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  1. I'd definitely be down for a PvP guild named <DEA> or something similar that hunt these punks down and camp them, but probably not enough individual incentive for it to successfully happen
  2. Until Cata. But I'll probably quit Wow/gaming before we get there So maybe TBC-Wotlk
  3. If they get the benediction core down the line then everything I said was valid.
  4. Too bad the select shitposters from Elysium, always harping down on CF, now get to enjoy the expertise, work and resources of Crestfall. Shame
  5. Legacy Crusade is Crogge's project
  6. Less than 5 minutes
  7. EDIT: Please have this as soundtrack to new trailer @Bloo @Crogge
  8. /bloo
  9. Welcome! Freedom of speech up in this b Anyways, roll PvP and let's walk in Stranglethorn together. I can hold your hand.
  10. Or how about the always funny shamen? It always pops up somewhere!
  11. Got a list of 15 names intended for 4-5 characters of mine, bring it people!
  12. Some arguments made in this thread don't matter anyways since the devs already confirmed dynamic respawns, right? So it won't be *****-like in that regard
  13. I don't see a problem with identifying all relevant quests up to level 10 and shorten the spawn timer as necessary. Perhaps not to 1-2 seconds but shorter. Keep the rest as is. The starting zones are the ones that will have the worst bottlenecks. And after level 10, activities such as grinding, professions and what not become more realistic options than while in the starting zone. There's already going to be a dynamic spawn process for mobs in place, so what's the problem with treating spawnable objects the same? Keep in mind that I'm referring to starting zones.