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  1. My pc is mediocre but somehow I still get low fps or when I do get high fps It drops alot wich makes it laggy. I don't need comments like upgrade ur pc etc. I need best settings for my wow maybe macro's etc.
  2. Current Hunter UI with Discord/AI Textures Login Screen: Addons List:
  3. As the title says any suggestions for proffesions such as mining with nodes collected from database or sumthin?
  4. Going for Paladin!
  5. Alot of the arguments I heard from people that will go Nostely "Kronos also uploaded videos and said they had best quality" "Crestfall Release 2020" etc I'm not sure why so many people hate on this project.
  6. I feel like CF will die. Because there won't be any Population. I love this project. What are you guys thoughts on this? And where will you play?
  7. Yeah I added the wrong version of Omni CC. But I'm using shagui rn pm me if you want the settings
  8. I'm getting this error When Casting. Also can u add some save option to the shagui option menu? the reloadui bugs out some times
  9. Update: Updated broken links and added Image of my UI
  10. Yeah it is I dropped it into filedropper didn't know these link would expire Il update it but I have new UI now!
  11. My friend told me some of Playtbc staff is working on this project and that it will fail is this true?
  12. Yeah Il edit it but you need to select Vanilla version in the database if you click on the link. Otherwise it shows the TBC version. Il redo everything but instead Il make a video rather on how to heal/dps.
  13. Who does this matter anyway? They are both retail heroes
  14. Alliance?