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  1. There's not much I can say that @echis hasn't already said much more eloquently than I ever could. I'm too one of the more silent readers and want to reply here in show of support of the team working on Crestfall. Please keep working on this server that all of you have dreamed for such a long time. We'll be here later this year or in 2018 or beyond whenever you're ready to launch the server. Focus on what made Crestfall be Crestfall. And should ever forget what these ideals were, I think consulting with senior forum members to speak on the communities behalf is a great idea.
  2. Really introduction post, hope you'll stick around in the forums! I share your thoughts really and I too hope that I'll be able to play on Crestfall for years to come. Like the others, I'm also excited to hear what race/class and server you think you might be playing on?
  3. I want to level cooking and fishing this time as well! Which side will you be on?
  4. Thank you for your replies, everyone! They way you describe it, I'm even more excited for Crestfall than I already am! Embarrassingly, I have absolutely no clue about engineering. Can you explain a bit how it could help? Should a certain role (etc. tank) have the profession or it doesn't matter? That's awesome man, thanks for sharing. We hope to have as much fun as you guys had!
  5. I love doing dungeons. One of my best memories in WoW was doing Maraudon and getting all the way to Therazane, after what felt like 3 hours into the dungeon. On Crestfall, I'll likely be playing with two other people both of which are rather new to World of Warcraft and I want to enable them to have a similar experience venturing into and clearing the dungeons for the first time. Since we'll be leveling very slow and have very much our own pace of progession, I've been thinking for quite some time whether it would be possible for us to clear dungeons together as a group of three. My experience with Vanilla is very limited so I wanted to ask here. Of course, even soloing most dungeons becomes possible if you're high enough level, but what I mean here is if we will be able to clear a dungeon within the level range so that at least most quests and mobs in the dungeon still reward xp? I don't mind if progression for the dungeon is slower this way, but I am worried if we'll be too slow and will have to deal with respawns? If you think it's possible, what would be an ideal composition? We've been thinking about a druid tank and a shaman and a priest, probably with the shaman as healing/dps hybrid. I'm a bit worried with this composition about the lack of cc though. Do you think it could work?
  6. I am quite torn between Priest and Druid for my main. I think I'll go with Druid! If something like a Blizzard legacy or pristine server ever rolls around, I would probably "continue" playing my Priest there. Together with my partner I'll likely play either a Shaman, Hunter or Warrior. We're going to try out different combinations and stick with what we like the best. Most likely I'll be playing a Night Elf druid solo and with my partner a Dwarf Hunter or Troll Shaman!
  7. I played at different times on different servers, but I consider EU RP-PvE Darkmoon Faire my retail home.
  8. Thank you so much for this update, @Darkrasp. As others have mentioned it's really great that you're communicating to us about the progress of development and the professionalism with which the forum and community is handled currently inspires a lot of confidence that this could be indeed the server so many people are hoping and wishing for. I would like to make a comment on giving time frames for the betas and the launch. I think it might be a good idea to reduce how much information you communicate to us on the release schedule, especially as your updates are getting more formal and "official". I believe a "when it's done" kind of attitude is perfectly acceptable as long as you keep communicating to us like you're doing at the moment. My fear is that you as the developers find yourself under pressure to release something that's not ready.
  9. That's true. Knowing that I'll be able to roll draenei or blood elf later when BC releases factors into my decision as well. I really start to like the idea of a blood elf mage as well.
  10. Great, thanks! Would I have an option for the original aspect ratio though (resulting in black bars on the side for widescreen monitors)? Or are you just accepting the stretched view? EDIT: Or is the new patch a proper widescreen implentation of the game?
  11. So while we wait, I was thinking about playing through Warcraft III and the Frozen Throne expansion. I've never played through the campaigns, back when it came out I was too young to understand the story and only played skirmishes. These days I'm really into the lore of the World of Warcraft. Through reading wowpedia and lore video summaries and what gets implied in WoW itself, I think I have a bit of an understanding of the events of WC3 + FT. But still, I thought it might still be fun to go back and play through the game. Has anyone of you recently gone back to the game? How is it holding up? Is there a widescreen mode? Are at least HD resolutions supported? Would you recommend going back?
  12. Thank you for the post and the video, what a cool piece of WoW history I had no idea about. I also want to say something about this. When I was first playing in 2006, I had a terrible computer and could only run the game on the lowest graphical settings. That's why I really disliked rain in the game - it drastically reduced my frame rate almost to the point of being unplayable. Now I'm looking forward to enjoying the weather effects. I have never seen snow.