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  1. A. There is a recurrent problem when playing with different client. Example : -I play with a French Client, but i can't see peoples chat on /1, /2 because they use English Client, so /world become the only solution to communicate. Do Crestfall have a solution for this kind of problems ? B. Any news about website ?
  2. @Elicas There is a recurrent problem when playing with different client. Example : -I play with a French Client, but i can't see peoples chat on /1, /2 because they use English Client, so /world become the only solution to communicate. Do Crestfall have a solution for this kind of problems ?
  3. It's not about when, it's not about business or about scam, it's about giving more than a five minute text to the community 2 times a month(not saying that it take 5 minutes to write, obviously). Honestly, we are happy with a f***ing screenshot ! When it's a video we feel like christmas. O-k i admit, it would be nice to have a new fresh estimation, but it dont really matter, just look at these peoples who gave so much for this forum during this last year(like this nelf just above me). Just communicate more. Now i know, you feel that you communicated too much and it wasn't good for you, but it wasn't public relation, it was private communication on discord which is not the same thing. You have a community behind you, take care to it.
  4. I'm agree that waiting each 2 weeks for a wall of text is quite frustrating. Outstanding tried to do something with fishing in way to teasing us, but where is the website ? the timer ? livestreams ? I can understand that dramas did a breakdown to communication, but actually there is nothing. Moreover, i'm sure that a lot of beta testers would be interested by recording video on special features ... The total opacity is not a good way to maintain the community, no more seeing a goose saying "2030" at each question.
  5. End Q2, early Q3 or none of them ?
  6. Very good news to hear, thank you Crestfall for your determination. However, i think you guy should re-estimate your population cap, 5k seems too low for the amout of players you'll drain here. 7k + news servs seems to being a good compromise. With Nostalrius/Elysium out of scene, i think you're not prepared for the player's tsunami you'll get.
  7. You're lucky because i personnaly had some names from Silmarillion which was often taken by someone else, Fëanor for exemple is always taken and my other name, Vanimeldë, rarer but also used by some peoples.
  8. Darkrasp's Update 12/12/2016 ?
  9. It's not totally true. Crestfall is a PTE but as you know pvp server will split when TBC launch, so new pvp serv for TBC and old serv for people who want to stay on Vanilla. Same thing for TBC->WOLTK, so we can count at least 5 serv when WOTLK hit (original PTE PVP/PVE + Vanilla Pvp + TBC pvp + WOTLK pvp) Am i wrong ?
  10. @Outstanding Q3 2017 would be fairly bad delay, same thing for end Q2. The fact is that Nostalrius-Elysium's merge could crystallize a whole and strong community if we aren't ready at end Q1/early Q2 max. If CF really want to have a populated PVE server backing the PVP one, the timeline is really important. Cause even with the best quality at CF, people need a feeling of belonging into a community; they will make friend, make guilds, contents will follow and CF could be relegated as an indie serv and not the new standard we waiting for. Furthermore, Nostelysium open a new serv and people will create new characters from 0, they would not giving up a second time and going on CF. I know we are focusing on quality here, but it's not the only relevant parameter; i think that pre-raid content could be done while people do their 0-60 progression, so we could win 3/4 weeks on releasing date. Same for raid scripting. Don't let the hype falling into oblivion.
  11. @Darkrasp I know you will not giving a precise statement but, approx, how long closed beta/open beta process will take ? I'm already prepared to things like "the time it's need" or "2030" or "2055" but could you give an answer, not too engaging but not too vague ? I know that CF team don't want to hype people by false interpretation and create btw virtual deadlines, but it would be nice to have a vision about remaining way.
  12. While i agree that 5G respec is a nonsense, 50g is really a pain in the ass. Why not 20G ? 25G ? 30G ?
  13. Yes my question was like Roadblock said "Can we communicate all together" and not "Will it allowed to talk in multiple languages". Because on many p-serv, non-english client can't see /1 /2 /3 channel and so can't talk even in english. In fact you try to write something on /1 and it will be invised.
  14. @Roadblock So Chinese can talk with chinese on /1 /2, Russian with russian, French with French ? I expected this for addons, but General Chat is a real issue, mainly for Quest/Raid grouping or chilling on Barrens Chat
  15. @Roadblock Thank you guy but it's not really answer my question, about generalchat/addons. I mean, could we see text from English/Russian/Chinese players on the same channel ? But ok for quests !