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  1. Simply E-P-I-C !!! Keep it up!
  2. I think that progressive Realm is great. But you have to consider that a lot of players actually like the chance to be "capped" and keep that position. For example, if I own a full grand marshal / full tier 2 character on a nice (like Crestfall!!! ) Vanilla server, id honestly not even think about TBC or other expansions, and I'd be pissed if I was forced to move to a different expansion. So, after all, I'd say that the main server may upgrade to tbc > wotlk > cata > mop > wod > legion (I'm sure crestfall will last so long!!!) , but then you should open a "forever vanilla" server, where everyone who just wants Vanilla contents can play 4 ever
  3. I will definitely play Ally