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  1. Whenever a new server I'd like to play on opens, I tell myself that it's time to try a different class, but in the end always end up with a hunter. I just love pets and pew-pewing from a distance, while my cat is ripping the mobs to shreds. Just pick the class you are most comfortable with to avoid disappointment and the feeling of wasted time.
  2. I first thought it says crossfaction and almost went on a rampage. Sorry.
  3. I like to be taller than almost everyone else, so the choice is obvious. And wisp form op.
  4. Afaik it's Crestfall, not Creastfall :c The only thing we can do is wait.
  5. I joined on the 19th of April, time sure does fly.
  6. It's not funny, I'm an EU immigrant in the UK and I'm worried I may get deported. And I do work full time!
  7. I despise following cookie-cutter builds, so I support changing it up a bit, so you can't just dig up a decade (!) old guide and faceroll bosses on CF. Yes, it will not be a "true" vanilla experience, but there won't be snotty elitists telling people what to do. Down with the meta!
  8. Mage has free pastry. Free. Pastry.
  9. I once thought that due to their savage tendencies, Trolls should be able to skin humanoids.
  10. As always, you have my hype.
  11. I wanted to take up something intelligent, but when I'm not at work all I do is a little excercising and the rest of the time I'm playing games. 99% of the time it's WoW.
  12. Do you like cats?
  13. My goal for now is to have a lot of gold coins, we'll see how it gets : D
  14. I'm not too bothered about raiding, too much hassle to prepare all the pots and buffs.