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  1. haha, so good, the haters in that thread though
  2. Keep up the good work
  3. Mmm... That's pretty accurate
  4. I actually still buy every expansion when it's like 10 euros max... the zones and Artstyle oh my god... Pandaria had the best zones ever, too bad it doesn't even come close to vanilla/tbc/wrath in terms of gameplay, and you can "Netflix and play" through most of the zones...
  5. My most memorable experience it's also one of the last ones before I quit wow, and that is ICC and the wrap up story of Arthas... I had some fun times in vanilla and tbc but nothing comes close with the emotional attachment towards Arthas story from Warcraft 3, until his death in WoW.
  6. I've been playing retail wow starter edition to hit level 20 for the hearthstone bonus, so booring
  7. Not really what I was saying though, I said they seem to go about this the right way, I don't care about their work and server cause I never played there. Even if they are stupid or not they hype the shit out of this and people expect results, If nothing happens with legacy servers do you think people would blame them? It will be all on Blizzard . Being the "Ambassadors of legacy servers" is true because they pushed it main stream, and made enough of a blow which blizzard could not ignore anymore. Let's be honest I don't think anyone besides private servers owners or ones that want one in the future were "hyped" with the source code, everyone else expected news of legacy servers. I think you are right about legacy servers not coming back anytime soon... but any economic blow for Activision Blizzard is good enough for me. For legacy servers I have you guys!
  8. Wop nostalrius just released this >> http://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=44031 they seem to go about this the right way. Hype Train
  9. meh don't get your hopes up
  10. Yep, i'm gonna go as far as I can before testing starts here ...I don't have a lot of time since I'm working from home and I stay alt tabbed a lot, kinda feel bad for keeping the slot occupied while others wait in queue, but oh well
  11. I started playing some Stardew Valley. This game is so freaking good, magical .
  12. Yeah, and I'm a priest ( for life ) and I had to tag enemies with melee wep . Wait for respawn annnnd -> miss,miss,dodge,parry... a Rogue comes and steals it
  13. level 27 ? whaaat .. i'm level 6 with afk and work between mobs Edit: The community is awesome
  14. Doing some software testing atm... life of a freelancer
  15. Kronos 1 died , low pop. Everyone wants to play on Kronos 2 now, they are back at ground 0 with queues... 2nd server was better of with PvE, oh well