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  1. Just got beta access for the remastered version of the first Age of Empires game, lucky as hell ! Anyone here likes the franchise? I'm excited to try it out =)
  2. Hi, good afternoon everyone. I haven't been around much due to work, i have some time from now on to come back to my beloved Crestfall project =) And i gotta say i don't really want to know if the name says Crestfall or Elysium, i just want the same devs working on the project and i want it to be released so i can finally play. I don't care about anything else. Hopefully we'll have Crestfall in 2018, if not, well.. there's always next year folks !
  3. Howdy friend. Welcome to this amazing community.
  4. Rekt ^^
  5. Thanks for yet another amazing blog @Darkrasp Keep up the good work !
  6. Private servers will always be a mess until developers start focusing in developing their severs and fixings their bugs before release(no matter how long that takes) instead of releasing early to compete with other servers. That's one of the main reasons i normally don't like most private servers. Being vanilla or tbc or wrath, etc..
  7. My last hope is Crestfall if that doesn't work out, well i'll stick to other games. Have a great day everyone !
  8. What? something that isn't WoW? Blasphemy ! !
  9. Welcome
  10. Welcome
  11. welcome
  12. If people don't multi box, use any non-legit way of playing and staff only allows 1-2 accounts logging from same IP i don't see the launch being too crowded. The first few days might be a bit chaotic sure but its going to be awesome
  13. This thread has reached the dark side pretty fast. Starting with a 1 week gold pass then 2 servers merging into one after 2 months. What's next? Free cookies? You guys are.... animals.. !
  14. Yes, indeed, following the staff profile helps alot on this