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  1. Or how about the always funny shamen? It always pops up somewhere!
  2. Got a list of 15 names intended for 4-5 characters of mine, bring it people!
  3. Some arguments made in this thread don't matter anyways since the devs already confirmed dynamic respawns, right? So it won't be *****-like in that regard
  4. I don't see a problem with identifying all relevant quests up to level 10 and shorten the spawn timer as necessary. Perhaps not to 1-2 seconds but shorter. Keep the rest as is. The starting zones are the ones that will have the worst bottlenecks. And after level 10, activities such as grinding, professions and what not become more realistic options than while in the starting zone. There's already going to be a dynamic spawn process for mobs in place, so what's the problem with treating spawnable objects the same? Keep in mind that I'm referring to starting zones.
  5. @Outstanding just a lil' groove
  6. Impossible. I can list my 5 favorite directors though, but in no particular order: Marty Scorsese The Cohen brothers Quentin Tarantino Brian De Palma Sergio Leone + Plenty of honorable mentions As for 5, 10, make that 12, actors, no order: Jack Nicholson Robert De Niro Al Pacino Denzel Washington Samuel L. Jackson Leo DiCaprio Benicio Del Toro Marlon Brando Kevin Spacey Tommy Lee Jones Robert Duvall Jeff Bridges + Lots of honorable mentions but these are the dirty dozen imo
  7. Welcome! Desert Eagle, huh? Instant flashback to this awesome scene. Perhaps you know Swedish as well hmm
  8. ahem ahem, let me share something that will tickle your funk bones
  9. Greetings, traveler.
  10. Miles said it best when he alluded to Prince embodying Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Marvin Gaye and Charlie Chaplin. Put on a show whenever he was on a stage!
  11. Windfury? Elemental master spec
  12. Welcome! I'm an altoholic and play both. However I guess 70% of my /played is with Alliance. The problem is the restriction of PVP-servers only allowing you to play one side. I enjoyed my time on Warmane's Lordaeron, they allowed for both factions while keeping the rest blizzlike. I'm rolling Horde PVP and Alliance PVE for Crestfall though. But will spend more time on the PVP server.
  13. I think Crestfall-inspired AVIs is a great way to foster a sense of community