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  1. See ya hopefully in game one day, wherever that might be
  2. 16 bro <3
  3. rip upboats
  4. Abuse! Also, RIP upboats
  5. Yes sir
  6. Doom reserves depleting?
  7. I think you overestimate pre-launch (or pre-open beta, if you will) costs by a decent amount. Costs being yuan and not time, of course.
  8. Are you seriously alluding to subscriptions before the server even releases?
  9. Interesting times ahead. CrestRise!
  10. If same GM team = RIP
  11. What's the difference? If the characters merged onto the existing account you can't use two characters at the same time anyways.
  12. IMO, characters from PvE realm should be copied to another account for all, regardless of faction due to 1) simplicity 2) character limit. That being said, I think a merge could only be necessary at some point if we have 3+ servers running.
  13. I think they are able to get it working eventually if it is decided that it would improve the experience. It was only ruled to be working from the get go as that would delay the launch. Few months into vanilla however? Perhaps.
  14. Superb sucking performance.
  15. /bloo
  16. In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti... On another note, welcome!
  17. Kronos is the root of all evil. With that, good luck
  18. Even the sellers are aware of the prowess of Crestfall, huehue.
  19. I present to you... The Great Hope, circa 1030 -- artist unknown