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  1. 2-3st bara, så fort servern är live kommer jag rekrytera ingame i chatten och hoppas på att många svenskar joinar. Den här posten är mestadels för att fiska några som kan hjälpa till att styra guilden samt rekrytera
  2. Read the links and posts.
  3. Hello Melak, nice to see some positive response! Yes we will aim to be atleast 20+ (I'm 22) however we might need to have a few younger people as fillers who we get rid of asap if they are immature. Who knows, you might be.
  4. V True, I can confirm that it worked on both nostalrius and kronos. Also true, might not be possible on this server if they scale it too hard. Read my edit on the post before this one.
  5. It is possible if you really tryhard, it is WELL known that warrior is waaaay better but it is possible. Offtank, not maintank. In a semicasual guild you can actually play prot offtank, its a fact. Stop being rude, read the post and come back later. Worth the effort? Prob not. Fair against the other 39 people making things abit harder for them? Prob not. Possible? YES..
  6. Read this: http://www.wow-one.com/forum/topic/26602-cysthens-tankadin-guide/?page=1 Watch this:
  7. Hello, my name is Oliver and I'm thinking about creating a Swedish raiding guild who aim to be top 10 on this server. I'm looking for experienced people to take officer spots and help me recruit. I'm a very experienced GM and I've had many sucessful guilds on retail, 250 world at best. We will even have a premade pvp team. Even though we will only raid 2 days a week I require that you bring everything needed to make that 2 days worth, no slacking allowed. Add me on skype for more info, Oliverbyo Regards Oliver
  8. Tankadin is possible if you use every consumable and buff aviable and have the perfect gearset. However you will still need to have a heal set ready and heal some bosses where you are not good at all. You need a ret paladin in group to not suck.