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  1. we demand fresh memes from dev team about Nost/Elysium drama Kappa
  2. You be farmed little one Kappa
  3. For Mother Russia, For the Horde!! I mean, Welcome
  4. Intel Pentium 4 forever
  5. Shamans look l33t ^^ Ps. Shamans for lyfe!
  6. On their forum, it says alliance
  7. Welcome. For The Horde!!
  8. For Mother Russia, tho i speak english very good
  9. Cataclysm all the way, but after cataclysm it was just a joke tbh.
  10. Im not sure when it happened, but i've heard Xavius caused a havoc back in the days, will his respawn be fixed to a certain location? ^^ Edit: Some world boss, that could be pulled from some area into Stormwind ^^
  11. Thx on that, at least for verified sources or trustable sources will do just fine. My point was, is not looking for random client out there and hope for the best, that client wasnt altered previously. Winter.
  12. Well, besides that ERP stuff, its a good place to have a laugh ^^
  13. I mean, Moon Glade of US and Argent Dawn of Europe, whoever plays on blizz servers, check that madness ^^
  14. Rlly? Goldshire, Lion's Pride Inn, check on youtube vids, nasty place for Roleplayers
  15. What ya think, can this mistake happen here as well? Opinions ^.^