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  1. Welcome
  2. When it comes to modify or not. We can all agree it already are modified. We already have 1.12.1 talents and some other stuff. I am not that conservative. I would like a 1.12.1 talents with buffed content to match it. I am all for LoS, arrows thru trees and stone give me a break. And makes pvp so much more fun tbh. You can use environment to your advantage. kiting to easy with no LoS. If let say we have limited possibilities. Like a new release of vanilla i am also for a few talent adjustment tbh. Like my fav class shaman. I wouldnt mind like adjusting Ghost Wolf to 2 sec cast so 2 points like in tbc would give insta. Just retarded its not in vanilla and it wouldn't be near OP or game breaking. But i wouldn't agree on like giving shaman dual-wield in vanilla. If i do a comparison
  3. I agree. But do like cata aswell with being back in azeroth and did like the new zones. But i dident like the remake of the old content, but accepted it.
  4. Wotlk arena/bg pvp > rest of the expansions
  5. I hate MoP with passion. Pandas... Monks... puke
  6. Wouldent agree on this. I do play on Elysium for pop only. But i feel Kronos is better as one example. But no server will be good enough if you look at the raids. The raids are over 10 year old. What makes imo a server good now are how well everything els are. Are all class mechanics working as they should and not just the mainspecs (optimal specs) but also the "offspecs". Are the world good, few bugs, pathing working etc. For me have raids as the mesuring will always be wrong because people in topguilds will always clear fast.
  7. If i remeber correctly a crit with flametongue or frostbrand will trigger flurry even if the white dmg dont crit. And if i am right here leveling with this spell-melee spec maybe intellect should be a priority stat even if i start in Enhancement tree.
  8. If dwarfs were able to be shamans <3 Single best thing in cata. Change direct to alliance.
  9. In vanilla Alliance are way better for both pvp and pve so its wierd that they are not as popular in pvp servers. That changes in TBC the other way around. The problem is that i wan't a shaman and would have easy gone alliance if it whas not for the fact that imo Shamans are only playable on Alliance side when dwarf can be them. So i will prob go Horde even if i am afraid it will be a 60/40 Horde favor. I rather be the outnumberd much more fun imo. I don't think it much they can do to stop it. Promote joining one side the only thing i could see.
  10. The point of this post is? I am waiting for this because of the progression.
  11. Deleted. Typed before seeing @Elicas message
  12. Alot of big moments when i started my Shaman. But the first like amagads whas when i moved in to Ashenvale and saw my first alliance a Rogue who saw me and stealthed. The puls went up and i whas shaking a bit on my hands. I decided to stay be ready. He attacked me out of stealth, a hard long fight that i lost. But my thirst for more woke up then and there.
  13. You are ace m8.
  14. Are there any good gear guide for spelldmg enhancement ofc i can go true all the dungeons and raid look for bis just wondering if there is a good list somewere
  15. I have a question about cloth gear with firedamage, does that affect the flametoung dmg? Is it somthing to aim for?