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  1. CF is Elysium now so it doesn't matter anymore Kappa
  2. hype

    I thought you wrote that Path of Exile is full of anime stuff and was quite confused. Yeah, GW2 is a bit too glittery and tacky in some places. I like the combat and world events though.
  3. hype

    Retail. Lol jk. I'm not touching that thing again. Unless they make it either B2P or F2P. I'm coming back to GW2 and maybe PoE now that it's had the great update.
  4. I've never played Vanilla and TBC (tbh all the private servers I've played were bad/mediocre) and CF will be the only opportunity for me to experience those expansions as they were, without dodgy scripting (I remember instant-complete quests because the devs couldn't be bothered) and instant level cap "feature" (which is introduced mostly because most quests don't work). I just want to see things.
  5. My first adventure at a university was with Computer Science. Needless to say, I failed miserably. Well done and congratulations to you for managing to get a degree in it! I think you'd be better off if you sent a PM to Asura and Darkrasp, your thread can go unnoticed here. Good luck!
  6. I tried it back when it was still under a different name and if you weren't lucky to get a free beta key you had to buy it. I got salty and ragequit after losing my green chestpiece to furbolgs... in Teldrassil. I wasn't a fan of losing my gear to other players, even though I was still too low level. Anyway, the classless aspect is a very interesting concept and people should try it just for the sake of it. Too bad custom servers aren't as popular.
  7. OMG I LOVE THE CELESTIAL STEED. I wanted to buy it for me birthday but got a new phone instead...
  8. In one of the posts it was said that the staff will do their best to release the server in 2017. But RL commitments and other stuff that happens out of the blue may delay it. My hype train slowed down a bit after the recent drama, but it's still going forward. Maybe it's for the better as with time I may draw better conclusions and finally decide on a class. We shall see. I don't think anyone who wants experience as close to retail Vanilla as possible will settle on a mediocre project and leave CF now. Maybe just to kill time, but they will get back here asap.
  9. 26 is the best age. I know this because I'm 26 too : D Welcome aboard the hype train!
  10. Hi! I played on TR for a very short time and to be honest was discouraged by the painfully low pop. Still, hearing of it shutting down was a surprise, I thought it was more like a "family server" where low pop means nothing. Welcome aboard and see you in game in 2030!
  11. I don't know who in their right mind decides to host a hyped server in the US. That's a loss, but the people responsible can surely learn from their mistake.
  12. I thought this Felmyst is a Warmane's TBC realm O_o
  13. Nobody knows :c
  14. I just want to play Vanilla. I was/am enthusiastic about this project and it would be a massive disappointment if it all got scrapped. The fault is always on both sides and I hope this will lead to better communication and understanding of each other's roles and situation. You may think I'm talking crap like your standard issue politician, but there really isn't much else I can do.
  15. I'll be really happy if it all turns out well and CF gets to be the best Vanilla emulation so far. But I'm always sceptical and cynical so I may as well quit tomorrow and forget about private servers. There's plenty of stuff to do while waiting. Maybe someone from the staff is going to say something about it. I don't want it to die.