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  1. I also did enjoy watching this video regarding Feral PvE DPS rotation and specs.
  2. Met a woman through WoW. Lost her to the main tank. Found a new guild - found friends for life. Meet up with them at least once a year, often twice. 20-40 people from all over Europe flying in to have a great time. One of the best things ever.
  3. I never was the one to discover new gamers, so I was still deep down in Quake II and Quake III Arena when I heard about WoW from two friends. They had started playing the Korean closed beta and I first saw it when I visited one of them. He gave me his login info and I fumbled around on a UD Mage without really knowing that I was doing. When the EU closed beta came around I got my own account and continued with UD Mage. On the last day of the open beta, another friend and me made human Rogues just minutes before the server would go down. We enjoyed it so much that we both rolled Alliance Rogues when the game came out. Retail started on the day of the EU release for me. I had pre-ordered the game the evening before, my first kind of online order after having moved to the Netherlands from Germany. I was amazed that the package was in my mail box before lunch-time on release day. Once installed I was on voice-comm with my friends while we all tried to make our chars on Stormscale-EU. There I had to learn for the first time that my name "meth" was actually a common name for a drug which is why WoW would not let me use it. My main regret to this day is that in all of the Vanilla betas and the actual release, I never looked beyong the Rogue I was playing. Did not try another class for any serious amount of time. Only when TBC came around and I rolled an Alliance Shaman did I realize how much I enjoyed healing.
  4. Did MC, BWL, AQ and a little bit of Naxx plus ZG and AQ20 in Vanilla. Never raided anything on a private server, except for one incomplete MC run. Hope I will get to experience the raids on Crestfall again for the first time since Vanilla.
  5. Came here to say the same. Good luck all ye knowledgeable testers.
  6. This is how we roll.
  7. Can't check since I am at work, but type /pfui to open the menu and then under "Actionbar" you most likely can configure what you want. Fiddle around with it and see if you can achieve the desired result.
  8. Thank you all for your input. I see the majority is doing it as I have done as well in the past, level the character together with the professions. I am still undecided if I will do that on Crestfall or just try to be a quicker level 60 this time with pure focus on leveling and once hitting 60, get professions up. Good to hear everyones opinion.
  9. Hi Crestfall Community, I was wondering if you level with or without professions, especially those who are usually leveling quite fast as they want to be done with it the sooner the better. So far I have always been a slow leveler and did professions on the way. But recently I have become a bit fed up with it when I took Skinning / Herbalism on a new char and then had to take time out from leveling to get the Herbalism up to speed in order to be able to pick the herbs that were in the zone I was leveling at. Skinning is never an issue, but I am now considering just not having any profession at all (aside from maybe First Aid) while leveling and just dive into that once I hit 60 (which I have never managed on any privat vanilla char so far - I am that slow). Also, would I miss out on a lot of potential gold when not leveling professions when leveling the character?
  10. It is usually Früh Kölsch (beer), Olmeca (Tequila) or white wine.
  11. I will mostly Solo, as usually, and I will try to be faster and more focused than I usually am. I have a lot of mid-30 toons on various private realms but I never made it to 60. As much as I enjoy leveling, I just want to get it done quicker this time than in the past to actually enjoy the end-game.
  12. Vanilla WoW on another server.
  13. I usually only watch football (the proper European kind) these days but I used to enjoy watching snooker, darts and sumo wrestling a lot when I was younger.
  14. Well right now your only choice is Kronos anyway, once Nost PvP is back you can decide to try it. If you have an old Nost PvP char, maybe it is fun to hop on again. But I am not sure I would level from scratch there if I was you.
  15. I am hungover at work. I am so tired. I need weirdness to keep me alive.