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  1. On the other hand, an initial rush of 'Vanilla Tourists' could destroy the average population of servers if no systems to work around are in place. Imagine thousands of people taking a look at Vanilla, that either means many servers or very big queues. Let's say we're going with a retail-like cap of 2,500 players and we have an initial player number of 100k so Blizzard rolls out with 40 servers, like retail release (hypothetical/random). If a big percentage of those then leave or just go on to barely play - servers would average out to population numbers that many people'd consider ded. Or worst case: the initial interest would be bigger than Blizzard anticipates (not unlikely) and they then open additional servers a few days/weeks after release and then the big drop comes in. Not enough people for too many servers. In my opinion the way Blizzard handles this exact problem will influence the overall success of WoW Classic a lot. Making people simply endure initial queues or merging servers after tourists leave could be possible solutions, both aren't really great ones though. Maybe they'll figure something out, maybe people will have to work around this by themselves by choosing specific servers that then guarantee long term pop. Very delicate matter.
  2. it needs to be perfect b4 launch
  3. Nost died a hero before it became a villain and people now make it out as this mystical server where everything was rainbows, butterflies and 110% blizzlike. Just ignore them.
  4. You sure have a weird way of showing that. I am a lazy fuck without any special skills except a shitload of dusted WoW knowledge and dank memes, yet I try to help where I can. I'm a mod of the public discord, I'm lucky to call myself part of the great beta team and I would never consider walking away from this before it's done (except if Asura turns out to be a francophile Lizard, which I wouldn't completely rule out), because that's what you do if you like a project and want it to succeed.
  5. Who are you talking about? I'm part of an awesome core community. So the fuck what. This isn't a business. It's not about making the biggest possible amount of money. I'm pretty sure I'm predicting Darkrasp here when I say that I'd rather have servers with lower, more retail like player numbers than having multiple capped servers that are run like a product and not like a project.
  6. If we're counting it as a color, white.
  7. From Wowpedia and it either was ingame from the beginning or from " Patch 1.3.0 (2005-03-07): The Drunk effect has been greatly enhanced." I'd guess.
  8. Don't advertise a highly custom server on WotLK basis without actual classes to someone looking to play TBC Paladin?
  9. But what if you come first, port, buff and someone else instead starts it? Also people intentionally fucking up Kazzak attempts. And yes, the Nightmare Dragons. What? Darkrasp said bosses probably will not be re-tuned once they're live and there was no talk about more than 1 difficulty except maybe on a special kind of realm. There will be 1 difficulty that should be slightly above retail and above most private servers. Not more. Also Vanilla will go away, even quicker than you'd think. Then you're specifically targetted by this change. You can still put in the work and do the same by hand, but the Admins don't want Auctioneer to be a 'give money' button. And "Muh Blizzlike!" - doing bosses with 1.12 talents and buffed items isn't Blizzlike. If anything, slight adjustments to the bosses make them more Blizzlike because you're not pressing 1 and watching Boss Mods for 3min to then roll on Epics.
  10. You are aware that bringing up "I won't randomly ban people" makes it look like you'd randomly ban people, right?
  11. My sweet summer child. During the old days a battle for Alterac Valley saw the sun set and rise again multiple times. The legends are true, all of them. You fought with the Lord of the Forest against the Lord of Ice, Wyvern and Gryphon riders battling above you, Cavalry strikes next to you. You could even collect the spoils of war to strenghten your comrades, though most of them still did not see the outcome of their devotion to the cause.
  12. The Godfather game isn't that bad tbh, it's quite old by now though. Mafia II on the other hand aged really well, it has a great Mafia storyline where you accompany you're character Vito over many years. The open world aspect isn't as good as GTA, the action is alright. Solid cover shooter there. The story & atmosphere is where it's at though, if you like mafia movies you'll love Mafia II. This post is not sponsored by 2K Games? Edit: That fucking game is 40 bucks on steam with the all DLCs though, fuck me.
  13. Mafia II might be the closest a game will ever come to the Godfather in setting and quality, period. Sincerely, an enthusiast of the fictional concept of organized Italian-American crime. There is no Mafia.
  14. I, personally, wouldn't take every word he said as gospel. This is a guy that closed down his first server because he lost interest, then told everyone he had plans on how to deal with Blizzard. Using burning-crusade.com also strikes me as terribly arrogant and kinda stupid. Biggest problem I have with his story is that I highly doubt that he answers his own door, as he can't walk. So this, to me, takes credibility of the other things. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan but I ain't hatin'. I just think blindly believing things, especially stated by people over the internet, doesn't end well more often than not. Doubt things people say!