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  1. I'm about 2 weeks late to the discussion, however great to see a pvp server Horde guild forming. I myself will be an ally of yours and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield. As an EST based adult with a day job I can not join and raid with you, however I do wish you all the best! If you ever needs some heals in pve or pvp let me know... when I decide what character name to make... hmmmmm. Seeyeh on the out there!
  2. You wont see videos just yet as the server is still very much Alpha. All systems are not yet coded, loot is not done yet, and scripting and such has still to be done. The videos will not show a fully working server just yet. When they begin beta (I believe closed at first) most likely the marketing team will begin with videos as it will look like a working wow server, just with bugs and such.
  3. This is exciting news guys! A new scripter and some new support staff. Sounds great.
  4. Glad I could catch the stream yesterday (Dropthathoyt). The excitement is over taking me. Also no way I could make heads or tails what those images said.
  5. Let me know when the next step of testing is ready to go. I don't have that amount of time to test that much (well I do right now, but using my time for other things). I'm also US based so I'm on a little later than the eu peeps. Always up for helping, I'm great with a list and documentation. Have fun with this first stage. Wish I could make the meeting but alas... I work weekends.
  6. guide

    I love good guides like this. Makes me wish I played rogue, however last I checked... rogues cant heal. Nice guide Soyoen
  7. I love guild banks when you have a good guild that doesnt steal and people replenish the food and pots. I can't wait for TBC, until then... love me some bank alts >.>
  8. I have played mmo's that have this feature. I have not played retail since the olden days, so not that game in specific. As much as I enjoy this feature in other mmos I think adding it here would be considered a fun server. I remember old school wow it was a thing to pause at every _9 to pvp a bit. Being level 10 and going into 10-19 I got my skin removed from my body and dragged across the field. This was worse when twinks start popping in, but that was kinda part of the fun /shrug
  9. Nice update. I agree about the need of a thumbs up emote. Also dev reputation should be set at an infinity symbol.
  10. @Asura That was an unexpected choice. I never would have thought someone else would enjoy some of the best choppers. I love my rap music. I'll post rap next time... but for today, have some electro-swing.
  11. Wow, all this makes me wish I was athletically inclined >.>
  12. I haven't been on in a couple days.. so delayed response. I'm really not that surprised that this project was shut down. I'm sorry it was a shit show launch and carried bad press until it's death. The had the worst/best launch time and that turned out to be their demise. Also on the staff. Understood about not bringing on new staff. I find that when you have too many people it stops being efficient. If you have found that perfect balance work wise, don't try to bring in more. You become a babysitter and start just cleaning up what has been slipping through the cracks or left behind.
  13. I just read that kronos will be doing a TBC server. Thoughts?
  14. Damn, lol. A part time job just farming. Thank god for TV.
  15. Yeah in my mind raiding like 3 time per week is pretty sweet with option past content on other nights. I am not in school anymore and the days of raiding 7 nights per week just isnt gunna fly. I assume most people on these forums are older than 25. Could be mistaken.