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  1. I heard shamans are underplayed on most private servers. But just play what you like most between the two you suggested. In general, healers are always in demand?
  2. I like your enthusiasm, to bad I'm rolling Horde
  3. I'm happy for you that you have found your "dream scenario" here with us. Welcome
  4. Eesiepeesie nub Alliance lollol ... Please don't let Elicas take over.
  5. Yeah, likewise. The good old days were the best I ever had in online gaming. Even tho Vohbo's reign was tough at times, during raid times I always laughed my ass off. Except in Naxx. It was usually stress time Will you be playing here also? I'm gonna play on Zul'Dare, Horde side. But I'm not gonna be playing hardcore anymore. Got a wife and kid now
  6. Small world.. I'm also from The Dominion. What character did you play? I am Norgalium (mage)
  7. Probably
  8. Hello there! We all hope to join the server soon(®? )
  9. Yes, Princess Huhuran is a AQ40 boss
  10. Welcome to our community friend. I'm glad more and more people are joining the PvE server.
  11. Like others have allready posted, MC and BWL you should go frost and in AQ, Naxx fire is the best way to go. But that is only if you are in a serious raiding guild that you will be "forced" into this. In retail vanilla we had 1 mage in our guild that refused to spec frost in MC and BWL, his damage was awefull. But due guild politics I could not get rid of him But we survived in the end, so yeah.. Should you raid as a fire mage, I recommend http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#of0E00MZxgM0fcht0h Going for Pyro and Blastwave is not that usefull in raids imo. Should the need arise to AoE stuff, just cast flamestrike and Blizzard. And having the Imp Scorch ability always available to you is always usefull. But in the end, just use a build what you think that feels best to your playstyle. I always did so and I did allright
  12. We stopped trying 3 weeks before TBC came out, just because most of our members were getting burned out of that encounter. Patchwerk and 4 horsemen are real challenges imo
  13. Hello Mr. lurker
  14. Same as Lilaina actually. I played with a few RL friends, with one being the guild leader. At the end of the "vanilla" era we recieved alot of whispers that people in the guild were interested in a RL meeting. But as we were social awkward type of people, we refused to organize it
  15. Welcome aboard, I hope to see you in game so you can keep me alive in dungeons