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  1. Good afternoon Crestfallen and welcome to Q&A 2. All questions for this Q&A were taken from replies to the last Q&A post. As always, we'd like to remind you all that questions regarding a release date will be ignored and that Asura currently remains committed to a 2017 release. You will be the first ones to know about the release date as we approach it. General How open will the open beta be? Will we have GM/tester commands and free reign, or will it be limited in scope? The Alpha and Closed Beta testers will retain their GM commands, but open beta testers will not. The purpose of Open Beta will be to test the levelling experience, and allowing people to circumvent that leaves too much opportunity to miss things. It's possible that testers who provide consistently high-quality bug reports will get promoted and given GM commands in order to be able to test more thoroughly, but the reality is that many players will use the Open Beta more as a preview for themselves than to help us test and improve the content. How are you planning on handling Black Lotus spawns in the world? Herbs will be given a specific spawn point, and then an algorithm similar to that used in fear path generation will pick a spot a random distance and direction from that point in which to spawn the node. Since the new point must be reachable via pathfinding, we know that it will be reachable by players. The timers will also be heavily randomized. This means that logging off beside a spawn point won't necessarily help you, because the next time it spawns it could be as many as 100 yards away in a random direction, and it could show up any time from 10 minutes to four hours from the first time it was picked. Timers and distances will get tested and tweaked in open beta, so don't freak out about the numbers given, they were off the top of my head as examples. Are you going to have a Black Lotus spawn inside Dire Maul? Black Lotus spawns in the external courtyard when Mushgog does. Two of them, I believe. Inside the instance, no. We have no plans to include that. What is your philosophy regarding the tuning of raid encounters? Darkrasp touched on this in his most recent blog, which can be found here. If there are more specific questions, please ask for the next Q&A. What instructions will be given to the GM team regarding chat channels, particularly ones like /world which are non-standard but almost universally used? The team has no intention of moderating player created channels, guild chat, party chat, etc. The only chats that will have any form of sanctions will be the 'official' client based chat channels such as trade/zone chats, or whispers if someone is abusing character creation to get around you blocking them. We will be relying on players reporting behaviour, as we will not have GM's policing what people say. Simply put, if you don't like what's being said in a private channel, leave it. We understand there is some desire to simply have /world be an "ownerless" channel so that people can't abuse the power, and are considering this. Will we see any changes to dungeons in order to emulate patch progression? Within reason, yes. Obviously the loot tables have been altered to reflect pre-1.9 drop tables. Other changes such as respawn timers, number of mobs, mob stats and cooldowns, etc. will be reverted as much as is reasonable. We clearly can't go back to the old 10-man versions of many of these instances simply because not enough data exists out there to do so while pretending to have any degree of accuracy, but we can revert several of the later changes. Will we be able to use tunneling services to connect to Crestfall? Unlikely. We are blacklisting VPN services. It's possible that if you're on a small one you will sneak through, but our VPN protections are pretty solid and will be continually worked on and improved post-launch. Will Flasks follow the 1.3/1.6/1.7 patch changes, or have 1.12 functionality from release? I believe we're just going with 1.12 functionality from release. No dispelling, persist through death, and only one flask allowed at a time. Could you block the addon that people use to upload data to Realmplayers? While we could do this, it is not something we are currently looking at doing. It is not our policy to police how our players play the game, unless it is obvious things such as hacking or exploiting. How will you be handling leveling quests in respect to what was/wasn't available in each patch? For the most part we intend to just leave them in the 1.12 state, barring a handful of quests which provide exceptional rewards out of step with the rest of what is available, or reputation rewards linked to unreleased content. This more or less ties into why we want to launch with Maraudon active - it's content better experienced at the level it was designed for, and few people will go back to experience it at 60. The only things off the top of my head that we're removing at launch (aside from altered loot tables and reverted item stats) are a handful of vendors/vendor recipes, the Zandalar Tribe, the entire population of Cenarion Hold, some of the quests and NPCs at Light's Hope Chapel, the Darkmoon Faire, the T0.5 questgivers, and the Azshara class quests. Also we have removed the Darkmoon Faire and Argent Dawn-specific reputation items from drop tables, so you won't be able to save up Savage Fronds or Evil Bat Eyes prior to the release of the associated content. Will achievements be unavailable on the TBC server due to being introduced as part of the Wrath pre-patch? That is correct. We will be running on the standard 2.4.3 client, not the 3.0 client. However, one of the things being worked on is achievement trigger checks being built in to our Vanilla and TBC emulator, meaning all your achievements *should* be triggered once you transfer to WotLK. One of the benefits we have over the original devs is knowing what's coming ahead, after all! Will faction quest items (Thorium Brotherhood, Timbermaw, Cenarion Circle) be available at launch, or will they be added in patches? If so, which patches? Some of the reputation items for the aforementioned factions were available very early in Vanilla, and so they will be available at launch, however several of the rep rewards for those factions will be disabled as they were added much later in the progression. We are removing Deadwood Headdress Feathers, Winterfall Spirit Beads, Twilight Cult texts/gear, pre-Naxx Argent Dawn rep items (ie. Savage Frond, Bone Fragment, etc.), Darkmoon Faire related rep items (ie. Small Furry Paw, Glowing Scorpid Blood, etc.) and obviously the Darkmoon Cards themselves. Oh, and a handful of Battleground-related reputation rewards that were added to the game very late. A question regarding the "Item Patch". Will items in the game before 1.9 such as the "Ban'thok Sash" or the "Savage Gladiator Chain" be implemented with their original, less useful stats before the patch update? That is correct. While most low level quest rewards/leveling drops without secondary stats will remain in their 1.12 form, the plan is to roll back all end game gear until we release AQ. At around the time of the AQ patch, there will be an item patch update that will bump the stats of items currently in the game. A decision has not yet been made whether this patch will come out just before, at, or after AQ release. When will the bosses and items from the T0.5 questlines be added to the game? Currently, we anticipate this being part of the 1.9 item patch. PvP Why have you chosen to release all three battlegrounds in one "PVP Patch"? Honestly more of a "why not?" question than a "why?" question. As long as they're all ready, we'll push them all out at once. There's no particular reason to withhold it. And that is it for this months Q&A! Please submit any questions you have for the devs either as comments on this post or as PM's to one of the Community Managers, either myself or @rooted. We will then choose a selection of questions to put to the dev team next month. Q&A 3 is scheduled to be posted on Sunday, the 18th of June.
  2. Welcome to Crestfall! Currently, things we have confirmed we are looking at include; Solo Dire Maul Tribute farming. Solo DM lasher farming. Black Lotus spawn points. Ungoro Devilsaur spawn points and patrols. For the examples you listed, any time you safe spot a mob it is exploiting, so the Uldaman example is a known issue that will (hopefully) be fixed before release, the same as pulling the boss outside the room and up the stairs on Mangos realms usually gives you an add free fight. Pullinh Incendius from the ledges above would NOT be an exploit, since he can still path to you and fight. Currently we have no plans for releasing with an opened store. This is a last resort contingency plan in case donations do not cover the server costs. Ideally, we will never have to sell a single TCG item. Currently, we have not yet made a final design decision regarding how we will implement possible World" channels. Our GM team is currently finalizing our rules and ToS for each realm, but it will be likely that interference with world bosses on the PvE realm will be an offence that will result in some sort of punishment. The full rules will be published before release. For the PvP realm, x-faction, anything goes. Same faction abuse will likely also result in some form of punishment. It is possible that we will do a similar contest as Blizzard did, as we are planning on releasing at the 1.3 patch with no battlegrounds or honour system available.
  3. Hello and welcome, thank you for your interest in Crestfall! Our expected server caps are going to be around 5k. While on a technical level our core can handle upwards of 15k without a noticeable performance hit, we have no interest in re-balancing the game to allow for that many concurrent players. Asura is perfectly fine with having "low but stable population". We have contingency plans for opening additional servers if they are warranted, and then merging them at a later date should they depopulate. We will not, under any circumstances, operate with servers of caps of 6k or more. This is one of the reasons release is taking the time that it is. Preliminary work is already being done on TBC, and we are working to release with every patch implementation scripted and tested up to AQ. That would mean the team being able to mostly work on Naxx at release, with junior devs handling any bugs found once we do release. There are still two testing phases to come, with closed beta PvP and open beta. Because this was always the intention of the project. It is not and never has been, a Vanilla only project. If that is what you are after, there are multiple projects out now that would suit you better. Many of our developers favourite expansions are later, and we fundamentally believe that the best way to maintain a balanced population is to have the project be PTE from day 1. On top of this, is the challenge. The only other server to come close to what we are doing is Primal, and they doing something very different with their Vanilla/TBC versions being on a WotLK core. Currently, you can expect what we believe will be the most faithful, difficult and accurate representation of Vanilla yet released, with a Blizzlike+ balance ethos. Eventually though, the team will move on to working on other expansions, the population will move on, and if you expect to play here on a single expansion in the long term, you will have to come to terms with that. This is not a Vanilla project.
  4. Welcome!
  5. I don't get the reference.
  6. All decisions are made by Asura after consultation with the other devs, testers, and finally, should it be a significant decision, with input from the forum community here. At the end of the day however, Asura is king, and what he wants is what happens. Decisions far ahead multiple expansions down the line haven't been talked about yet. I doubt he's given it more than a fleeting thought at this point, and certainly he isn't going to commit to anything in an expansion he hasn't started working on. Unfortunately, long term promises about potential future content is not something that is going to be given out. As I said in my post above, those are my personal opinions on things the team may discuss changing further down the line.
  7. Crestfall has moved some way from the pure "Blizzlike" moniker. We're Blizzlike+, Blizzlike is the base, but we will make any changes we see fit for the long term health and betterment of the server.
  8. The following is my personal opinion, and does not reflect what will happen further down the line; I could very well see us changing some raid tiers in WotLK. Extending how long Ulduar is out for before releasing ToC (and making ToC last much less time), as well as removing tier gear from justice/valour badges. I could also see us disabling LFR and LFD.
  9. This isn't the place for this conversation. Please keep it to discussion of either the Q&A answers, or supplying further questions for Q&A3. Please make a new thread if you want to carry on the discussion regarding fine tuning raid difficulty, though I will remind everyone to keep respectful. I'm pleased that you all behaved yourself above, but please take it to a different thread and stay on topic.
  10. Unfortunately not, all I can do is close the poll. Once we have a firm release date, I'll close this topic and let people create a "version 2 - release poll". For myself, my guild is now once again gravitating back to wanting to play Horde again. I've not played anything except the CF beta for the last year, but they went on to play Alliance again on Elysium, so they're feeling like they want something new. Inb4 I code half tauren half nelf hybrids that will allow me to play on both factions at the same time.Not really but maybe.
  11. War = Warhammer Online. So much potential, so much disappointment.
  12. I mathed it out here; Tauren 5% stamina is slightly better than Nelfs Dodge. Taurens also have a built in ~1.15DPS advantage in cat form over a Nelf, or a 2.375 DPS increase fully buffed. It's very marginal, and shouldn't affect your decision on race.
  13. I did Rank13 on my Feenix Druid. That took me a solid ~4 months that I only had free during a period of unemployment, soon as I found work I couldn't keep up and abandoned Rank 14. I'm sure you could do Rank 14 if you was working/school, and you was 'given' it by whoever the top premade is, but it would possibly require account sharing.
  14. So, who is looking to rank on the PvE server? It will be harder and easier at the same time. Harder in that you don't have WPvP between BG's to farm extra HK's, easier in that you nearly always have to farm less to rank compared to the guys on the PvP server. So, what rank are you aiming for, are you going to solo queue or premade? Lets get some PvP discussion going. I'm aiming for rank 13, 14 if I don't have much in the way of work going on (self employed) but it depends on where things stand come release. ~10 is doable as part of a premade on a very casual basis though.
  15. Listed alphabetically to avoid bias, what class will you play on the PvE realm? Druid tank main, Ret Paladin alt reporting in.
  16. No worries, I knew what you meant
  17. Staff Update Hello Crestfallen. The purpose of this "living document" post is to keep you all updated with who the active current team members are, their position, and what it is they are currently working on. We're hoping this will help clarify some questions on how big the team is and why things are taking as long as they are. As always, please see our FAQ or our monthly Q&A posts if you have any further questions. Admin Team Asura Asura co-owns the project along with Crogge. He is responsible for the entire project, as well as head developer, project manager and responsible for all major staff decisions. His main priority is fixing crash/major bugs, implementing new functionality, and rewriting parts of the Ascent core not up to standard. Crogge Crogge co-owns the project with Asura. He is responsible for network administration, hardware maintenance, server hosting, and network security. Core Developers Rodeg Rodeg is a core developer. He does miscellaneous core fixes and database work. He spends a lot of time replicating bugs found by beta testers, and picks up many of the bugs found that are not assigned to Asura/Darkrasp. Darkrasp Darkrasp is a core team member. He started off doing research, before moving on to scripting and database work. Darkrasp has since begun working with the core doing less-complex implementations and fixes. He remains a junior dev, and his bi-weekly updates remain unofficial blog posts. Gorbulas Gorbulas is a core team member. He began as a database developer and now does both core and database work. Database Developer Xaverius Xavarius is our newest volunteer developer. His main responsibility is the implementation and maintenance of the database. This includes things like quest experience, rewards, what patch items/quests should be available in, and other assorted database tasks completed by the database developers. Daribon Daribon is a junior developer. He performs research work and assists Gorbulas with the database. Daribon's main responsibilities are text entries for NPCs and quests, and maintaining and expanding a research database of screenshots and videos from different respective eras. Volunteer Developers Drzej Drzej is a volunteer developer, working alongside Asura with the implementation of core systems when requested. Kab Kab is a volunteer developer who mainly assists Asura with researching how underlying core systems interact, and is reponsible for attempting to break the new core code Asura has written. Crow Crow is a volunteer developer who mainly assists Asura with research and implementation of core mechanics when requested. Web Staff Bloo Bloo is the main webdev for Crestfall. He maintains the code for the forums, created the beta sign up form, registration page and oversees the day to day running of the volunteers working underneath him. Bloo is responsible for creating the Crestfall website that is currently being worked on. Audio Audio is reponsible for the visual look of the new Crestfall website, custom forum avatars, and generally helping keep Bloo on the straight and narrow. Community Managers Inari Inari is the head Community Manager and will be responsible for managing dialogue between the fanbase and the dev team when we move into release. She also acts as head Moderator on the forums, with final say in all moderation activities and rules. Elicas Elicas is a volunteer Community Manager and forum moderator, currently filling in for Inari while she is busy outside of Crestfall. Rooted Rooted is a Community Manager, forum moderator and will be responsible for much of the projects video output once Asura gives the go-ahead to start producing content in the approach to release. GM Team Jonu Jonu will be the head of the GM team once we go live, currently working mainly as a forum moderator. Beta Testers We now have more than 50 people with full access to the closed beta.
  18. Detrimental means causing harm or damage Yes, we are still looking at expanding beta numbers. People have been regularly filtering in over the last few months. Make an application and see if you get through! I believe we're planning one more large wave in closed beta once we start PvP testing, and then open beta -> Release.
  19. While the discussion ran its course years ago, this thread has been mostly good natured and there is no reason to shut it down. That is subject to change should anyone fly off the rails. More people should have been around at the start of wow as well though; http://s3.amazonaws.com/szmanuals/b8446d3d6f34a651412bfa58a8198de8 Page 131 of the original game manual (which I still have), 2 main server types, "Normal" with PvP disabled as default, and the PvP servers we all know and love/hate. From the game designers perspective, PvP servers were abnormal. Roadblock presented some evidence back on page 2 from the first patch cycle of Cataclysm, showing that PvE players outnumbered PvP players by about ~98%. Historically, PvE players have always made up a larger part of the WoW membership. Conversely, PvP players have always made up a larger part of the private server membership. Personally, I'm convinced it's early years confirmation bias. All the early servers were by PvP fans for PvP fans, and people continue with the mentality that there are more PvP players, haven driven out most of the PvE players to other games years ago. The important underlying fact however, is that PvP in WoW was an afterthought, added on to wow to help it compete against the popular PvP MMO's of the day. All the major designers came from the Everquest PvE community, and that is what the game was built around.
  20. Asura is currently committed to a "2017" release, but we have not yet given any dates.
  21. Something that was brought up in another post and I figured it needed its own thread for visibility, as well as working out the timeline somewhat tighter. Trying to keep it to somewhat simulate the original release pattern, while bearing in mind that @Darkrasp doesn't want to release with the old items, and instead things will release with 1.12.1 itemized gear. Release (1.1.2): 8 debuff slot limit. Release with Maraudon available. 4 weeks after the first Onyxia kill (1.3.0) - Kazzak and Azuregos released. 4 weeks after both Onyxia & MC clear (1.5.0) - Release Alterac Valley BG. 8 weeks after both Onyxia & MC clear (1.6.0) - BWL released. 2 weeks after BWL released (1.3.0) - Dire Maul & associated quests released. 4 weeks after BWL released (1.8.0) - Dragons of Nightmare and Silithus revamp. 4 weeks after BWL cleared (1.7.0) - ZG released. 16 debuff slot limit implemented. 6 weeks after BWL cleared (1.9.0 world event only) - Start War Effort. War Effort Completed (1.9.0) - AQ 20 & 40 released. 2 weeks after AQ released (1.10.0) - Tier 0.5 quest line activated. 8 weeks after first C'thun kill (1.11.0) - Naxxramas released. 12 weeks after first Kel'Thuzad kill (2.0.1) - PTE to TBC. As you can see from adding the patch numbers, this nearly exactly follows the original timeline for all relevant PvE content as it was added. There is only one Major change added to the list, which is the delayed release of Dire Maul. This is mainly due to the fact that the better itemized drops from DM in 1.12.1 are generally better than many classes T2 and they make MC, Onyxia and BWL trivial. With the above scale, if we presume that the top guild on the server for each faction clears all possible content the day it releases, starts stocking War Effort materials from day one so the war effort only takes 24 hours and powerlevels to 60 in less than a week as well as attuning 40 people in one day, we would have; 1 week to 60. 24 hours for Onyxia attunement. 8 weeks of MC & Onyxia. 6 weeks of BWL. 8 weeks of AQ. 12 weeks of Naxx. 35 weeks of progression, just taking the pure timeline into account. That's just over 8 months, before we take into account a single days worth of people actually needing to do progression. AQ 40 and Naxx are certainly not going to be cleared in one day. This will further be slowed by the gear available to each raid team as each raid releases. No AV/Dire Maul gear for MC/Onyxia. No Dire Maul gear for BWL. No Silithus rep epics for BWL. No tier 0.5 for BWL. All in all I'd expect it to be closer to 12 months - 18 months of Vanilla before we PTE into TBC.
  22. Because I don't particularly like the games PvP.
  23. I'll pass this along to Darkrasp and the other devs immediately. We've had a couple of other offers as well. Thanks for showing interest! While I cant say what the guys want to do regarding this, I've made sure to forward everyone's details on to the webdev team who are working on the website.
  24. Hi all. Here to touch on a few questions; Gear - I've included this as one of the questions submitted to the devs for this weekends Q&A. While it's been answered a few times before, we're going to try and roll out a definitive "catch-all" answer for these gear questions. Database - We have been considering this, and while we would like to do it, we simply do not have the staff members to commit to a secondary project, especially at this stage of development. We would be willing to provide the necessary information to volunteers wishing to create something like that, but our core team is too busy for any side projects at the moment. This is something that will be revisited at a later date. Q&A 2 should come Sunday.