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  1. Definitely hate Humans. I actally know quite of few of them IRL. 95% of them suck. Never met a gnome who wasn't at least funny.
  2. Asura: "Hey Outstanding, would you like to be community manager?" Outstanding: "No thanks." As: "We'll let you beta test fishing." Out: "When do I start!?!" Well played sir!
  3. 1. A release date 2. So I know when I can play 3. One thing, when can I play? 4. 3 secs 5. I guess a flashy neon green date with butterflies and naked chicks gushing out wouldn't hurt. I am staying patient, but all I really want anymore is to delve in.
  4. So, the next "Countdown" fiasco can be instantly blamed on you? I mean, you'll explain it real quick right? I'd say congrats, but I'm sorry you took on this job. (Truthfully, after 9 months [Yep! I'm promoting how long I've been here again] there's simply no one I've read that'd be a better choice. After a month of "bad" decisions, it's refreshing to see a good move.) Good luck.
  5. Fully understand. I was trying to be funny... like usual, I think I failed. (Won't stop me from trying dammit!)
  6. Anyone of fan of what I call "true rap"? This was my stuff when I was 12... poetry mixed with jazz. RIP Fife. "INHALE! My rap is kinda phat reminiscent of a whale."
  7. The rumor has just become reality!
  8. Someone's got a secret admirer! Ask her how Vitality's doing
  9. 8 months and 108 posts before I get the ole grammar nazi to hand it to me... it was a good run. Welcoming people who are new to the forum (who I refer to as "newbies"), is a useful post... in my opinion. ( by the way, i can't wait for Crogge's project to open, so I can visit Outlands)
  10. Lol. Yep. My ritual? 1. Is my beer cold? 2. Is there enough beer? 3. Shit! Forgot to farm food. Off to AH. 4. Turn on sports ball game on TV. 5. Get there 10 mins early, and then wait an hour for it to start.
  11. Welcoming newbie's is very useful in my opinion.
  12. I only know about 8 words in spanish, but I'm a YUGE Inigo Montoya fan. Can I at least be on friendly terms with you guys?
  13. So if I'm reading that pizza chart correctly, I'm one of only 64 people to have made more then 100 posts? I'm sorry to all. I didn't realize I ws taking up that much space. Now, can you do a pizza chart showing USEFUL posts VS blabbering jargon? I know I might lead one of those... (and Elysium won't respond to any of my 3 email accounts, so F it)
  14. My first 3 purps: Windhawk set Still in my bank (I think) over there in retail land. I refused to ever let go. Couldn't even transmog them, cause they're ugly as balls. Those mats.... first thing I truly ever worked at while playing this game. Maybe the only work I ever put in.
  15. Tarrantino... I don't hate his films. Some have moments of greatness... but, overrated in my mind. Oh well.. now that most of you hate me, I have two cats myself. Fucking useless assbags. But you're not allowed to mess with them. For some reason, I'm very protective of those pointless shit-creators. And I love Cincy Reds baseball... and sarcastic, almost out-of-line humor. (Tosh style) But's that's all you'll get from me...