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  1. Great update! Love, love, LOVE all the focus and attention to detail you and the team have <3
  2. Neat update, @Darkrasp Love the transparency and depth <3 Best of luck on friday
  3. Lovely update, and glad to be able to help out <3
  4. This all sounds really promising, @Darkrasp Well done, and welcome to the new scripters!
  5. These updates just get better and better Great work, @Darkrasp <3
  6. Lovely update, seems like you're doing quite a lot of good stuff with the core <3
  7. Fantastic update, @Darkrasp Seems like you and the team are going solid - love it <3
  8. Interesting! Will definitely check it out
  9. Love your attention to detail, @Darkrasp Exciting times ahead
  10. Awesome! Enjoy lunch, and I hope the rest of your work day goes smoothly
  11. Awesome update, @Asura Will @Darkrasp post an update today as well? I'm cheering on you all, and I'm sure not the only one Much love <3
  12. Lovely update, really enjoy the transparency and in-depth explanations Much love to you and the team <3
  13. That being said, I'd still try to reach the dude that finished it for you - tried to find his email or any other contact info by searching for his nickname, for example?
  14. I took a quick look at the code for the addon, which I downloaded from the link in your quote. It is a lot of code, and I couldn't identify where the code for the current order/sorting is. I'm not that familiar with Lua, though. Perhaps someone that is could point out the lines responsible, and I'll give it a more thorough look.
  15. Really really cool - thanks for sharing, Arthas!