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  1. I will go Alliance because my feeling are the tryhard gankers often are horde and always fun manhandeling them. And yes Alliance have better music.
  2. Even if i do my self like wpvp and play on pvp servers i do agree with these 2 pveers (no negative meaning by that from me). I love wpvp when it comes down to around same lvl fighting and forming of groups so you can battle it of. But i often se: 1. Gank when enemy have 2 mobs on them or/and have 20%hp 2. I gank lvl 20s with my 60 for the fun of it. Cus they be mad bro.... 3. I try gank someone, got my ass handle to me. Logg on my 60 or call 60 guildie that camp the other player. PvP servers would be a wonderfull place if players were more up to somewhat even fights. When you don't gangrape 1 alone with 5 m8s etc. I tend to lvl my alliance Ashenvale/stonetalon when i hit 19 because its fun. But i do agree most of wpvp are more griefing than actualy fun. Sometimes i feel wpvp have the same problem many of premades have. It's more about killing easy targets to farm honor/ego boost. Rather than challange your self to become better.
  3. I always play on PvP servers because i like world PvP. But on retail always on RP-PvP server, not that i do alot RP. Reason is that i actualy hate PvP servers they are populated with alot more kids, and i don't mean actual age but more the mental development. Immature world chat (in much bigger extent), griefing (if you compare to RP-pvp) etc. I do play on PvP and still will but my view are population on regular PvP servers (and even more so on Private servers) are cancer.
  4. Goblin or Dwarf tankname - Tankabbott (Classic MMA fighter David "Tank" Abbott)
  5. But on leather and cloth Bite always better dmg?
  6. A question about rip vs bite in pvp. Against plate/mail are rip better? And use bite only if realy low?
  7. For me its more about a spec i loved very much and its Enhancement Shaman. I always loved the hybrid classes and i loved the tricks with totems and ofc windfury amagads. I loved the spec even more in TBC/wrath with the fast paced playstyle and dual-wield etc. I will probebly start an alt-Enhancement in TBC. What i plan to play are hard to say because i am trying out alot on Elysium right now. But i think it be a druid with a paladin alt (plan being Alliance)
  8. Ok if he goes tank while lvling a mage would be good for aoe farming. Consecration tanking so nice
  9. Nice and informative answer. I am fooling around with some melee on my hunter for fun on a server. I always thought Raptorstrike would be better on 2-hander, i know Moongose are a determend amount affected by AP.
  10. I know that Hunters should use melee spells i worst case scenario and you should kite and get away for range. But for sake of argument if i whas in melee combat and i look at it in pure dps situation in pvp what are the best for a hunter dual-wield or 2-hander? I am not asking for the (best stats etc). If you find your self in a melee fight what are the best options for that 2-hander or dual wield for smacking those raptorstrikes and moongoes bites?
  11. I don't intend to be rude. But for me a guide should only need these words.
  12. One thing that a m8 of mine who followed WoW in Alpha/Beta stage, and got me in to WoW, missed whas the change to survival hunters. He, and me, would have loved survival to stay melee as initiate thoughts whas. He now play legion for that reason only lol. One thing i would love is survival end talent to be melee again. That will never happend. But damn that whas a big misstake by blizzard.
  13. Amen to this. I play ENhancement on retail vanilla up to cata mostly pvp focus. I love it and i am glad they fix it because no other server have (nost/kronos)
  14. This. In later expansions you dident have to do this zonejumping, sad. About The Barrens it can be looked at like Westfall and Lakeshire in one big zone.
  15. So the dmg shows me either devs on one server got it totaly wrong or both. Nothing good about it. And my guess is Kronos closer to "normal" retri dps. I wan't blizzlike not buffed classes because devs don't know or testers (read theloras and duki) both persons who rather see there class op than correctly tuned.