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  1. Bienvenue! I need someone to practice my french with
  2. Hey! I’m Saga and I’m so excited to finally play everquest with you guys an- hold on… what do you mean I’m sixteen years late? I’ve played on a plethora (I own a dictionary) of servers over the years and the only real insight I’ve gained is that the people you play with are all that matters. If this was a job interview I’d tell you that I am good at cooperating in groups, I always make sure to cast fire blast and my biggest weakness is that I sometimes type “lmfao” when the priest dies. I’ll play Alliance on the PvP server because sometimes that level 14 undead who just /hello’d you has to die. I’m greatly looking forward to accidentally porting my entire raid group to Darna after MC and I know you are too. xoxo