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  1. A good balance between factions is difficult to obtain. And will probably be the same here with Alliance PvE as biggest faction. There is not much we can do about it I'm afraid except promote the faction with the least amount of players on forums and stuff. I've always wondered why Alliance always had more players then Horde. Are pally's really that much better? I doubt it. Must be the models then..
  2. This is great news. Congrats to both!
  3. And I'll be there to tank your dungeons Ugondiss. Unless you play on the pvp server. Then you are on your own.
  4. Greetings, person from Spain.
  5. /world LfF shaman or priest for leveling buddy (PvE Horde warrior)
  6. Hello there! Plenty of time to get to know some of us around here "stay awhile, and listen"
  7. Close as in few weeks, no Close as in a few months, probably Also I see no harm in telling people what class/race you'll be playing in a particular game that is upcomming. I knew I wanted to play vampire counts first as soon as TW: warhammer revealed that the race was playable. And I did, when the game released.
  8. Hello there
  9. Joined August 30th. And still in love with the project. I've never said a thank you to the devs for their hard (sometimes frustrating) work. So here we go.. Thank you!!
  10. As Adalon already said, if you can get your hands on good gear, a fury warrior is always welcome in raids. On tanking: if you like to tank but think you are not able to fill the role of main tank, then go for off tank role. 3-4 off tanks are needed in every raid.
  11. But yet so rewarding once you hit 60.
  12. Hello there
  13. Main warrior (all expansions) Alt will be warlock or hunter
  14. Hi there
  15. I like how the avatar above is about to pick is nose. I have no idea who the hooded figure is tho. 8/10