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  1. Amen to this. I play ENhancement on retail vanilla up to cata mostly pvp focus. I love it and i am glad they fix it because no other server have (nost/kronos)
  2. This. In later expansions you dident have to do this zonejumping, sad. About The Barrens it can be looked at like Westfall and Lakeshire in one big zone.
  3. So the dmg shows me either devs on one server got it totaly wrong or both. Nothing good about it. And my guess is Kronos closer to "normal" retri dps. I wan't blizzlike not buffed classes because devs don't know or testers (read theloras and duki) both persons who rather see there class op than correctly tuned.
  4. All specs are viable but not optimal.
  5. Not a small thing but hade not worked on other projects. I would say: Fully working class mechanics for ALL specs. No server have hade this.
  6. This is somthing i would have loved on CF. I hate it on Elysium when you cant enviroment kite hunters and other range. Blizzard have pretty much said they would have fixed that in Vanilla if they "could". It whas ment to be there.
  7. I playde back in the day on Twisting Nether and one of my fav Paladins and made me roll one later (but to late9 were a player called Mobywan. Whas a good paladin back in the day on the server. I belive this is a old clip tbc arena:
  8. My reaction when i se a Dwarf or Gnome:
  9. I totaly agree with you. For me is the same on the alliance side. On horde its pretty much Orc all the way: Shamans - Orc (if Dwarf could be shamans i would be my alliance choice). Warrior - Orc or Nelf/Dwarf Hunter - Orc or Nelf Paladins - Humans (bloodelfs never ever) Rogue - Orc- Dwarf
  10. I could never understand why they dident finnish it. Lovely zone imo
  11. My view were more from a pvp prespective and i do agree that Paladins are a bit better. But if Shamans play Elemental or resto they are not far behind. And in PvP i would say Horde racials are better than Alliance
  12. Why would you say Alliance were stronger in Vanilla? I would say racials are better still on horde. And in TBC with Arena and pvp gear pvp got more importent and thats why people change fractions over racials etc And i agree on the TBC part paladin and shaman should have stayed on each fraction. What i love about TBC are that they fixed alot of specs. I for one who main shaman would have loved the dual wield in Vanilla that make them so much more viable in raiding etc.
  13. Alot of things have been said in this thread already. But fraction balance are a big problem when you are on a PvP server or like spvp. And it often get worse when you get to TBC with alot leaning to horde. This i wan't the devs to be adressing. It could be by locking caracter creating on one fraction when balance of servers get to let say 60/40. And of insta Ghostwolf after 2 talent points are welcome...
  14. Good to hear. I can't, based on time right now, be part of beta or i be trying get in as shaman tester. Also are some missconceptions about WF a big problem i see on forums, not tested on alot of realms yet and thats the discussion about the inner CD. at 1.12 WF have 0 inner CD. It can proc on every swing in theory. The only nerf in vanilla were the one that it cant proc wf inside a wf. The 3 sec coldown came at TBC because DW WF without an inner cd were op. And thats why you hade in pvp atleast WF mainhand 2.6 weapon speed and off-hand 2.6 weapon speed and FB or FT. There were a short period with dual WF with max lvl main hand, and second highest lvl on offhand. Because it actualy for a while get more procs.
  15. One thing that been a problem on other servers not all but some atleast on VoA and on Elysium are how pulsing totems work like Earthbind Totem, Tremor Totem and others. They should pulse at drop and the second pulse come the x seconds after. On some servers it don't pulse at drop and that a big nerf example with Earthbind kiting in pvp.