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  1. DID SOMEONE SAY FISHING?! YES, the best profession in game is finally getting some attention!
  2. Hi! I wanted to roll a ret (yes, in Vanilla), but then I changed my mind to a hunter because I love cats too much. RP communities are present on both PvP and PvE realms, but obviously it's much more risky on the PvP one, because of getting killed by trolls over and over. I'm joining the PvE realm myself. Good luck and see you on launch!
  3. Oh gods, I completely forgot about them for a while!
  5. That's a good question, because most of the time I just glide through zones without caring about the inhabitants too much. My preferences change, but currently my favourite race are the Dwarves. They are related to the Titans, they are strong, stocky, and when all fails, they PEW with their boomsticks! I am rather tall myself, but I'm bros with the Dwarves. Hell, my retail main is a Dwarf girl! I think they did a good job with their new models. I hate the Forsaken, because they just want to turn everyone into one of them, and Sylvanas is crazy. Gnomes may be annoying, but at least they don't plan to kill you.
  6. I get annoyed when people expect me to hit level cap in 1 day and do top dps in a top raiding guild. I'm not interested in any of this. I subbed because I just want to oneshot the Lich King, and solo farm Wrath dungeons and raids - something I could never do earlier, because I cannot be bothered to go through all the hassle of running level-appropriate content. I'm a dwarf monk and there's nothing better than punching Arthas in his undead face. Hell, Illidan is my favourite character (I'm a bit of a psychotic fangirl of his) but I think I'm still going to run BT and maybe I'll even drop the glaives! I'm all about cool mounts and titles. Celestial Steed OP.
  7. Sorry, but this kind of comments just annoys me.
  8. People keep repeating that and I don't understand it. I take my time, I level my professions and I'm not covered in heirlooms and boosts and don't spam RDF. It took me more than a few hours.
  9. I don't have a lot to contribute, but I'll just say that I enjoy levelling my dwarfette monk on retail, but I'm not too fond of pandas or bears in general. I'm only level 64, so I'm not even in Pandaria yet. I do hope you are all right, as I've heard the zones and the whole experience is very good.
  10. That's great! Now think about the other server which sells gear and fakes pop to make people donate to be able to skip login queues.
  11. If CF proves to be the absolute bestest private server out there, yes. A progress bar to show that the next month of hosting is covered is a good idea.
  12. 1. What would you like to see in the video(s)? Pet pathing, pet pathing, pet pathing. Especially in caves. 2. Why specifically do you want to see these things? This is the thing I remember from my last experience on a Vanilla private server. 3. Should the videos contain a number of different things or concentrate on one specific element? I don't mind a showcase of all the stuff that doesn't work elsewhere, but is fixed here. 4. How long should the video be? I have no idea. 5. Would you prefer the videos to be low-key, technical and minimalist or OMG flashy neon awesomeness? Somewhere in between? Just a straight-to-the-point list of working features with no frills and drama. 6. Lastly, should the video just let the facts speak for themselves or should we compare and contrast with stock MaNGOS servers? Many people (including me) don't know how things should work, so they don't even realise when something is fixed. I can obviously spot for example blatant pathing issues when my pet just flies into the cave's ceiling, but I don't have a clue of the more complex problems, as 99% of my WoW career I've spent on private servers. I simply have no comparison.
  13. I need help. I'm not too interested in human interactions IRL, so all my free time is spent on games, forums and stirring up drama on reddit.