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  1. They have announced they will be redoing forums and whatnot soon, but yeah, the forums are really lackluster on Elysium for sure. Though, a lot of it is me spoiled by Crestfall using IPS forums.
  2. From what I remember, I thought the auto-complete was put in at a later date on the newer servers on retail, but I could be wrong. I would rather it be drawn out a bit more myself. I wouldn't want it to be 4-6 months or anything, but I know it would be nice for some of the smaller guilds are later starters. It it also one of the greatest events to most in Vanilla WoW. World PvP Haven lol
  3. As many others have said, play what you truly think you will enjoy the longest. The great thing about vanilla, every class (not every spec) is needed for raiding. And even if you want to play an "unviable" raid spec, there are plenty of guilds, from what I have seen, that will take you in, especially on the PvE server. As for your Shaman choice, don't go by polls because not everyone will be raiding, not everyone will do dungeons, and no everyone will pvp. Shamans are ALWAYS sought after on Horde side for raiding, if you heal that is. Chain heal and totems are always a integral part of Horde raiding.
  4. My OCD thanks you in spades! This will save me so many headaches lol.
  5. I think what most are finally starting to realize is that the Vanilla PvP system was immensely flawed lol. There is a reason Blizzard did away with it quickly, put in many changes, and cut a lot of things in the process. So many people are against using Blizzard changes, but not everything they did was bad. This is just going to come down to whether we want a "fixed" Vanilla WoW or a "Blizzlike" Vanilla WoW.
  6. One of FAVORITE WoW machinimas is the Tales of the Past series. The link below is all 3 combined into one long youtube video. The first part has no voice acting but the latter part has some. Great story spun off of lich king lore. Must watch for anyone!
  7. As always, nice find @Soyoen!
  8. @Lutefisk Glad to have on the Crestfall Hype Train! Also, congratulations on the coming child! Always an exciting time! Hopefully the server releases before then so you can get some leveling done before your life is taken over
  9. With Nost releasing their old PvE realm last, after both the old PvP and fresh PvP, I think a lot of PvEers are turned off my Nost/Ely atm. Not to mention the fact that they refuse to release a fresh PvE server for those that want it. I think the Crestfall PvE will be packed with AT LEAST 3-5k peaks. This will be the only fresh PvE server out for polished Vanilla.
  10. Any reason you are following me around and posting stuff like this? I simply made a post to see what kind of community events THIS community has a desire for. I have run different races, minigames, scavenger hunts, and raffles on servers and participated in many as well. A lot of people found these events fun and a nice break from dungeons/raiding/pvp. Nowhere did I ask people to do all the work. If you read through the OP and thread I had my own ideas to bring to the table. Nowhere, in any thread, did I say the guild is keeping me too busy to do anything. Currently I have had our guild recruitment closed for weeks now while revamping our website and forums before launching recruitment. I had no desire to stack members before even closed beta was released. From what this sounds like is that I somehow offended you on some other server and you have been following me around here and on reddit. So, just say what you want to say in a PM and we can settle it. Thanks.
  11. I feel the same. This is one reason I shut down recruitment for a time with Apex. Since I have the time, I am completely revamping our website and making some new designs and branding.
  12. I just can't imagine many big gulids using this functionality. An actual website is just too valuable when it comes to that first impression recruitment. However, private servers are a whole beast of its own, so it may not be as important to some. While bigger progression guilds always stick to an actual website, I have noticed a couple new things casual guilds have gravitated towards recently. 1. Facebook Page - While it isn't pretty, this type of guild communication has been trending lately. Easy announcements, easy comments, etc. 2. Discord Only - If you aren't looking to hook new applicants through a 3rd party medium, Discord offers all the tools for simple communication with the guild through various text chats. Most guilds still prefer to stick to guild site builders such as enjin, shivtr, and all those others as you mentioned in your post, but I would advise guilds to stay away from them if they really want to set theirselves apart from others. They all look the same and offer no originality to your guild unless you add a lot of custom code, and in that case, you may as well make something better elsewhere. If you are looking to build a website, and you don't have much knowledge, there are a few website builders out there that keep up with modern website design that will make your guild stick out amongst the crowd. While they don't offer the niche guild/clan utilities that things like enjin/shivtr do, they enable you to use a bit more creative flair. With these they don't usually offer forum support but you can find a lot of free phpbb forum hosting out there if you look. This route will take you a bit more time, but that just depends how much you want to put into the guild.. 1. Wix 2. Weebly 3. Squarespace 4. Wordpress Themes * There are many others, but these are considered the top amongst many.
  13. I guess I am just no where near as passionate as some of you all are about the scripting base. I will check out the servers with no p2w, close enough dungeon/raid scripts, and then choose which has a better community. My requirements for community are a large population, helpful players, entertaining trolls, and wpvp activity. Yes, I would prefer to have the best scripted server, but sometimes the correct choice isn't the smart choice. I enjoy the small community we have so far on Crestfall, and I am behind the staff and hope that they deliver in scripting, communication, advertising, and timing. I think Crestfall has the most potential out of any private server to date, but until we have the server up and running, see how the staff interacts with the playerbase, and have a release date, it will still only remain as potential. I just simply can't get on board with all of you blindly supporting and committing to Crestfall because of basic forum posts from developers. Unless you have access to Alpha testing in one form or another, you have nothing but hope and words to go on. I am not saying not to have hope and faith in the project, but try not to blindly follow and shill as a cult lol. Because of this, I will be rolling my character and guild on Elysium first, and then starting on Crestfall at launch. If after the first week, Crestfall sustains and delivers on their part and the community builds, I will cut ties with Elysium and go full force on Crestfall.
  14. That story had me in tears lol
  15. Glad you found your way here, and hope this can because a new home for you!