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  1. Man... i'd give it all up to hear my shaman friend constantly bitch about his attire while leveling through outlands again. They are so bad, that they've become awesome over time. If crestfall ever makes it to transmog, i'm so mixing/matching outlands greens.
  2. I'm changing mine to whatever he says.
  3. I guess I consider myself a veteran of this board, cause I couldn't help but notice your use of caps here.
  4. Like you'd ever belittle yourself and roll on the good side...
  5. Pssshhhhtttt. This is the pve side sir. You're to used to all those ego filled gankers over on the higher pop side of things. We're the friendly ones. I pay/play. B- September 18 R- November 6.
  6. Sorry my blue cross brethren. My murican-ness is unmistakable. And my late night-ness means a european guild is unlikely, if not unpossible. (I mean, do guilds raid around noon?) Bah... I'm not bilingual enough for you wrong-side-of-the-ponders anyways.
  7. First time walking into Darnassus. I was like, "Honey! Come check this out! Best looking city I've ever seen in a video game." She was like, "Whatever. Looks like a dumb cartoon to me." "Bitch..." I thought to myself.
  8. Thanks for that Eli. I truly just assumed Asura was like, "F it. It'll release when it releases. I got work to do." Back to patiently waiting.
  9. Late night NA here.
  10. I've heard that grind is the grindiest of all grinds. Nevertheless, let me help. Points.
  11. Good stuff. Except, maybe you shouldn't announce an announcement. Just announce whatever it is you would like to announce so hype over the announcement of an announcement doesn't get out of hand. ... announcement
  12. I was 5 mins from going to the Q&A thread and posting this: "I've heard it confirmed that Crestfall will launch without some of the classic 5 man dungeons. May I ask Why?" Something stopped me from it. I realize now it was the love I have of my own neck.
  13. Oh, I'm so starting a "Remove the Pig-Men dungeons from Crestfall" poll now... Who's with me?
  14. But, what are the wishes of the playerbase? There's a million of us with a million different opinions of what "blizzlike" actually is. Don't get me wrong, I think that's what your poll is sort-of for. Personally, give me day one wow, but with viable boomkins and transmog avaiable. That's crazy, I know, but it combines the things I enjoyed while on retail. I feel like, all through this website, Asura and Darkrasp and co. have mapped out pretty well what they're going to do. They'll take suggestions, and read your worries and debate what to do. But in the end, it's their way or the motorway. But I hope we all come together and in unison shout, "No dam RFD"
  15. Meh. Pick your poison.
  16. It seemed slow in here, and seeing this topic pop up again... well, it's hard to resist. You know how a debate pops up where there's absolutely no way either side will ever budge on their perfectly flawless opinion? Let's just start refering to PVP'ers as democrats, and Carebears as republicans.
  17. LOL! Two shay my good sir. But what about all the "make raids harder/easier/no flask/world buffs/ihateallwhodisagree" topics that spring up every month? We have to listen to that.
  18. Sounds like you enjoy some pvp'ing. That's great. I hope you get what you want... but camping lower levels is a real thing that continues to plague some private servers. Funny you say it's happened to you less then 10 times since release. It happened to me about that many times in a weekend recently. And I agree with you, I can't for the life of me find the fun in it. But there's some ppl who would disagree. My last 10 hours or so of a pvp server, I spent more time in prowl mode, then I did in bear form. I know, git gud Ugo. Naaaa, I'll just take it chill on the pve side.
  19. Yup. That feeling of "what to do next?" Is what it's about. Alas..
  20. Wait... is this topic still going on?
  21. Man, I tried ESO when it first came out (PS4) cause of my love of Morrowind, and deep liking of Skyrim. But I couldn't get into it. Just felt to linear/streamlined for me Sounds like a great idea though.
  22. As a tank? Yes, I agree. Total nightmare for me. 1. I suck 2. All those other examples you gave. As a healer? No way. Mucho funo. Follow every word your tank says. You make a friend (and bodyguard) for life. DPS try and pull the "you let me die" horseshit? Nope. You died cause of you.
  23. Easy peazy, carebear, rage free leveling for this guy. I won't give those rogues thier satisfaction.
  24. Healerpower. Tanking takes knowledge... you know, you should actually know the fights and the dungeons. All I gotta do is pop some life power and not stand in the fire. Perfect for a lazy bum like me. DPS is all a pissing contest. I'm content with the length of my stream. But it's all about getting to the end as fast as possible. Can't level fast with all those talent points in improving your healing touch. I'll be here to heal... but I'll be 20 levels to low.