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  1. I wouldn't worry, they have a backup plan.
  2. Holy guacamole! It took a while to sift through the rekkage on this one.
  3. First!
  4. First! You spelt "extreme" wrong BTW.
  5. Well it's disappointing news but at least someone gets to make a new Hitler video, we've got that to look forward to.
  6. OK, it's looking pretty good now. Could you change Tom Cruise to Spanish Laughing Guy please. Thanks.
  7. CF PvP - > Legacy Crusade has both a green and red arrow. Maybe just one purple one for clarity?
  8. Don't underestimate how big a draw the PTE aspect is. It's big.
  9. It's easy enough to buy the gold. It's fast, inexpensive and anonymous! /*runs and hides*
  10. The hardcore PvP with full loot puts me off.
  11. Oh shit! I had completely forgotten about Traveller!
  12. We raided AQ20 but couldn't get past the first boss because the gate event was bugged (pardon the pun). I hope that won't be kept Blizzlike.
  13. Orc rogues are the number one class that makes levelling difficult for me.
  14. I remember seeing someone with a Tabard of the Protector and lusting after it. The thought that I might have one makes me real happy.