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  1. And fear ward for all priests.
  2. Personally, I wanted Duki or Slipry for this position. But this seems to be the safer bet.
  3. Dirty french troll
  4. DKP has a handful of big issues, new members won't get any items except the ones no one want anyway. To counter that, many systems reset their standings for new content, that now fucks up people that have been there from day 1, all their saved points from all the raids they did with the guild - gone. He get's placed at the same level as someone who just joined. Then a DKP system can be corrupt aswell, I once heard a story where a guy edited the points spent on older items, so no one noticed. For himself and friends. It also pretty much encourages collusion, let's say you are a kinda specific group of characters, hunters are a good example because they share all the mail basically just with themselves if we're talking vanilla. Now, if they can come to a point where they say "You get this, I get this, he get's this" and they get all the mailitems for the minimumbid, they get an advantage over other groups of classes that share a lootgroup, the big group of clothies most specifically. Overall, I prefer lootcouncil. If people pull too much shit there it will regulate itself by members leaving or starting to be vocal about it. With DKP, it's all hush-hush, either rewarding for long-time raiders and frustrating for new members or frustrating for long-time raiders.
  5. If you make it custom you might not make it at all if you try to be a blizzlike server. If you say you're custom and try to "improve" the game from blizzlikestate, do it. But then you can't call yourself blizzlike. Two different things, two different audiences.
  6. Nothing provided proves that there ever was an ICD on WF in vanilla. As such, I'd wager that there will be no ICD on WF here just because all proccs are absolutely broken anyway on Kronos.
  7. It's also strongly implied that he was involved with the creation of the Dragon Soul, the assassination of King Llane by Garona (which can be retconned if the Warcraftmovie is canon, dunno) and the Lich King itself. No concrete proof though as I think Yogg wasn't really well thought out like C'thun was, he was more of "well, we could do another Old God?".