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  1. Good afternoon Crestfallen and welcome to Q&A 3. All questions for this Q&A were taken from replies to the last Q&A post. As always, we'd like to remind you all that questions regarding a release date will be ignored and that Asura currently remains committed to a 2017 release. You will be the first ones to know about the release date as we approach it. There is currently no further news regarding the Open Beta release we are working towards. General What technical options are we going to have to make donations and how are you going to discern a donation to the PvE server from a donation to the PvP server? Cash donations are a given, and I believe the admins have the intention of accepting BTC, and perhaps other forms of alt-coin. We haven't really discussed donations much as a team because it isn't relevant at this point. Just brainstorming, don't quote me on this, but I'd think that we might include a survey with the donation form that we could use for informational purposes, if nothing else. Reality at the end of the month is that we have a bill which needs paying and the donations from that month are going to pay for it, however, it would be good to know where we're getting the best and worst value based on the survey responses about what is and isn't motivating people to play and donate. How long do you expect the Open Beta to run for? Currently, we do not have a time frame decided on. Open Beta will last until we are satisfied the server is in a good condition for launch. Will the Open Beta be 1x exp rates, expecting all testers to level up from scratch? While all testers will be required to create a level 1 character, Asura anticipates running Open Beta at an increased EXP rate to facilitate the leveling process and speed up testing. We will also have GMs and developers who will instant-level players as necessary if we need specific content tested. Will you be testing all content like Naxx etc during Open Beta? We anticipate having a large collection of content open for testing, but in stages. We want to proceed methodically through content testing, so while we may test raid scripting, it will be among the last things we do. As well, we will not likely allow players to test the "final" version of our raid and dungeon content, as we reserve the right to retune the difficulty after players have ensured the base mechanics are sound. Will there be consideration of community 'events' or 'give aways' of TCG items since there won't be an "item shop" of any kind? It is unlikely that we will decide upon TCG item giveaways before launch. This is because the "Vanity Store" remains a possible future option should donations not cover the cost of running the CF servers. How well will the server/s perform under the stress of what may very well be a high pop world event like the AQ opening? We expect the servers to preform fine under stress. Keep in mind that we are capping our population, and the software and hardware we are using should have no problem preforming at our decided-upon caps. I assume there will be a wipe of sorts after the open beta, to level the playing field for full release. Just to be safe, is that the case? Yes, all Beta characters and accounts will be permanently wiped before launch. Have you considered making any changes to the way neutral city guards behave? places like Winterspring, Booty Bay, Tanaris and a few others tend to be crowded with players who have figured out ways to either bug, kite or glitch these guards and this is giving them the option to kill players in these sort of zones without any threat being posed to them due to the guards being stuck in place or w/e it could be. Thought about prolonging the hostile timer on these type of guards or anything of that kind? This hasn't been brought up before, so can't really answer as we have never discussed it internally. I suppose it's something we could look at if it becomes a serious problem in beta or after launch. Will we be able to have characters from both factions on one account? This was only available on PvE servers, and that will be the case on Crestfall as well. No cross-faction accounts on the PvP server. Just to be clear, what counts as multiboxing? For example; Will we still be able to enchant our alts, checking AH prices with Bank alt with 2nd Client running? Without any 3rd Program? +Will it be possible to set low level alt on follow and run a low level dungeon? Multiboxing, in our definition, is using third-party hardware or software in order to control multiple clients simultaneously. If you push one button and two accounts react, you're cheating. Alt-tabbing to a separate client which is also manually controlled isn't considered multiboxing. That said, running multiple accounts on follow, even if they aren't being simultaneously controlled, is liable to draw multiboxing reports from other players, and a GM may take action - we're going to err on the side of removing cheaters, not tolerating "not technically cheaters". Characters need to be manually controlled when interacting with world. There is a recurrent problem when playing with different client. Example : -I play with a French Client, but i can't see peoples chat on /1, /2 because they use English Client, so /world become the only solution to communicate. Do Crestfall have a solution for this kind of problems? Not sure about this one. I know we built the server to support multiple clients, and I believe the chat system is integrated for all clients. I'd advise asking this question again for the next Q&A when Asura is back from vacation. Any news about the website? The status of the website has not been changed since Q&A1. It will be available before launch, but it is a non-priority over server development at this time. During the beta, how will bug reporting be handled and what will the procedure be? ie. only opened internally etc. or opened to the public for view and comments so we can help research and discuss. Will CFG host its own bug tracking site or use something like github? Crestfall has a bugtracker site which is not currently public and we are aiming to clear all bugs on that tracker before Open Beta. Once Open Beta launches, we will be using a new, publicly viewable and available bug tracker. Will you be implementing any Training Dummies? Training dummies don't exist in the Vanilla client, and we have no intention of adding any custom NPCs to replace their function at this time. What is Crestfalls stance on purging old accounts/characters as you move through the PTE experience? We haven't discussed this internally at all. We can approach it from a few perspectives, either reserving all character names during a progression, or only reserving names of the characters that flag for transfer (on the new realm), with it being first-come-first-serve after that. I suppose it would depend on what the community wants. This is something we will investigate further when we get closer to progression. Reserving them all seems like the preferable option at first glance, less drama that way, but again, I haven't thought about it either way. Have you any plans for dealing with faction imbalance? At this time, we have no plans to add any non-Blizzlike changes to attempt to balance the factions. Should Asura make a decision to make a custom change, it will be a significant public announcement. Faction balance is something we will be keeping an eye on at all times, however due to the nature of this as a PTE project, we expect the factions will be more balanced than a traditional Vanilla-only realm, due to the changes in the relative strength of the factions in each expansion. Has a decision been made yet about what will happen to old content when you PTE to a new expansion? Will the nerf bat be swung? As of yet, a final decision has not been made. A decision on the final balance for each expansions content will be made when we are ready to push the new expansion. This will allow us to look at the stats for things like; % of the population actively raiding, % of the population clearing the final raid successfully, population stats, etc. Will you add EXP locking for twinks before patch 3.2? This is highly unlikely. A large part of the challenge of twinking pre-explock was getting the gear you needed and the quests completed without over-levelling yourself. Which online database are you using? We are not using any currently existing online database. Darkrasp has recreated the loot database by hand, using multiple research sources to create what we believe to be the most accurate loot database yet. In the case of drop rates, we have generally erred on the side of lower rather than higher for any drop rates that we did not have detailed information for. How often will you be pushing fixes to the live realms, daily, weekly or monthly? Our patch timetables have not yet been discussed. However, it is likely that we will have weekly or bi-weekly bug patches, with more critical issues being hotfixed as soon as possible. Are you planning on running a PTR server to test every patch before deployment? If you do, will you have a Q&A team like your current beta testers, or will it be public? Asura has plans for running a PTR server. It is likely we will assemble a QA team to do the testing, for the simple reason that people whose job is to test typically do better quality testing than those who just want to preview content. What are your plans if Crestfall cannot pay for itself? Will you open the core up open source or collaborate with other projects? Asura has indicated he would be open to open sourcing the core, or at least significant parts of it, should the situation warrant it. Should we run into funding issues, we will simply pare back the scope of the project to something that we can afford. If that means merging realms or limiting the population further to reduce bandwidth costs, it will be regrettable, but better than throwing in the towel altogether. Is there any further information or clarifications about what will be happening with the "Expansion forever" servers for CF? I believe this has been covered before. Please see this thread for a detailed response. If you have further questions, please ask something more specific. Can you explain how mining works on your servers in regards to things such as node spawn locations, respawns and loot tables? Node spawn locations will use the pooling and randomization system described before. Loot tables have been built manually and should be an accurate reflection of Vanilla drop tables for those objects. Raid Tuning Will Ragnaros be immune to taunt? There was a bit of a drama on Nost about this, cos some ppl claimed that Ragnaros was immune to taunt before nerfs and other insisted that he wasn't. I'm curious about Your data on this. Our research indicates that Ragnaros is not immune to taunt. That being said, will C'thun be scripted so that he isn't bugged like he was back in vanilla but still poses a nice challenge instead of being unnecessarily nerfed so a repeat of the aforementioned can hopefully be avoided? We intend to have a non-bugged and challenging C'thun encounter. No unnecessary nerfs. As mentioned in a previous post, we are likely to release raid content in a highly overtuned state. Because the first people in are almost always the most prepared and practiced, having it more difficult at first gives them a greater challenge. After a brief period of time has elapsed, we will reduce the difficulty to our intended state so that, while still challenging, the content is accessible to more than just the top percentage of players. The exact handling of this is not finalized and we may discard the idea altogether, but that is the current thinking. Questing Will you consider fixing the "A Crew Under Fire" quest from Azshara which Blizzard left bugged for an unknown reason? Maybe it could give some exp on completion, maybe a bunch of silver? Probably not. This was a very strange repeatable quest for sure, in that it offered no reward whatsoever, not even reputation. However, altering quest rewards, even in bizarre cases like this one, is a rabbit hole we don't want to enter. So... Can we expect questlines like: Marg Speaks or Job Opening: Guard Captain of Revantusk Village (along with 3 others Jintha'alor elite quests) exist on CF from very begining? I'm not familiar with these quests off the top of my head, but in general, we are only going to disable endgame-related content at launch. Can we get a list of zones/questlines/etc that are/aren't implemented for launch. I'll answer this just off the top of my head, these are the things I remember having disabled or changed. The list may be incomplete but I think you'll get the idea. - High-level items added to drop tables in 1.9 and beyond have been removed (Spellweaver's Turban, Don Mauricio's Band, etc.) - High-level items whose stats were altered in 1.9 and beyond have been reverted to their pre-1.9 stats (Epic PvP gear, Ban'thok sash, etc.) - Random properties have been altered to their release values for spell damage and healing, this affects random property green items almost exclusively and is a significant nerf. - Cenarion Hold has been largely despawned - no Cenarion Circle quests will be available - Yojamba Isle has been largely despawned - no Zandalar Tribe quests will be available - Light's Hope Chapel has had questgivers related to Naxxramas removed - The D2 item set questgivers have been despawned - The level 50 class quests have been disabled - Certain reputation items have been removed from drop tables (Winterfall Spirit Beads, Glowing Scorpid Blood, Savage Frond, Twilight Texts, etc.) - Certain reputation rewards have been removed from vendors (2H Agility Enchant, Ironbark Staff, etc.) - Darkmoon Cards have been removed from drop tables There may be a few other things changed or yet to be changed, but this is a fairly comprehensive sampling. Most of these things will be restored when we do the big update around the time of the AQ release. Raid or reputation-specific changes will be reverted as the relevant content is released And that's all for this Q&A! Q&A 4 is due Sunday 16th July. Please submit any questions you have for Q&A 4 below this post.
  2. Honestly, it opens such a huge bag of worms that massive, top down and sweeping changes regarding classes is not something that is going to be happening here. It's enough of a challenge attempting to create a PTE server that is going to be running across 3+ expansions for the next few years, let alone trying to rebalance said content because of redesigning classes with custom changes. It could theoretically be done, but we'd need 2-3x as many devs for handling everything (and testers to test all the custom changes), we'd need possibly another year before release, and to top it off you'd need Asura to want to do it, which he doesn't. I'd love to see a server that embraces the Blizzlike+ moniker and really attempts to redesign and rebalance Vanilla from the ground up, but that hypothetical project is not Crestfall.
  3. You can make a new application if you think anything relevant has changed. All old applications are still on file however.
  4. It will depend on what you're doing with the account on follow. Personally, I wouldn't risk it. We'll have full details on what is and isn't tolerable published before launch. Essentially, if you do anything with a second account to give yourself an in game advantage you are at risk of being reported for multiboxing.
  5. We haven't finished inviting Closed Beta testers and there is still opportunities for Outstanding applicants to gain entry. Our next wave is expected to be focussed on PvP testing, and that will go out in the coming weeks before Open Beta comes. You are encouraged to still make an application.
  6. Open Beta will release on [redacted]. Server will release on [redacted].
  7. Hey guys. I've asked the devs to clarify whether or not they have any plans to do anything regarding faction balance in the next Q&A.
  8. Hey guys. I've asked the devs to discuss and give an answer to this in the next Q&A.
  9. Hey guys. Questions for the next Q&A are now closed. I anticipate having the next Q&A live on Sunday as per the usual arrangement, but there is a possibility that it may slip as Asura doesn't get back from his business trip until the weekend. If it does slip, rest assured it wont be by much. Thanks for your interest in CF, and see you soon for Q&A 3!
  10. Good afternoon Crestfallen and welcome to Q&A 2. All questions for this Q&A were taken from replies to the last Q&A post. As always, we'd like to remind you all that questions regarding a release date will be ignored and that Asura currently remains committed to a 2017 release. You will be the first ones to know about the release date as we approach it. General How open will the open beta be? Will we have GM/tester commands and free reign, or will it be limited in scope? The Alpha and Closed Beta testers will retain their GM commands, but open beta testers will not. The purpose of Open Beta will be to test the levelling experience, and allowing people to circumvent that leaves too much opportunity to miss things. It's possible that testers who provide consistently high-quality bug reports will get promoted and given GM commands in order to be able to test more thoroughly, but the reality is that many players will use the Open Beta more as a preview for themselves than to help us test and improve the content. How are you planning on handling Black Lotus spawns in the world? Herbs will be given a specific spawn point, and then an algorithm similar to that used in fear path generation will pick a spot a random distance and direction from that point in which to spawn the node. Since the new point must be reachable via pathfinding, we know that it will be reachable by players. The timers will also be heavily randomized. This means that logging off beside a spawn point won't necessarily help you, because the next time it spawns it could be as many as 100 yards away in a random direction, and it could show up any time from 10 minutes to four hours from the first time it was picked. Timers and distances will get tested and tweaked in open beta, so don't freak out about the numbers given, they were off the top of my head as examples. Are you going to have a Black Lotus spawn inside Dire Maul? Black Lotus spawns in the external courtyard when Mushgog does. Two of them, I believe. Inside the instance, no. We have no plans to include that. What is your philosophy regarding the tuning of raid encounters? Darkrasp touched on this in his most recent blog, which can be found here. If there are more specific questions, please ask for the next Q&A. What instructions will be given to the GM team regarding chat channels, particularly ones like /world which are non-standard but almost universally used? The team has no intention of moderating player created channels, guild chat, party chat, etc. The only chats that will have any form of sanctions will be the 'official' client based chat channels such as trade/zone chats, or whispers if someone is abusing character creation to get around you blocking them. We will be relying on players reporting behaviour, as we will not have GM's policing what people say. Simply put, if you don't like what's being said in a private channel, leave it. We understand there is some desire to simply have /world be an "ownerless" channel so that people can't abuse the power, and are considering this. Will we see any changes to dungeons in order to emulate patch progression? Within reason, yes. Obviously the loot tables have been altered to reflect pre-1.9 drop tables. Other changes such as respawn timers, number of mobs, mob stats and cooldowns, etc. will be reverted as much as is reasonable. We clearly can't go back to the old 10-man versions of many of these instances simply because not enough data exists out there to do so while pretending to have any degree of accuracy, but we can revert several of the later changes. Will we be able to use tunneling services to connect to Crestfall? Unlikely. We are blacklisting VPN services. It's possible that if you're on a small one you will sneak through, but our VPN protections are pretty solid and will be continually worked on and improved post-launch. Will Flasks follow the 1.3/1.6/1.7 patch changes, or have 1.12 functionality from release? I believe we're just going with 1.12 functionality from release. No dispelling, persist through death, and only one flask allowed at a time. Could you block the addon that people use to upload data to Realmplayers? While we could do this, it is not something we are currently looking at doing. It is not our policy to police how our players play the game, unless it is obvious things such as hacking or exploiting. How will you be handling leveling quests in respect to what was/wasn't available in each patch? For the most part we intend to just leave them in the 1.12 state, barring a handful of quests which provide exceptional rewards out of step with the rest of what is available, or reputation rewards linked to unreleased content. This more or less ties into why we want to launch with Maraudon active - it's content better experienced at the level it was designed for, and few people will go back to experience it at 60. The only things off the top of my head that we're removing at launch (aside from altered loot tables and reverted item stats) are a handful of vendors/vendor recipes, the Zandalar Tribe, the entire population of Cenarion Hold, some of the quests and NPCs at Light's Hope Chapel, the Darkmoon Faire, the T0.5 questgivers, and the Azshara class quests. Also we have removed the Darkmoon Faire and Argent Dawn-specific reputation items from drop tables, so you won't be able to save up Savage Fronds or Evil Bat Eyes prior to the release of the associated content. Will achievements be unavailable on the TBC server due to being introduced as part of the Wrath pre-patch? That is correct. We will be running on the standard 2.4.3 client, not the 3.0 client. However, one of the things being worked on is achievement trigger checks being built in to our Vanilla and TBC emulator, meaning all your achievements *should* be triggered once you transfer to WotLK. One of the benefits we have over the original devs is knowing what's coming ahead, after all! Will faction quest items (Thorium Brotherhood, Timbermaw, Cenarion Circle) be available at launch, or will they be added in patches? If so, which patches? Some of the reputation items for the aforementioned factions were available very early in Vanilla, and so they will be available at launch, however several of the rep rewards for those factions will be disabled as they were added much later in the progression. We are removing Deadwood Headdress Feathers, Winterfall Spirit Beads, Twilight Cult texts/gear, pre-Naxx Argent Dawn rep items (ie. Savage Frond, Bone Fragment, etc.), Darkmoon Faire related rep items (ie. Small Furry Paw, Glowing Scorpid Blood, etc.) and obviously the Darkmoon Cards themselves. Oh, and a handful of Battleground-related reputation rewards that were added to the game very late. A question regarding the "Item Patch". Will items in the game before 1.9 such as the "Ban'thok Sash" or the "Savage Gladiator Chain" be implemented with their original, less useful stats before the patch update? That is correct. While most low level quest rewards/leveling drops without secondary stats will remain in their 1.12 form, the plan is to roll back all end game gear until we release AQ. At around the time of the AQ patch, there will be an item patch update that will bump the stats of items currently in the game. A decision has not yet been made whether this patch will come out just before, at, or after AQ release. When will the bosses and items from the T0.5 questlines be added to the game? Currently, we anticipate this being part of the 1.9 item patch. PvP Why have you chosen to release all three battlegrounds in one "PVP Patch"? Honestly more of a "why not?" question than a "why?" question. As long as they're all ready, we'll push them all out at once. There's no particular reason to withhold it. And that is it for this months Q&A! Please submit any questions you have for the devs either as comments on this post or as PM's to one of the Community Managers, either myself or @rooted. We will then choose a selection of questions to put to the dev team next month. Q&A 3 is scheduled to be posted on Sunday, the 25th of June.
  11. Shamans in PvE? Resto, obviously the only choice. You want to play Enhancement? You need to be a 2 hander using Nightfall, unless the guild wants an Arms warrior to do that. Only Elemental is viable after they have full AQ40 spell pen gear. We've all heard it before i'm sure. Well, i'd like to point out this isn't necessarily true. The first thing to have in mind when talking about Enhancement is; what bugs does the private server have? All of the recent popular vanilla servers have had bugged Shaman mechanics, usually due to Enhancement being seen as only usable in PvP, and even then it is less popular than Elemental, mainly due to T2 and the difficulty Enhancement has with gearing. Because for many people, it 'shouldn't' be Competitive in PvE, bugs with Enhancement are usually pushed far down the queue for fixes. The overwhelming theme with Shaman Enhancement bugs is AP and Windfury being bugged, as well as issues with glancing hits and our melee table being treated as the caster table. A quick idea of recent bugs; Feenix – Flurry not procing from Windfury procs, Purge will remove two charges of a buff with charges, instead of completely removing it, Respeccing makes you lose your twohander skills, Grounding Totem's protective buff is removed upon spell completion, rather than on spell impact. Elemental Weapons talent is not increasing the damage of Flametongue Weapon. Flametongue Totem doesn't work. Fire Totems don't benefit from the Shaman's crit chance. Nostalrius – Windfury procs did not add the increased AP element of the spell. Earthshock was not correctly adding the 2x threat multiplier. Windfury Whirlwind animation did not always display properly. Kronos – Glancing Blows damage formula is wrong, at least for shamans. Probably they are assigned as caster class not as melee. as a lvl 12 shaman with 60/60 weapon skill, I sometimes hit a 3 lvl higher mob for 1 or 2 dmg, even though my weapon does about 20-25 dmg. Proper damage reduction formula: (2% * ( Mob Defense Skill - Weapon Skill) So if a mob was lvl 15 its defense should equal to 15*5 = 75 2% * (75 - 60) = 2% * 15 = 30% reduction. It's impossible for my weapon to hit for so little damage. Windfury totem and weapon imbues not adding the correct additional AP element (same as Nost) As you can see, Enhancement bugs are par for the course on all current 1.12.1 Vanilla private servers. There are plenty more, but I picked some of the most important. The second thing to bear in mind when comparing Enh Shamans to other classes is, which class you are comparing them to. You are a Hybrid class, so compare your dps and what you bring to the raid versus other hybrid classes who might DPS. A hybrid class is any class whose talent trees allow them to fill more than one raid role. Warriors Priests Druids Shamans Comparing what we bring to a raid compared to what the DPS specs of those classes bring, we have; Wipe Protection – (Reincarnation) Party Buffs – Totems Dispelling – (Abolish Poison and Disease) Off Tanking/Healing While other Hybrids can bring some of these, none of them can bring all of them in one set of gear and one spec. In relation to the other classes, presuming equal levels of gear, we sit; Much Less DPS than a Fury Warrior. Less DPS than an Elemental Shaman or Feral Druid. Equal DPS to an Arms Warrior, Ret Pally or Shadow Priest. More DPS than Balance Druid. Significantly more than a WF based Enhancement Shaman (see below) The major thing limiting Enh DPS, as with all mana using Hybrids, is mana pool/regen, exasperated by poor scaling/coefficients and a lack of well itemised drops. This leads to there only being two viable builds for a PvE focussed Shaman; 1) Gear like an Arms Warrior, focussing on auto attack damage, bonus swings from items like HoJ, slow attack speeds and Windfury procs. 2) Gear like a melee caster, focussing on spell power and mana regen and Flametongue Weapon. Most people are familiar with concept 1. It's the standard build for PvP, it's the standard leveling build, and it's the standard build that generally sits at the bottom of the dps meters, causing the usual refrain of "Nightfall monkey or GTFO". Concept 2 however, is a different beast entirely. Easier to gear (same as a spellpower based Ret Paladin), smoother DPS (less RNG) and more synergy within the raid. Concept 2 is the one I prefer, as well as the one I believe has the highest potential DPS cap for a melee based Shaman. Pros and cons for playing a Spelldamage orientated Enhancement Shaman; It is easier to gear for a Spelldamage Shaman. You are not competing for 2 handers against the rest of the melee team. You have significantly increased AoE damage from Totems. Our higher proportion of Frost and Fire damage synergises with Curse of Elements. Much higher survivability by using a shield. On the other hand; You don't use Nightfall. You miss out on 3% bonus hit from the changed talent tree. Even rarer than 2 handed Enhancement Shamans, many people will not understand what you are doing or your potential. Competing against 'pure' caster DPS for fast attack speed spell damage daggers. The Build: 21/30/0 Flametongue Weapon and Frostbrand Imbues recieve; 10% of your spell damage 15% increased damage from Elemental Weapons 15% increased damage from Improved Scorch (Flametongue Only (AQ 20/40, ZG + Naxx)) 10% increased damage from Curse of Elements 100% crit damage from Elemental Fury 10% increased damage from Weapon Mastery Frostbrand will need to be used for all of the bosses in MC and most of the bosses in BWL due to fire immunities. Using the BiS weapon for each raid and presuming 250 spell damage in MC level gear and 500 in BWL level gear with 1.12.1 patched gear; Sorcerous Dagger (MC gear level) Frostbrand ((base_FB_dmg+(spell_power*0,1))*1,4/weapon_speed)/9 = DPS (175+(250*0,1))*1,4/1,4 = 22.22 DPS Frostbrand has a PPM of ~9 Sorcerous Dagger 42.1 DPS Frost Shock ((bottom_damage+top_damage)/2+(spell_damage*coefficient))*damage_increasing_talents/cast_time = DPS ((486+515)/2+(250*1,5/3,5))*1,05/5 = 127.60 DPS Searing Totem ((40+55)/2+(250*0,1))*1,3/1 = 94.25 DPS This gives us around (22.22 + 42.1 + 127.60 (+ 94.25)) 191.92 DPS on fire immune bosses, 286.17 on bosses we can use Searing Totem against, not taking into account melee stats/crits, Flurry or spell crits . Claw of Chromaggus (BWL gear level) Flametongue (base_FT_dmg+(spell_power*0,1))*1,4/weapon_speed = DPS (33+(500*0,1))*1,4/1,5 = 77 DPS Claw of Chromaggus 42.3 DPS Frost Shock ((bottom_damage+top_damage)/2+(spell_damage*coefficient))*damage_increasing_talents/cast_time = DPS ((486+515)/2+(500*1,5/3,5))*1,05/5 = 150 DPS Searing Totem: ((40+55)/2+(500*0,1))*1,3/1 = 127 DPS This gives us around ((77 + 42.3 + 150 (+ 127)) 269.3 DPS on fire immune bosses, with 396.3 om bosses we can use ST against, and not taking into account melee stats, Flurry, spell hit chance and spell crit chance. Flame Shock vs Frost Shock The argument over whether to use Frost Shock or Flame Shock is actually reasonably easy to solve; Is the mob fire immune? Use Frost Shock. If the mob isn't fire immune and you don't have permission to use a debuff slot, use Frost Shock. If the mob isn't fire immune, and you do have permission to use a debuff slot, use Rank 6 Flame shock if the mob will live for 6 or more seconds and doesn't have an existing Flame shock debuff. If the mob isn't fire immune, and Flame Shock is on CD or the mob will die in less than 6 seconds, use Frost Shock. Enhancement Tanking Enhancement tanking is reasonably strong for 5 mans, and it especially useful for finding groups while in the initial leveling rush. If the server is coded properly and we do not have the usual bugs with Earth Shock and Rockbiter threat modifiers, we should be in a reasonably strong position, especially against low level warrior tanks. 16/34/0 +1 The idea behind the build is thus; You will not get def capped. Instead focus on survivability via Block/Dodge/Parry. Rockbiter threat *should* be normalised between fast and slow weapons, so you a faster weapon and a slower weapon will have around the same TPS. However, a fast weapon will provide easier to control threat, since you can tab target faster, increased Flurry uptime, and less negative effects from having a white attack dodged/miss etc. Basic pulling at low level will be; Self buff Lightning Shield, Earth Shock the main target, a single attack on the main target, and then tab target to all other mobs in the pull. The Rockbiter imbue and auto attack damage is enough to hold threat on a single target until ~level 30 ish unless the DPS in the group either pull or significantly outgear/outlevel you. You do not have a taunt, so judicial usage of Earth Shock is recommended. You have ranged spells, so unlike a Paladin you have an easier time of making a ranged pull. Once you reach level 32 and get Chain Lightning, I recommend using that on all pulls of 3 or more mobs as your initiator. Cast the spell with either the secondary or tertiary target as your focus, then tab to the main (skull) mob and Earth Shock. This should be enough to allow for all healer aggro throughout the fight, allowing you to simply tab target and auto attack for threat again. Do not try casting Chain Lightning in combat, one cast is more than enough. The floating point in the spec can go towards; Two-handed Axes and Maces - making for easier farming outside of tanking dungeons if you can get a solid two hander. Stromstrike - Gives an extra button to use to make the gameplay somewhat more engaging, as well as making your Earth Shock hit harder, making it easier for you to hold single target threat. Alternatively, you could drop a single point from Toughness in order to pick up both of those talents. Taking Stormstrike will make mana efficiency an issue, meaning that you will likely have more downtime than a Warrior/Druid tank as the group will have to wait for you to mana up after each pack. Especially if you are also pulling with CL. As to end game raid tanking, it isn't going to happen in a 40 man environment except some very specific bosses. Rumour across multiple forums talks of a Shaman tanking phase 1 of C'Thun in vanilla retail, but i've yet to see any evidence of this. However, from personal experience on other private servers, I have succesfully off tanked ZG, AQ20 and been used as the 4th tank for adds in MC, as well as Main Tanking smaller raids such as LBRS/UBRS 10. As a 5 man group tank however, you will find plenty of people happy to have you in group for end game dungeons. Stats & Race (level 60) Stamina: 1 Stamina = 10 health. Strength: 1 Strength = 2 Attack Power. 14 Attack Power = 1 DPS. Agility: 20 Agility = 1% Critical Strike Chance Intellect: 1 Intellect = 15 Mana. Spell Damage: Depending on your build, either you're most important stat or your least important stat. Depending on what you want to do the most, there are reasonable choices for each race. Taurens Warstomp and 5% health bonus make them the best choice for Tanking, especially if you are focussing on tanking 5 mans. Trolls Berserking casting/attack speed bonus make them the best choice for PvE DPS. Coefficients Healing wave - 85,7% (3/3.5) Lesser healing wave - 42,9% (1.5/3.5) Chain heal - 23,8% (2.5/3.5 * 1/3) Lightning bolt - 85,7% (3/3.5) Chain lightning - 35,7% (2.5/3.5 * 1/2) Earth shock - 38,6% (1.5/3.5 * 0.9) Frost shock - 38,6% (1.5/3.5 * 0.9) Flame shock - 21,4% / 17,1% (50% * 1.5/3.5 - 50% * 1.5/3.5 * 12/15) Flametongue weapon - 10% Frostbrand weapon - 10% Searing totem - 367% (55/15) Fire nova totem - 21,4% (1.5/3.5 * 1/2) Magma totem - 66,7% (20/15 * 1/2) Healing stream totem - 133% (60/15 * 1/3) Consumables You can choose any of the consumables from the below list, keeping in mind that they do not all stack with each other; Elixir of the Mongoose & Elixir of Giants if not flasking. Mageblood Potion. Demonic/Dark Rune. Major Mana Potion. Winterfall Firewater. Juju Power. Juju Might > Elixir of the Giants. R.O.I.D.S. Ground Scorpok Assay. Flask of Distilled Wisdom or Flask of Supreme Power. Raid Logs & DPS numbers An expansion for DPS numbers. Taking the very top dps of the four whack-a-mole bosses in BWL (the Drake Pinatas and Broodlord) for each class and calculating the % of damage they do. I'm using numbers from Kronos, since a; they're readily available and b; that's the big Vanilla server at the moment. Bear in mind the section at the start discussing bugs on Kronos at the moment, Shamans are definitely at a disadvantage there currently. The highest DPS will be considered '100%', with each class calculated as a percentage of that, rounding decimals down to the nearest whole point. This gives a percentage of maximum possible dps that class is doing, which will show you all the Hybrids within 10% or so of each other in terms of total dps. I'll then do one final calculation; dividing the total dps of each class by its ilvl to give it a 'per ilvl dps rating'. One final note on this, the top feral druid on Kronos is a guy called Tf. He regularly does 100+ more dps than other druids on nearly every boss with ~5-6 less average ilvl. The guy is just that good, and it throws some of the list out of whack. Broodlord Lashlayer (adds) (Tank Swapping, Trap evading, Fire Aura, Threat Management, 3rd boss BWL) Druid: 668 ilvl 62 53.48% 10.77 Hunter: 1016 ilvl 71 81.34% 14.30 Mage: 1007 ilvl 71 80.62% 14.18 Paladin: 700 ilvl 66 56.04% 10.60 Priest: 702 ilvl 67 56.20% 10.47 Rogue: 1249 ilvl 75 100% 16.65 Shaman: 707 ilvl 66 56.60% 10.71 Warlock: 900 ilvl 70 72.05% 12.85 Warrior: 1209 ilvl 68 96.79 17.77 Firemaw (Fire Aura, Stacking Fire Debuff, LoS mechanics, 4th boss BWL) Druid: 762 ilvl 62 53. 36% 12.29 Hunter: 838 ilvl 73 58.68% 11.47 Mage: 892 ilvl 73 62.46% 12.21 Paladin: 602 ilvl 66 42.15% 9.12 Priest: 647 ilvl 68 45.30% 9.51 Rogue: 1067 ilvl 73 74.71% 14.61 Shaman: 681 ilvl 67 47.68% 10.16 Warlock: 929 ilvl 72 65.05% 12.90 Warrior: 1428 ilvl 70 100% 20.40 Ebonroc (Self healing drake, 5th boss BWL) Druid: 741 ilvl 62 53.00% 11.95 Hunter: 960 ilvl 74 68.66% 12.97 Mage: 1011 ilvl 71 72.31% 14.23 Paladin: 644 ilvl 68 46.06% 9.47 Priest: 685 ilvl 68 48.99% 10.07 Rogue: 1177 ilvl 71 84.19% 16.57 Shaman: 635 ilvl 67 45.42% 9.47 Warlock: 982 ilvl 66 70.24 14.87 Warrior: 1398 ilvl 71 100% 19.69 Flamegor (Enrage Fire Aura, 6th boss BWL) Druid: 711 ilvl 62 47.24% 11.46 Hunter: 901 ilvl 74 59.86% 12.17 Mage: 849 ilvl 68 56.41% 12.48 Paladin: 551 ilvl 68 36.61% 8.10 Priest: 680 ilvl 67 45.18% 10.14 Rogue: 1146 ilvl 74 76.14% 15.48 Shaman: 605 ilvl 69 40.19% 8.76 Warlock: 920 ilvl 73 61.12 12.60 Warrior: 1505 ilvl 71 100% 21.19 This list shows that even with significant bugs like Kronos has that Shamans are within 5-10% of all the other hybrids, with the exception being the wild overscaling of fury warriors. Taking it literally, Warlocks best score here is 72.05% of the damage done, Mage 80.62%, Hunter 81.34%, would we really suggest dropping all those classes because they are 20-30% behind a warrior, sometimes while out gearing them, and significantly outgearing many hybrids who struggle to find good gear until the T2.5 sets. As I stated before, a well geared Shaman in properly itemized gear can be viable. The same as any class or spec in Vanilla. 'Classic 2 handed' Shaman dps isn't a rare sight, Shadow Priests aren't rare, Feral/Boomkin Druids aren't rare. I hope to make sure that Spell Damage Enhancement Shamans aren't rare either.
  12. You've definitely been very fair, I just wanted to make sure there was an 'official' post stating the obvious so nothing was misconstrued. The poll itself has been very useful as well, showing an overwhelming majority in favour of at least some tweaking. The fine point for us will be finding the right balance between what is acceptable to the majority of the community and what isn't, much the same as every other team has to. As long as I'm CM, we wont be making any huge Blizzlike deviations without polling the community first. We'll ask for your opinions and we'll listen to all points put forward. However, at the end of the day this is Asuras baby and he has final say in all decisions.
  13. We're still taking questions for the next Q&A until wednesday, so feel free to add them to the list.
  14. Welcome to Crestfall!
  15. Welcome to Crestfall!
  16. Just to pop in and touch base here for a second. Blizzlike+ could include chopping out features that we feel move away from the core WoW experience. How we are going to tune/adjust features as the game moves forward in expansions is much different to how we would tune/adjust features in Vanilla. We are not "Blizzlike" however, not one single server release so far has been, and I very much doubt one ever will be. Every time you make a change you are trying to improve on what Blizzard did before, with the benefit of hindsight.
  17. Lets not devolve into bashing @Wowboy. His point of view is valid, and the only way to counter it is for us to release the server and prove what the team can do. However, we do have videos available. There haven't been any recently, mainly due to Asura being paranoid that whatever we publicly show off, other servers will immediately rush to 'fix' or patch in order to counter or otherwise impede on our own release. That's become pretty standard on the scene in the last few years, a recent example being the Netherwing TBC videos and the rash of other TBC servers patching their servers, followed by reddit drama and the like. We're trying to avoid that, we will release more videos, they won't be released until we're in the final countdown to release. For those who would like to see what we have previewed, you can see; Clustering Alpha Mechanics including Spell Delay Our spell delay system alone is a good example of why we haven't released any videos since this alpha preview. It wasn't really a thing anyone was trying to get accurate. We release one video, I count at least 3 other servers who have attempted to patch an approximation of spell delay.
  18. Sorry, asking for beta access puts you to the back of the queue. You was next as well, was literally just about to invite you...
  19. Remember to ground your hype people. This doesn't mean Open Beta is just around the corner. It's down the street and around the corner, but we're rapidly approaching that turn.
  20. Heh, slow day at the office today. I've been waiting for this to go live as long as the rest of you.
  21. Maybe that's the update. The update is us testing to see how our current community reacts to slipped deadlines. Or maybe it's about to be posted...
  22. I'll work on something this afternoon in between MWO matches and update the OP. It could do with being brought more in line with my other guides.
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  24. Hey, I said it could possibly be good. I also said don't get hyped. I may or may not be winding you up since my weekend is going slow. You're just going to have to wait and see. Inb4 update slips to Monday and people freak out... Possibly.
  25. That Bloo meme is amazing. Also I now know what is in the update. Dis gun b gud. Possibly.