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  1. I have played on several servers both PvP and PvE, but my home was definitely Shadow Council (US - PvERP).
  2. Jazz hands! Thank you both! Thanks! I played A LOT more Alliance back in the day than I did Horde because that is where my friends all wanted to play. Dwarves have always been my go to in RPGs. That being said, in WoW the more I tried Horde the more I was drawn to the Horde races and their story lines. If the population ends up mostly Alliance, I will likely roll up a troll. Hello! I can only promise that if I do roll a dwarf he will be well bearded.
  3. PvE all the way. Big thanks for making it an option!
  4. Surprised you received so much grief. I would appreciate a dungeon guide compilation, and hopefully a spoiler tag would take care of the problem.
  5. Hello Crestfallen, Been out of WoW now for a few years, but originally started playing during TBC and lost interest during MoP. Played on both PvP and PvE servers, but definitely preferred PvE...what can I say, turns out I am a total Care Bear. Have not played on a private server yet, but really like what I have been reading/hearing about Crestfall. Love reading the updates on progress, and am looking forward to meeting all of the other PvE'ers in game! What do you think troll or dwarf? Convince me! -Xaveine