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  1. If people don't multi box, use any non-legit way of playing and staff only allows 1-2 accounts logging from same IP i don't see the launch being too crowded. The first few days might be a bit chaotic sure but its going to be awesome
  2. This thread has reached the dark side pretty fast. Starting with a 1 week gold pass then 2 servers merging into one after 2 months. What's next? Free cookies? You guys are.... animals.. !
  3. Yes, indeed, following the staff profile helps alot on this
  4. I have my WoW vanilla CD's and every expansion pack up to Warlords of Draenor. Only interested in Private servers now =D Unless blizzard goes back but we all now that's impossible, that's the same as them saying they did alot of stuff wrong in WoW, something they are not ready to do yet.
  5. Have fun playing... Minecraft?? The horror !
  6. @Darkrasp Thx for the update on stuff you guys don't really need to tell us, at least you're showing us u guys care alot about the project and don't want people to panick. Also.. beware... bears are everywhere !
  7. They intend to work on vanilla -> release it -> work on TBC during vanilla until it releases -> work on WoTLK during TBC, etc... At least that's what i understood from some posts @Darkrasp made. I could be wrong tho !
  8. I'm also very interested in this !
  9. I... just... can't... *smithes valaquenta * *valaquenta dies with honor* < GAME OVER > < INSERT COIN IN THE NEXT 10 SECONDS IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE PLAYING >
  10. hype

    our dear community member @Lilaina talked about that game in another thread a few days ago. Can't believe a game can take that long to be developed =O
  11. hype

    That's exactly why i don't like Asian MMO's like Lineage, PoE, Black Desert, GW2, etc.... So far i've only enjoyed WoW and i'm tired of their business model of the last 3-4 expansions
  12. Hey ! that's cheating. The name of this thread its called Favorite color not "colours" You're not legit at all my friend
  13. Yes, Nost was very far from perfect but at that time it felt like the "perfect" server to play and i loved every second of it. The world was really alive even with only +2k players in the PvE server where i played, close to April the population went up to 3.5k-4k tho, it felt like it was the sweet spot for pop cap, there weren't too many people and there was still enough people to form groups. Hopefully Crestfall will be amazing aswell