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  1. Welcome aboard, I hope to see you in game so you can keep me alive in dungeons
  2. I guess they are still hibernating, master druid But yes, more Aggramarians would be great
  3. Welcome aboard, fellow (race to be decided) warrior! I myself have always played Horde. Had been thinking of playing Alliance to see their content, but I just love the Horde faction to much
  4. Hello there, welcome to the waiting que for release! (2030) or so I'm told
  5. But everyone likes to beat on a ret. It's like canned food
  6. Welcome (even though you have been here a while allready!) I agree that the community here is really nice. I'm afraid I do not know you, since I'm fairly new to the PS scene myself. But I'm sure you'll fit in here nicely if you are passionate about the game.
  7. Congratulations with your level up!
  8. First rule of crossbreeding on Azeroth. You do not talk about crossbreeding on Azeroth.
  9. I liked to social and lore aspect of WoW a lot. My first "online" experience was with a FPS game I played a lot but it was 8vs8 so it was always the same people I've talked to. But then I entered the Barrens for the first time.. So many people to interact with. Each with their own story, attitude and motivation to play this game. After a few months playing you kinda knew who all the people were who shared your interests. You really knew who the person was behind the toon you saw in game. And for the lore aspect.. Well.. I'm sure 90% of the people here it started with Orcs and Humans. I found it a "ok" game and just played the campaign a few times without delving deep into the storyline. But then Tides of Darkness came out.. It immediately triggerd my interest in delving into the lore aspect of the Warcraft universe. And up until the release of Cataclysm it I really liked it a lot. But now my interest in it kind of fades away..
  10. Except when we enter in prowl mode. *pur pur*
  11. I agree, Wow had it faults. Probably more then we would have expected from Blizzard at that time. But they were the victim of their own success, I doubt they anticipated that Wow would be such great success. And thats where it went wrong I believe.
  12. After reading all this again, I am really glad vanilla raids burned me down and quit mid TBC
  13. I use the same mods as Wingpuller mentioned, never had any problems with it.
  14. Warriors love priests I guess once open beta draws near or server release the "guild and recruitment" page will be overflowing with posts.
  15. I have always played Horde, maybe I try Alliance to see that part of the content. It will mostly depend on what faction I find a fun level/social guild to level. You need friends as a warrior or it's going to be painful..