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  1. The Man !
  2. My condolences for your family member @Darkrasp Thanks for yet another great update +1 Edit: also grats for being CM @Outstanding !
  3. Welcome Mr. Lacoste
  4. That's actually not a bad idea. * evil plan ongoing*
  5. wtf http://imgur.com/a/K7zxP Crogge just sent me that LOL
  6. That would not be WoW anymore, but just a fun server
  7. Rekt
  8. Didn't i tell you to lock that crazy woman away?
  9. that video was priceless
  10. Also Guild master Kappa
  11. Druid all the way <3
  12. That's a great ideia. I would love that ! Also thanks for the update like usual @Darkrasp
  13. its not childish man, its just cute.
  14. so the question is, why can't i love cats? damn you