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  1. Blink (terain exploit and falling through world), stacking blizzard, infinite crits with fire spells (aka combustion exploit 2 ways to cause it)) and 16 debuf slot (wrong debuf priority) have been bugged on all ps so far... lets hope its not same here
  2. Ever heard of Trade Dispenser?
  3. You are probably about to do pvp only so you don't have clue how hard it is to get required cons for progression raids. Just imagine raiders farming herbs on server with 10k ppl.... and ofc its gona effect herb prices so they gona go so high it would be imposible to buy things such as Black Lotus unless you wan't to spend 3 days farming gold to buys 1 lotus, its gona end up same as it did on nost... 75g for 1 lotus? on x1 rates server? Are you drunk or just not thinking rational?!
  4. Started playing wow 2 months before TBC launch and since then it become my favorite game. I could say i am the oldtimer for vanilla content cuz i played almost every private server, i ended up on VG after Nostalrius shutdown . Now i'm spending time afking in orgrimmar while wait for CF.http://realmplayers.com/CharacterViewer.aspx?realm=VG&player=Bigpixie