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  1. It is nice to know that things are back on track. Looking forward to release
  2. I am not really sure what i want anymore. I might just roll both sides to 60 and go from there at the start.
  3. @Elicas Thank you for the update regarding whats happening in the background. It is good to know CF is not dead yet.
  4. But it looks so real! baha on another note you need to work on those camera angles there horrid.
  5. Welcome! PvE server is the way to go you know. Druids are fun what spec do you plan to play?
  6. I am like most others here. Looking forward to PVP in BG's and not world PVP i just prefer being able to fight on my own terms and not get jumped by 3 people in the world.
  7. I for one will be donating as soon as i can to help keep the server running. My only question is @Darkrasp @Asura If i donate money can i say what server it is for. So that i could donate and help make sure the server i play on is the one that we keep if everything goes bad? IE. I do not want to roll on the pvp server but say you close down the PVE server and merge us into the PVP server because you lack funding but it turns out all the PVE players were the ones donating and the PVPers were all freeloaders. Would it not make more scence to keep the PVE server in this situation even if the PVP one has a bigger player base. Just my only concern.
  8. Welcome to the Forums! The server it self is currently in Closed Beta if i am remembering correct. It is planned to be released this year so just sit back relax and enjoy the community.
  9. Well the server is not released yet so i am guessing it would not be that beneficial.
  10. Just play a DPS warrior instead of a Tank warrior. Then if you ever feel like tanking bam swap over!
  11. Praise the sun. Now all we need to do is wait for release and enjoy having one of the best wow experiences of our life.
  12. There is really no point is discussing this. The developers will work it out when they are ready for it and if they think a cash shop with vanity items in it is a good idea it will happen. If they think it is a bad idea it will not happen.
  13. Just going to stay legendary s are no longer from raids. Put that aside. Legion has done a lot to bring more of a social feel back into the world i have been getting constant partys doing world quests "dailys".
  14. Why do i have a feeling everyone here are people who never even killed Mythic raiding bosses in retail. Retail is a hell load harder the vanilla as it currently stands. Vanilla these days is a joke i just play it because it gives me something to do when i am not raiding in retail. People say Retail has no reason to party up but you can't just enter a random dungeon finder for Mythic dungeon and heck Mythic + dungeons are going to be even harder. The hardest part about vanilla wow is the community not realizing the game is not as hard as it use to be know that every fight has a strat that we can easily follow. There was also organizing a 40 man raid whats lets be real. 40 man would not work these days anyway even if you could get a full group most computers would not handel 40 skills going of on a boss with the bosses own skills since the spells are more visually demanding.
  15. Legion comes out in 3 days time... how will it "mess" with sales?