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  1. Welcome! You deserve it!
  2. I think it should be Outland's.
  3. This thread needs more Weird Al.
  4. Haha, my thoughts exactly when I read that!
  5. I love that the Dev Team get involved chatting and discussing everything with us mere peons but I'm right behind everyone saying that Discord and Reddit have got to go. Too much personal involvement alongside a certain individual's thoughtless actions and selfish motivations have culminated in this. It's a sad day when possibly one of the highest potential projects in the scene comes close to shutting down because of personal attacks... To the Devs; I can't possibly word it better than some of the others but I hope you guys can take a hiatus if necessary, let the shitstorm die down and continue development as low-key as possible, with the continued philosophy of "It's ready when it's ready". To quote: Cheers.
  6. Some of you have probably missed out on this but there was (and still is) a spontaneous AMA in CF Discord this evening/morning. Crogge/Shenna/Tyche and some of the other staff from both projects were involved. In my opinion, it was a good and frank conversation between players and staff. Some good questions were asked/Alexensual had his chance to screech talk. All in all, minus some crap trolling, it was good fun and a chance to clear the air. Anyway, I think and I hope Alex has recorded it. Worth a watch if it sees the light of day.
  7. +1 Kelila's post. A lot of other good points made here too. It seems the naysayers to the LGN were right, mostly. Naive of me maybe, but I honestly like it when groups with similar ideals come together, so on the surface it seemed a great idea. Although personally I'm not fussed that it's finished (for now). Life goes on. Saying that, I liked the low key feel to CF beforehand and following the positive contributions from forum regulars, so here's to hoping that the recent sourness around here will disappear and there will be a return to form. For the moment, I will remain cautiously optimistic.
  8. Damn. I was going to apply this evening... Really in need of some pally healing target practise for CF! (Hate healing random pugs in case I fuck it up...)
  9. I love reading all the technical side of things here. I'm just starting to learn a little bit about programming/scripting for a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes and these updates always help with inspiration. Thanks as always.
  10. I think Asura said this in his interview with Orcbit. From what I remember, the likes of FFXIV (maybe XI?) were brought up. On topic: Glad to see you back in the fold @Outstanding. As has been mentioned, those Monthly Reports won't write themselves!
  11. Legos, hahaha. A friend of mine would be in fits of rage if he saw you guys pluralising Lego in such a way (he's a Lego fanatic). Anyway: Legos Technic > standard Legos Here was my favourite set that I owned: http://brickset.com/sets/8422-1/Circuit-Shock-Racer OMG, working chain and pistons! Actual shock absorbers! And and and... it has a kick stand for display/showing off to your friends! Before they very quickly got bored of it and wanted to play on the Sega Saturn/Playstation 1 (not PSOne!) instead... Also, this was the stuff of envy back in the day: http://brickset.com/sets/8880-1/Super-Car V8 engine, 4 wheel steering and the alternative model was an F1 car!! Ah, the memories.... Now there is only WoW. Oh and work. Also fending for yourself, which is usually the reason for the previous. I'll stop there.
  12. I didn't really mean to imply rage, more just dissension amongst the ranks. There are numerous comments about leaving, betrayal, selling out. While I completely understand people's frustrations, there is a lot of misinformation and fear-mongering being spouted in the announcement comments that are fuelling the fires around the forums and I think it's wholly unfair on both server's communities and the development teams. There is no us and them. We're all here for a decent WoW emulation and if this means coming together for the 'greater good', so be it. This sounds like a Nostalrius pitch but I do agree with their uniting the Legacy community sentiment, I just don't believe getting BlizzActivision on board was a good idea. There no doubt should've been more info ready for the countless questions to this co-operative effort but hindsight is great isn't it? Is it that easy to forget this ain't some high-budget, large scale private enterprise with limitless resources to throw a PR and marketing team together to gauge public opinion? I'd hate to see many of the famous faces around the forum throw in the towel on this project because of server prejudice and rash judgements. Let's wait it out for some hard information on future plans first.
  13. @Outstanding I don't mean to be patronising but I'm quite disappointed in you, to be honest. You are possibly one of the most level-headed guys around here and the same as Tamaskan has said, you and Elicas were almost like community leaders when I joined and painted a real positive picture for CF to an outsider. It really swayed my decision to invest lurking time here. You say this is unlike the Dev team you 'know', and yes, I admit that certain aspects could have been made much clearer (especially as it seems more info has been gleaned from discord post-announcement), this is also completely unlike what I 'know' of you... This just seems overly dramatic. You also refer to Elysium as the 'cheap date', yet you play on the server and I've seen you contribute on the forums occasionally. It is no doubt riddled with bugs but you have conceded previously that Crestfall will have it's own set of problems to deal with on release. At present, we have no way to compare server quality other than what we are told so this seems unfair. I know it's been said already but we're all pretty much emotionally invested in this project, especially post-farmers like yourself and before a mass revolt happens, it's probably best to wait it out for an official FAQ at the very least (Orcbit is on the case from what I hear). My only fear from this announcement would be loss of CF's identity and I'm sure many will agree you're a part of that. So, hugs all round, yeah? Well, some of us are carebears after all...
  14. Stop the hype train, I want to get off! (Not really... Just slow it down a little, pretty please?)
  15. I've been scouring through dates on Thottbot/Allakhazam via Waybackmachine and I also can't find anything on Azure Whelpling prior to 2.3. The 2.3 patch notes show that it became available as a drop in Azshara and only in 4.0.3a was it relocated to Winterspring after the Shattering. Best source I can find for relocation: https://web.archive.org/web/20101212054617/http://www.warcraftvanity.com/pets-by-type/dragonkin/azure-whelpling http://wayback.archive.org/web/20071102120830/http://thottbot.com/s10696 ^ Comments from early NCP farmers getting themselves prepped for the 2.3 release. One of them being @Outstanding?