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  1. I'll do a /wave should we meet on Aggramar
  2. I like the small videos you posted on certain topics adressed Keep it up guys !
  3. Same here. I guess we wait what Elysium management will do when the time comes. But in all honesty, if they will not open a PTE PVE server, I will probably just quit the wow private server scene in general.
  4. Hello there, welcome to the community !
  5. Cool video. Was nice to watch
  6. The ancestral spirits works in mysterious ways.
  7. Have a good holiday Elicas. I do hope you are still playing CF when it's released, because the server needs more Aggramarians! (even the ones that fail at correct faction choice )
  8. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  9. Thank you for putting time into this post guys. Greatly appreciated! I'm very pleased to hear public discord will be back. I really enjoyed my time there and felt kinda sad when it went inactive (with good reasons off course)
  10. Forgive my ignorance, but what is ARK?
  11. A Dutchie! (from Belgium myself) Welcome to the community and great choice in server and faction Cya around
  12. Yes, this project will eventually go into TBC and beyond. Shamans are excellent raid healers and provide support to the group (not raid) with totems. It is well known that healer classes are not the best gold farmers but they CAN still kill things. Just not as fast and efficient as a DPS class. But there are alternatives to generate money such as: playing the auction house, selling healing role to dungeons (not sure how viable this is), gathering proffs. And if you are lucky, your guildies will help support you a little with consumables.