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  1. I thought this will be a standalone server. I wanted CF to succeed and provide top quality experience, instead of cowering before some crap or no-name projects. I'm very disappointed. And now they are bringing toxic Ely-Nost fanboys here.
  2. What a disappointment, I don't think I will touch Vanilla or even WoW as a whole for a while after this. I had hope, but this announcement - to me - is a slap to the face for all the hyped fans.
  3. I thought this will be a standalone safe haven. I trusted you.
  4. Upvote first, read later. Hype!
  5. The only person I've met IRL is the uni classmate who introduced me to WoW. I don't know if I'd like to meet up as once I posted a picture of myself on a now dead server forum and one teenage boy wouldn't stop hitting on me. I'm not sure if he was serious or trolling, but still it was just weird and awkward.
  6. These stats don't make any sense for this weapon. Maybe that's why it's not in game?
  7. I've never raided seriously, but 1. 10 players is not a raid group. 2. Even with downsizing from 40, raids should stay as 25 normal/heroic, with heroic bosses granting titles and dropping mounts. To give me an incentive to git gud : D I hope I'll be able to enjoy old raids here on CF, without elitists and toxicity.
  8. -blush- I'll just go with the flow and see how it goes. I've never experienced a heavily populated release of anything, so I don't know how to deal with an absolute TON of other players. I can always resort to stealing the quest item from someone fighting a mob.
  9. Savage. I love it.
  10. Female Dwarf ret op.
  11. I don't :c But I do recall catching that fish years ago. I'll log in today and check it : D
  12. First there was drama about Nost "re-opening". Now they want the data deleted. Make up your mind.
  13. When I see another player engaged with a mob, I sneak past them and pick up the quest item. Such is life, survival of the cheekiest.
  14. It looked like a nice server with a tight-knit community, too bad the pop was so low.
  15. It's more efficient to just leave them for the next year.