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  1. Nice!
  2. I couldn't help but notice the wicked claw in the chest, I don't remember which developer update it was but Dark was talking about databases being skewed because they would count copper ores as drops from mobs if you mined a node while targeting a mob. Is this one of those instances or should the claws be contained in chests?
  3. It's not that difficult, most people roll warriors with the idea of being dps in raids / pvp (and they will not tank in dungeons no matter what), some smaller percentage are willing to tank their own dungeons until they get their pre-raid bis (which means they form groups fast > get the gear that they need and move on) and the lowest percentage plan on tanking (which means they get their gear just as fast as the previous group) and once they are done collecting their gear, they have no incentive to run most dungeons.
  4. I don't get why people always seem to lack faith when it comes to Legacy servers from Blizzard (if they were to make them). We as a community have been clear with our wishes and this isn't something they just have to make up as they go along, this is something that has worked before and I for one have complete confidence that IF Blizz were to make Legacy, they'd do it right.