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  1. Hi! I played on TR for a very short time and to be honest was discouraged by the painfully low pop. Still, hearing of it shutting down was a surprise, I thought it was more like a "family server" where low pop means nothing. Welcome aboard and see you in game in 2030!
  2. I don't know who in their right mind decides to host a hyped server in the US. That's a loss, but the people responsible can surely learn from their mistake.
  3. I thought this Felmyst is a Warmane's TBC realm O_o
  4. Nobody knows :c
  5. I just want to play Vanilla. I was/am enthusiastic about this project and it would be a massive disappointment if it all got scrapped. The fault is always on both sides and I hope this will lead to better communication and understanding of each other's roles and situation. You may think I'm talking crap like your standard issue politician, but there really isn't much else I can do.
  6. I'll be really happy if it all turns out well and CF gets to be the best Vanilla emulation so far. But I'm always sceptical and cynical so I may as well quit tomorrow and forget about private servers. There's plenty of stuff to do while waiting. Maybe someone from the staff is going to say something about it. I don't want it to die.
  7. I got a response from Crogge on reddit that he was not an admin on WR. I think he still was a member of staff, but he may have not had a say whether that server was closed or not. That was a few years ago though, so I don't remember every detail. For that I apologise, but still I'm losing faith.
  8. I don't know if my post will get deleted for flaming, but here we go. I'll copy my response from wowservers: "If I recall correctly, Crogge was some sort of an admin on WoWReach - a server I loved but it was abandoned and shut down due to low pop. He then tried to ressurect it as a new project, but it never saw release - was it abandoned again due to low interest from potential players? Who knows. I was sceptical when I saw Crogge as CF staff because I was worried CF will share WR's fate. I'm worried I was right then. I didn't want to say anything to make people doubt CF as I was really hyped for it." TL;DR Crogge can't lead a project and when something goes a bit wrong he just abandons it and jumps onto a new bandwagon. While I know he is not the main guy here, after reading that post I think it may all just go to shit with the staff feeling demotivated.
  9. I had my doubts about CF based on my past experiences, but I remained silent and disregarded them in favour of hype. These are bad news and my doubts are back.
  10. I only use Auctioneer to make the rows with items on AH slimmer. I couldn't figure out how the other features work, so I stuck to manual search and selling/buying. I do not support any kind of botting. Play the game yourself or get out!
  11. Without a tank in general.
  12. That's tempting. I always wanted to see crowded Shattrath.
  13. I quite like tanking, the group can't go anywhere without them.
  14. Vanilla ret paladins unite! Hi.
  15. Pros: I like the feeling of being a part of that big community and up to date with the lore, whatever might have become of it. I know that my progress won't disappear over night because the admins had an argument and shut the server down. I like the new character models and updated graphics in general. There are even more mounts to collect! I can solo old dungeons and raids with no problem (this may be a con to some, but I prefer to do stuff alone). Cons: The levelling is like doing a massive quest chain. You go from one quest hub to another and there is no need to stray from the road. I don't think there are still places with hidden away, non-mainstream quests. BRING BACK THE OLD BARRENS. You may feel compelled to play because you pay. And you have to update your addons. The player character is a special snowflake.