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  1. Hello, from another PNW resident!
  2. Gotcha! that would really round out any guild tbh, have a group of core farmers who can source everything and in return you rotate them into the raid. I guess I was originally thinking more cartel-ish. I have fond memories of controlling briarthorn back in the day.
  3. This definitely sounds like something I'd be interested in on some level. Controlling the AH was one of my favorite things to do back in the day. It would be interesting to be able to turn farming into a raid slot, though I'm more curious about the controlling AH side of things. How would it be a non-profit though? You have 100% profit when you sell mats you farmed.
  4. Aaayyy!! I haven't been on the forums in a while, glad to see the warlocks slowly roll in
  5. One of my best memories/couldn't believe it moments, was doing my first pug run of Vault of Archavon (25). I won the roll for Sanctified Dark Coven Leggings and thought I was hot shit lol. Previous to WotLK, I never really did any raids so this was my first big gear win. I also remember running my first night elf hunter across the Wetlands to start questing around Stormwind because I knew those questlines better... I don't know why I didn't just stay in the Nelf area, but I wasn't the keenest 8th grader lol.
  6. I'm looking forward to seeing if I could cut it in a Raiding Guild. I never had the opportunity to join one in retail. What I like about these guilds on this server is that everyone's going to be leveling together for a bit. I'm interested to see the progression of guilds through the content. Naturally you're going to experience splinters off of the social/leveling guilds into raiding guilds and what not.
  7. As a fellow Warlock, I share your pain of running to dungeons for the rest of the people. It was a thankless job.
  8. I support this! When viewing topics from the "Unread Content" section it would be a nice touch.
  9. My main was a warlock on retail, but I'm thinking of rolling a druid or shaman for this server.
  10. Voted no, This is exactly why I voted no. Being out in the world is going to get really annoying trying to cast around trees and what not.
  11. I marked PVE, since that's what I like the most about the game. That being said though, WoW isn't WoW without the global PVP that happens and as such I do enjoy PVP servers.
  12. Probably a warlock, as that's what I rolled when I did play, but then again maybe a hunter since I never leveled one to max. You can tell I like my demons/pets
  13. Liking the changes I've seen already just in today. I naively thought that what I saw this morning was what was going to be, and even then it was already nice. I derped, just realized the "changes" i witnessed were just responsive changes to the window. Bonus, can we not edit posts or am I missing how to do it?
  14. Warlock main, hopefully not alone.
  15. Hunter was my first love. I definitely will have to roll one when the server drops.