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  1. Nah, what a grizzled Situation Thank you @Elicas for all your work you`ve done here. Enjoy your trip in the states.
  2. Very informative as always. Good work Elicas!
  3. Well rounded, superb looking. Good job, well done! I will give it a try.
  4. Let us all agree to the fact, that this Mount and Title requires a ton of time, money and luck. I like the Mount very much, but for me personaly, the time spent is not worth it. But i will help, if a Guildmember offers the wish to do the Questchain.
  5. Play like an Ant. Swarm all places and kill everything in your way. Grinding/ Questing/ Dungeons, i would do it all, because for me personaly, thats what vanilla is all about. I like your setup with Warrior/ Druid, but add another RL Friend, force him to play Mage. CC, free Food/ Water and free Portals to quickly travel around the World. Good luck
  6. I think the biggest problem is, that you will be running out of quests in the early levels. 1-10 Teldrassil 10-20 Darkshore 15-27 Stone Talon (not many Alliance quests) 18-30 Ashenvale 25-35 1k Needles (not many Alliance quests) Desolace will come at 30 off course and there is BFD Instance at 26+ Eastern Kingdoms 10-20 Westfall & Loch Modan 15-25 Redridge Mountains 18-30 Duskwood 20-30 Wetlands & Hillsbrad @30 you can adventure to Alterac, Arathi & STV plus you get Deadmines, Stockade, Shadowfang Keep on your journey.
  7. Baelgun (PvE, Alliance), German speaking Server, N811 Rogue TBC release: Thrall (PvE, Horde), German speaking Server, Undead Mage Never played any WoW after TBC. Playing on various Pservers until 2013
  8. It will be slowly. Since i raided in retail pretty heavily, i focus more on the 5 man Dungeons while leveling for the old feeling. Although i hope there a many great people out there grouping up and questing together. Endgame goal for me will be hitting BiS for my Priest and Epicmount off course. If i am lucky and get my hands on a raidspot in a non progressed oriented raid, i will do some raiding. Battlegrounds off course but only healing, not caring getting humiliatet. I am not sure leveling Enchanting and Tailoring, so i have to find another way to get my Lesser Magic Wand and Greater Magic Wand. I always enjoyed the journey in vanilla from 1-60, meeting new people, chatting and so on. See you on Zul`Dare
  9. Finish AQ 40 and Naxxramas. My Guild was stuck at Twins and we did just a couple of trash runs in Naxx, so that would be something i would appreciate. And off course spending hours and hours in Diremaul, farming Quel'Serrar for my RL Friend.
  10. @Outstanding Thanks for the information.
  11. Cool Thread There are many Zones i like, but the first two Zones i will forever remember are Elwynn Forest and Westfall. Paladin was my first Character back in retail, so obviously i started Elwynn, Northshire Abbey. After finishing all the Quests there, i run to Westfall and i remember walking over the bridge from Elwynn too Westfall. It was great. But back 2 topic Duskwood, Loch Modan, Tirisfal, Silverpine Forest, Elwynn Forest, Redridge, Darkshore & STV. Cheers
  12. Hey Outstanding, Which Faction are you Playing on Elysium? Would be interested in joining, for the time wie all wait for CF to lunch. Cheers
  13. Masterpiece. I really have to thank you Elicas for bringing so much infomation to this underratet class. I always enjoyed reading your guides, keep up the awesome work. Definitly rolling a N811 Druid know and it will be ... yes the mighty Bear tank. Hear me roar
  14. in the p-server scene, i personally think the people prefer the pvp server(s). the reason for many of them (including myself) is the good old open world pvp feeling. getting into a spontaneous 1v1 world fight, is such an awesome moment, espacially if u win the fight.
  15. Hard to believe picking a side/ race/ class could be so hard. Replied on this topic a few days ago and i was sure i want to start a gnome warrior. Played a N811 Rogue back in retail, i like the rogue class alot, especially on a pvp server. But i like the druid class too, shifting between different forms, tanking in bear, dps in cat and heal (balance is not so viable in classic. For me, its more of a fun specc to be honest), aaaahhhh this is so brutal. making these choices kills my brain i`m sure i will not play as much as i did back in retail vanilla, so the side/ class/ race thing must be done when crestfall launches.