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  1. *me, logging back in after a few days of not giving a fuck b/c nothing's been happening* yeah...maybe I'll play in the future but I'm out for now. lol good luck with everything, though. I hope it works out the way you guys want it to.
  2. Thanks for the update, Darkrasp. I think I'll just be waiting for open beta though and then helping out when I can instead of getting involved in all this private server drama goin on lately. ;; besides, new Harvest Moon game comin' out soon, no time for WoW... also, any news on any new videos coming out soon?
  3. Get out of my city. >:U
  4. wasn't it shamans and rogues next *also to answer the question - yes, I had a IRL boyfriend for a year or so that I met over WoW. nice guy but it didn't work out
  5. Welcome - good to see more additions to Horde PvE c: Zul'Dare is shaping up to be a great realm
  6. When you're a writer, coming up with good names is easy. Roleplaying has saved my virtual hide many times.
  7. Sounds about 3.50% ready, then. 2030 release confirmed.
  8. If all this nonsense in the PS community within the past year has taught me anything, I'm not believing shit until it's out and tested - tried and true. Everyone was so deep into the ass that was Nost hype that they couldn't even fathom the possibility of shit like this happening again. All I can say is that I hope that CF won't let people down 'cause I'm getting tired of all the BS.
  9. HAHA! Okay, that was awesome. Thanks for the kind words and that amazing reaction
  10. Thanks c: Thanks - haha. Yeah. I'm not a fan of feminizing the Night Elves. They're huge and almost feral in a sense. Their hunters, Sentinels, and feral druids would have to be muscled when it came to the things they can do so I like drawing them with muscles and abs.
  11. Came to this thread hoping to see this. Was not disappointed +1
  12. Frostshock beats everything
  13. events

    Love is in the Air I loved these events, haha I used to share the picnics with my roleplaying partners in the weirdest of locations
  14. So I was planning on playing Alliance but lately I've just had pretty sour experiences with the faction as of late. Been playing a tauren shammy on Timbermaw and fell in love. I'll probably resurrect her on Zul'Dare once CF is ready to go. I still want to play my NElf priestess at some point but she'll have to wait, unless I find a leveling partner because I hate dying all the time. With a shammy, there's survivability and I looooove that. Plus, Frost and Earthshock for the win.