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  1. Can we make an appearance on your blog? pls
  2. Orc warriors are super edgy and autistic in world pvp, that's all I have to add to this thread.
  3. It's all about the purple people.
  4. This applies much more to the real world outside of pservers.
  5. And aboard!
  6. I think this has become a bigger issue due to the various screw ups by Elysium. Had it been running more stable and with no leaks there wouldn't be much discussing re: donations. Heck they still have people supporting and donating. But Elysium is a dubious empirical example at best, if Crestfall becomes all we envision it to become that is. And small servers with open donations are just that, small servers. Not comparable. I'm personally against the idea of a donations page showing every and each dollar received. Crestfall doesn't owe full transparency to anyone. A free to use service with voluntary donations is what it is. Now I get the whole trust element but I believe it can be better instilled by quarterly (or monthly/bi-monthly) posts regarding the current financial situation. Having full insight in donations while not having full insights into the operation as a whole would just lead to more discussions and scrutiny. Also, I believe plenty of people donate with the devs in mind rather than server costs. I know I've done it as a token of appreciation for the free work they do. This is not to say that Crestfall should take cuts but rather that the large majority are less cynical than the vocal minority clamoring for full display. Give people a stable server that brings them joy and allows for nostalgia trips encompassing several expansions with quality management and staff; combined with some sort of report regarding financials (that doesn't have to be detailed like a damn tax declaration) and that will be more than enough in my opinion.
  7. Major bump + updated post. Join!
  8. Nope, and beta testers are under NDA so any footage would have to be officially released. There have been talks of another teaser video but I don't know when that'll happen. Wouldn't bet that it is a high priority just yet.
  9. Looking forward to it!!
  10. Who else if not Innkeeper Farley? Respect to this man for sticking through the years as the manager of the Lion's Pride Inn. With Goldshire being Goldshire, how he actually endured, we will never know. Honorable mentions (all TBC): Floyd Pinkus (Thrallmar), Coryth Stoktron (pimp of Cenarion Refuge) and Ophera Windfury (Temple of Telhamat)
  11. That's actually Duki's desktop huehue
  12. According to wowwiki, for TBC you needed 494,000 XP to hit 61. With a limited quest log of 25 quests and a level 60 quest netting 5k XP as per above, that's roughly a quarter of the level. Sure some quests might grant more but either way we're talking about 30% at most. Then add travel times for turn ins etc, I think best case scenario you may earn a little nudge ahead of the rest but probably not worth the effort.