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  1. Open beta soon(ish)? /sawb
  2. Welcome to the forums - I feel you on the PvP struggle. Luckily, it seems that the PvE server has a following and we'll be able to play quite happily (and without the rage-inducing gank-fests)
  3. Working, as is life. And writing a story. That's been quite a bit of fun. Got sick of playing WoW about a month ago and now only casually PvP on Smolderforge like once a month. Also got a pretty fun DnD campaign going on so that's something to look forward to.
  4. Nice to know that fishing is being looked into. Though if there were one non-Blizz like thing on CF that I wouldn't mind, it'd literally be fishing to not be such a pain in the ass as it was in retail. Either way, thanks for the update. Lookin forward to open beta, yadda yadda
  5. That has always been the opposite in my own experiences. Wish I could just play with other NA-ers
  6. I just take a sign of killerduki's bitching as a sign that all things are going swimmingly. Before all the LGN drama, he was a regular occurrence, so his raging reminds me of those peaceful times <3
  7. Currently stuck between playing a NE priest or Tauren shaman. Hm..
  8. Is that a Tauren dr00d bear? Tauren dr00ds are the best. 10/10
  9. No one can know my hentai preferences...!
  10. My favorites would definitely be Darkspear Trolls, Tauren, Gnomes, and Night Elves ...and Murlocs...I can't help it. I'd adopt a Murloc baby. Neutral: Dwarves, Pandaren, Forsaken, Humans (although they can be pretty damn boring), Orcs Dislike: Worgen, Goblins Hated: Draenei - way too "goody two shoes" for my liking. Space goats, etc. Also, the fact that in RP, they're ruined for me. I'm convinced every female Draenei is packing. I also despise Blood/High Elves - inferior versions of the Night Elves Also, gnolls. Fuck gnolls, y'all
  11. At this point, I'd settle for a shitmeme video. As long as something gets put out.
  12. Used to be every day until all the drama started about the LGN - then it become a few times a month. I'll probably get more active once open beta comes around.
  13. Petition to rename Crestfall to 'Don't Ask For the Realmlist'
  14. Fuck the Badlands, man, that place is just BORING. Ugly terrain, boring quests, boring mobs - AWFUL. On the whole, I hate desert-type leveling zones - there's just nothing to look at. The only exception to this is Tanaris but even then, I only like questing near the shoreline. Ashenvale, Feralas, Winterspring, Stranglethorn Vale, Zangarmarsh and Western Plaguelands are my favorites...I dunno, they just seem so exciting and or relaxing to me.