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  1. hi and welcome !
  2. Welcome
  3. Hi and whalecum my friend !
  4. Congrats to both ! ! ! !
  5. Damn the drama is real =D now seriously if it was me i would just ignore them and just move along dude
  6. hi and welcome
  7. I only saw this today(sorry but i was offline for a while =D ) It saddens me that the gold sellers don't just dig a hole and stay there for the rest of their lives.
  8. I somewhat agree to that, can't compare realmplayers.com to gold seller websites but i 100% agree that it destroys the player experience.
  9. @Darkrasp Thanks for the update yet again ! And also i wish a fast recovery for Asura ! Sad to hear what happened to him
  10. Elicas stole your job bro, punch him in the face I would love to hear about that aswell
  11. hi welcome
  12. hi welcome
  13. That seagull song is awesome ! Its over 9000 ! !
  14. @Darkrasp Thanks so much for yet another great update ! Can't wait for the open beta ! ! !