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  1. hi welcome
  2. hi welcome
  3. That seagull song is awesome ! Its over 9000 ! !
  4. @Darkrasp Thanks so much for yet another great update ! Can't wait for the open beta ! ! !
  5. welcome !
  6. Welcome !
  7. I love this community ! much thanks to the future players and the staff aswell !
  8. Hi and welcome !
  9. Hi and welcome friend !
  10. Adblock plus for president indeed !
  11. My cat inspires me alot
  12. hahaahhahahahahha
  13. I'd like to see something in this server to prevent monopolization from players. I hate when a specific group controls everything, nothing in an MMO should be ever controlled, that's the fun of an MMO imo !
  14. Hi and welcome. I'm Portuguese so our language is not far from each other
  15. Thanks for the great update @Darkrasp All hail the @Elicas king !