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  1. Lol i just found this and i can't stop laughing =D
  2. Well we do have the advantage of not having a live server yet so it will get a bit chaotic near to release or at release. So don't expect it to be like this all the time =D
  3. Welcome buddy i hope you'll enjoy our little'ish community here
  4. Thanks yet again for the amazing update @Darkrasp Also sorry for the late response to the thread i've been away a few weeks and only got back this week so i've just read a few updates i didnt read before
  5. loooooool
  6. Have a great vacation @Elicas Hope to see u around when CF releases =)
  7. Corecraft 2.0 confirmed and happening right now. We're all doomed !
  8. I don't understand why US government does this. Internet is suppose to be something everyone can enjoy at any give time of their lives imo
  9. ROFL best comment ever
  10. If only u could really do that Anyway thx bro the intention is there tho @JCarrill0 thx for the videos bro didn't know those existed hehe
  11. me trollz 2 guyd fu u ?
  12. Welcome buddy, enjoy your time here with this lovelly community
  13. Welcome Wyke and i hope you enjoy ur time here ! =)
  14. Btw @Elicas i don't know if u guys have something like this https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/4fdqa7/raid_release_dates_a_historical_look_at_how_long/ If u don't then i hope it helps Also, thanks for the Q&A, really informative and fun to read !
  15. Yep, many say the pokemon called Gummy rarelly appears but when he appears he slips very mysteriously
  16. If people used the /search engine this wouldn't happen. /faceplam btw planks i lol'd hard
  17. I wasn't really worried but thanks for the update on the situation @Darkrasp As always its nice to have something from you to read at the end of the day
  18. Looks very interesting ! =) Might be something to play until CF is released ! I'm actually very interested in trying it out, since i had great times playing Blizzard's WoW TBC as a Paladin. Who knows ? Might do it again Here is the link : http://kotaku.com/new-world-of-warcraft-fan-server-takes-players-back-to-1796551541 Edit: From what i've seen its set to release soon'ish in around 11 days. Edit 2: It saddens me that i've discovered that the server will be hosted in New York, meaning it will be an American server so it will be a no-no for me european fella
  19. You're welcome buddy. If the server isn't complete sh*t and it has some quality and devs actually keep fixing stuff after release then u don't have to worry about the population, it will only rise not the other way around. Yes i forgot to mention the merge option, they did say that but i hope it doesn't get to that point but then again we don't even have a release date yet just devs hoping for a 2017 release that they are not even 100% sure yet. There will always be those people that play on every server just for the first months and then go on a break of a few weeks or even a month or two. As for me i take long breaks between each server where i play and i don't play every server that comes out, only those that are worth it, haven't played since Nostalrius PvE, last time i was there was April 2016 when the server was shut down so i kinda have alot of motivation(started playing late 2015, raided alot in Nost PvE, had a NE Druid with around 300-400 healing) to level up again and raid in WoW. I'll play non-stop on Crestfall when it goes live for sure.
  20. Before answering your questions, welcome to our dear community here at Crestfall. I hope you enjoy your time here Now about the first question, its not 100% decided but from what i've read till today the plan might be to move your char from the vanilla ream if u choose to go TBC but don't quote me on that for future references due to me not being a dev or even a tester at all. About the second question, the devs stated before they want a blizzlike experience that means to not ruin the economy and anything higher than 3k-5k will ruin the economy and the leveling experience, zones too cluttered to even find a mob to kill, too many people selling stuff at the Auction house, that means too much competition, prices will go down like a rock in a lake. Also not sure about how many servers they want to have online but from what the devs and the project owner said so far, they want to have at least one more server in case alot of people want to play here. As for me, the population cap would be around 3.5k, when i played Nostalrius PvE before the server went down the population was around that and it was perfect, u didnt have trouble finding groups and the world wasn't over populated either. Simply loved it.
  21. oh really? I don't think u would endure long enough after being pressured every day for months for a server release or a gameplay video, whatever people wanted from you. Especially if people started to leak your personal information.
  22. If people didn't create drama at all and didn't bash projects or the devs all the time, projects wouldn't die out.
  23. I kinda called it. It was obvious that it was going to get closed, it was hosted in Murica after all Edit: lol Alex was banned from twitch, i'm actually glad because he bashed any project he didnt play on and glorified Elysium where he played at, was toxic af. He had it coming tho, people who stream private servers on twitch are dumb, there's hitbox.tv for that, twitch doesnt allow that at all. Edit 2: Also did you know that Gummy faked the population of his ScriptCraft server? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HodbsEN1GRw I don't know how u guys could even trust a person like him. I'll just leave this here.. https://pastebin.com/bcPPrXRL
  24. Whati is Felmyst? j/k Been too busy with cs go haven't tried it, i don't know if i will tho since its an US server it will be closed pretty soon
  25. i lol'd =D