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  1. Oh that's a given. PTE PvE or no me. And even then...
  2. @Polyphem, it's like you're in my head, translating my thoughts.
  3. I simply don't have enough information, nor do I keep up on all things p-server to make a broad statement like "I'm quitting on you for good". But the vision I had for over a year of what I wanted when it came to WoW, it's impossible to think today's news won't drastically affect said vision. Time will tell. Thanks for the loads of info and all the laughs.
  4. They're going to create something called a "Legacy Gaming Network". Everyone's going to LOVE the idea.
  5. Favorite color? That's easy... oops. Wrong thread...
  6. Lol! The comet would surely barrel down and wipe us all out. But woah... you just gave me quite the conundrum. Which would I spend more time on?
  7. Ah! My speciality! Getting drunk while playing WoW, the beautiful memories! ...wait... getting drunk in WoW? Nevermind. Carry on.
  8. Leveled a little on ely. Max lvled on excalibur, but nothing else. Lvl 60 on Vengeance at the moment. Not serious on any of them. Just fulfilling that sweet nostalgia.
  9. Dammit all to hell! Have you ppl not realized that every single time you ask this question, the release date gets pushed back a month? We're literally, as of now, 747 months away... let's not make it 748 m'kay?
  10. Legion... JK! i don't "pay" for warcraft anymore.
  11. Crestfall Maltreatment?
  12. Essentially, if it's new, and we have no aspirations of what it could become, it's great! But if you try and sequel that bitch, and if you have the nerve to try and incorporate "non-fans" with general playstyles that are loosely based off other games... then you become a garbage "cash grab" company who should fire themselves and accept that your roots were what got you where you are! Legend of Zelda for NES (gold cartridge of course) FT M'ing F'ing win!
  13. Yeah, i fully expect this to be the answer. But just in case, the Gummy server was very hyped and many were looking forward to it. Being hosted out of US is probably enough... but just in case, you can't reassure your minions enough that blizz won't shut it down.
  14. Does the recent Gummy server drama have any effect on Crestfall's plans?
  15. Sounds like the same thing you've been saying all along, you just have to say it again. Some are not happy with the time it's taking, or the "business model" you've used. Meh. Some people have millions of dollars, multiple super model girlfriends and six houses on six different beaches, and they're miserable. Can't please everyone. Maybe off-topic, but does the recent gummy shit change anything?