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  1. Muh Whirlwind Axe :>
  2. Warrior because im a masochist. I find the class exciting (unlike a mage), and I love melee in vanilla. Getting a weapon is just more joy, and you feel like a badass when you get one. Fury is love.
  3. Well, I found this there
  4. I never got to end game in vanilla. To get the 100 gold for my mount all I did was sell Great Rage Potion and occasionally Frost Oil and Shadow Oil. But the rage pots really did the magic. Large Fang and Kingsblood are both cheap, and you get a sweet potion outa them!
  5. Quality shitpost, I r8 it 8/8 m8.
  6. Well it's not one standalone toy, but Lego. Cars especially, loved 'em.
  7. Estimated ~16-18 months of Vanilla according to their current plans.
  8. Oh how dumb I am....... I forgot it's gonna be your first time ever playing WoW by the time I got to my second post
  9. Now that you say it Velox, it even sounds familiar to me. Lelouch, didn't you play on Theatre of Dreams as a resto druid? If that wasn't you then someone took your name there.
  10. I was really scared when I read the end of that! I still had the time to post this, but if you don't hear about me from now on you know what happened.
  11. Ahahah I love poor Kronos!
  12. Long story short, Ulduar wins.
  13. Clavus came from furiously smashing the Randomize button on Nost. I got Cavus as a result and thought it would be good enough. Obviusly it was already taken. Then I used an advanced technique and added an L. My other name I love is after a river in Feralas that most people don't even notice. Such creativity, I know. (hint: the only place you can catch Feralas Ahi at) I expect @Outstanding with the Faerie Dragon obsession(thus Feralas) and some dedicated fishers like @ilovecats know it right away.
  14. True, tho I don't think I was mocking OP. You need to work in order to feel like you really accomplished something. Not everything should be instant. Yes, and I agree with it. It most likely won't reach the extreme levels here. I think if some objects are intended to be rare and hard to acquire they should stay that way. Dynamic respawns can help counteract the massive population in the starting zones, but should never reach an extent of 2 seconds. To me what feels right is that if the desired object is missing you leave and check another time. Sadly that is not a thing many people do, people just camp it. I think objects should always keep their value, and reducing their respawn timers to a few seconds certainly violates that aspect. What i was trying to say in my original post also fits here. If you want to play on the first days of launch, and you want to do a quest like that you need to work for it. If everyone just got it right away, imo it would feel like a single player game like retail questing. Hope I was clear.
  15. You are not forced to... play on an overcrowded realm like Elysium play directly after launch do the specified quest right now You signed the form when you joined Ely, the new realm especially. Accepting all its faults you decided to play there. Now you're facing (expected) difficulties and you immediately want the engine to be changed. In life you need to work around things. Feels like you want everything handed to you. Such an unfair game, you can't get everything!