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  1. I do agree on this. I am one that only do spvp for gear, my joy always been outdoor massive guild vs guild brawls.
  2. This. The players from Elitist Jerks they hierd and others they listen to created this. They are not intrstead in a rpg mmo. For all they care you could be in a waiting lobby before jumping in to instances (raids). They destroyd the game so hard.
  3. Ok so Rake is pretty usless in vanilla if not on a rogue were you dont have FF to cast on the rogue? To avoid stealth that is. Do that change later expansion were rake is a good option?
  4. If this works correctly even the Rake bleed-dot should ignore dmg. Then against plate for example i do wonder if Rake does more dmg than 1 claw.
  5. They know they fucked up. They followed some layers who hade massive influence on class mechanics and the over all game as ballplanks for the devs. Those plyares didnet have the backing of the major playerbase. They were elitist and dient want an rpg mmo just go for there gamestyle. For example we have the major changes in Winfury of shamans after cata. The wast majority of shamans dident want to that way with wf hitting like wet noddles and being more of a gimmick. Blizzard fucked up. They answere with arrogance like"you dont want legacy servers, you think you do. but you don't" disgusting respons that shows 0 respect and there for be treated with 0 respect back.
  6. Will you play on release @Elicas or leaving all togheter?
  7. 1. Sad server diden't work out. I know alot of people were looking forward to it. I hade no plan to play it. 2. But this whas not unexpected. Gummy and alot of fanboys were extreamly naiv. What blizzard can do is 2 things: A. Attack the serverhoost. B. Attack the person direct. If you live in the US you can't escape don't mather were you hoost the server. US-laws will inforce Blizzards will. Thats why you can't live in US and need to find a good hoost for server.
  8. Welcome to the forum and soon to be server.
  9. He is american but lives in the EU (dont want to say were)
  10. The server owners are not in the US.
  11. It would be good to know if you know who the poster is and that the person are not anymore part of the team. Not that we should know the name, there is no point in that. But more that you don't have people with that mentality anymore in team.
  12. True that it can be hard. But the fact is that blizzard have a harder time touching people over hear. Here are no US-law. And on another note one good thing about all these hyped servers getting brought down is that Blizzard cant say "you don't wan't legacy servers. you think you do but you don't." Arrogant cunts.
  13. I feel sad for Gummy and the people who wanted to play there. But honestly remember trying to talk to people about this on Elysium. The fact that this would most certainly happend. The respond whas verbal abuse and the fact i know shit and should stfu. Here are the problem with fanboys, the inability to se reasonable on servers. I am not surprised.
  14. You know its summer, right? Alot of people, me included have familys, hollidays etc things to do with family during summer. So if seriusly people think answere takes a long time....
  15. About this drama i want to say some words more calmly than before. Of course some of the statements of this person can be true as the staff themself confirm, but most of it are old and outdated. What makes me take this leak very non-seriously are 2 facts imo. First the person decides to be anonymous. That's so lame because of many reasons. Ofc the clear fact stand for your opinion, but mostly because the reason behind the person's decision to do this are hidden in its identity. Is it a reject that didn't do it’s job, do he hold a grudge etc. Next thing (that also strengthen my thought about personal grudge) the fact he decide to post it on reddit. If he had serious critique about the server he should first have talked to team and if he seriously want to help out post the text open on the forums. The fact using reddit are an obvious step to create drama and give server a bad rep. A person doing that have very low, or non, credibility imo. Then back to why you should stay and support Crestfall. All private servers die out eventually. Why? Because they are either Vanilla/tbc/wrath etc. There are no progress. The sooner you are to the end of that expansion, the less new players will join and people tend to drop off. Crestfall are taking a new approach that for me are interesting, the possibility to do the journey that was fun again, start in vanilla and take of further with same character etc. The people who want to stay in vanilla/tbc or what ever can do that.