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  1. One thing that been a problem on other servers not all but some atleast on VoA and on Elysium are how pulsing totems work like Earthbind Totem, Tremor Totem and others. They should pulse at drop and the second pulse come the x seconds after. On some servers it don't pulse at drop and that a big nerf example with Earthbind kiting in pvp.
  2. I hate MoP with a burning passion and Monks and Pandas. Kill on sight when i playde the damn expansion.
  3. I like alliance as fraction better but i always loved Shamans and Draenei are so bad estetics. So i switch when you could be Dwarf Shamans (yes i played so far) in cata i change even my shaman to alliance. Dwarf Shamans are the only once cooler than Orcs imo.
  4. But honestly about the best it depends on class i play and i tend to play: Shaman = Orc Paladin = Humans Warrior = Orc or Dwarf Druid = Nelf
  5. Best: 1. Troll and Orc 2. Dwarf 3. Human/Nelf 4. Tauren Worst: 1. Undead 2. draenei 3. Gnomes 4. Gobblins Puke-list Panda. Don't ever be a panda. Always gank on sight. Never inv to group.
  6. I totaly agree with you that its not optimal. But as @Elicas use to say it is viable. In 5 man people have successfully tanked as shamans in vanilla. And that is more what i aimed to do. Have some more fun during lvling than just the usual dps or healing. I have tried only low lvl dungeons now and done it without a whipe with randoms. I know that RFC, WC, SFK and BFD are not proven anything. But i see the posibility if you se to it that you have 1 mage in the group so you can cc 1 target. And when i say "se the posibility" i don't delude my self of raid and there is no such intention at my part. This is strictly leveling. At that low lvl i have tanked 3 elite-targets at most and that ofc is stretching it but 2 is easy. When it comes to stats and itemization i stack stamina and i think thats the way to go earlie and then i say agility, Inteligence and then strength. When it comes to armor the Shield gives alot of armor to the carcter so comparing with hunter (@Retrac47) are not fair because shield is like the same armor value as the whole body in leather. I do understand the scepticism from other players and i need to sell it in to them. People don't want to whipe. But when it comes to mana to sit and drink etc i would say Shamans are not wors than Tankadins. So yes i know it's hard to get a group, its not optimal, but it is viable. People did do it in vanilla and its not like saying rogues can tank also. Btw about TBC @Xaveriusyea that talent is stupid. But in earlie TBC Shamans were actualy tanking a bit and i did read about Karazan (can be wrong here). But they did in dungeons. I think there were like a talent change or somthing. So i will do it as fun. As side project to my Druid. Why, i play Enhancement for almost 10 years. I love the class but done all 3 specs. I wan't a Shaman and i want a challange.
  7. I do agree with you on most even if i play Enhancement and did play enhancement back in vanilla and will be enhancement on my shammy here. Enhancement are so itemdependent its sad... But i think you are wrong on 1 point and thats the private server part. Yes people are more understanding of the game today. But there are a problem with private servers aswell and that is that the "off-specs" are often/always neglected when it comes to mecanics so they often tend not to work as intended. On nost this " Windfury procs did not add the increased AP element of the spell" whas a big nerf aswell. So i do agree that people tend to know game better, but lacy devs tend to ignore "off-specs".
  8. You are pretty wrong here. I playde vanilla not hard (that i did most in TBC), But there were enough Shamans tanking to go around and its absolutly doable. Warriors, Druids also have to tab between mobs.
  9. Thx totaly forgot about that. Sorry.... Then if i may ask some questions: 1. I heard that Rockbiter have a high "bonus" threat. That its higher than Maul and Heroic strike in the way it "multiply". Do you or anyone have any numbers? 2. Why no improved lightning shield for aoe aggro? 3. Elemental Warding, why not?
  10. Hello I been planing back and forth what i will be playing. Now i am pretty sure i will go Horde and go a Druid and a Shaman. Always liked hybrids in all games i played. But here i will focus on the shaman i plan to play. I have a long experience (10 years) playing Enhancement shaman and believe i know the spec pretty well. The nostalgia made me want to roll one again but with a twist. I been trying it out now on another server at low lvl (RFC and WC so far) and it worked well. A fun part have been the fact i had to sell into the groups 2-3 times (been doing RFC 3 times and WC 2 times) to accept me as tank and so far i haven't failed the group. In vanilla there were some who played shaman as tanks and especially in 5 mans. There were some guys doing it in raids. I been around looking for guides on the internet for Shaman tanking guide without success. I have some ideas myself for how it will look. But if anyone knows of a guide, some discussions about BiS, talents etc. I would be really happy to hear others ideas. Ps. all you who irritate your self over people not playing optimal sepcs etc. You don't even have bother answer to this post. Ds
  11. I know worldchat been up for discussion before. After been playing on Nost, Kronos and now playing around on Elysium waiting for CF i see one thing more and more clear. World chat are a pointless thing. You have Generalchat for the zone you are in, the LFG channel, tradechannel. But when you implement a worldchat it tendt to take the roll from all other channels plus the fact you will see the cancer that are players with the mental development of a five yearold clogging up the channel with "jokes" about rape, "political" discussions etc. I would advice skipping a world chat.
  12. Music Elven places but i don't like the quests in Darkshore, Ashenvale even if i always do Ashenvale. But number one for me are The Barrens
  13. Yea in pvp it do boost a ravage out of stealth pretty good. But other than that i waste energy for 0 combopoints.
  14. @Elicas are Tiger's Fury a waste of energy in every situation? For me it feels that way.
  15. Thx for fast answer. About Raid i pretty much figure the "debuff" that its Shred+Bite. Thx for the Rake information. I do feel the dmg are "bad" to claw. I usualy use it when i know i get kited (fear/slow) or rogues. I tend to use Rip almost 90% of the time in PvP and Bite more when i see i burstopening or against cloth. Warriors i do agree i tend to use bear. But if i get the opening i often open in cat aply rip then swift bear.