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  1. I've been following this project from over a year now , and it didn't launch "yet" i realy feel this will either take forever to launch or it will be a lame arse joke as Corecraft , any way i'm done waiting and i hope that people here wake the **** up.
  2. Blizzard is launching A Legacy vanilla server with RDF x'D...
  3. Well i'd Stop at WOTLK, Had thrilling Moments at LK Heroics, Hated RDF,looms, but i enjoyed the Badges Farm and that's cause we had a realy nice policy in our guild , cause we actualy kept the old gears IE: if we decide to do NAXX 25 (miss 40...) we'd gear ourselves as <200 item lvls
  4. I was my guild's tank , and got syndragoza Down as the last man standing (As a DK) , survived at 38 hp, there was so much screaming in the Teamspeak and the Adrenaline was real.
  5. @Elicas Same here ...
  6. I my self will bring around 10 irl friends to play here once it starts
  7. Sorry all i know about Rend in UBRS is the lovely BiS Sword Set that he Drops
  8. As far as ai know , there will be a cap on the number of players connected (Around 6k) , that is to insure the quality, another thing is the Fresh start , Unlike Kronos where everything is basicly Cleared.
  9. Best zone is STV #Welcome the jungle
  10. Thank you for the Update
  11. Corrupt AsheBringer
  12. Progression should only stay withing the mighty Trilogy the rest is BAD, and @RonaldoR9 No I'd Go For A blizzard legacy server in a blink of an eye , Another thing I like the progression personaly cause i'm a fan of the first 3 WOW , Cause in my case i cannot keep playing Vanilla But hell yeah i'm gonna stay in TBC
  13. I had a shaman on reserve back in nost about lvl 40 and i played shaman in TBC/Wrath : going with basic stuf here Before you roll a Shaman know that you won't have BL (yieeeeeeeee that's in TBC),No Dual Wielding,You will be Putting Alota Cloth if you plan on Raiding,You will heal and that's it if you're looking for End game pve Know that every Horde Raid need Shamy boyz : having 2Shamans in a raid is a huge Utility Totems and Co-ordination between the shamz in raids is Primordial Disciples of Thrall (the honor is real) Crazy Numbers in Enhance Pvp (literal OS)in some cases saw a guy Osing a mage (he had the Hammer of Thaurisan) and a shield x'D LOWL (yes he had a shield not even a 2h weap) Elemental is something i'm not realy fimilliar with, but they also put on Cloth, and they are not the best casters in the game from what i heared x'D they are Mediocre and you can concider them a better version of boomkins. A last thing Shamans have Ankhs for Anti Long Runs in wipes
  14. I know one (never used it though) it's Called Xperl & milk Scrolling battle text