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  1. Two, please. Playing since 2012, 7000+ hours, peak MMR 5.6k, top 50 Riki spammer, went to watch TI6 last year. 7.XX has killed a lot of my motivation to play, improve at the game and gain MMR. I went from flying to Seattle to watch all of the midweek and grand finals games to not even buying the Battle Pass for this TI. Game received awful mechanics, rubberband comebacks nearly guaranteed, been excessively streamlined and altered to be all about teamplay from 0:00. Pubs are less fun than ever before. It's so hard to solo carry my trash team like before, so why would I waste time playing with randoms. Rolling the dice with your team and picks every game gets old fast when the outcome of the game is almost completely out of my control. The game has been losing a noticeable amount players, especially from the higher ends of the MMR spectrum. Very evident on steam stats and matchmaking on US west takes forever in my bracket. Worst part is because the game always leaves a bad taste in my mouth after playing a single match, tilting my MMR away. After I lose MMR I play with worse players who cause me to tilt even more. The game is in such a downward spiral that I end up being in one too whenever I play, so I just hardly bother these days. It's not worth it. Yet another one of my favorite games streamlined and tweaked into oblivion by devs who want more mass appeal, I'm sure everyone on this forum is familiar with that. I only hope that it isn't too late for DotA to be saved because even with the shitty new versions there really is no better alternative in the genre right now so I just play other games.
  2. RIP Don Juice. Midnight Marauders is probably my favorite Tribe LP, hard to pick though. The Low End Theory and We Got it From Here are both so good. The Tribe is timeless. But let me slow down, I think I ran my jibs enough. Peace out to the nation stay rugged and rough.
  3. It's as lit as it sounds . Long live the meme bump!
  4. Fear not. Although the news surprised me and I'm sure lots of other people as well, we're still going strong. We're still receiving new applicants as well, even after the news. The changes don't affect why Abyssal was founded. When Crestfall launches Abyssal will be there. No worries fam. Good luck to you as well.
  5. Shoutouts to 2017, hopefully it'll be the year of vanilla. Thanks for all the applications and keep them coming, we've still got some wiggle room left in the raid core. We'll have to see who makes it to 60 and gears up when the server comes out, so good apps and players always have a spot in Abyssal. See you (pls devs) soon in game.
  6. The chaos should help keep me entertained until Crestfall is released. Can't wait to see the mental gymnastics people are gonna do.
  7. So many stray cats looking for a home.
  8. RIP EU dreams. Raiding at 2-3 AM sounds pretty awful though, hopefully you can find an EU guild to suit your time zone better. Good luck fam, see you on launch.
  9. Only took over 100 posts for the memes to catch up with us. I'm sure that has to be some kind of record.
  10. People are gonna be more excited for ZG because of the debuff slot increase more than the raid itself.
  11. Yeah, welcome to the guild fam. I know how it goes, I would much rather be seal fate from the start. Abomination is a strong, yet accurate word to describe combat PvP usefulness. If you're able to pull your weight I don't mind hemo, but I am betting it will take some time before it becomes truly viable, probably around T2.5 or T3.
  12. You should start a business selling Ironfoe and Felstriker prophecies on launch. Ez epic mount.
  13. Very true, Nostalrius set a huge benchmark in terms of population that will be hard to beat. The days before Nostalrius 2k pop would've been seen as a great population, but 10k+ pop really changed the player standard. The thought of having so much fun on a server with 10k+ pop and then thinking about switching to a server with 2k pop is a scary one. It's a huge jump and more importantly sounds like one as well, which scares people away from even trying it in the first place. This results in very few new players coming in you end up with a server that begins to wither away. A server launch has to hit hard and draw a big crowd, scripts evidently aren't that important to the average Vanilla player. People want to join a crowd, not spend time and effort starting one. I can't think of a server in the past couple years that came out with a tiny population then had a very substantial growth over time. Nostalrius has shown us what the average Vanilla player wants and it's population/community above all else. Failure to have it will result in a lack of new players, and we all know the domino effect of that. Because of this people start shilling, flaming, arguing, etc in an attempt to sway others to join and reinforce their own server choice. They do this because they want new players to come, because everyone knows how important a high launch playerbase is. They know if their server had a weak launch it would eventually fade off. In the end it just happens to be a lot easier to throw insults and make things up to sway people, look at the election in America.
  14. Sadly I think we all know the reason why. Gloriously superior Nippon Crestfall clusters, folded over a thousand times can cut through other servers with a single hotfix. Typhoon and Blade of Hanna will also be buffed.
  15. Dear diary,