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  1. Or you can just create another account for the different faction? I don't think that's prohibited yet.
  2. What... what about the cats though? :'(
  3. Well, Blizzard started listening to the communty and the players actually received quite a big say in how things would to turn out. Look at where their game is now. We're here for a reason. I'm not saying you shouldn't reach out to the playerbase, but watch out. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that disabling RDF would be wrong or anything, but I'm heavily against the playerbase deciding such things.
  4. Why I don't think that is a good idea is because then casual players don't get the chance to do more in order to compensate their lack of skills or whatever. I feel like it's a back door for them.
  5. When they say "nerfed" it is still harder, buffed you could say, compared to what it is on other servers. It would just be a nerf compared to the super-mega-death level of the first few weeks, for the extremely hardcore players that is.
  6. You almost got it right... almost!
  7. Welcome and enjoy...
  8. Firstly I'd like to congratulate you Elicas, gratz! I'm quite interseted in knowing whether @Outstanding would be a Community Manager ever again. Will he have a resignation post of some sort? Is this only temporal or is it going to stay like this for the forseeable future? Appreciate the answers!
  9. I'm not necessarily against it, but I'm definitely not for it. I think it's better to have them seperated. Just the idea that after a BG I had a good team mate or an annoying enemy, anything, and then I'd have to think: wait, was he on my realm though? Can I actually meet him in the world? I'm more on the side of knowing your server in and out.
  10. Okay, so animals are kind of a hard topic for me, but even I can see that the bird on your picture is a seagull! I'm pretty sure Asura is not one of those. He is either a duck or a goose, I can't tell which. (animals are hard!) I now applaud myself for exposing you spreading misinformation.
  11. What are exacly the pros of having built your own core that the average player will notice? In what way will it feel different (if so)?
  12. Since we're starting in Vanilla I say roll a hunter. They excel at killing druids 8 levels above them. I feel sorry for plaguing your thread with this, but I could not resist.
  13. Welcome, fella!
  14. He/She used to be/is Webdev according to Discord.