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  1. Superb sucking performance.
  2. /bloo
  3. In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti... On another note, welcome!
  4. Kronos is the root of all evil. With that, good luck
  5. Even the sellers are aware of the prowess of Crestfall, huehue.
  6. I present to you... The Great Hope, circa 1030 -- artist unknown
  7. It was implemented at patch 1.12 on live I believe, so I agree. It would be nice if it was implemented by the end of vanilla or when we get to TBC at least
  8. They usually (so far) take in testers in bigger waves sporadically rather than individually so don't lose hope
  9. set realmlist cfwhen.org
  10. Darkrasp is an owl and Crogge is a gentle grizzly bear. It is known.
  11. Cross-realm BGs are fine imo and a nice addition to the activity. It's the cross-realm RDF that ruined it.
  12. <3
  13. Big welcome!
  14. I already have the cheat sheet, so I'm gonna say... the hair color!
  15. Who plays male night elf
  16. Favorite classes in no order: Hunter, Paladin and Shaman. Likely main Hunter in vanilla/TBC. Main Paladin in WOTLK. Sprinkle in some heavy shaman from TBC and onwards. Maybe squeeze in a warrior somewhere. Das' about it.
  17. All those bitches. Guess that hunter will have a whole harem for herself!
  18. Chicken Grease Another fluttery funk essential is the straight-sixteenths approach to strumming chords popularized by Prince (think “Sexy M.F.”), the Average White Band (intro to “Pick Up the Pieces”), and other groups. “Prince calls it ‘chicken grease,’” says Scott, demonstrating such funk gristle by strumming Ex. 10 with a consistent yet almost feather-light touch. “Prince and I have a good musical rapport onstage. If he is playing low, I play high, or if he’s playing single notes I’ll play chords. It’s the same thing Skip Dorsey and I do on the Timberlake gig. And when Prince wants to change up the groove, he’ll often say, ‘Mike Scott chicken grease!’ and I’ll go into some of these droning sixteenths for a while. If he wants to get out of it, he’ll say something like ‘On the one,’ and we’ll break.”
  19. Forum attunement.
  20. 8/10 always makes me lul. * Shout out to Audio *
  21. double rate, ignore lel
  22. 16, no more than 18 seems like the sweet spot imo.
  23. Can we make an appearance on your blog? pls
  24. Orc warriors are super edgy and autistic in world pvp, that's all I have to add to this thread.