are 'feral-centric' drops. This means raid drops where a feral gets more from the item than a warrior for tanking items, or items where the feral gets more from the item than a DPS would. If they are equal for all classes, they will not be on the list, as you don't have claim to a 'class specific upgrade' if it is as useful for you as it is for anyone else. Mainly, that comes down to what Armour Class the item is and how much Strength/Armour it has on it. In the case of ZG, if you have the MC/BWL drops, there is very little 'druid specific' or 'druid orientated' drops that you could justify taking before another class. Any items not on the list you will be competing against other DPS for. 1.3.0 Dire Maul, Bear Upgrades Replace Talisman of Evasion with Evil Eye Pendant - Immol'thar, DM West. Replace Stoneshield Cloak with Cloak of Warding. Replace Warden Staff with Unyielding Maul - Tribute, DM North. Warden Staff remains BiS. 1.3.0 Dire Maul, Kitty Upgrades Replace Wristguards of Renown with Bracers of the Eclipse - Prince Tortheldrin, DM West. Replace Myrmidons Signet with Tarnished Elven Ring - Tribute, DM North due to difficulty of farming Myrmidons, Myrmidons is technically the superior ring however. Replace Heart of Wyrmthalak with Counterattack Lodestone - Tribute, DM North. Replace Fist of Omokk with Bonecrusher (quest). 1.5.0 AV, Bear Upgrades None. 1.5.0 AV, Kitty Upgrades Replace Magma Forged Band with Don Julio's Band. The Unstoppable Force is inferior to Bonecrusher, and harder to get. Onyxia Drops, Bear Upgrades Eskhandar's Collar Onyxia Drops, Kitty Upgrades None. MC Drops, Bear Upgrades Fireguard Shoulders Dragon's Blood Cape Heavy Dark Iron Ring - Average upgrade for Warriors, third BiS ring in the game for a Druid tank. Lave Belt (crafted from MC drops) - Better than Taut Dragonhide Belt from BWL for a Druid Tank. MC Drops, Kitty Upgrades Wristguards of Stability Aged Core Leather Gloves - If your Rogues are all running Combat Swords then this is a solid upgrade for a Kitty, but ONLY if no Rogues need it. 1.6.0 BWL Drops, Bear Upgrades Taut Dragonhide Shoulders Malfurion's Blessed Bulwark Taut Dragonhide Belt 1.6.0 BWL Drops, Kitty Upgrades Cloak of Draconic Might Malfurion's Blessed Bulwark Taut Dragonhide Belt Circle of Applied Force Draconic Maul 1.7.0 ZG Drops, Bear Upgrades None. 1.7.0 ZG Drops, Kitty Upgrades Shadow Panther Hide Gloves Belt of Preserved Heads (quest) 5. BUILDS There are 5 main builds and one variant build that we can use in PvE content. They are; Feral DPS. Feral Tank. Feral Hybrid. Feral/Resto Hybrid. The 'Pure Hybrid' 11/35/5 +0 - Not quite as able to powershift due to lacking Natural Shapeshifter, but still able to tank every instance, every raid, and DPS effectively. The more tanky version of the Tank/DPS hybrid spec listed below at #4. This is my preferred spec of choice. Feral Pure DPS 14/32/5 +0 - Based around Powershifting, this mean you dps to 0 energy, shift to caster, shift back to cat for the 40 bonus energy, and then continue dpsing. It has high mana requirements, and is not an easy spec to play. Feral Pure Tank 0/35/11 +5 - This is the pure tank build popularized on the Feenix forums of olde. Insect Swarm gives you some extra survivability and more ranged threat, you'll typically Swarm an add (30yrd range) shift (10 rage), Enrage, Faerie Fire an add, Charge the main target, and you are then able to start the Swipe/Maul spam. No other tank has a Bears innate threat generation, especially since we gain rage from hitting, instead of being hit, this means we can wear our very best gear in a 5 man dungeon without having to worry about being Rage Starved like a well geared warrior tank. A note on Thick Hide; It's an amazing talent in early game, when you are struggling for every point of Armour you can get and diminishing returns haven't kicked in yet. However, after you reach the magic 10k AC soft cap (it's not actually a cap, but it's when DR really starts kicking in) you start to get less and less effective health per point of armour. If 100 armour gives you a 5% survivability increase when you have 4k AC, 100 Armour after 10k will give you a 1% increase. Numbers pulled from my ass for illustrative purposes. The 5 extra points can be sunk into Thick Hide, or you could put 3 in Thick Hide and 2 in IMotW. At lower gear levels, the 5 in Thick Hide will give the greatest bang for your buck. Feral Hybrid Tank/DPS 14/31/6 - This hybrid feral spec does a bit of both tanking and dps, but neither as good as the pure builds. It will however allow you to freely swap between dps/tank for 5 mans with a single set of gear and be effective enough at either to do all non raid activities. If you tank more than you dps, drop the 3 points from Natural Shapeshifter into Thick Hide. Feral Hybrid DPS/Tank 14/32/5 "The @Wortgewandt variant". Very much the same as the above build, but with the threat increasing talents dropped in order to add additional DPS talents. Less 'easy threat' than the above build, more DPS, more built around off tanking in raids than main tanking. Still able to tank dungeons just fine, but it will require more thought and less autopilot. Feral/Resto Hybrid 0/30/20 +1 - This is the true 'variant' build, able to dps, tank or heal depending on what your group needs and if you have the bag space to carry around 2 sets of gear. You wont be effective as a pure specced tank/healer/dps druid, but you will be able to do all non raid activities without respeccing, it's an effective solo spec and cheap to run, so you could use it effectively on an alt. The bonus point goes either in Leader of the Pack or Nature's Swiftness, depending on what you do most often. If you take LotP, drop the points from Improved Healing Touch and go with something like this. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0Ztx0scrdtxVckf The 'Beginner' Feral build 11/40/0 - This is a true beginners build, it cuts out powershifting entirely, and allows you to tank and dps from one spec and one set of gear. Not as effective at dps as either the above builds, but it does allow for someone learning the class to have a basic build able to raid, until you find the niche your guild needs you to fill. This build is perfectly able to DPS and Tank 10/20 man raids and all 5 man instances, and is the perfect 'casual' build for people who wont be doing end game raiding on a large scale. 6. CONSUMABLES You can choose any of the consumables from the below list, keeping in mind that they do not all stack with each other; Elixir of the Mongoose & Elixir of Giants if not flasking. Mageblood Potion. Demonic/Dark Rune. Major Mana Potion. Winterfall Firewater. Juju Power. Juju Might > Elixir of the Giants. R.O.I.D.S. Ground Scorpok Assay. Elemental Sharpening Stone. Flask of Distilled Wisdom for powershifting, Flask of Titans for tanking. My minimum preference, is Flask of Distilled Wisdom, Juju Power, Juju Might, Major Mana Potion (2 per boss). 7. Thanks and raid log evidence. Edit: An expansion for DPS numbers. Taking the very top dps of the four whack-a-mole bosses in BWL (the Drake Pinatas and Broodlord) for each class and calculating the % of damage they do. I'm using numbers from Kronos, since a; they're readily available and b; that's the big Vanilla server at the moment. Bear in mind the section at the start discussing bugs on Kronos at the moment, Paladins are definitely at a disadvantage there currently. The highest DPS will be considered '100%', with each class calculated as a percentage of that, rounding decimals down to the nearest whole point. This gives a percentage of maximum possible dps that class is doing, which will show you all the Hybrids within 10% or so of each other in terms of total dps. I'll then do one final calculation; dividing the total dps of each class by its ilvl to give it a 'per ilvl dps rating'. This is especially useful for Paladins in this area, as their 'BiS item list' is quite significantly under ilvl of most of classes in T2. One final note on this, the top feral druid on Kronos is a guy called Tf. He regularly does 100+ more dps than other druids on nearly every boss with ~5-6 less average ilvl. The guy is just that good, and it throws some of the list out of whack. Broodlord Lashlayer (adds) (Tank Swapping, Trap evading, Fire Aura, Threat Management, 3rd boss BWL) Druid: 668 ilvl 62 53.48% 10.77 Hunter: 1016 ilvl 71 81.34% 14.30 Mage: 1007 ilvl 71 80.62% 14.18 Paladin: 700 ilvl 66 56.04% 10.60 Priest: 702 ilvl 67 56.20% 10.47 Rogue: 1249 ilvl 75 100% 16.65 Shaman: 707 ilvl 66 56.60% 10.71 Warlock: 900 ilvl 70 72.05% 12.85 Warrior: 1209 ilvl 68 96.79 17.77 Firemaw (Fire Aura, Stacking Fire Debuff, LoS mechanics, 4th boss BWL) Druid: 762 ilvl 62 53.36% 12.29 Hunter: 838 ilvl 73 58.68% 11.47 Mage: 892 ilvl 73 62.46% 12.21 Paladin: 602 ilvl 66 42.15% 9.12 Priest: 647 ilvl 68 45.30% 9.51 Rogue: 1067 ilvl 73 74.71% 14.61 Shaman: 681 ilvl 67 47.68% 10.16 Warlock: 929 ilvl 72 65.05% 12.90 Warrior: 1428 ilvl 70 100% 20.40 Ebonroc (Self healing drake, 5th boss BWL) Druid: 741 ilvl 62 53.00% 11.95 Hunter: 960 ilvl 74 68.66% 12.97 Mage: 1011 ilvl 71 72.31% 14.23 Paladin: 644 ilvl 68 46.06% 9.47 Priest: 685 ilvl 68 48.99% 10.07 Rogue: 1177 ilvl 71 84.19% 16.57 Shaman: 635 ilvl 67 45.42% 9.47 Warlock: 982 ilvl 66 70.24 14.87 Warrior: 1398 ilvl 71 100% 19.69 Flamegor (Enrage Fire Aura, 6th boss BWL) Druid: 711 ilvl 62 47.24% 11.46 Hunter: 901 ilvl 74 59.86% 12.17 Mage: 849 ilvl 68 56.41% 12.48 Paladin: 551 ilvl 68 36.61% 8.10 Priest: 680 ilvl 67 45.18% 10.14 Rogue: 1146 ilvl 74 76.14% 15.48 Shaman: 605 ilvl 69 40.19% 8.76 Warlock: 920 ilvl 73 61.12 12.60 Warrior: 1505 ilvl 71 100% 21.19 My thanks for reading the guide, I'd be Lion if I said it didn't take a long time to write, but I Purrservered, and while some of my puns were quite Pawful, I think in the end it was pretty Clawsome. I'm Feline pretty Clawver now to be honest, I think I have a Tailent for this. I'll wrap this up before it becomes unBearable.
  9. There's a section here;
  10. So, now I start nagging you instead of Asura about PR. That's Outstanding.
  11. Hey Tala thanks for the input. As a whole, this guide was designed around aspiring starter Druids, with a realistic view that the majority of new Ferals will be stuck having to tank in 5 mans due to hybrid/cat prejudice. Nearly all the builds are heavily utility flavoured to enable ease of 5 man tanking, and at least respectable DPS when you're allowed to bring it. Most Druids who are in a guild who are either Capable of raid tanking. Allowed to raid DPS. already know pretty much all the basics. This was very much a starter guideline for those who are looking to get stuck into the class for the first time with Crestfall. To answer your points/criticisms; Good spot. No idea how I missed that off. Edited OP, thanks. I agree that I can't stand this spec personally. However, it was very popular on Feenix for a long time, and it felt wrong of me to do a guide without giving a nod to those who taught me to play, even while I now think they were playing inefficiently/ineffectively. I'm hoping you're planning on sticking around? Constructive peer criticism is about the only way to perfect these guides, so your input is insanely valuable.
  12. Certainly a handy tool, though a lot of critical pieces it seem were hard to give a rating for on your system, hence things like Wolfhead having a 0 rating for DPS. I did not however pull this BiS list from there, I've had a similar looking spreadsheet since my Feenix days, same as @Lufhtrae and his Boomkin spreadsheet.
  13. Welcome!
  14. As per the title I guess. Some of the most popular features of other, big booming servers are some non blizz like features, such as Vanilla Kronos and it's 5g gold cap on respecs. Do you have anything similar planned for here, or have you even started discussing this sort of thing? They changed respec costs to promote more active PvP and to help classes like Mages, who require 100g per week in respecs (blizzlike prices) for raiding after AQ40 is released until they drop MC/BWL from their weekly clear list. I'm especially thinking not just the respec costs, but also things like giving both Seal of Blood/Seal of Vengeance to each faction in TBC. This is especially pertinent with the recent PlayTBC release and the explosion of population on Vengeance. Both of PTBC's PvP servers had a near 80-20 population split in favour of Horde, spam searching on Vengeance is showing close to 200 more paladins Horde side than Alliance. It's one of the few cases where I argue in favour of non blizzlike features. For better or worse, Paladin is one of wows most popular classes, and if you want to play Ret anywhere near competently in TBC you must roll BElf. We argued this back and forth with the PlayTBC devs before release, and they repeatedly and specifically stated it would not be an issue. As soon as they launched, faction balance was immediately broken, multiple forum threads popped up about respec costs (doubly important in TBC with Arena), and now Vengeance is suffering from similar issues. While I know we'll have ~18 months of Vanilla before we get to TBC, it's worth planning long term for these sort of things.
  16. Welcome! Try and keep your posts in English, the mods generally dislike having them around as it's an international project. I'm sure there's a few Hungarians around here.
  17. I didn't answer that because I'm not Crogge. The only person who really knows his intentions long term, is himself.
  18. It's all still more than a little confused. Technically, Crogge has never been 'staff', he has his own server (Croggeserver), is planning his own TBC server based off of Asuras core (Legacy Crusade) and is responsible as the System Admin for Crestfall. He does not have any say in what gets coded, what gets worked on, what is in a patch/update or pretty much anything that goes into Crestfall. He's basically doing back end work in return for exclusive rights to use Asuras core for his own TBC server later down the line. Yeah, everything to do with the staff working on multiple projects is a complete mess. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/System_administrator He runs the servers essentially. While OVH (or whoever they choose to host with) will have an on site System Admin to look after the actual physical servers, Crogge handles things like applying patches, database security, and a myriad of other fiddly back end bits that are essential to running a server but that you don't really see. Devs actually code the stuff that's in the patch and the code that makes it work. Crogge is the guy who co-ordinates the down time, how long it will take, and pushes the button that 'sends' the patch to the server. He isn't responsible for whats in it.
  19. Crogge is the owner of Legacy Crusade and the systems administrator of Crestfall. He is not and has never been a dev. Asura is the owner of Crestfall and the lead dev, with the other devs working under him. No one from Crestfall works on Elysium any more. A lot of us think Crogge is making a huge mistake, but there's nowt anyone can do about it. His work on Elysium doesn't reflect back on Crestfall. Effectively, he's a third party Systems Admin who happens to work on both projects.
  20. Check the roleplaying sub forums.
  21. Welcome!
  22. All his main attacks are frost based. In theory, Arcane resistance would help you resist his mana burn (if that's even possible, no idea) and possibly mean you need to use 1 less mana consumable. I've not fought him for years, but can't remember a single arcane based attack. Chill - Frost Frost Breath - Frost Frost Burn - Frost Manastorm - Frost damage with Arcane effect.
  23. Looking forward to it. My ret Paladin alt with have a great couple of days PvP again. I think the idea was more to launch a new TBC realm that has the portal, Blood Elves and Drenai disabled. This would allow people to transfer to the TBC realm without there also being a stampede in the TBC zones. After a week or so, they would then activate the Dark Portal event, open the portal, and 'release' TBC.