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  1. Hello there
  2. Joined August 30th. And still in love with the project. I've never said a thank you to the devs for their hard (sometimes frustrating) work. So here we go.. Thank you!!
  3. As Adalon already said, if you can get your hands on good gear, a fury warrior is always welcome in raids. On tanking: if you like to tank but think you are not able to fill the role of main tank, then go for off tank role. 3-4 off tanks are needed in every raid.
  4. But yet so rewarding once you hit 60.
  5. Hello there
  6. Main warrior (all expansions) Alt will be warlock or hunter
  7. Hi there
  8. I like how the avatar above is about to pick is nose. I have no idea who the hooded figure is tho. 8/10
  9. Hello there! I'm afraid that I cannot answer your second question. But I am sure someone else here on the forum can. Or you can try asking darkrasp via pm? May the light fail you on the battlefield. A Hordie
  10. Bwl: second boss requires a lot of fire res. I think 3 bosses require "onyxia scale cloak" Aq: few bosses require nature res. Like huhuran, vicidus. Naxx: I believe we used a bit of nature res on maexxna and grobulus. And then frost res on Saphiron and Kel'thuzad. There is probably more, but I never raided in de private server scene. So it's a bit of the top of my head. And that is from a non "tank" point of view.
  11. In mother Russia, project follows you
  12. It's still in closed beta, and will be for a few more weeks/months? But we can say that the chance is really high that it will go live this year. Have patience, young padawan!
  13. The keyword here is almost.. We'll make a Hordie out of you soon enough! PS: We got free milk
  14. Hi
  15. Usually doing officer/classleader stuff. Or helping to test a potentially new member in dungeon runs. Oh, an personal social stuff ingame. Because during raid time I needed to focus and to prevent the noobs from noobing Once we had a full raidzone on farm, I hanged out on skype with guildies to clear my head.