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  1. Crestfall staff throwing the community a bone. Better then nothing I guess.
  2. I know I might be in the minority here, but that's fine by me. They don't owe me shit. If I ever get to play this, I suspect I'll owe them. Guess I'll find other ways to waste my life away.
  3. Well, I cracked the secret code as to how to sign up for Elysium ( if anyone cares, just send like 6 requests back to back to back...one of them gets through) Leveled a 32 drood so far. The name of the toon is, get this, Ugondiss. Hopefully on tomorrow night.
  4. Don't be rediculous
  5. Whoops! Yeah, I did it. Personally, I don't care what's "perfect vanilla" or whatever. I just think this issue has been put to bed on this forum many times.
  6. Classes can, do, and will balance out. Just wait 15-18 months for TBC. I'd love to see a ret pally beating a fury warrior in damage, using skill over optimum spec. But the powers have mentioned it a hundred times, they're not doing it. If you want a balanced spec vanilla, you're going to have create your own. (And if you do, I'd like to try it out)
  7. Ty so much sir. That version does work. Much appreciated.
  8. Anyone ever figure out how to use Clickcasting on Luna? I mean, I can use it, but it only casts the highest rank of the spell. No downranking. I tried using Clique with Luna, but no dice.
  9. I'm your guy! Except, i'd never yell at my daughter to get me a beer. "Hey baby, could you bring me another 16oz Busch light please?" "Here you go Daddy. " "Thank you. Now go play somewhere else."
  10. Wow. I feel like when CF finally releases, I should fish just out of respect.
  11. Ty. Glad I remembered something correctly from years ago. The Moonkin/Owlkin/Owlbeasts in Darkshore, on darrowshire, are skinnable.
  12. I think I have this in the right spot... So while traversing Azeroth on a different vanilla server, I was leveling my drood, and had to kill some Moonkin mobs. When killed, it was a surprise to me when they were skinnable. Is my memory just that bad? It felt wrong, and I don't remember moonkins being a skinnable mob.
  13. When the sun rises in the westand sets in the east, When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. Then, Crestfall willcome,and not before.
  14. Very nice stuff. When it comes to that era, Mr. Corgen and the Smashing Pumpkins have a special place in my heart.