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  1. My favorites would definitely be Darkspear Trolls, Tauren, Gnomes, and Night Elves ...and Murlocs...I can't help it. I'd adopt a Murloc baby. Neutral: Dwarves, Pandaren, Forsaken, Humans (although they can be pretty damn boring), Orcs Dislike: Worgen, Goblins Hated: Draenei - way too "goody two shoes" for my liking. Space goats, etc. Also, the fact that in RP, they're ruined for me. I'm convinced every female Draenei is packing. I also despise Blood/High Elves - inferior versions of the Night Elves Also, gnolls. Fuck gnolls, y'all
  2. At this point, I'd settle for a shitmeme video. As long as something gets put out.
  3. Used to be every day until all the drama started about the LGN - then it become a few times a month. I'll probably get more active once open beta comes around.
  4. Petition to rename Crestfall to 'Don't Ask For the Realmlist'
  5. Fuck the Badlands, man, that place is just BORING. Ugly terrain, boring quests, boring mobs - AWFUL. On the whole, I hate desert-type leveling zones - there's just nothing to look at. The only exception to this is Tanaris but even then, I only like questing near the shoreline. Ashenvale, Feralas, Winterspring, Stranglethorn Vale, Zangarmarsh and Western Plaguelands are my favorites...I dunno, they just seem so exciting and or relaxing to me.
  6. Is that Gene from Outlaw Star as your profile pic? Cool welcome :]
  7. holy shit, sick burn
  8. Uggghhhh, can't stand Nobbel's voice. Hearing it for 200+ videos would be a deathsentence for me. And ilovecats is right - any good lore is always retconned or abandoned by Blizzard in favor of their new shitpansions.
  9. Meanwhiles, tree druids of any race are the bee's kness
  10. CAN YOU BRING MY DOG BACK TO LIFE!? ;__; Anyway, I'm 25 - work with young children as an assistant teacher - working toward a BA to become a full time teacher some day or go into social work and provide support for families and their children...I love RPing, drawing, writing, playing vidj0 games, and researching a variety of topics in biology, zoology, astronomy so that I learn useless trivia that otherwise doesn't help me. I dig going to museums and zoos when I get the chance and love to swim when the weather is agreeable. Huzzah! *throws glitter*
  11. This is the only reason I'm rolling priest. I don't want to raid in Vanilla but in TBC, it's a blast for me.
  12. Darkrasp pls
  13. Senpai...this is music to my ears. I'm so glad you guys are continuing this project...everyone here on the forums really wants this to succeed. As I said before, I want CF to be my new home. Please, still take any time you need to recover from all the BS that happened in the past week and know that we here are looking forward to your future updates. Wishing you all the best and thanking you guys from the bottom of my heart.
  14. May I suggest the use of the ever useful pocket sand?
  15. but do you feel as violated as Nezzie who lives in a 99% male Nathrezim dominated society? I didn't think so.
  16. Her name is Nezzie and she's a beautiful...woman. #ProtectNezzie2017
  17. I'd say that would only give us, the player base, the satisfaction of knowing we won't have to listen to his whiny bullshit in-game. However, it doesn't stop him or the awful info suppliers from making the devs' lives a living hell.
  18. Do you mean via the quote option underneath each message that quotes the entire post? Or the option where you highlight text and then get a 'quote this' option to only quote what you selected? I'm on my phone right now and tested both methods with your own post. I was able to get out of the quote box and also delete it by pressing backspace/x several times. But yes, there are less formatting options on mobile vs desktop view.
  19. Hi there - welcome and hope you enjoy the forums =) As to which class you should roll...depends on where you're going. If you're going to the PvP realm, I'd say do what you feel is best. If you're rolling on PvE...roll hunter...less competition for me j/k
  20. Sending all my love to @Asura Anyway, in all seriousness, please, Asura, take some time off to relax and come back when you're ready. It'd be sad to see CF go even before it had a chance to start but personally, I'd understand if you just wanted to get away from all the awful drama and toxic folk. Still, know that one of the major reasons I was drawn to CF was because of you and Darkrasp talking about the project...so yeah. Lot of people want to see you and this project succeed, no matter what a bunch of assholes say or do on r/wowservers. Peace. Edit: Also adding my senpai @Darkrasp to this post. We all love you Please take all the time you need for you and your family. Edit 2: I'll add @Crogge here too - thanks for all the work you guys do...here's hoping that nothing horrible comes further from all this and that CF and its positive members can keep looking forward to the future.
  21. I want T6 on my Priest. Oh gods do I want T6 on my Priest... Also, to gain an RP partner that won't disappear off the face of the planet one day in the middle of a great story DX